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Thursday, March 10, 2016

SPLC: The Death Of Anarchist LeVoy Finicum

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The now infamous  LeVoy Finicum, AKA Tent Guy, was shot de4ad after running an Oregon State Police roadblock and exiting his truck with an eventual reach for a side pocket.  Finicum during the course of the interview depicted above clearly told the world he would respond in kind if someone pointed a gun at him.  The logic seems very Americana. However, the deceased anarchist didn't bother to factor into his rhetoric and behavior actions taken by law enforcement when someone runs a road block or speeds away from a traffics top. Finicum as the driver of his vehicle attempted to do both.

There isn't a cop int he nation who would not pull his or her weapon in anticipation of an irate of belligerent restraint.  Someone should have warned Finicum of the reality of reaching for his pocket while under orders to keep his hands raised high.

We have linked and embed a copy of the 26 minutes plus drive of LeVoy Finicum and a reported eight additional anarchists (including a female 18-year-old gospel singer). The eighteen-year-old is a story yet to be told, but I dread the thoughts of her support from the predominate male anarchist at the wildlife preserve.

First,  we post an Oregon Live 30 second slow-motion version of Finicum after exiting his truck and as he clearly reached for a weapon in his left pants pocket.

The full unedited (except for aircraft identifier redaction) version

The Southern Poverty Law Center published a piece (yesterday) regarding the shooting and questions of FBI involvement in the shooting.


Bill Morlin March 09, 2016
The shooting of an armed antigovernment activist during an Oregon wildlife refuge takeover was justified, a state investigation concluded. But the same investigation raised questions whether the FBI’s elite Hostage Rescue Team may have fired a weapon during the deadly traffic stop.

