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Monday, October 27, 2014

Obama Economic Policy Outcomes! And The Ridiculousness Of DEMs Hiding

And, that includes DNC officials who run from Obama policies! Politics is one thing, principles is yet another.

I also offer the following visual journey for all who have forgotten the complete incompetence of GOP economic wherewithal and Supply-Side economics. And, lest we forget those who have simply fallen into the spider web of GOP political operatives. I offer one video as an example of one who has fallen.

MSNBC's Chris Matthews Criticizes Obama
Take a few minutes to see exactly why US media is literally walking the nation back into the greedy and incompetent arms of the GOP. The perfect example is the increasing anti-Obama segments broadcast on MSNBC's Chris Matthews, Hardball. 

If you are a progressive, the five minute segment is a horrific as it gets. Watch (below) as Matthews leads his seemingly conservative panel in literal laughter when mention of "the country on the right track" worked into the discussion (1:00 minute mark). Matthews also asked the panel questions that show support what I perceive as neo-affinity for Rand Paul. He literally asked one panelist if President Obama would "actually lead in his last two years in office." As matter of over-kill. Matthews frames a question with seemingly disparaging remarks about Obama as a professor with sub-group disparaging "Law professor."
A visual journey through outcome from Obama's Economic Policy.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average since President Obama took office (speaks for itself):
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Unemployment rate in October 2009: 10 percent. Unemployment rate now: 5.9 percent.

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And the GOP has you convinced he would be King.
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We must not forget Health Insurance


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

US Economy! Why Not A Democrat Campaign Item?

As we watch the political season unfold, we also watch an improving economy. The US economy should be the most critical consideration  among all political considerations as we, the voters, contemplate of elected officials.  

Yet, we fail to remain mindful and diligent of high priority critical issues that can and will kill a nation. Our lack of attention to matters of the US economy has been supplanted with fear of invasion for South American refugees and the fear laden prospect of ISIS delivering mail to our mail boxes (replete with neck slashing blades in their mail sacks).  

Have you noticed not one Republican has mentioned the US economy for over two years?  Do you recall 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney speaking of reducing the unemployment for to 6% of less with his first term.


During the last presidential campaign, Mitt Romney argued that he, and he alone, could give the economy a terrific boost. Sure, President Obama’s policies had successfully ended the Great Recession, but a Romney/Ryan administration would send the economy into overdrive.
In May 2012, the Republican candidate sat down with Mark Halperin, who pressed Romney to get specific about what Americans could expect to see under his presidency.
HALPERIN: Would you like to be more specific about what the unemployment rate would be like at the end of your first year?
ROMNEY: I cannot predict precisely what the rate would be at the end of one year. I can tell you that over a period of four years, by a virtue of the polices that we put in place, we get the unemployment rate down to 6 percent, perhaps a little lower.
Before we revisit the current unemployment rate with associated job creation, let's look at Romney's dream job creation and unemployment rate.

Bureau of Labor Statistics October 8, 2014

BLS raw data (for those who prefer it raw!)
So much for Republican claims of sole competence in managing the US economy. While Romney's claim was undoubtedly more Romney politicking fantasy and exaggeration, there is simply no way his economic strategists, uber wealthy donors, nor his party would have developed, planned and deployed economic strategy that would have yield his fantasy 6% almost two years prior to his target date (end of his first term). Trickle-down economic with sole strategy rooted in cutting taxes would never have yielded his fantasy 6% or less.  Obama's team has achieved the results in the first 3.5 years of his second term.  Real Progress!

Real Progress and the Democrats are not campaigning with any mention of the US economy and critical improvement since the depths of the Bush Great Recession.

This morning we got some very good news: Our businesses added 236,000 jobs last month, and are now on pace for their strongest year of job growth since 1998. Our unemployment rate dropped to 5.9%, the lowest it’s been since July 2008.

And, all I hear and read these days is how the GOP will be handed the US Senate. Is the US voter really so fickle and under educated we would allow GOP fear mongering, and GOP lack of compassion for people in the lower income strata (medical coverage, income inequality, unbalanced taxation, etc.) claim the reigns of both federal government legislative Houses?