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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

"Playing With Fire":... Racism Is Infectious And We Are All Potential Victims! (VIDEO)

Do you want to view additional validation of why I chose MSNBC News and current event coverage over Fox News (not even an issue) and CNN?  Rachel Maddow broadcast a segment yesterday which provides a view of a cancer growing and metastasizing in our society: Racism. The segment is heavily influenced by stellar reporting at the British Broadcast Corp. (BBC) and the Wall Street Journal.  

Allow me to state a critical trait I incorporated while growing to adulthood.  A belief system and trait which have paid-off  in many ways.  
A person can think whatever they wish. They can harbor all sorts of beliefs, they can even think in harmful ways towards others; that is their prerogative and their right. When the person acts out to harm others from the deep recessions of their belief system, behavior manifest ,which is unacceptable.  
Another critical lesson in life.  If we as bystanders and observers do not perform acts to extinguish wrongful acts, we are effectively enablers.  If someone whispers the "N" Word, whispers the "F" Word, whispers the "B" (bitch) Word, whispers the "S" Word (derogatory for Spanish in origin)  to you and you are even neutral to their actions you have factually enabled the person to take the vile act forward. Unless you agree, how hard is it to say, "I don't go there," " I don't care for that word," or "Please do say such to me!" I call the responses "extinguishing responses."  If extinguishing responses are not fed back to perpetrators of racism, they feed off your unspoken affirmation and they grow.

Of course, we know bigotry and racism are not passed on through generations via DNA. They are learned psychological states and they are deleterious to anyone who grows from early childhood to adulthood with the burden of such a mindset.

While millions harbor such beliefs, most do not act on that which was (or is) handed to them via parents and family and reinforced via social interactions (schools, friends, loved ones). I recall a few examples of people who have intimated they worked in concerted manner to "check", place in perspective and work to rid themselves of bigotry and racism. Those people were proud of their journey and did not hesitate to speak their epiphany. 

Obviously,  there are millions upon millions who have grown to avoid the stifling effects of being taught to hate based on race, sexual orientation, religion and a forms of bigotry. We are a richer world because of those who have traveled the journey to "tolerance, diversity and inclusivity." Yet, we are increasingly reminded of the scope and depths of pure racism.

There was a time 40 to 50 years ago when overt acts of racism were so frowned-upon. Perpetrators would dare not go public with their exhibitions, whispers among friends, condemnation within the confines of the family home, and covert racism in the workplace. All such acts were for the most part hidden and viewed as unacceptable. Since the early 1980s the US has gone full circle from a place with successful experimentation in tolerance, and shunning our Jim Crow past, to a society of a re-birth of life before the late 1960s.  

From the birth insemination Harry Shuler Dent, Sr.'s,  Republican Southern Strategist (for Strum Thurman, Barry Goldwater and Richard Nixon), to Richard Nixon's Kevin Phillips and nurturing to full blown political doctrine via Ronald Reagan's Lee Atwater, we now have fully developed overt racism in every facet of life in the United States.  

Architects of a strategy gone wild and framed with overt racism: The GOP Southern Strategy.
Harry S. Dent, Sr.
Kevin Phillips


We at the TPI have devoted many hours and much web-space to GOP strategy and its core constituency our Southern States and Plains States. There are professionals who through tedious work, diligent research, and competent journalism that when bundled is fair and open reporting. There work often show how the roots of modern racism have led to unbelievably horrific cases of racism gone mad.  Roots of modern racism with undeniable fissures into GOP politics, GOP influencing minds and GOP elections strategy.

Rachel Maddow's August 6th, 2013 segment. The segment is a full 15 minutes long, but if you have an interest in information with a strong message stick with the piece. CNN was once noted for such segments; well before politics and their quest to upend Fox News became a business model.  

"Playing With Fire"

Do you see how the web of hatred spreads? 

From a senseless racist killing in the 1990s to the very killers who planted bombs at the Boston Marathon.  Ah,  you may not be black, but you night have sat innocently close to the very bomb the LEGAL Immigrant bomber planted.     

The cancer is far more inbred than you realize.  

People of questionable intellect and nefarious motives may have reached back into our past and touched America at the Boston Marathon. 


The mother may have via her work assisted in her son reaching back into our horrific past for similar acts. And, the seeds of racism reached form a 1990s military and resulted in death at a Sikh Temple.