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Friday, April 5, 2019

As Trump's World Turns: Father Born In Germany?

The following cartoon is brilliant. Brilliant in a few ways but most of all its deep meaning should ring a bell for rational people. The meaning won't ring well for most Trump supporters based on their deep-rooted affinity for all things "white" and their possible aversion to all things nonwhite. While we live in a world which requires dicing the previous sentence into degrees of bigotry, the sentence nonetheless stands as an American reality.
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Trump gained international attention and deep favor from millions in the United States for his racist banter and politicking against Barack Obama based on the reality of his fathers African birth ad Kenyan citizenship. 

The Guardian UK

Politifact published a review of Trumps repeat lies and posted with reference "Pants On Fire."

Says his father, Fred Trump, was "born in a very wonderful place in Germany."

Donald Trump on Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019 in remarks to reporters

 Pants on Fire!

Despite what Donald Trump keeps saying, his father was born in New York, not Germany

In 1885, Friedrich Trump — the father of the late Fred Trump and the grandfather of President Donald Trump — immigrated from Germany to New York.
Then 16, Friedrich left before he could legally have been conscripted into the German military service, according to journalist Gwenda Blair, author of The Trumps: Three Generations of Builders and a President.
Some years later, Friedrich and his homesick wife, Elizabeth, tried to return to Germany, but their stay was short and they were eventually deported back to the United States. Not only had Friedrich, now too old to be drafted, not done his military service, but he had become a U.S. citizen, Blair explained to PolitiFact.
Why the history lesson?
Well, on April 2, 2019, (which happens to be International Fact-Checking Day), in making remarks to reporters about Germany, referred to his father, Fred, and said:
"My father is German, right? Was German, and born in a very wonderful place in Germany."
A flurry of news reports quickly declared that the president had uttered a falsehood about his father’s birthplace  — again. The stories pointed out that, as has been reported many times, Fred Trump was born in New York. Just as his New York Times obituary says he was.
(Interestingly, as the New York Times obit notes, Fred Trump at one stage of his life took to telling people he was of Swedish origin. Baird told us that was likely due to his business dealings with many Jewish people in New York and to anti-German sentiment in the United States during and after World War II.)
As for the president’s claim about his father, when PolitiFact inquired to the White House, a spokesman did not respond.
Blair, speaking to PolitiFact from New York’s Central Park, said there’s no doubt that Elizabeth Trump was pregnant with Fred while she and Friedrich were still in Germany.
But there is also no question, Blair attested, that the couple had returned to New York by the time Fred was born.
"As we know, that does not make him born in Germany," Blair said. "Conceived in Germany? OK. But, born in Germany, no."
Newsweek and The Independent reported that Trump has made the erroneous claim about his father at least four times since taking office.
Each time, according to Newsweek, he has been either criticizing Germany's contribution to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) or the European Union's trade relationship with the U.S.
Our ruling
Donald Trump said his father was born in Germany  — even though, as has been reported many times -- Fred Trump was born in New York.
It’s unclear why the president keeps repeating it, but it’s wrong.
Pants on Fire.


Wednesday, November 21, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: US Troops, Campaign Lies, And Your Tax Dollars

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MSNBC's Ali Velshi ad guest offers a fiscal look at the extent to which Trump and GOP campaign tactics impact the US Budget. Velshi introduces the segment as do most news producers via on-air personalities. "Trump's immigration policy..." I offer Trump doesn't actually have an immigration policy; a better way to view Trump's Neo-American xenophobia is to accept the GOP continues to use the issue of race, culture, and color as a campaign strategy.

Let's put Trump's Southern Border Strategy to an image which is as telling as Trump's comb-over.

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Imagine serving in the US Army and stationed at the US Southern border during the holiday season as a pawn for Trump "Immigration" policy.  We realize 5,000 pus US troops languishing on our Southern Border may not compare to the joy of your holiday season but think of the deployment in another perspective. Think in terms of fiscally conservative republicanism and the long gone past impetus (or supposed impetus) for your GOP vote.

And the money looks like this.


Move On dot org offers another perspective on the Trump campaign strategy.

