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Friday, August 2, 2013

UPDATE: Philadelphia Eagles Riley Cooper Goes "N" Word! Really?


And,  this is why people must stand tall against racism. Riley Cooper is a professional football player. He has teammates, and without a doubt a majority his  teammates are black, and his salary is in part paid via entertaining sports fans which includes black people.

"I will jump that fence and fight every [racial slur] here," Riley Cooper

Yet, he does this....!
Oh, of course, he has delivered the perfunctory "apology," so all is well correct?  For some maybe, for the more rational and sensible, "Not."

If people accept exhibitions as we are increasingly seeing and hearing, what we have are enablers who do not recognize the errors in their ways.

Another matter, this is exactly why I would never attend a country music concert.  Let's face it the genre does not give-off the impression of inclusivity.

Mr. Riley should have to face the NFL commissioner. In fact, if he does not have a meeting with the Commissioner, that will send a serious message about professional football.  wonder why the Philadelphia Eagles would want such a player in their locker room. Trouble will ensue, and it will spread among the team thus possibly dividing the locker room and team cohesiveness. 

Of course, he looks so contrite and disgusted at himself in the images at the top of the post. Well, yeah, and Paula Deen spreading herself across any TV show stage tat would have her replete with crocodile tears.   And, Rick Santorum went with, "BLAH People."

The Sporting News NFL....riley-cooper-racial-slur-video-apology

Sense we aim to be fair.

Riley this past Wednesday afternoon.

Wednesday afternoon tweets.
I am so ashamed and disgusted with myself. I want to apologize. I have been offensive. I have apologized to my coach, Jeffrey Lurie, and
Howie roseman and to my teammates. I owe an apology to the fans and to this community. I am so ashamed, but there are no excuses. What I did

Was wrong and I will accept the consequences.
Riley and consequences? There will be no balancing "consequences" commensurate with his act of outright "White Privilege."

UPDATE: We also find the NFL Commissioner will have no words for Riley! Oh, OK. 

Yahoo Sports
The other guy, the guy you don't see in the video, the one Riley Cooper was yelling at, he was at work. That's what he was doing: Working.

The guy got dressed on a June afternoon and headed to work as a security guard at a Kenny Chesney concert, a black man in a crowd almost exclusively white. He took the job anyway. Maybe race isn't important to him. Maybe the pay is decent. Maybe it's all he can get. Maybe it's usually a good gig. Whatever, he was just doing what he was hired to do: Be a security guard. It's a thankless, difficult job trying to patrol a small corner of a huge and often drunk crowd at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.
Deadspin Dot Com
Email tipster... 
Riley was going fucking nuts because he wasn't allowed backstage. He didn't have passes like some of the other players and was SO pissed that the stadium people wouldn't let him back just because he was Riley Cooper. He had been drinking since 11 AM (Kenny didn't go on until 8).
Ah, so he goes drunken angry at a security gurad and feels he could take on "....every Nigger, in here!"


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Paula Deen Sits With Matt Lauer

Paula Deen and a crumbling empire, worn away by the pitfalls of racism.

Ms. Deen is the victim of her family life, upbringing and social development at a very young age. 

My professional background includes diversity and inclusivity workshop facilitation, training, and management development coaching and employee relations/race relations in the workplace.  I know intolerance of others by some white people as well as I know my way to my home from work.  Years of Human Resources Management in Fortune 250 Corporation also contributed to an even deeper understanding of the nooks and crannies of situation interactions which end similar to the fate of Ms. Paul Deen.  

Unfortunately, Deen (and her brother) became so comfortable in their social development as true southerners and people accustomed to life in Jim Crowe, they never bothered, like some many, to work on personal development to exorcise themselves of the demons of racism,  These two people are not bigots, they are hardened racist who literally benefited from the existence of blacks who purchased her products as surely as slave masters who benefited from the toils of save labor. 

If we had opportunity to view Deen in the following Cycle, it would be easy to see there is a point where intervention tends to lessen avowed and overwhelming racism. 
Cycle of Oppression

Deen never stepped outside of the paradigmed cycle.   Deen  stated on the Today show, "I am who I am and I am not going to change." She cannot change.

What's right is right! 

