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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Dr. Rand Paul Gets A Diagnosis Of Re-ocurring Veracity Deficiency

Rand Paul and Chris Christie practiced a bit of GOP politics this week, and stepped into buckets of poop comparable to the last years of the Bush Administration. Both candidates could do nothing right (excuse the pun). You would not expect an outbreak of a disease previous considered eradicated would snare the mouthy Republicans.

It is amazing the recent outbreak of measles from Disneyland in Southern California could ensnare two of the more zany GOP 2016 hopeful. As I declare Christie and Paul "more zany," I am assume Sarah Palin is simply polishing off her brand with comment about a potential run. If Palin is seriously considering a run, I would drop Christie from the "zany list" to the ridiculous list. Paul and Palin would occupy the top spot on the list without question nor competition.

As to the matter of measles, Paul is particularly phony in his posit as he is a questionable certified Ophthalmologist. Measles carry potential for blindness in children! The Chameleon Paul exceeded all perceptions of issues with veracity with his Libertarian proclamation of parents "Freedoms" regarding vaccinations. Thus, placing himself as the leading anti-Vaxxer among GOP presidential hopefuls. An enviable position, if Paul had actually gone Chameleon with prescription that held any degree of veracity.

Rachel Maddow's February 4th, 2015 show included two segments that laid the inimitable doctor to bare as if with scalpel and skin flesh clamps.

Segment One: Alex Jones and Rand Paul (Bad company for a presidential prospect). Watch Paul in 2009 clear state his position on vaccination.

Segment Two: The "Moon Walking" or "Back Peddling" Paul. 

If you follow he meandering escapades of the Chameleon Senator from Kentucky, you knew Paul would do two things. He would lash-out Palin-like at the "Liberal Media" and he would seek validation via flashy associating with a person who has much more credibility. In previous posts (A,B,C), we have covered his efforts to paint the media the bad guy regarding his remarks. You know what comes next. He claims to hold the same position as President Obama!

Who better to report on Paul?

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