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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

O'Reilly Threatens, Maddow Tucks-in The Fox News Entertainer

O'Reilly Williams
“I know Williams for a long time, I’m not friends with him, I don’t particularly like his style, it’s not my style, but … he’s never done anything that I’ve seen underhanded — personally,” O’Reilly began Thursday.

“But you go on Letterman, I’ve been on there many times, and you want to please, you want to be interesting, you want to be fascinating, you want to be cool — he operates in that world, he operates in the Internet world.
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O'Reilly's exploitation of the Williams's malfeasance, led to typical Fox News demagoguery, and that effort to feed its viewers led to a 'cesspool' dunk for its flagship host. Since, you probably are aware of and may have followed Mother Jones reporting on O'Reilly's contested stories of war zone coverage, we will not go redundant with re-reporting.

You may not know O'Reilly threatened a New York Times reporter and implied threats to other reporters.  The Politico lede below is linked to a piece about the threat. 

It is truly sad to have the cable news giant's most watched host literally and brazenly threaten a journalist. O'Reilly again exhibited severe loss of his emotions in addition, to validating himself as a highly compensation demagogue Vs. a television journalist. Fox News on-camera entertainers are not only known for extreme loss of emotion, it isn't beyond the Fox New business model to assume such acts are welcomed (and possibly rewarded). Let's face the fact many on the Right relish exhibition of machismo and acts that appear to others as bullying. 

Do you recall this exhibition?

Some people grow to a better place in life, while others simply wallow in emotional misery accompanied by exponentially more compensation. And, the compensation makes them none-the-better. The Pardu
Bill O'Reilly's condemning words about the Brian Williams false comments regarding his involvement in the Iraq War and Williams's remarks post-Katrina. The comments were straightforward and without question mocked Williams.

Bill O'Reilly threatens N.Y. Times reporter

Fox News host Bill O'Reilly threatened a New York Times reporter on Monday night, promising to come after the reporter "with everything I have" if he felt that any of the reporter's coverage about his Falklands war controversy was inappropriate.
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You surely knew what would come next. The totally cerebral production team at the Rachel Maddow Show would dig deep (and report) without any exhibition of emotion. Maddow adroitly address O'Reilly threat in the first three minutes of the embedded below.

Poignancy from The Maddow Show. StumbleUpon