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Thursday, April 20, 2017

TPI Gazette: Trumpism, O'Reilly, Twitter Storm, Ted Nugent, Russia, Failing Administration

 ......Perception Counts...Non Progressive News

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He dresses her up like the ultimate shoulder candy and doesn't even have the respect to accompany the woman down a steep set of metal steps. 

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Let's start with a couple of segments of television tributes to the now "fired", O'Reilly. The segments are a bit long but good for our digestion of the O'Reilly termination.

Stephen Colbert

Trevor Noah at the 26-second mark of The Daily Show

We move now to those Twitter posts: Russia/Trump, Presser problem,  Ted Nugent (mega racist) and family privilege.

Both Putin and Trump have declared no election interference via Russian operatives and hackers.  The truth be told!

A Naval Armada

No matter the reasoning, the lies or the ineptitude, the Trump false statements about a naval armada has proven embarrassing and an indicator of an administration far from fit to lead a nation. ABC News; great read and video embed below.
We really must stay mindful of a military action launched just after Trump took office.  Someone in Trump's administration authorized a woefully inept infiltration mission into Yemen; thirty 37 civilians killed, one American navy Seal killed and an American eight-year-old killed. A mission President Obama was reported to have turned down twice prior to leaving office.

Trump Press Secretary didn't perform well today when asked about the Trump comments and false blustering.

International affairs isn't an episode of The Apprentice

NFL Champions And The White House

A reflection on the winner of the Super Bowl and NFL Championship Patriots and 2015 vs 2017 (Obama vs Trump) White House visits. Sparse crowds are following Trump around like a dirty blanket.

Cha Ching for President's wealthy daughter

The US President as a branding item for a privileged daughter.

Trump invites the nation's number one dweeb, Palin, to a White House dinner and take a look at the social garbage she joined over dinner.
No matter your political persuasion or inclination Ted Nugent is a mega-racist who is nothing shy of reprehensible. The others pictured above? You can apply your own personal adjectives (even if complimentary). 


Sunday, April 9, 2017

SNL Does Trump W/ O'Reilly Icing

I am not a Saturday Night Live viewer,. Yegt from time to time, and increasingly so now that you have given Trump the Oval Office, I check for great video on the following Sunday. Well, last night's show was apparently a good show.  The opening segment is linked below via the Daily Motion. After that segment I have embed a classic segment with Alec Baldwin spoofing both Trump and Bill (hands on) O'Reilly.

SNL 4/9 - Video Dailymotion: SNL Alec Baldwin

A great segment.

When a president offers so much material from CNL, one has to know there is trouble in the administration.

If you need perspective, AOL News offers a brief and non detailed synopsis under the umbrella of Ruppert Murdoch's Company will investigate Fox News. A concept which is a bit perplexing since Fox News and O'Reilly have issued $13 million in lawsuit settlements to five women. And that is in addition to Gretchen Carlson walking away with $13 million based on surreptitious tapes of Roger Ailes,former Fox News head, harassment. AOL News

O'Reilly? Fox News?

No need for an intro nor a close!


Thursday, April 6, 2017

Trump: When A President Climbs-In With The Garbage

'When you're a star you can do anything', said Donald Trump to Billy Bush about women. 'Grab 'em by the -----!'
'When you're a star you can do anything', said Donald Trump…

What would our world be without a few islands of credible journalism and its commitment to informing the nation?  The New York Times is one such organization and a media outlet which has received much scorn from Donald Trump.

With consideration of the video and the typically Trump message from the video, I ask: "Which media outlet did Trump seek yesterday when he offered up comment about a fake news story regarding former NSC head Susan Rice?" He sure didn't seek Breitbart (AKA "Trumpbart"). He didn't even seek out Fox News. What does that say about his personal credibility or lack thereof? He summons the "failing" New York Times.

Over the past few days, the New York Times reported Fox News and O’Reilly have paid about $13 million since 2002 to five women to settle complaints about O'Reilly alleged sexually abusive behavior.  The Times also reported more women have come forth with similar complaints. 