LaVoy Finicum
The investigation by the state’s Tri-County Major Incident Team also disclosed that an unidentified member of the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team, who was at a U.S. Highway 395 roadblock north of Burns where Finicum died, apparently fired two rounds, one of which struck the Finicum’s truck. The FBI agent didn’t make that disclosure during two interviews with state investigators, the report says. 
Finicum was the only person to die during the 41-day refuge takeover that ended on Feb. 11 when the last four refuge occupiers surrendered. The Oregon state investigation began after Finicum was killed on Jan. 26 as he and his fellow occupiers, Ammon and Ryan Bundy, Ryan Payne, Brian Cavalier, Shawna Cox and two others, were driving in two vehicles to see Sheriff Glenn Palmer, in adjoining Grant County. 
While the Bundy brothers and other occupiers were arrested without incident as part of an FBI plan devised over two days, Finicum refused to surrender and screamed at officers to kill him, supporting his earlier public statements that he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life “in a concrete box” and would eagerly die in defense of liberty. 
Oregon investigators buttressed their report with a YouTube video posted late Tuesday. The video is a composite of cell phone video taken inside Finicum’s truck synched with video the FBI took from an aerial vehicle. 
In the tense exchange recorded from inside Finicum’s truck, Finicum remained defiant until the very end while his passengers tried to call for backup.  
“You can go ahead and shoot me,” Finicum screamed at agents from the driver seat of his late-model Dodge crew-cab pickup during the initial stop. “Put the laser right here,” he said, pointing to his forehead. “Put the bullet right through the head. OK, boy?” Moments, later he yells out the window again: “You want my blood on your hands, get it done, ‘cause we got people to see and places to go.” Ryan Bundy yelled at officers from the backseat, “You need to back off.”
Finicum continued: “Hey, you boys better realize we’ve got people on the way. You want a bloodbath, it’s going to be on your hands. We’re going to see the sheriff.” Then, almost prophetically, he adds: “You’d better understand how this thing is going to end. I’m going to be laying down here on the ground with my blood on the street or I’m going to go see the sheriff.”  
Ryan W. Payne, 32, of Anaconda, Mont., considered the “tactical leader” of the refuge takeover and one of the planners behind the Bunkerville standoff, raised his hands and got out of Finicum’s 4-door pickup and was arrested. But Ryan Bundy, 43, of Mesquite, Nev., Shawna Cox, 59, of Kanab, Utah, and Victoria Sharp, an 18-year-old gospel singer, remained in the truck driven by Finicum. 
The occupants of a separate vehicle, driver Mark C. McConnell, 37, of Buckeye, Ariz., occupier Ammon Bundy, 40, of Emmett, Idaho, and his bodyguard, Brian D. Cavalier, 44, of Bunkerville, Nev., followed commands, got out of their Jeep at the initial traffic stop and were arrested without incident. One arresting agent said the trio acted almost friendly. 
But, in a split-second decision, Finicum sped off with his three passengers northbound on U.S. Highway 395 at speeds up to 70 mph. As the road careened right, Finicum attempted to drive his truck around a secondary roadblock of vehicles manned by OSP troopers and FBI agents. 
One OSP trooper, who wasn’t publicly identified, fired three shots from his AR15 at Finicum’s speeding Dodge pickup as it sped toward the roadblock, but none of those bullets struck the driver or the three other occupants, the investigation found.
Finicum then drove into the snow and jumped from his truck. As he flailed in knee-deep snow, two other OSP troopers fired their weapons after he refused to comply and reached for a pocket later found to be containing a handgun.
Three of those rounds struck Finicum in the back, killing him instantly.  
Malheur County District Attorney Dan Norris said Tuesday, in releasing results of the independent investigation coordinated by the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office, that state troopers were justified in shooting the 54-year-old Arizona rancher because he failed to heed police commands, nearly struck an officer with his truck at the roadblock and repeatedly reached for his loaded Ruger 9mm semi-automatic pistol. 
But the Department of Justice’s Office of Inspector General and the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Oregon are now investigating whether there was dishonesty or a cover-up on the part of FBI agents involved at the shooting scene. 
Greg Bretzing, the FBI agent in charge of Oregon, released a statement saying that the state’s investigation indicated that in between the series of shots fired by OSP troopers, “one, and possibly two, additional shots were fired by law enforcement as Mr. Finicum was exiting the vehicle after hitting the snow bank.”
Bretzing did not concede that those additional two shots were fired by FBI agents. “As autopsy results confirm, neither of these shots struck Mr. Finicum,” the FBI supervisor said, adding that “the question of who fired these shots has not been resolved.” 
“Because this is an ongoing matter, it would be inappropriate for me or anyone to speculate or comment further, but I can tell you that the FBI is fully cooperating with the Office of Inspector General,” Bretzing said. 
The Oregonian reported in today’s editions that state investigators could explain the origin of bullet holes found in the left front hood, the driver's side mirror and the front grille of Finicum’s truck, concluding that they “came from the automatic weapon of a state trooper who had fired three times at the truck as Finicum raced at 70 mph toward [the] police roadblock on Jan. 26.” 
But state investigators initially were puzzled by the source of a fourth bullet hole, the Portland newspaper reported. That triggered “an elaborate computer analysis, a review of the FBI aerial video of the shooting scene and a video from a passenger in Finicum's pickup.” 
“The fourth round, police concluded, was fired by an FBI agent who subsequently twice denied to investigators ever firing his gun,” the newspaper reported. “As the investigation proceeded, detectives determined he also fired a second time, but didn't hit anything [or anyone] at the scene.” 
"Of particular concern to all of us is that the HRT (Hostage Rescue Team) operators did not disclose their shots to our investigators or their superiors," Deschutes County Sheriff Shane Nelson said in a prepared statement. Nelson also said the state investigators’ “conclusive evidence” about FBI conduct was presented to U.S. Attorney Bill Williams, the U.S. attorney for Oregon, on Feb. 18, and to Bretzing the following day. 
Already, the hint of possible law enforcement wrong-doing has provided new energy to antigovernment conspiracy theories about federal law enforcement that began during a 2014 standoff with federal agents at Bunkerville, Nev., and continued until the takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon earlier this year. 
Finicum was a visible player at both events, vocally and publicly sharing the antigovernment views of his fellow-rancher and friend, Cliven Bundy, and his four sons, now among 44 antigovernment activists under federal arrest in Oregon and Nevada. In fact, immediately after Finicum’s death, the 54-year-old Arizona rancher and foster parent became the newest icon for the antigovernment movement, particularly among those extremists who arm themselves to oppose federal ownership and management of public lands. 
“BREAKING! Massive cover up. — First shots fired before they stopped,” a posting on the Bundy Ranch Facebook page proclaimed shortly after the shooting investigation results were released Tuesday. “Goverment [sic] lied, patriots told the truth! LaVoy sacrificed himself to save others ‪#‎JusticeForLaVoy ‪#‎HandsUpDontShoot SHARE EVERYWHERE!”  
The post suggested the shooting was unjustified and argued that Harney County Sheriff David Ward, Deschutes County Sheriff Shane Nelson, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown and unidentified Oregon State Police and FBI agents should be charged with “treason.”

Kudos to the SPLC for allowing a repost of the article.


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Oregon Anarchists Update: Death, Arrests and More Defiance

As the nation watched a handful of seditious anarchist took over a federal wildlife refuge building. An act of defiance regarding the prosecution of two ranchers on federal land arson charges, one face stood out. The face of the very obvious media hungry LaVoy Finicum,  stood front and center and offered a voice to the anarchy.

