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Monday, October 13, 2014

A Party, A Political Ideology And A Variation Of Sedition

Of course, you know 1/20/2009 was Barack Obama's Inauguration Ball night.  And,  these subversives plotted!

And, obstruction is what we got over the six plus years of Obama's Presidency. These people literally plotted sedition (via obstruction against the good of the nation) and they "delivered" (for their oligarch supporters) as thoroughly as they provide protective interference for the nation's uber wealthy.

Papantonio: What Republican Obstruction Has Cost


Sunday, November 3, 2013

GOP Obstruction Via The US Courts Rivals Other Anti-Obama Obstruction

Janice Rogers Brown, and Priscilla Owen
Judges Janice Rogers Brown (left) and Priscilla Owen on May 17, 2005, on Capitol Hill in Washington.
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Reuters

Will the US every work free of Bush/Cheney? Not in your or my lifetime. And, that is a horrid state of affairs. The two judges pictured above gave the nation the latest dose of Bush GOPism while sending a message to women. 

SLATE and Reader Supported News have published detailed pieces about two Bush Judicial appointees  who, this week, dealt a mortal blow, to women's reproductive rights. The SLATE piece is linked here.

As is always the case with judicial appointments, the words, "judicial activism" floats around like unleash flatulence at the most inopportune time. While we hear the phraseology from both political parties, I think it is well documented the political Right cries and whines about activism in a most disproportionate manner. Yet, it is obvious every Republican president since Dwight Eisenhower has contributed to a SCOTUS that is without question a granite block of conservatism. Lower courts and states courts are less visible than the GOP SCOTUS, but logical leads to a thought the US judicial system is so unbalanced to the right, progressivism stands against conservative ideology with each court case.

President Obama has accomplished much regarding the SCOTUS and district appointments, key appointments remain immersed in GOP Obstruction. Before we proceed know that President Obama's claims of waiting three times longer confirmation his court appoints is without merit. However, time to confirmation compared to that of his predecessor is revealing and validation of republican obstruction. 

Nonetheless, Obama provided "CHANGE" to the federal judicial system that offsets that of Bush and his court stacking predecessors. Yet, the president's efforts to provide a more diverse federal judiciary are obstructed by the republicans in the US Senate as effective as job bills across the breadth of the US Congress. 

In March of 2013, Addictinginfo's Justin Rosario published an infographic that shows the extent to which President has attempted to shape the US court system. 
The Washington Post even put together a nifty graphic to show Obama’s dedication to undoing the right’s corruption of the judiciary and the GOP’s continued obstructionism:
Bush did, indeed, have a longer confirmation time for the circuit court but Obama has more appointments simply blocked and left in limbo.
Yes, GOP obstruction spreads far beyond efforts to stifle full implementation of the ACA, block jobs bills, and reluctant support for bills to provide benefit to our veterans and their families. We remind the GOP recently obstructed the national budget process to the tune of $24 billion dollars.  More recently, the GOP cut 5% from federal funding of SNAP Assistance to needy children the elderly and certain military families. As the obstruction cup overflows let's watch Karen Finney MSNBC, Disrupt, with guest help us understand the full measure of GOP shaping our judicial system for many years to come.  

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