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Monday, June 10, 2019

The Mueller Report in Six PBS Minutes

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This post was going to related to Trump's false promises and campaign claims of a bustling and record-breaking US economy. He would do so without any attribution to the Obama economy and the reality of a nation (and world) having been brought back from the brink of economic collapse (post-BUSH). He feeds voters typical Trump carnival barking...and it worked.

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So much for that.

Allow me to use the bandwidth and page space to offer the Mueller Report via a very credible news source. The six-minute guide to the Mueller Report via PBS.

Just the facts ma'am

Let's end on a quick three-minute video o the archetypal GOP politician and one who probably embodies the reality of conservative America.  Yet he offers a pink elephant analogy of being on the Board of Directors of America: a voter. Watch and listen to the end of the segment.  


Monday, August 13, 2018

Trump's Economy?

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All that Steve Schmidt stated or states hit the nail squarely in the center. We have witnessed three very notable and historic GOPers leave the party (albeit it temporary) with the ascension of Trump to party leaders. The GOP is Trump's party and serves as a facilitating platform for Trump's obvious desire to be king.

Would it surprise you to know there is a Tea Party movement to move additional states to the point of falling-in in support of a US Constitutional Convention? If you have grown to recognize the anti-US Government core of the Tea Party, it shouldn't surprise you that with a retention both House of Congress this fall there could be a movement to fast-track a convention.  All things considered, would it surprise you if one significant conservative deliverable form such a convention would be to remove the current term-limits on serving in the White House?

Seem far-fetched? 

For anyone who finds the prospect far-fetched, I posit there are enough supporters across the US to offer those who love and support Trump an opportunity to serve in a way no other president has served. How does such a path become cleared and paved? Answer: Trump carnival barking lying and competent propaganda outlets akin to what follows.

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The US has many citizens which I call LIVS (Low Information Voters). People who vote on a whim and people who vote based on information from sources which deal in "alternative facts" (as per Kelly Anne Conway).  

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The people pictured above aren't people who have any interest in facts.

While Trump offers daily opportunity to run accuracy analysis via fact-checking organizations, today's fact-check comes from PBS via the Associated Press. The article is narrowly focused on Trumps lies regarding the US economy.

PBS recently joined virtually all credible media in offering a fact check of Trump's claims regarding the US economy and Jobs. The PBS article is based on an Associated Press Fact-check. Linked here.

A few images which point to the real fix for the US economy and the reality of Trump's lies.  I do agree

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If the "Y" Axis and the "X" Axis of the chart don't work for discerning the essence of the chart, here's another version.

Related image

While it should be necessary, I find it important to remind readers what provided the stimulus for the current economy. Did I use the word "Stimulus?" Stimulus as in the The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, nicknamed the Recovery Act and commonly referred to as the "Stimulus."

The following are old charts, but each shows the impetus for the US recovery while making a point which I will state after the charts.

Related image

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Trump should be asking for celebration that he, to date, has not reversed the gains from a Post-Bush Obama economic team.  The public should remind Trump and his team, economic ups and downs take time; accepting not crashing the Obama economy is nothing more than Trumpism propaganda.

One last item.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Daily GOP ignominious:Town Halls, Coal Miners, Trump Dissonance , And The Coloring Book

Town Hall anyone? according to Trump's number one White House presstitute, what we are seeing are not real (not reality). Basically, Spicer hit the Press Room stage with what Trump's Number two presstitute calls alternative facts."

ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos

It is called malcontent. I actually believe many of the people in these meetings are suffering from chronic cognitive dissonance or voter remorse (if you prefer). Before our Twitter video journey, PBS published a piece about attendance at the Town Halls. 

Trump presstitute Spicer deployed alternative facts in the face of the reality of major district malcontent 
The GOP NO Show
 Town hall meeting at my local mosque in Boonton, NJ. @USRepRodney did not show up. Sad! #resistancerecess— Safia Ansari (@safianoor) February 22, 2017
From open town hall rebellion to a constituency Trump used to sway the hearts of many on the Right; the less informed who actually believe the coal industry has a real future.  If we accept their desperation in voting for Trump, why can't they accept their role in the GOP's fight to repeal the very healthcare laws they have used to sustain life.
Couldn't these people see Trump as a GOP Trojan Horse?  
If you feel their are GOP mavericks about who will eventually save you (and us) from Trump, think again.
How often GOP "mavericks" have voted with Trump so far:Graham: 100%Rubio: 100%McCain: 94%Paul: 90%— Nate Silver (@NateSilver538) February 18, 2017
There are no mavericks, there are no saviors. Your vote protest vote or non vote was a vote cast for Trump.
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Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Daily GOP ignominious: Trump's Shameless White Supremacists Supporters

The Grand Ol Party (GOP) has come to the time of truth.

