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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Fake News, RNC Leak, Donald Trump Talking Points

Fake News is at an all time high. Where is their apology to me for all of the incorrect stories???

Last night the Washington Post beat the New York Times and the lagging Wall Street Journal in reporting Robert Mueller's investigation into matters related to Russian hacking of the 2016 General Elections has moved to an investigation of Donald Trump possibly obstructing justice.

"Fake News?"
According to multiple reports during last night's MSNBC evening new shows we observed multiple accounts of the trump team taking a hands-off position with no denials of Mueller's expanding investigations. Here is a report from Brain Williams's 11th Hour.

How will Trump and company respond to the investigation? Philip Rucker followed his appearance on late night news TV with a tweet of photoed RNC talking points. As you read through the talking points, recognize the documents were not leaked from the FBI (a frequent target ofTrump'ss media operatives), the documents came straight from the RNC.

What follows is a leak!

Isn't it amazing how GOP operatives equip their talking heads with points which from the very top is utterly ridiculous; seemingly a lie. Read the first Top Takeaway. For point of clarification, there are certainly legal minds about who do not feel Trump attempt to obstruct the investigation into Mike Flynn.  One such mind is that of Allen Dershowitz.  Well, let's blow past that person and move on to more credible experts.

Ohio State University legal scholar, Joshua Dressler commented to Ezra Klein's VOX about the nature and interpretation of obstruction:   
“It requires proof that the person corruptly or by threat influences, impedes, or endeavors to influence or impede the due administration of justice,” Dressler says. “It doesn't require proof that justice was obstructed — only that the person endeavored to influence or impede justice.”
Yes, It seems the first Top Takeaway can't be written-off as a total lie, it certainly leads to questions of favorable comment maybe with a purpose.

Did you notice the overuse of the word "leaks." Trump's handlers should question the extent of leaks which do not seem to emanate from the FBI (a likely lie). We posted above-leaked documents from the RNC we suspect there are Republican in the White House who are also revealing/sharing/leaking and doing so based on love of country.   

No fake news is not at an all-time high. Presidential corruption and obstruction are surpassing Richard Nixon's years and within a span of fewer than 170 days in office.