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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Pence Gets Burned By Stephanopoulos And Seeks Fox And Friends For Safe Harbor

Social engineering via religion

The tsunami following Indian Governor, Pence signing the states Religious freedom law continues with no subsiding in sight. In fact, the tsunami is battering the governor and the state unlike any political push back Richard Nixon refused to hand over audio tapes from his days in the White House. Actually, Pence and Indian are receiving more flak than the GOP garnered for shutting down the US government at $24 billion and more flak than Bush Cheney received for their failed 'white horse' crusade into Iraq. 

Pence is squirming like an Earthworm exposed to on hot pavement during a 100 degree afternoon. From multiple appearances on Sunday Morning news shows through an inordinate number of supportive pundits willingly accepting invitations on networks they would ordinarily avoid (e.g. MSNBC). You may have run across few examples of damaging control post Pence's signature, but if you did not sit and watch the following two minutes you "haven't seen anything yet."  (I prefer the much more colloquialism iteration of the previous, "You ain't' seen nothin yet." but I will leave the previous structure for those with more formal preferences).

George Stephanopoulos during the course of an eleven minute interview expended two full minutes trying to secure a "Yes" or "No" answer from Pence. The ABC Sunday morning show host asked the governor if he felt the law could be used to discriminate against the LGBT. His lack of response was the epitome of telling. He will provide a direct "yes' or "no" answer to avoid a public statement he knows is a lie. Moreover, he has to maintain a stern upholding of doctrine from those who offer millions to to fund right wing social dogma. One simply has to satisfy their customers.

Let's take a few minutes to review how the Right goes about transforming our social world. The following ABC interview is in stark contrast to what you will see in the second video. That video is from a episode of Pence with (what an apropos show title int his case) Fox And Friends. Do you see a major softball interview forthcoming? Rest assured the softball is not this interview.

ABC's Stephanopoulos delivers hardball questions to a squirming and stuttering governor. 

Mike Pence Runs To Fox For Damage Control Over 'Religious Liberty' Law
Indiana Gov. Mike Pence ran to the loving arms of Faux "news" this Tuesday to do some damage control -- following his disastrous interview with George Stephanopoulos -- where he was lobbed softballs and allowed to play the "I have one black friend" card when pretending his state's newly passed Religious Freedom Restoration Act isn't intended…