What would you think the nation's 45th President would have to say about the settlements from his personal find and his favorite cable news network? 
"I think he’s a person I know well — he is a good person,” said Trump of the O'Reilly Factor host while speaking from his desk in the Oval Office. “I think he shouldn’t have settled; personally I think he shouldn’t have settled. Because you should have taken it all the way. I don’t think Bill did anything wrong.”
What follows pretty well nails the Trump support for O'Reilly.

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Despite Trump's support, which should not surprise when we consider this from the uber wealthy abuser who went here in 2005:

The BBC offered a full transcript of the historically disgusting remarks from one who sought to be President and won the election.

I digressed a bit. Let's get back to O'Reilly and responses from his huge complement of advertisers. The number of advertisers is dropping comparable to the number of daily Fox News fake news stories.

As of yesterday afternoon, the number of advertisers cleansing themselves of O'Reilly's show is 47.

The following list of companies has taken ads off The O'Reilly Factor. The list will be updated.
  1. Mercedes-Benz
  2. Mitsubishi
  3. Hyundai
  4. Lexus
  5. BMW of North America
  6. Constant Contact
  7. Ainsworth Pet Nutrition
  8. UNTUCKit
  9. Allstate
  10. T. Rowe Price
  11. GlaxoSmithKline
  12. Sanofi
  13. Credit Karma
  14. Wayfair
  15. TrueCar
  16. Rollins, Inc
  17. Bayer
  18. Esurance
  19. Society for Human Resource Management
  20. Coldwell Banker
  21. The Wonderful Company
  22. H&R Block
  23. Weather Tech
  24. BambooHR
  25. Jenny Craig
  26. Ancestry
  27. Subaru
  28. Old Dominion Freight Line
  29. Amica Insurance
  30. LegalZoom
  31. CarfFax
  32. Invisalign
  33. Pacific Life
  34. VisionWorks
  35. Stanley Steemer
  36. Eli Lilly and Company
  37. Allstar Products Group
  38. Advil/Pfizer
  39. Propane Council
  40. Reddi Wip
  41. GoodRX
  42. Southern New Hampshire University
  43. Touchnote
  44. BeenVerified
  45. Consumer Cellular
  46. MilelQ
  47. Peloton
The number is stark, but recognize those 47 companies will probably be replaced as sponsors paying less for O'Reill air-time. Would you expect a different future for The Factor advertisers when the nation's 45th President offers sanctuary to O'Reilly's apparent sexual harassment?

Throwing stones when the closet is full. But, hey it entertains the Fox News minoins.


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

O'Reilly: Fox News's Resident Racist

Yesterday we published a piece (along with a thousand other social media points of information) about Bill O'Reilly's latest foray into his brand of racism. Yes, his comments about the hairpiece of storied Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA), touched squarely into the psyches of Fox News viewers who relish early morning garbage (oratory) to feed their lust for bigoted conservative ideology.

Last night CNN's Don Lemon hosted a panel which on first sight (and not words) denoted the perfect CNN back and forth segment. The panel was staffed with a noted Trump talking head from the state of Arizona and two very loquacious and effective spokespeople who took exception to O'Reilly's racism as well as the inane blabber from the conservative talking head.

I will leave the assessment of the conservative talking head from Arizona (bottom left on Lemon's panel) to your personal perception. As I posted yesterday, I have never heard O'Reilly mention the personal choice of any white woman who chooses to wear a hair piece. Nor, have I ever heard of O'Reilly poking fun at Trump's comb-over.


Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fox News's O'Reilly Busted Again; Tucker Carlson Throws A Tantrum

Yesterday we published a piece which included Fox News's most recent and most blatant example of booking "fake" guest for spewing utter lies on its most popular news shows (e.g. O'Reilly, Hannity). 

The short story about the 39 second YouTube segment which follows is: this guest is an outright liar, convicted and NOT in any way an official for Sweden.