Matt Lauer, Today Show, interviewed Deen early this morning. The segment is 13 plus minutes long. I contemplated creating a sub-clip, but deferred to your judgment in deciding how much of the segment you choose to watch.  It should be noted, I did not see lots of tears in the segment In fact, I do not even recall seeing "crocodile tears."

As these tragedies develop, it can be an emotional experience to watch as people succumb to their family environment and social development with reckoning coming many years later. Reckoning never comes for most with people. They go to their graves with internalized racism. There is really no major issues with internalized racism when it is outside the purview of impact on others.  What do I mean by impact on others? A manager with authority to hire and fire, a politician who has responsibility to his/her constituents, a celebrity that feeds his/her racism to fans, raising a family, or simply being a good neighbor are ready examples of impact on others. 

Deen's past caught-up with her.  She is fighting a multiple million dollar legal battle that has uncloaked her racism.  Ironically, the discrimination /harassment legal action involves a former employee who is white. If there was no legal action Deen would continue the life of a cloaked and powerful racist.   Now, she is suffering an expected reaction from corporations who subscribed to her celebrity and her sponsors.

"We will not place new orders beyond those already committed," said Dave Tovar, a Wal-Mart spokesman. "We will work with suppliers to address existing inventories and agreements." 

Tovar said the retailer is still working through the details with suppliers. 

The severed ties with Wal-Mart are the latest blow to Deen's business. Meanwhile, Paula Deen's name is being stripped from four buffet restaurants owned by Caesars. Caesars said Wednesday that its decision to rebrand its restaurants in Joliet, Ill.; Tunica, Miss.; Cherokee, N.C.; and Elizabether, Ind., was a mutual one with Deen. 

Last week, the Food Network said that it would not renew the celebrity cook's contract. And on Monday, Smithfield Foods said it was dropping her as a spokeswoman. Smithfield sold Paula Deen-branded hams in addition to featuring her as a spokeswoman.
It is sad to see a human being suffer the outcomes of their early formative years.   However, reckoning is generally always sad.  You and I did not contribute in any way to the crumbling of life for Deen and her brother; I personally have no sympathy for the wealthy celebrity.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Racism And Misogyny On The Right.

Not much difference where other than age!
              Taylor Chapman racist dunkin donuts video
Tracy Chapman Florida
Racist Rant Perp.
Paula Deen Racist Perp.

Brazen racism, abuse and personal disgust!

Dunkin Donuts video (staged rant)

You have to know that the nation's social climate is changing exponentially when a 27 year old intentionally and with great boorishness plots an ambush of low paid food service employees.  As I look across The perpetrators background, I find that she also has filmed a commercial portraying a low paid food service employee (See image below). That beckons a thought. 

How would the perpetrator feel if she made a cash resister RECEIPT mistake, and became the victim of a vicious predator?  It should be noted the cash register at the Dunkin Donuts outlet did not make an error related to the perpetrators money, nor the times she purchased.  Thus, we have planned ambush with intent to exercise what can only be described as "White Privilege."  We will expounded on use of the "White Privilege" in a bit.  First, think about a couple of things.  If one goes about a planned confrontation (over a very minor issues) with video IPhone in hand, that speaks to motive and intent.  Another consideration is how would Chapman have handled her confrontation had the food service employees been white Americans?  Would she have plotted her boorish disgust at all? If you find any reason to think as do we, you could not help, but come to the conclusion she exercised "white privilege."

We introduce Ms. Taylor Chapman via Facebook

For those who do not regard TPI pieces related to race as "quality" reads, we feel your concern, but we cannot overlook clear cases of unequal treatment or guttural exhibitions.  In the case of Ms Chapman, the racist abuse was obviously contrived and planned for IPhone video exhibitions.   Can you remember a  time when such brash planning and execution would have been unthinkable?   I can certainly reflect back to before 1980 and before the effective development and use of the Reagan /Lee Atwater "Southern Strategy."   Whether you like to read it or not, the "Father of Modern Conservatism" (as some call him), shepherded the nation into an "It is OK to be an over racist" paradigm.  

