In another classic 700 Club rant, Pat Robertson is clearly at his wit’s end regarding the controversy surrounding Indiana’s RFRA law, this time dismissing the concerns of the owners of an Indiana pizzeria who feared that they would have to serve pizza at a same-sex couples’ wedding, saying business owners “might as well keep their mouth shut” since it was “the cake-makers that are having the problem.” 
But immediately following that lucid observation, Robertson went into a tirade about all the homosexual and animal sex that gay people are going to force him to engage in 
“It doesn’t matter what custom you’ve got, it doesn’t matter what holy thing that you worship and adore, the gays are going to get it,” Robertson said. “They’re going to make you conform to them. You are going to say you like anal sex, you like oral sex, you like bestiality, you like anything you can think of, whatever it is. And sooner or later you are going to have to conform your religious beliefs the group of some aberrant thing. It won’t stop at homosexuality.”
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