First view a quick reminder of how O'Reilly and Fox News arrived at a common place (a story with a lying guest who is a literal fraud.)  Donald Trump during a recent rally speech followed the misleading lead of another Fox News host's, Tucker Carlson,  misleading news segment. Trump spoke about Sweden Muslim immigrant riots when there was no such civil unrest. 

After Swedish officials and Swedish citizens disavowed any civil unrest we felt compelled to comment via a post

If you did not visit the link, the essence of the post was the following video from an utter fraud.

If you wish to view the full four-plus minute segment with O'Reilly and his producers at that lying best, click here.

On Monday night, the anticipated took place.  O'Reilly on Fox News airtime, again admitting a "fake news" story. As you view the segment notice O'Reilly places a barrier between the psyche of his sycophant viewers and the reality of a "fake news' guest via the use of the world's "left-wing" media.  

A couple of points. What if left-wing media wasn't monitoring Fox News? Yes, of course, the lying guest and Fox producers would have successfully handed yet another "fake news" story to their viewers.  Moreover, the network would have successfully fulfilled its role as a broadcast division of GOP and conservative international communication.

Image result for toilet news fox news

Trump is no longer a lying presidential candidate; he is a lying US President.  

While somewhat unnecessary, we thought we'd end this piece with a couple of fact checks regarding Trump's Sweden unrest. 

Donald Trump in Florida laments 'what's happening last night - PolitiFact

Politifact O'Reilly Pundit File

What would a piece about Fox News read like without mention of its newest propagandist: Tucker Carlson? Arguing with Bill Nye is fruitless when the topic relates to climate change.


Friday, September 4, 2015

The TPI Morning Gazette: O'Reilly, Black Lives Matter, Roland Martin, Fox News, Trump

Non-Progressive News...

What happens when a multi-millionaire Fox News demagogue and chief bloviator literally attacks and threatens to dismantle "Black Lives Matter?"  In addition to the Fox News mouthpiece making a fool of himself outside of the Fox News audience, and specifically his audience, he runs the risk of drawing a responses from other television new hosts...who happen to be 'black."

ROLAND NAILED IT !!! THANK U !Posted by Cut-n-Edge Cartoons on Wednesday, September 2, 2015

We realize Fox News has to provided daily Obama hating substance to its viewers, but one would think even Fox News producers would respect their audience enough to fact check a bit before developing an over-the-top 'false story." 
Obama publicly condemned violence against police officers as "completely unacceptable" and "an affront to civilized society," which Fox hosts would know if they turned on a real news channel.Posted by Americans United Against T-Bagging John Birch Society Shit Talkers on Thursday, September 3, 2015
From a fake story to one that sheds more light on the highly doctored video from anti-abortion activists and their dedicated propaganda network: Fox News.
Even a Fox analyst admits these videos attacking Planned Parenthood are BS. Here's everything you need to know: by Media Matters for America on Wednesday, September 2, 2015

We really must visit with a recent case of Donald Trump Storm Troopers.
Donald J. Trump guard accused of hitting protestor.. .
Posted by Mediaite on Thursday, September 3, 2015

Donald Trump borrows Sarah Plain;s claim of the "Gotcha Question."

Now, let's visit that all to familiar refrain from conservative politicians who cannot answer question critical to understanding the depth and scope of their potential to serve the nation.  The ever-present assertion of "gotcha question." If you think for a bit the existence of the fictional "gotcha question" wouldn't be a deflection tool if the person could answer the question.

As we considered media, have we developed to a point of host interviewers only offering platforms for interviewees to babble uninterrupted about nothingness. 

As you consider an interview with a right wing radio host and Donald Trump, know the aftermath of the interview included Trumps claims of "Gotcha." But, notice the very first question from Hugh Hewitt instantly generated a quick lie from Trump. His response was "YYYYYYEEEEEESSSS" as he contemplated not knowing the person of which Hewitt posed the question. The first response was to lie and after realizing a followup quest would follow, what does the carnival barker do, he reports with a form of question or Trump sought a clarification that would give him the answer.

Net-Net Trump labelled Hewitt a "Gotcha Guy":  and ,of course, Trumps minions are following suit.