If you need validation of the refugee migration (Vs the pejorative "caravan") as campaign fodder and a media cash cow, Quartz dot com published a detailed and revealing graphic.

Image result for media mentions of caravan
Another Quartz graphic.  October 2018 through the elections. 

As clear as the driven snow. 

While the New York Times and other press media have documented Trump as a serial liar (my words) at the level of over 6500 lies since taking office, a Politifact piece drives the point home. Politifact.

Trumps lying is apparently an accepted reality among his supporters and his lies are growing as a way of life for millions beyond his ravishing base. But should our troops and the US Deficit also suffer from the carnival-like manipulations of Trumpism?


Sunday, September 2, 2018

Florida's Rick Scott: Lie to Win

Says Sen. Bill Nelson "voted for higher taxes" 349 times.
— Rick Scott on Wednesday, June 13th, 2018 in an ad

Rick Scott, soon to be former governor of Florida and candidate for the US Senate, is little more than a state level Donald Trump.  Granted Scott may not have a cabal of apparent criminals and perpetrators of fraud at his side or on call, but his use of the lie for politicking tracks right along with Trump.

Scott published via Tweet a lie about Bill Nelson's voting record via the common use of taxes by the GOP to win elections. the tweet is an over-the-top lie according to Politifacts.

You may follow Scott's latest campaign lie via the Politifact link, here.


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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Obama Economy Churns On

We should expect better from the White House.

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Trump also has a tendency to brandish a false reality regarding the US economy on a comprehensive basis. He frequently speaks about and has his presstitutes speak out the "great economy". Well the "great US economy" did not commence on January 20, 2017.  Politifact, as well as most credible media, don't share Trump's I am the only one: communications regarding the US economy.  Politifact linked here.

As we frequently state:  Maybe Trump and company should celebrate not crashing the US date.

One last look.

No automatic alt text available.

Regarding black unemployment or "black jobs". The numbers will aswys correlate to unemployment as the neumebr are unseprable. Differentiating the numbers for politcal advantage is an exercise in the ridiculous.   It employment numbers go up black unemployment will go down just as white unemployment would go down.


Saturday, July 28, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: GDP?

Donald Trump exited the White House yesterday to tout 2nd Quarter GDP which has been at 4.1 percent. Quite an achievement for the saviors of the US economy back to 2009. The only celebration warranted by Trump is to-date no inevitable GOP collapse. 

While the following chart ends well prior to Trump taking office, we post it for the dramatic effect of failed GOP policy and the "white knight" (figurative non-racial metaphor) of Obama policy and practice.

Related image

During his second term tow realities exist. Trump's touting wouldn't e possible if we did not have the immediate economic turnaround via Obama and team it is impossible to celebrate Trump without an economic Obama.

Yet we have Trump touting for effect.  I don't recall Obama ever hosting a White House outdoor even to publicly tout the 2009/10 economic turnaround.  Ah yes, Maybe Obama should have as the Dems lost the US Congress in 2012.


Trump: These economic numbers are very, very sustainable from CNBC.

My preferred version: the short version as I practice Trump avoidance where possible. When I must expose myself I limit my exposure. If I know a person is going to lie to me, why listen?

I digress.

Trump's Politifact
The message is clear.

The short version.

Allow me to take away your need to scroll up to the top of this piece.

Credibility is everything!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

White House Putin Video Omits Facts

If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.

The truth is the greatest enemy of the State.

Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.
Joseph Goebbels

We recently published a piece regarding Trump's attacks and war against most US Media (Fox News, AM radio, Info Wars and the National Enquirer excluded). The backdrop of the piece was yesterday's Air Force One trek to Kansas City, Missouri for a Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) conference. The full video of yet another insane speech from Trump is embedded in the piece: As Trump's World Turns: “Lugenpresse” (Fake News, Lying Media).

The linked piece provides a viewing platform for what follows. During last nights Rachel Maddow Sow show viewers watched a revealing and tragic example of Trump's media manipulation and communications strategies. The segment includes a compelling case regarding the administration's efforts to minimize or hold as false Putin's clear indication he preferred Trump to win the 2016 election. The actual audio revealed Putin may have ordered his henchmen and cyber armies to assist with Trump's election. 
Rachel Maddow shows how the White House transcript and video of the Trump-Putin press conference in Helsinki has been edited to remove the question asking Putin if he wanted Trump to win the election.— MSNBC (@MSNBC) July 25, 2018
Here is the full TRMS "A" Block segment.  Yes, it is a long view, but as is generally the case with Maddow, worth the viewing time.

