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Thursday, October 12, 2017

24 Hours Of Trumpism: The Incessant Lie

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We start with Ali Velshi and Stephanie rule responding to Trump's sycophant feed over the past two days. Trump's lies about the stock market under his leadership drew particular attention from the liberal MSNBC hosts.

Trump's lies also spill onto the CNN News set as host Chris Cuomo partook in a critical and necessary on-camera battle with yet another GOP  (Trump Administration) rationalizer. Pennsylvania Rep. Scott Perry towed the GOP post-Hurricane Maria party line with claims of "we are doing a great job in Puerto Rico and what could we do better...people would be dying.

What follows is an excerpt from the ShareBlue web page. The excerpt video and partial transcript offers all rational Americans they need not know about the GOP.

______________________END SHAREBLUE_______________

Trump also spent part of yesterday offering lies on an audience of "truckers.'

Philadelphia's ABC News 6 and two minutes of Trump hawking his tax plan in Michigan.

As is always the case Trump used standard Trump mantra (God, county et al) to hawk to an audience billed as "truckers." Trucker and rational Americans beware Politifact Trump File

Trump has also taken to spewing utter lies about how his tax plan will not offer a financial benefit to himself. 
Let's count the ways 

Says "No, I don't benefit, I don't benefit" from his tax proposal.
— PolitiFact National on Thursday, September
Before we leave the daily Trump lie machine, allow one more peep at a recent Politifact "Pant on Fire."
Share The Facts
Donald Trump

Ending the estate tax would "protect millions of small businesses and the American farmer."
That’s a ridiculously high estimate. Only 5,460 estates even pay the tax each year, according to a credible estimate, and of those, about 80 represented small businesses or farms. We rate the statement Pants on Fire.
Yes this is a huge tax cut. But it goes overwhelmingly to the top 1%. Hedge funds. Lobbyists. Lawyers. Real estate investors. 2/2
— Chye-Ching Huang (@dashching) October 11, 2017
From effectively ignoring the catastrophe and strife in Puerto Rico through outright lies regarding the GOP tax plan, never a day goes by without a copious dose of Trumpism.

On another note, another day has passed into US history without a word from Trump about the four Marines killed last week in Niger. He took a moment this morning to wave the "respect" Flag regarding Pakistan's military-style operation and release of a Western couple (An American woman, a Canadian man, and three kids)  from the Taliban, but no word about four dead servicemen.


Sunday, October 1, 2017

Trump's Irma Minimized Bush's Katrina

The Trump administration has been criticized for having a slow and tone-deaf response to the devastation in Puerto Rico from hurricane Maria
Acting Homeland Security secretary Elaine Duke said she is satisfied with Puerto Rico's Hurricane relief. As you watch the following video make special note her comments were delivered just outside the White House and probably after a lie fill strategy session with you know who. You will also notice duke seems to seek assurances from the man standing to her left.

For point of clarity Duke literally stated Hurricane relief on the devastated island is a "good news story."

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz responded to the White House "good story" lie.

Puerto Rico's recovery is "not a good news story."

"This is a 'people are dying' story," she said in disbelief.

From Trump's "good news story" to his personal dip into the "swamp."
The Mayor heads into her ravaged and flooded city to outreach to people who may need special assistance or need to evacuate their residence.

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Trump responded to the Mayor's plea ("begging") for help in classic Trump, via the insensitive and uncaring Twitter.

...Such poor leadership ability by the Mayor of San Juan, and others in Puerto Rico, who are not able to get their workers to help. They....

...want everything to be done for them when it should be a community effort. 10,000 Federal workers now on Island doing a fantastic job.

The military and first responders, despite no electric, roads, phones etc., have done an amazing job. Puerto Rico was totally destroyed.
Did you notice Trump's use of the common and ever-present conservative dog whistle: ...want everything to be done for them...

How are those words any different than conservatives, especially conservative politicians spewing: "They want us to give them stuff?"

If you have a few more minutes, consider watching a segment from Fox News and its resident Trump apologist and Neo-conservative, Geraldo Rivera, but heads with the San Juan Mayor over her outspoken comments regarding the Trump's lack of emergency attention and subsequent response.  What you about to see and hear has been edited and produced for an audience which predominately supports Trump? So, recognize the reporting slant despite the mayor's irrefutably effective retort to Rivera's efforts to fed Fox viewers malarkey regarding dying Americans.

Let's end with this...Notice the year of the Tweet.
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