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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Pepe The Frog And Hand Signaling: Manifestations From White Supremacist

Image result for ok signal memeFor well over one year, we have avoided or only scantily mentioned the neo-subliminal hand messaging form the nations social underbelly. As the past three weeks have passed into the millennium, we can not avoid touching on another example of growing racism and Anti-Semitism in the US. 

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I have heard there is a campaign of denial regarding a (new) white supremacists hand signal which accompanies the adoption of Pepe the Frog (Pepe The Frog via The LA Times) as subliminal declarations of what amounts to social terrorism.

Yes, I have seen images of former President Obama flashing what has long been considered the OK sign. The OK sign has also been flourished by some on the Right who seek to either hide, disguise or feign naivety regarding the recent social messaging signal. A signal employed, for the most part, adults who subscribe to an inner core of Caucasianism and Anti-Semiticism trumps (excuse the convenient pun). Alas, we witnessed the overt use of the sign during Trump's SCOTUS Nominee hearing. 

The very unusual juxtaposition of the fingers on the woman's right hand seemed particular curious Especially after she apparently received a text message from someone.

After a weekend of reporting regarding the woman's hand positions. we witnessed and even more obvious flash of the sign. Linked here. Of course, the woman's husband declared the first signaling as a non-issue based on the reality his wife is part Jewish and Mexican. The Hearing witness aide's ethnicity make-up means absolutely nothing once we consider it regarding conservative  America.

Well, that settles that, doesn't it? Before you allow the previous sentence to affrimatively ring around in your mind, think about a current member of the Court and his legacy in US history. Clarence Thomas and his over-the-top disdain for all Supreme Court matters regarding African-Americans. 

If you are thinking as this post as a bit greasy "nothingburger", take a look at the nation's number one so-called "Alt-right" leader and public figure.  Please recall "alt-right is a self-anointed label from Spencer.  How better to cloak white supremacy if the wearing of white robes and hoods is out of vogue and a relic of our past. 

The sign has been associated with white-nationalist figures like Richard Spencer (pictured), who made the sign on the steps of the Trump International Hotel on election night

Notice the location of Spencer's formal salute to his movement.

During the recent Hurricane Florence threat to North and South Carolina, we find another bold representative of growing US white supremacy. Linked.  NBC News

Let's close with a few peeps at Twitter posts regarding an underbelly reality manifesting in the United States.
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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

An Under Current Of Disaster Going Unchecked

Whether you believe the US is developing a dangerous sub-culture of white supremacy or you don't believe such, there is growing evidence, if you pay attention.

Recall Charlottesville Virginia: "Jews Will Not Replace Us!"

Another existential reality. Growth and proliferation of such groups have increased over time, with what seems an exponential burst of supremacist social regression as Trumpism has developed. 

Have you noticed the presence of a popular Internet caricature, Pepe The Frog, turned a symbol of white supremacy?  

Another symbolic manifestation of US White is a hand gesture which delivers a message to any "knowing" observer. 

We have seen the signal flashed among a few too many White House staffers to refuse to accept its flashing is far more than a coincidence or a "cool" gesture.

Speaking of the White House.

Alas, someone caught the gesture at this past weekend's Trump Mar-A-Lago festivities. 

brat at Mar-A-Lago New Year's Eve gala.
The following video segments are critical to understanding the reality of growing US white supremacy. The NBC news guest, Christian Picciolini, is a former white supremacist who has taken to appearing on national TV shows (e.g. 60 Minutes) to disavow, repudiate and posit against and reject his 8 years as a supremacist.

The segments represent a short one-minute version of the 13 minute NBC appearance. The second video is the full segment. As you watch NBC's nascent host Megyn Kelly, conduct the interview, you will notice a clear effort to question the veracity of Fox News as a purveyor of racism. Lest we forget one video segment of Kelly clearly espousing racism and a degree of supremacy regarding an African-American writer's comments about Santa Clause being black.  Comments which fall the realm of Santa as a mythical character from the minds of people who rejoice and celebrate Christmas. Thus the black writer had every right to speak to kids in her community from a position of pure mystic and perception via young minds. Kelly White Santa, white Jesus.  After a few days of unannounced "vacation", Kelly reappeared with what Fox News management must have felt properly addressed Kelly's racist comments about Santa. As you view the embed you will notice a few items which fit Fox News's business model to the letter.  Kelly feigned "tongue in cheek" remarks. Kelly offered the totally implausible regarding joking with kids. She would joke about "white" Santa at 10:00PM EST to what audience of kids? Do parents actually allow their kids to sit and watch Fox News at 10:00PM.  One other matter, notice the "in-your-face" advertisement for the "powerful" Fox News.  

Kelly's defensive remarks spoke volumes about the underlying broadcast ideology at Fox News.

Racism and white supremacy aren't always shrouded in a white robe and hood. We offered Fox News as the nation's top purveyor of cable news mind-shaping which often touches on conservatism which in turn exist with much more intolerance of things nonwhite than other political ideology. Megyn Kelly defense of her former employer still sits as a psychic brand she will not and cannot shed.

Let's now visit with Kelly and her guest.  We hope you watched the 13 minutes 60 Minutes segment liked above. 

Long Version

If you continue to shield your psyche form growing US racism and white supremacy, you actually enable its growth. It is unfortunate but your affinity for and closely aligned with US conservatism means you should take extraordinary steps to rid the nation of a disease which history shows contribute to nation killing.

While it isn't fair to say: "All Republicans are racist."
It is fair to say:"Racist who are political align with the Republican Party."