We would have been much less interested in using Ms. Chapman as an unarguable example of "White Privilege", were it not for evidence in the following video segment. Of particular, note is her choice of language, racial slurs, and extreme profanity.  Why "White Privilege?" The reason is simple.  Most white Americans are much more careful about the existence of 'privilege' for some and non-privilege deprivation for others.  They do not seek privilege, and many reject privilege when they feel it is not shared for all. On another hand, there are many many who either leverage the privilege (without brandishing it), or they exercise the privilege and became uncomfortable or irate when the privilege is deny. 

As we have acknowledged, there are many people who do not like comment regarding race for reasons that are simply stated, "noble." They either have contempt for people who practice bigotry and racism and wish to close their eyes to ugly exhibitions which have grown exponentially since January 20, 2009.  Yet, there is another group of people, and a large group at that, who feel that minorities are gaining an upper hand in American society. They show signs of resentment with each mention of issues of race, but they refuse to consider basic facts. Tragic perceptions such as, African-American unemployment is not as high as it is due to black people not wanting to work manifest. The vast majority of black people wish to work. Their desire to earn a paycheck suffers from workplace discrimination which is as prevalent as an eight hour work day. It happens everyday!

Ms. Chapman's exhibition follows starting at the 5:20 minute mark of the 8:09 minute IPhone video.    

Unabshed, prideful and contrived racial abuse

The Smoking Gun published a piece on June 10, which provides additional perspective and verbiage a from Ms. Chapman's attack.

The Smoking Gun  (June 10, 2013)

At one point, Chapman notes that she has a “business degree” and had previously received exemplary service at the Dunkin’ Donuts. Until, of course, a “dumb bitch” female employee “completely pissed me off” and “decided to cross my fucking line.”
During the video, Chapman refers to the female worker as “a complete cunt sand nigger whore.” When she spots the woman--who is named Nithi--Chapman moves down the counter to confront the worker.

“Well, guess what? This shit’s about to go live, bitch. Right on Facebook,” Chapman announces. “‘Cause I already posted what your dumb ass did last night. So I hope you’re happy 

with your little fucking sand nigger self. Cause I’m about to nuke your whole fucking planet from Mars. You think ya’ll are tough big fat Arabs bombin’ the Trade Center? I’ll show you tough.”

Linked video 

Freakout Nation on Tracy Chapman
” What makes this story really epic is that Taylor Chapman works for an SEO company called Power Sales Team, as a “video spokesperson.” The company makes promotional videos for local businesses, like this one, which stars Taylor Chapman and rapper Ludacris: ” 
* Update June 14, 2013 7:30 PM EST: ” Taylor Chapman is Not Employed Here Anymore ” Official response and video. —
Enough said about Ms. Chapman.

Racism aside, let's take a very quick look at serious right-wing misogyny. "Know your role.....?"

Before the video segment we ask that you keep a couple of things in mind.   The interview took place on the set of Hannity's propaganda platform. The show host did not flinch, nor bother to admonish his male guest for a literal misogynist berating of the female co-guest.  I cannot imagine a host on MSNBC, or even the increasing conservative CNN, allowing such an overbearing example of male dominance and expected subservience for the woman sitting near-by.  We posted a video showing a Fox News woman host covering the male abuse, while expressing disdain for Hannity via avoiding an embed of the actual segment from his show.

We have linked the two cases based on what we perceive as "privilege" that infests far more people on the Right than on the Left (with similar social issues). If there are equal numbers of people on the Left who harbor such social illness, they do a great job of masking it. The behavior seems to manifest almost exclusively form the Right and few on the Right even bother to speak out against the abuse.

Since we opened the piece with Paula Deen and ended with mention of Fox News.

A little Satire..... (See below)
It should be noted just how deeply Fox News is committed to a divided nation. 

Do you watch Fox News?

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Paula Deen - A Study In Hypocrisy (Benjamin T. Moore)

Re-posted from the Whirlingwind Dot Com. Thank you Benjamin T. Moore! 