Since the days of the late 1960s and early 1970s, the party via Richard Nixon and Kevin Phillips has metastasized into a political movement with 40% of its members assimilating to overt bigotry and racism.  The evolution was without question was further promulgated and nurtured via Ronald Reagan and Lee Atwater.  Despite overwhelming numbers of African-Americans living in traditional southern states, the GOP has an iron-clad grip on the entirety of the US south as a dedicated voting bloc.

The Southern Strategy An important reason for Nixon’s victory was the support he received in the South The effort to sway ...

Donald Trump is the existential Frankenstein Monster who has provided a mouth for undercurrents of racism which has bred unchecked in many white Americans.  It took less than on week for major swaths of white Americans to affix to the bloviating monster like a magnet and steel shrouds after Trump declared "Mexicans are rapists, murders and they take our jobs." 

From outright attention garnering racism against Mexicans and his phantom "high wall" on the southern border to mere suggestions of a ban against Muslims entering the US to turn the flame of conservative racism to the inferno of Trumpism.

Numerous reports of Trump's strong support among American white supremacist has become so common print media has ceased to develop print stories. electronic media flirts with stories from time to time, but fails to fully develop a growing constituency of people who hate based solely on culture, race, ethnicity, and religions. Yes, you Catholics and Jews recognize Trump's Nazi sympathizers also hate you and your faith. Even PBS this week broadcast a PBS News Hour report on a North Carolina family who fully supports Trump without any members of its broadcast team noticing the family was laden with tattoos depicting Nazism. 

White Power Insignia

"H" is the 8th letter of the
 alphabet; "HH"= Hiel Hitler

PBS's failure to flag the obvious tattooing was either an egregious journalistic flop or PBS managers and producers actually recognized the brandishing of hate and decided to publish for effect.

White supremacist affinity for Trump should not surprise. Trump's rhetoric so reminds of Germany in the mid-1930s I often run across clear and concise analogies.

A nascent example of such an analogy is garner favor on the Facebook page of Matthews Heimbach;s White Student Union. The linked video is  a great exhibition of Trump's behavioral and oratory proximity to Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels. Heimbach or a Facebook page Admin unabashedly posted the video and addressed the extent to which the video supports their cause.
PSU White Student Union
March 14 at 12:31am 
They are doing our work for us now!
Posted by PSU White Student Union on Sunday, March 13, 2016
Donald Trump can offer perfunctory statement against white supremacists support for his GOP candidacy, but the record is clear and irrefutable.

Where is Republican National Conference Chair, Reince Priebus?

Friday, July 5, 2013

Bill Moyers..... On This Independence Day

When there is no need to add to art, it is best to just sit back and take it in!

Bill Moyers Essay: Thomas Jefferson’s Betrayal

June 29, 2012
It’s important to remember that, behind the July 4th holiday, are human beings who were as flawed as they were inspired.
Lest we forget!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Charlie Rose (PBS) Interviews President Obama

YouTube's Charlie Rose, President Obama's interview on PBS 6.17.2013.

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Published on Jun 17, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama defended top secret National Security Agency spying programs as legal in a lengthy interview Monday, and called them transparent - even though they are authorized in secret. 

"It is transparent," Obama told PBS's Charlie Rose in an interview to be broadcast Monday. "That's why we set up the FISA court," he added, referring to the secret court set up by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act that authorizes two recently disclosed programs: one that gathers U.S. phone records and another that is designed to track the use of U.S.-based Internet servers by foreigners with possible links to terrorism. 

He added that he's set up a privacy and civil liberties oversight board to help in the debate over just how far government data gathering should be allowed to go - a discussion that is complicated by the secrecy surrounding the FISA court, with hearings held at undisclosed locations and with only government lawyers present. The orders that result are all highly classified. 

"We're going to have to find ways where the public has an assurance that there are checks and balances in place ... that their phone calls aren't being listened into; their text messages aren't being monitored, their emails are not being read by some big brother somewhere," Obama said. 

A senior administration official said the president had asked Director of National Intelligence James Clapper to determine what more information about the two programs could be made public, to help better explain them. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the official was not authorized to speak publicly.