Of course, you recall this image of an over-the-top publicity stunt. 

Cops: Oregon Militia Idiots Are Free to Come and Go as Needed
It didn't take much to know, the "tent guy" was not only a publicity hound, he also seemed to relish the thought of a shootout with authorities. Yet, one family member indicates incongruency regarding her father's death.
“We all thought it would end, but not like this,” Challice Finicum Finch said. “My dad did stress that they couldn’t pull a gun on them [officers] unless they pulled a gun. They were all committed to not firing on federal agents.” 
Finicum had previously stated that he preferred death to jail, telling NBC News in a Jan. 6 interview that he had no intention of being taken into custody. “There are things more important than your life, and freedom is one of them,” he said at the time. “I’m prepared to defend freedom.”
Aside from the now deceased media hungry Finicum, the follow "anarchist" leaders were apprehended by Oregon authorities. We have added a comment and identifiers. The names of these anarchists are posted on the link in the first paragraph above; we will not add to their notoriety via repeating their names.  

Noted Muslim hater Ritzheimer highlight in light-green right lower corner.

It should be noted the two ranchers convicted of arson on federal lands reported to prison as these anarchists took over the refuge building.  Both ranchers spoke out against the Oregon group and their act of sedition.

As promised last night, we have posted below updates from MSNBC follow-up segments. 

look back at Oregon occupier Lavoy Finicum

The utter shame of it all.

One last word about  Bundy like anarchists the and those who call themselves patriots. Why do their numbers ebb and grow between Democrat and Republican administrations?

Any wonder why the bars are so exponentially higher for Obama?



The "Tarp Guy" Dies In Shootout With Oregon State Law Enforcement


As news of the Oregon anarchists has moved to a violent shootout, we are reading reports the "Tarp Guy" Got his wish. It was obvious from the start of the takeover of the wildlife refuge the Tarp Guy, LaVoy Finicum, has sought camera shots and microphone time whenever possible. Actually, I suggest his tarp stunt was a mere media seeking stunt.

Tarp Guy is Dead.

CNN is reporting: linked here.

KATU 2 Portland TV News:

NBC News offers far more details: Linke here.


Friday, January 8, 2016

Tarp Guy Speaks Again

When will media cut-off this man's microphone or start charging him for on-air time? The alleged Arizona rancher is a serial camera hound and walks around spewing the most libertarian of views I have heard or read since Rand Paul has grown noticeably quiet about his views.

Tarp Guy speaks, along with a few other well-known anarchist talking heads. 

AJ + from Facebook published an Oregon wildlife refuge video with AJ+ Presenter and Producer Dena Takruri. who is more than worth camera time to her employer. She pushed the anarchist bigots to the limit while extracting so of the most intelligent babble one could imagine.

As the interviews progress, you will notice the Ms. Takuri started the video with the "Tarp Guy."  Is there a camera this man doesn't love? Since, we ran a detailed piece on the Tarp Guy earlier in the week, I will link it  here and turn this piece over to AJ+s video.

What If the Oregon Occupiers Were Muslim or Black? Would the militia standoff in Burns, Oregon, be treated differently if the armed occupiers were people of color?Occupiers weigh in:
Posted by AJ+ on Friday, January 8, 2016
You may have noticed the adroit reporter also ran across another well-known anti-Mulsim terrorist who joined the bigots in Oregon. Jon Ritzheimer also stood in a rather half-hearted manner for a brief encounter with the reporter.  You have seen and heard Rigtzheimer many times as he is yet another media hound who happens to have a mission of anti-Islamic terror.  Ritzheimer recorded a cell phone alligator tear video as the Oregon invasion ensued.

As you viewed the interview did you notice complete evasion of direct questions related to their actions compared to similar actions from other groups of Americans?  No answer worth repeating when asked their thoughts on the reaction if a group of African-Americans invaded a government building and declared their building caliphate. Excuse the loose use of the word, but I do feel you understand my point. Did also you notice evasion about the prospects of Muslims invading an absconded a government building? How about the anarchist who pleaded no "schooling" On Original People Native North American People's history?  As I watched the anarchists squirm and evade throughout the interview, I was hoping the reporter would ask them about their existential exercise of white privilege.  I suspect at least one of the group would have pleaded a lack of schooling on such a prospect also.

As I moved through the AJ+ Facebook post I also ran across a video segment regarding locals who do not share the anarchists actions in their community. 

Oregon Standoff: The Town Debates Should the armed group occupying an Oregon wildlife refuge stay or go? We hear from both sides in the town of Burns.
Posted by AJ+ on Thursday, January 7, 2016
Let's take a quick look at the checklist the Oregon bunch must have developed prior to their seditious invasion of the wildlife refuge building.