Paula Deen – A Study In Hypocrisy

paula deen header Paula Deen   A Study In Hypocrisyby Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.
This latest kerfuffle involving Paul Deen and the ubiquitous “N-Word” is a study in hypocrisy. Our feigned outrage over an old white lady from the deep South admitting during a deposition that at some point in her life, she’d referred to a Black person as a nigger, pushes the bounds of my patience to its point of breaking! Really??? The attorney might as well have asked her if she’d ever farted?
Lets be real for a moment. Is there any white person born and raised in the United States of America who can truthfully say, they’ve never in their entire life uttered the word “nigger?” If a white person reading this can truthfully make this claim, please send me an e-mail. I would dearly like to talk to you and learn the details of your upbringing.
Don’t get me wrong. In my youth, I integrated sever all white schools out on the west coast. It was my policy to beat the ass of any white person who called me a nigger. I once chased one little white boy six blocks, dragged him back out of his house and whipped his ass right in front of his mother and screaming sister. It is a word that should not be used.
Since then, I’ve had several white people who felt comfortable enough with me to ask the question so near and dear to most of their hearts. To wit: “We hear Black people using that word… why can’t we?”  My response? “You can… However, if I have one of my blackouts and come to stomping on your neck… you will forgive me won’t you?” That usually settles the matter.
All of this having been said, the facts of the matter are these. Mrs. Deen comes from an era and a geographic location where she was raised around people, and by people for whom that type of terminology was the norm. Who was going to sit her down in her youth and teach her that referring to Black people in that manner was wrong? Is how a child is raised the child’s fault or the parents fault? I do give Mrs. Deen credit for becoming more aware of right, wrong and what is acceptable in a civilized, multicultural society.

Eclipsing The Real Issue

The reason Paula Deen was being deposed had to do with a discrimination law suit involving an employee of color who has alleged racist behavior and abuse. Did it happen? I have no idea. However, I’ve been around the block enough times to know that just because someone alleges something in a law suit, doesn’t make it so. That is why we have trials and the presentation of evidence. Conversely, merely because someone uses the word “Y’all,” speaks with a southern drawl and admits to having used the word “nigger” in the past, doesn’t mean that they’ve treated an employee in a discriminatory manner. Let’s wait for the trial.

A Study In Hypocrisy

As of today, the Food Network has fired Paula Deen because she told the truth under oath and answered a question which might not have been allowed in open court for being overly broad and irrelevant. The rules for depositions are a lot more flexible. In court the only way an attorney could ask such a question would be if Paula Deen stated that she didn’t use that word. Then the question of whether or not she had ever used that word would become relevant.
Suppose the same question were posed to the attorney who asked it? What would he or she have said? Suppose that question were posed to the judge? What would she or he say? If every white person who has ever used the word nigger – in life – were taken off the air tomorrow, we’d be watching a blank screen and listening to a test tone.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Paula Deen: Latest Racist Caught Out In The Open Like A "Slug" in Sunlight!

“I want to apologize to everybody for the wrong that I’ve done,” Deen says in a copy of the video obtained by Raw Story. “I want to learn and grow from this. Inappropriate, hurtful language is totally, totally unacceptable.”

“I beg you, my children, my team, my fans, my partners — I beg for your forgiveness.”

Paula Deen Furniture
Paula Deen Weight Loss. Be Careful Al, she will call you a " _ I G G E R!"

Do you recall the movie "The Help?" 

Did you spend any of your young life in the deep South? 

If you are an African--American and answered "yes" to either or both of the questions you know first hand about people like Paula Deen.  Actually, if you are a person with an intellect above that of a turtle and have lived in America for the majority of your life, you also know people like Paula Deen.

If you are an associate of Deen, you had to know her racism and overt contempt for African-American would one day be exposed. 

 Taking Points Memo published a few self-stated excerpts from Deen.
"In her 2006 memoir “It Ain’t All About The Cookin’,” while describing her early experiences with race, Deen wrote at length about growing up in the segregated South. Among her recollections was an incident from her youth where she hit a black girl “with a bolo bat” and the girl’s mother wound up in jail. She also wrote about a time later in her life when she attempted to make a “Sambo burger” on her TV show and had to be dissuaded by producers."

Bolo Bat Girl....“This one day she had brought her little girl to work, and that child had many big, fat blisters on her hand, probably from helping out her momma. Something about those blisters just attracted me and I remember hitting those little hands with a bolo bat, and it busted her blisters good. It was pretty satisfying.