US Media has no viable relationship to past news media and the few conglomerates who own the full measure of US media care nothing about presetting pure garbage to viewers. Any network that will give Dick Cheney time to sit on-air and spew inane babble about the world crisis and "WMD", is a network that has no respect for its high information viewers. That said a number of cable networks are doing just that and I suspect over the coming weekend viewers who care to watch will be offered mega doses of a man who is literally responsible to the strife that is engulfing the entirety of the Middle East and Northern Africa.
Cheney’s claim that non-nuclear weapon countries cannot enrich uranium for peaceful purposes struck us as dubious. It was. False, says PunditFact. by PolitiFact on Thursday, September 3, 2015

Editor's Choice

Ezra Klein's Vox 
Make no mistake: This is a situation where there is a right thing to do. And we are not doing it.

Posted by Ezra Klein on Thursday, September 3, 2015

Monday, August 31, 2015

Oh No Wall Street Journal, Oh No!

...You Didn't...

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Didn't another Ruppert Murdoch employee decry the diminution of American Journalism!

O'Reilly laments that the standards of journalism

When the chickens come trolling in!

American conservatism, no matter the inadvertent nature of its SNAFUs, is disgusting.


Friday, July 31, 2015

The New York Times Scandal, US Congressman, And An Email Scandal

When the false prophet performs a case of clairvoyance new professionals should pay attention.

O'Reilly laments that the standards of journalism

Deprecation without self-reflection and who would have thought prophetic regarding the New York Times. ''

Hillary Clinton Was Asked About Email 2 Years Ago - The ... 14, 2015  The New York Times 
Hillary Clinton Used Personal Email Account at State Dept 2, 2105 The New York Times
Inquiry Sought in Hillary Clinton's Use of Email - The July 23, 2015 The New York Times

Embed in the July 23rd piece we find a clip of Clinton's position of email requests with reference committee Co-chair, Cummings, comments of reporting inaccuracies regarding what the GOP hopes is a nomination killing scandal.

Hillary Rodham Clinton responded to new accusations involving the private email account she used when she was secretary of state. Watch in Times Video »
Days later and on consecutive days, the Times posted corrections to the July 23 article. The corrections clearly point to the Time's failure in verifying information it received from what is being referred to as anonymous sources.   (Linked: to comply with NYT copyright notices, also linked : July 23, 2015 above)
Now let's go back to March 2015 and watch MSNBC's morning conservative crew attempt to corner David Brock, Media Matters founder, regarding the New York Times "story." Arch conservative Bob Woodward, even attempted to label the story "a good story."

After Brzezinski stated. "I am not sure what planet I am one," the interview came to a fairly non-productive end. But the segment was not broadcast for issues resolution talk. It was broadcast to do exactly what it accomplished, feeding the minds and psyches of MSNBC morning conservative viewers.

Brzezinski should probably seek more often to determine what planet "she is on."

The Independent Journal finished their online report as follows.
Brock said The New York Times was hoodwinked by the ‘dying’ Benghazi scandal, and that Congress wanted a ‘fishing expedition’ into Mrs. Clinton’s email:
“The New York Times got snookered by the Benghazi folks.”
Now jump forward to July 23rd and the current revelations of New York Times reporting as flawed and inaccurate. Why would an alleged storied print publication fail in its chartered mission to provide news and related information tot he public?  

Media Matters

Vox's Jonathan Allen Implicates Trey Gowdy In The NY Times Botched Clinton Emails Story

Vox's Jonathan Allen suggested that House Benghazi Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy knew about the request to the Justice Department regarding Hillary Clinton's email practices "at least a day" before The New York Times published its botched story relying on anonymous sources that "had it wrong" according to "a top-ranking editor directly involved" with the report.
On July 23, the Times published a report headlined "Criminal Inquiry Sought In Clinton's Use Of Email" which stated that "[t]wo inspectors general have asked the Justice Department to open a criminal investigation into whether Hillary Rodham Clinton mishandled sensitive government information on a private email account she used as secretary of state." The Times has since issued two corrections, acknowledging that the referral in question was not criminal and did not specifically request an investigation into Clinton herself. They have yet to correct the piece's remaining error to indicate that the referral was actually made by only one inspector general.
Read more 

While March Morning Joe segment and the eventually revelations about the New York Times being "snookered", appears as very different issues, we do not feel as such and we find the continuing efforts to derail Hillary Clinton's candidacy a typical GOP operative issues replete with potential leaks from "high government" officials who happen to be Republican.

