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Monday, September 3, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: The Art of the Lie And Defense Of Two Allies

Is there any wonder Trump would draw four Pinocchios from the Washinton Post fact-finders?  If you are thinking, "yes" quite a surprise, take a few minutes to see how 45 manages his life as President of the United States.

The world awakened to the daily diarrhea of Trump Tweets.  From comment about Asad to an FBI Probe to an example of banana republic justice system tampering akin to that of Putin's Russia.  Take a read of pure and unadulterated defense of the indefensible.  In one case, a US congressman's charged with insider trading (of which there are audio tape and video documentation). Another case involces a California congressman who has practically pleaded guilty via shifting total blame for campaign funds abuse to his wife. 

Two long running, Obama era, investigations of two very popular Republican Congressmen were brought to a well publicized charge, just ahead of the Mid-Terms, by the Jeff Sessions Justice Department. Two easy wins now in doubt because there is not enough time. Good job Jeff......
Trump offers-up a defense which includes the reality the two potential felons were early su[p[prters, as well as bemoaning the potential loss of two safe Congressional seats. Actually, there is no way the New York state seat will be lost, and I personally doubt Duncan's seat, if left vacant, will be won by a Democrat. Nonetheless, the sleepless and frightened Trump places politics well beyond the law.  The nation's 45th President opts for attacking Jeff Sessions, via the use of two blatantly shameful Republicans for sake of tickling his base.
Aol via Reuters offers a quick read summary of the charges against the two members of Congress Trump has used as a tool against his Attorney General.

Trump accuses Sessions of hurting U.S. Republican congressional races


In Aug. 8, Congressman Christopher Collins, a Republican who was candidate Trump's first supporter in the House, was charged with participating in an insider trading scheme involving an Australian biotechnology company on whose board he served. Collins has denied wrongdoing but will not seek re-election. 
Despite Trump's claim that both investigations began under Democratic President Barack Obama, Collins was charged over trades in June 2017 - nearly six months after Trump took office. 
On Aug. 23, Republican Representative Duncan Hunter was indicted on charges that he and his wife used hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds to pay for vacations, video games and other personal expenses and filed false campaign finance reports, federal officials said.
End AOL excerpt

There once was a time in the US when actions such as the defense of potential felons from a sitting US President was unheard of.   

Oh, times they are a changing.


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Obama Should Have Said More? James Hall," Poppycock!"

A response from James Hall with regard to people who say President Obama did not "go far enough"  the Martin Luther King 50th Anniversary Event this past week.

I'm sick of people and the their so called expectations Of President Obama. Saying "he didn't go far enough"! Lets get something straight!! He is the President of the United States and his job is to look out for all people in this country, no matter what their skin color is without favoritism. This was a commemorative event to celebrate Dr. Marin Luther King Jr. and his legacy, not a political grand stand moment for the president to give his plan for the plight of black people. I believe his message was on point and fit the occasion. If the President wants to go further into black social issues, then it needs to be done in a forum where he is the focus. 

The President is not a civil rights leader or a so-called black leader. He is far from that, and people need to stop treating him as such! When are people going to realize the people perpetrating this the most are right wing propaganda artists trying to get you silly people to think otherwise, to feel he is failing the black community. He cannot fix the problems of the black and Latino communities from the Oval Office. 

The President does not write laws, nor has a vote to pass them. Some of you need to learn the political process. What he has done with the assistance of his fellow democrats is introduce legislation that has helped us immensely going into the future and working on legislation to stave off the GOP's attack on every social issue we have accomplished over the past 80 years. 

Fixing our problems is on us! We have to stand up and make change as a whole and collectively. We have to be involved and Vote! Every single one of us should be voting. If not, you are a failure and disgrace to those who fought and died to give you that right, because it's guaranteed. 

If you continue to stay on the side lines, voting may very well be taken away from you also. 

Let me close in saying this... 

If you were looking for fiery speeches and looking for people who are working on the solutions, you should have been in DC on the 24th for the March, not sitting in your armchair criticizing the President on the 28th. If your only solution is talking points behind a computer screen telling people what they should be doing, and you're not in the game with boots on the ground, then you are the problem, not the solution.

There are events going on all around this country to correct the horrible things affecting you in your communities where they are literally changing the landscape, because people aren't paying attention. Get up, get involved and be the change you want to see or you will be destined to live by the standards of those who seek to place you under their boot and have no problem doing so if you let them.

James Hall...Guest Writer