Sambo Burger.....“I’ll never forget the day I was doing hamburgers, and I was cookin’ what ended up being called a Beau Burger, which was topped with a fried egg. Actually I wanted to call it a Sambo Burger. It came about when this motorcycle-driving, long-haired lawyer named Sam told me about his favorite little hamburger joint owned by a guy named Beau. When Sam was out tooling along on his cycle, he’d stop off for the best burger in town, topped with a fried egg, some melted cheese, a load of grilled onions—out of this world! One day, Sam was on my set because we were doing a show about motorcycles, and we were standin’ around talking about these burgers and I told him, ‘Sam I am going to do that burger on the show. We’ll call it after you—the Sambo Burger. You know—Sam, Beau. Sounds great, doesn’t it?’”

Deen claimed her producers forced her to rename the burger. 
“My producers said no—I had to find another name, because some people associated the name with an old children’s book that was insulting to black people,” wrote Deen. “So we called it a Beau.”

The Daily Beast published eight (8) details from Deen's deposition. 

2. She really wanted to stage that Southern plantation-style wedding. But she didn’t because the media wouldn’t understand.

Jackson said she was put in charge of arrangements for Bubba’s wedding, which Deen apparently said she wanted to have a “true Southern plantation-style theme.” What, pray tell, does that mean? “Well what I would really like is a bunch of little n----rs to wear long-sleeve white shirts, black shorts, and black bow-ties, you know in the Shirley Temple days, they used to tap dance around,” Deen reportedly elaborated. Alas, the wedding Deen envisioned never came to be. “We can’t do that because the media would be on me about that,” she reportedly told Jackson. In her testimony, Deen said that she actually was referencing the “beautiful white jackets with a black bow-tie” she saw the wait staff of “middle-aged black men” wearing at a restaurant she visited “in Tennessee or North Carolina or somewhere.” 

4. She doesn't think that watching porn or being racist at work makes you a bad boss.

In her deposition, Deen was asked whether the fact that her brother admitted to watching pornography and using the N-word at their restaurant caused her to have concerns about him running their business. She responded, “just because he’s got a sense of humor does not make him a bad person or incapable of running a business.” Questioned as to whether jokes of a sexual or racist nature are in poor taste at a place of work, she responded, “We have all told off-color jokes … Every man I’ve ever come in contact with has one.” 

5. But she does use the N-word!

Deen admitted to using the N-word in her life, after a “black man” put a gun to her head at a bank where she was working. She said she used it because she “didn’t feel real favorable towards him.” She also said she’s sure she’s used the word since, “but it’s been a very long time” and guessed that she probably used it when quoting “a conversation between blacks.” 

6. She doesn’t think the N-word is bad, as long as it’s used in a joke. 

Deen said that she and her husband taught her children not to use the N-word in a mean way. Asked when exactly that word be used in a not-mean way, she said either when repeating what you may hear “black people” say in the kitchen or when used in a joke.
The word "depositions" sits up there like a battered thumb.  Deen and her brother "Bubba" Heirs are immersed in a $1.2 million dollar discrimination (harassment) lawsuit from a former restaurant employee.  

The Raw story video (Here and below)

No,  Paula Deen, you are not forgiven! In fact, any decent person who patronizes your organizations or purchases your products should refrain from doing so.  A lowly racist is just that a lowly racist.  

Any person of color, and decent Americans, should exhaust all efforts to avoid providing revenue for your empire. 

October 2011 Grub Street
Forbes Savannahnow Dot Com July 2012 

Paula Deen raked in a cool $17 million last year from her TV shows, publications, restaurants and other creative properties, according to Forbes magazine’s annual list of highest-earning chefs. That ranks the lady of The Lady and Sons at No. 4 worldwide — not bad for a self-made businesswoman who started out selling sandwiches door-to-door in downtown Savannah.

There is more.  Late Friday afternoon second apology.   
Deen’s second apology, posted Friday afternoon, can be seen here.

No Paul Deen, you are an old racist and the epitome of why people "who care" must be extra careful about how they spend their time, money and affiliations. You ma'am are no different than Rush Limbaugh.  

The Food Network should be complimented terminating your show from their airways. 

We notice you came out with this latest video within minutes of the Food Network's non-renewal of your contract.