The White House issued a statement indicating the translator's notes and camera shots were not in sync. Basically, the word is, the camera started rolling at a point of missing part of Putin's answers to questions.

We should never forget Trump recently hired former Fox News executive Bill Shine for work in this Communications Department as well as a top aide behind John Kelly. Shine was eventually released from the Murdoch empire after the sexual harassment issues related to the firing of Bill O'Reilly.  As a top executive at Fox, it is impossible to overlook questions of veracity and media credibility.  In 2015, Politifact ran an analysis of cable news networks and the "Truth"  Of course, Shine's Fox News came in first in the delivery of "False" news. Another critical factor when considering the scope via the Maddow Show, Sean Hannity has often stated he is not a journalist he is a talk host. 

Talk host? A carefully crafted set of words to cover Hannity's frequent misstatements and his counsel of the nation's 45th President.  
Joseph Goebbels would love that! 

Thursday, May 31, 2018

As Trump World Turns: The Art Of The Rally

When a rally becomes nothing more than an hour-long carnival rant replete with lie after lie accompanied by applause from people who are the foundation of a dying nation.

If you prefer to read about Trump's latest lie laced carnival show, I have linked a Politifact piece, here

Speaking about rallies and seething crowds of deplorable (s); how about Trump commenting on John McCain and McCain being booed by Trump's audience.


Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Trumpism: Are You Living The Lie?

Politifact 29 page Trump File

If you visit the Trump File know that either of two dynamics will occur. You will either have your contempt for a lying president reinforced or you as a Trump supporter will suffer a tsunami butt-pucker (sphincter contraction if you prefer) will be consumed with anger at the Tampa Bay Times.  

If you are of the latter support group the data which follows will be of no surprise. Yes, of course, you might suffer tsunami butt pucker (sphincter contraction if you prefer) via personal anger at media for reporting accurately. Accuracy which butts-up against your personal paradigm of sycophancy common only to the fabled Pied Piper or the Judas Goat. But, Trump is your leader; he offers the social regression and bigotry you seek in the current US Presidency. He offers a state of mind nurtured and carefully and skillfully shaped from your childhood forward. 

You may recall over the past few elections you may have cloaked yourself in that time-worn yet effet charade of the GOP as the party of fiscal responsibility. 

The Economist recently published a piece which offers irrefutable evince of the GOP is not in anyway fiscally conservative. The Economist linked

The GOP is no such force and after many years of promulgating and shaping national bigotry (often in the form of religion), your ideology has been rewarded with an authoritarian admirer of international dictators. A president who is so imbued with narcissism I suspect Trump he actually lies to himself.  The lie is a contagious human trait. Are you suffering from the "lie syndrome"?   

You may have actually convinced yourself that Democrats are big spending liberals who reap "welfare" programs on minorities while failing to support the US military. You may have effectively duped yourself or was duped into a belief system which supports your trodding to voting places to cast that blanket GOP vote.  

There may have been a time in your life when you wouldn't have imagined GOP support above 75% for a president who lives as such.  The ever-present lie.

The New York Times has also published regarding Trump's lack of veracity.

The Washington Post has tracked and documented 3001 lies from Trump since he took office.

Factless is a contemptible state of life.


Sunday, May 13, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: Lying To Military Families? How About 3.9% Unemployment?

Check out this CNN Headline:

Trump misleads about military pay raises


When media reports on Trump's daily lies via headlines which fall well shy of the full scope of Trump's words, media enables Trumpism.  Trump doesn't mislead; Trump lies, and he does so as a matter of fact as he breathes. 

Over the course of the week leading up to Mother's Day, Trump offered a shameful lie to military mothers and military families.

We sought a shorter version of the Trump and wife charade which follows, but we are forced to post this 10-minute version. The version captures opening remarks from Trump's wife while setting the stage for the supreme carnival barker equipped to ready-to-roll lies about military pay increases.  