Two final points. The issue of Clinton's use of a private emails server isn't an issue we will stand tall and argue in defense, as we feel she should not have maintained the serve at her home. We admit to reticence regarding Clinton's decision to store information outside of government computer systems. However, we note White House systems have recently suffered Russian hacks as well as a year long Chinese intrusion via the  into  OPM computer systems. Are US government computers systems actually more secure the the serve Clinton used?  We have no evidence it was hacked or violated via international adversaries. 

The last point. We hope someone will offer Mika Brzezinski an opportunity to "phone home" from that planet on which see seems to inhabit.


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Fox News: O'Reilly Goes "Black on Black" Crime To Deflect From Cop On Black Crime

"Black on Black Crime....White on White Crime"
Explain the relationship to Cop Killings in Black 

As Fox News's Bill O'Reilly continues to "whitewash" cop brutality in African-American Communities, the network's chief entertainer and  resident demagogue rhetoric doesn't stand deep scrutiny.  

MSNBC's Chris Hayes hosted a segment last night that provides a great preamble for deep scrutiny of O'Reilly's version of black on black crime vs. cop abuse ad killing by cop.  If you are a progressive or liberal who follows MSNBC segments, I am certain you viewed last night's segment. Yes, it is a bit long (nine plus minutes), but it is based in fact ad presented by experts

MSNBC, ALL IN, Chris Hayes 

The Hayes segment was relevant and important from start to finish. Conservatives continue to rail about "black on black" crime without any regard for information that places their rhetoric squarely in the realm of white privilege demagoguery. As a matter of fact, the unquestioning recipients of the demagogues message black on black crime messages are enablers. People who fold the messages into their psyches like bird feed into a mindset, and as I frequently state the next step in that absorptive process is demagogue constructed paradigm with you as the demagogues receptacle.

Hayes and his guest addressed O'Reilly's bigoted remarks with a great deal of professional expertise. Data and facts as are critical to building points of view and "arguments." O'Reilly on the other hand, uses common conservative (one-sided) rhetoric to feed his vast audience. The ultimate tragedy is the following 2013 data goes unreported to his viewers. Thus, he spreads misrepresentations.
Take a look at 2013 FBI data related to Murder. Remember, the FBI will admit collection of such data is difficult, yet a fair representation of the facts. 


[Single victim/single offender]

How convenient is the demagogue's slanted view and reporting? It is equally misleading to use the "black on black" crime at 90 to 90%, when the context of the comment of argument relates to cop abuse and killings of black males.
An incomparable purveyor of the under-reported truth is Rudy Giuliani used old data (probably 2010 or 2011) during this linked Meet The Press segment Why make the analogy when the topic is often about cops abusing or killing African-Americans and the evidence is clearly irrefutable via the advent of the video camera? Giuliani as a former federal prosecutor and former mayor of the nation's most populated city, knows that murder is a crime of proximity and convenience (in a twisted sense). People kill people with whom they are for various reasons in close proximity. Another key point right-wing demagogues refuse to emphasize, is the impact our segregated nation as on the data in the image above. 

(NOTE: I do to believe the imaged data includes cop killings in the course of their "duty.")

If right-wing demagogues are going to have free and unfettered opportunity to spread misleading information, it is the responsibility of the media host to question them with possible refuting evidence.

