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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Conservatives Acting Badly: The Daily Pool Cop, 92 Year Old Beaten, Harasser Guy

According to Ebony dot com, the latest example of guard the pool against anything black has been terminated.

I have posted a few Facebook posts and a couple of additional reminders of just how far we have come (as a nation) since Donald Trump announced his run for office. It is time to do it again.

After the pool guard racist piece, you will find an embed about a 92-year-old Mexican man bricked to within a nanosecond of his life. You will also find an embed about a high-end baby boomer who enacts policing against a woman wearing a Puerto Rico tee-shirt. Yes, he said, "go back to your country". What does that say about the obvious Trump supporter?

First. the pool cop.


The 92-year old beating victim.

The Park Cop who doesn't know Puerto Rico is part of the US.

Image may contain: 1 person, closeupTimothy Trybus

UPDATE: Since this man left his white hood and robe at home, he has been arrested and charged with a hate crime. 

When white people intervene, it makes a difference...albeit it temporary.