Utter over-the-top lies which could not have been offered with support from the Defense Department. 

As you would expect Trump's "Man in the House", Paul Ryan, joined in the charade. Well, actually Ryan attempted to fix the Trump lie with a quick tweet with fats regarding the Trump statement. 
Proud to watch as @POTUS signs this legislation into law, giving our men and women in uniform their largest pay raise in 8 years.
The facts are: the US military troops and families have received one percent increases every year for the past 30 years. The 2018 2.4 percent increase is the largest increase in the past eight years.

Let's spend a few minutes with Politifact vi Tulsa World dot com.


Says the 2018 defense authorization bill includes raises for the military "for the first time in 10 years."

— President Donald Trump.

Here is a link to the full Tulsa World dot com (Politifact) piece.

Will the nation ever grow tried of Trumps daily lies or we becoming desensitized and accommodating regarding the lies?

While on the topic of "misleading" we all witnessed the perfect example of Trump misleading the nation via comments following the April Jobs Report. Trump and his Chief of Staff along with every Trump talking head CNN has on contributor contract played fast and loose with the 3.9% unemployment rate. The lowest unemployment rate since prior to the Bush Administration noteworthy to put it mildly. The subterfuge comes forth when the April figures are tossed around like a badge of praise without acknowledgment of how the rate is now compared to the rate in early 2009. 

Take a quick look at how the post-Bush Sub Prime Bubble resulted in increased unemployment.

Image result

A glance at job losses after the Sub Prime Bubble burst.

Image result for us job losses  2008

From the two charts until Trump was inaugurated something about US History took place which led to an improved US economy and a cessation of Job losses at 450K to 750K per month. The Obama Economy ran for virtually eight years commencing with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (The Stimulus)

Before we move to dealing with Trump's rhetoric regarding the 3.9% unemployment rate, we should remind ourselves the GOP member of Congress almost tot he seat were against the Stimulus. The request for $1.2 trillion in Stimulus funding was cut to $800 million before passing into law mostly due to GOP resistance to the measure.

Since the day of the April Jobs Report release, Trump and his cadre of talking heads have bantered the 3.9% as if solely responsible for the improved numbers.

As the Obama Administration whittled away at the Bush economy and thousands of monthly job losses. Trump over the full course of the Obama Years peppered us with remarks meant to deflate the significance of an improving economy. Steve Benen recently published a piece regarding Trump and the April Jobs numbers, but first, let's remind ourselves of how Trump would comment when he heard or read good job numbers via Obama.
Time magazine this week:
“We have a real unemployment rate that’s probably 21%. It’s not 6. It’s not 5.2 and 5.5. Our real unemployment rate – in fact, I saw a chart the other day, our real unemployment – because you have ninety million people that aren’t working. Ninety-three million to be exact. If you start adding it up, our real unemployment rate is 42%.”
Benen's piece included the following chart.  We have also excerpted a few paragraphs from the piece. It wouldn't be possible for Trump to banter the unemployment rate during his 16 months in office without significant trending (often drastic trending) from Obama's policies and subsequent economic improvement.
MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Blog
WHY: President Donald J. Trump’s historic tax cuts, deregulation, and pro-growth policies are creating jobs and restoring confidence in America’s economy.
There are a few relevant angles to this. First, a 3.9% unemployment rate is great news for the country and American workers, though the metric does come with some caveats. For example, the rate’s most recent drop was the result of discouraging developments, not encouraging ones.
Second, and more important, is the fact that Trump claiming credit for the news is a stretch. This is a great example of someone being born on third base and thinking they hit a triple: the jobless rate has been steadily declining since President Obama ended the Great Recession in his first term. It’s great that the trend has continued over the year and a half Trump has been in office, but no one should try to make the case that the Republicans’ tax breaks and deregulation crusade are somehow responsible for creating the trend that began in 2010.
Or put another way, looking at the above chart, Trump would have Americans believe he deserves credit for the red line, but his predecessor deserves no credit for the blue line. It’s a tough sell.

As  Trump's World Turns: The lie as part of everyday life. StumbleUpon