A few short video gallery that stands as fact while the demagogue reaches to refute with unbalanced reporting of crime. What does cop abuse discussion have t do with this?
Exhibit I. South Carolina traffic stop (five shots to the back) murder  
Exhibit II.  Also South Carolina traffic stop (Multiple shots wounded driver) 
Exhibit III. Exhibit of Arizona Fake Cop Insurance Executive killing of drug offender while held to the ground. "I' Sorry did he say?" 
Exhibit IV. Non-shooting/non death beating applied by California trooper on a black woman 
Yet, these and other episodes of cop on African -Americans killings result in right-wing rhetoric about regarding "Black on black" crime. The following Facebook post support both the comments in the Chris Hayes segment and the FBI data posted above.

A post via a Facebook friend....
  In case you don't want to read the whole report, here's the stand out paragraph:
The pattern is striking: the data tell us that in 2014, Missouri’s African-American drivers were 75 percent (1.66/.95) more likely than white drivers to be stopped on Missouri’s roads. Just 14 years earlier, in 2000, the difference was only 31% (1.27/.97).

Concerns by the citizens of Missouri and the Missouri legislature regarding allegations of racial profiling by law enforcement prompted the passage of state law Section 590.650, RSMo (2000), which was enacted...

The Atlanta Black Star published a piece in early March regarding the convenient demagoguery of "black on black" crime. The Black Star piece placed the discussion where it actually belongs: violent crime in aggregate
Key excerpts 
Violent Crimes

Whites are responsible for the vast majority of violent crimes, according to the FBI. With respect to aggravated assault, whites led Blacks 2-1 in arrests; in forcible-rape cases, whites led all racial and ethnic groups by more than 2-1. And in larceny theft, whites led Blacks, again, more than 2-1. Williams asks: “Given this mathematical truth, would anyone encourage African-Americans to begin shooting suspicious white males in their neighborhoods for fear that they’ll be raped, assaulted or murdered?” 

The ‘Monster’ Effect

Amazingly, according to the FBI stats, women committed 36 percent of the murders committed by white people against white people. This number is far higher than you see with Black women. Aileen Wuornos, who was found guilty of killing six men and was later executed in a Florida prison, is widely regarded as the country’s first female serial killer and was the subject of the 2003 film Monster. Wuornos’ murderous run was glorified in the film, and Charlize Theron won an Oscar for Best Actress for the role. Listverse names 10 female serial killers — and all are white 

Historically, Politically Ignored

President Barack Obama and none of the white previous presidents have ever spoken a word about the phenomenon of white-on-white crime. Vox, under the headline, “White-on-White Crime is Out of Control,” says, “Indeed, looking back on America’s political iconography, there are disturbing trends toward the glorification of white violence. Peer inside the US Capitol building, and you’ll find a monument to Confederate Jefferson Davis — the leader of an insurgency that caused an unprecedented quantity of violent white deaths.” Around the country are white mass murderers of Blacks in particular who are memorialized. 

The Poverty Argument

Experts and analysts have consistently crafted theories on crime based on income and employment levels. The less you make, the more likely you are to commit crimes, the theory goes. But the number of murders committed by white people specifically in the United States, according to Vox, casts doubt on this. The white population in America is considerably richer than the national average — and yet there are more white murderers.
The Black Star Sources links:
Let's do a bit of deductive reasoning or construct a form of syllogism (if you prefer).
If.......Blacks are killed by cops at a higher rate than whites are killed by cops....If......Blacks are stopped for vehicle searches and close scrutiny (frisking) than whites......And if......Whites are much more likely to respond to cops via discharging a firearm and other forms of violence than blacks (who data shows more often attempt to run or exit the interaction in some form)....And if..... Whites commit far more violent crimes than blacks and kill other whites at the level of 83%. )and African-Americans at 90%......
Cop abuse in the back community (an irrefutable reality) shouldn't provide a shield for cable news entertainers and conservative politicians who refuse the reality. 
Well, it wasn't a "nice neat' syllogism, but it was set of deductions that accurately depicts O'Reilly's ranting rhetoric to his sycophant viewers and the deductive exercise places conservative demagoguery (black on black crime) in perspective.

A closing piece about crime, cop killings and the Justice system (or lack there of).

For those still denying a problem of disproportionate police violence against people of color...a new database shows... Posted by Tim Wise on Tuesday, June 2, 2015