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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Right Wing Propagandist Busted By The Washington Post (VIDEO)

  Never Attempt to Play A Player And Skill Always Trumps Buffoonery (No pun intended)

Image result for james O'Keefe admits fake attempt
Busted by the best.
If you haven't heard or read about an attempt by James OKeefe's Project Veritas to entrap and probably doctored tapes of a plant (woman) offering a false story to Washington Post reporters, you are an American who has learned to avoid news other than your local news. Maybe, you are even a person who has committed to avoiding all news on television, and you darn sure will not read a newspaper.  All is good actually as I also will not read a newspaper.

Of course, you recall O'Keefe from his now famous fake ACORN pimp video and his arrest and guilty plea for breaking an entering the office of a liberal Louisiana politician.

Here is your reminder: ACORN Pimp.

It took time for the real story to surface, and that story surfaced after the US Congress defunded support from the civil activist group ACORN.  O'Keefe's pimp video was highly edited and in reality O'Keefe and his paid video model did not actually dress as a pimp and hooker when speaking with the ACORN representative. Viewers bought the video hook-line-and sinker wile Fox News increased its ratings with each showing. ACORN effectively died off along with the underlying good of the organization: Voter enrollment; quite possibly the reason O'Keefe targeted ACORN. The GOP and conservative operatives are not focused on expanding the voting population. Quite the contrary.

Rachel Maddow, MSNBC-The Rachel Maddow Show, was instrumental I revealing O'Keefe's fake pimpery. As is often the case Maddow burned through the first three minutes of the 2010 segment before arriving at the heart of the nine minute segment. MSNBC linked here.

HuffPost (2010)
O’Keefe never posed as a pimp when he talked to ACORN staffers. He presented himself as a friend, or boyfriend, or a colleague of Giles, who was posing as the prostitute. O’Keefe wore a dress shirt and Khakis when he entered ACORN offices, and later spliced in shots of himself wearing the pimp outfit in the final videos to make it appear that he had worn them in the meetings with ACORN. To sensationalize the tape, O’Keefe dressed up in cartoonish pimp garb for the bumpers shown on television. The outlandish costume aimed to make ACORN’s African-American intake staff look like buffoons. Despite O’Keefe’s refusal to release the original, unedited footage, the media would be duped into erroneously reporting or suggesting that O’Keefe pretended to be her pimp.
Media Matters also  offered a piece regarding the conservative (for pay) Operative. Linked here.

Yes, the famous O'Keefe video was edited for effect. Of course, the ACORN representative wasn't stellar in his job performance, but he was not sitting in front of a person who appeared as a pimp, or in front of what O'Keefe depicted as a so-called pimp.

O'Keefe later moved to charges for inappropriate acts against a CNN reporter he attempted to prank via luring her to a "sex boat". He also pleaded guilty to charges of entering federal property under false pretense after illegally entering the office of then Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA).

In some ways, O'Keefe's subterfuge and tape editing surpasses the nefarious productions of Hitler's Joseph Goebbels. In other ways, he fails miserably and seems to be a stumbling conservative operative for hire.

His latest escapade is one such example. 

The Washington Post recently published the results of the work of a coupe of reporters who  investigated claims of sexual inappropriate behavior with or against young girls 40 years ago. Of course, the Post is now a target of right-wing operatives. O'Keefe was apparently summoned to offer his services.  The effort failed miserably.

The following video shows a setting in which the fake story teller was confronted for what seemed story inconsistencies.

The WAPO article is linked, here.

According the the conservative Washington Examiner and other media, O'Keefe has admitted the failed attempt to entrap the Washington Post.

Why do we not find operatives like O'Keefe on the Left?  The questions is rhetorical.
“That propaganda is good which leads to success, and that is bad which fails to achieve the desired result. It is not propaganda’s task to be intelligent, its task is to lead to success.”
Joseph Goebbels

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Quick HIt Sunday: What Did Obama Do for America? Maddow Says

Rachel Maddow recent devoted a segment to the achievements of Barack Obama in service to the nation.

What did Barack Obama do for America?


Thursday, July 13, 2017

"‘Watch Your Back , Bitch" ....Trump Lawyer

Trump Lawyer Marc Kasowitz Threatens Stranger in Emails: ‘Watch Your Back, Bitch’

After hearing Rachel Maddow discuss our recent story about Kasowitz, a man emailed the attorney urging him to resign. Kasowitz responded with threats and profanity.

Marc Kasowitz, President Trump’s personal attorney on the Russia case, threatened a stranger in a string of profanity-laden emails Wednesday night.
The man, a retired public relations professional in the western United States who asked not to be identified, read ProPublica’s story this week on Kasowitz and sent the lawyer an email with the subject line: “Resign Now.’’
Kasowitz replied with series of angry messages sent between 9:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. Eastern time. One read: “I’m on you now.  You are fucking with me now Let’s see who you are Watch your back, bitch.”
In another email, Kasowitz wrote: “Call me.  Don’t be afraid, you piece of shit.  Stand up.  If you don’t call, you’re just afraid.” And later: “I already know where you live, I’m on you.  You might as well call me. You will see me. I promise.  Bro.”
Kasowitz’s spokesman, Michael Sitrick, said Thursday he couldn’t immediately reach Kasowitz for comment.
ProPublica confirmed the man’s phone number matched his stated identity. Technical details in the emails, such as IP addresses and names of intermediate mail servers, also show the emails came from Kasowitz’s firm. In one email, Kasowitz gave the man a cell phone number that is not widely available. We confirmed Kasowitz uses that number.
The exchange began after the man saw our story featured last night on the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC. We reported that Kasowitz is not seeking a security clearance even though the Russia case involves a significant amount of classified material.
Experts said Kasowitz could have trouble getting a security clearance because of what multiple sources described as a recent history of alcohol abuse. Former employees also said Kasowitz had engaged in behavior that made them uncomfortable.
Since the story was published, his spokesman issued a statement disputing several parts of the story: “Marc Kasowitz has not struggled with alcoholism,” Sitrick wrote. “He has not come into the office intoxicated, attorneys have not had to go across the street to the restaurant during the workday to consult Kasowitz on work matters.”
The rigorous background investigation that goes into getting security clearance also considers “any information relevant to strength of character, honesty, discretion, sound judgment, [and] reliability.”

The exchange of emails Wednesday began at 9:28 p.m. Eastern when the man sent the following message to Kasowitz’s firm account.

Five minutes later, Kasowitz responded with two words:

Fifteen minutes after that, Kasowitz sent a second email:

The man responded politely:

But Kasowitz continued to harangue him:

And then, just 33 minutes after the man’s initial email, Kasowitz sent a fourth response, referring to his own Jewish heritage and the man’s name, which he presumed to be Jewish.

The man told us that the email exchange disturbed him so greatly he forwarded it to the FBI so there would be a written record in case Kasowitz followed through on the threat.
Experts in the laws on harassment and online threats differed on whether Kasowitz’s emails could put him in legal jeopardy.
When considering whether words constitute a true threat versus protected speech, “the threat has to be credible and the person has to intend to make the victim fear imminent physical harm,’’ said Danielle Citron, a University of Maryland law professor and author of a book on online harassment.
Citron pointed in particular to Kasowitz’s statements: “I already know where you live” and “you will see me. I promise.” She said: “That’s incredibly troubling language. If I’m a prosecutor I’m going to think hard about that.”
Ron Kuby, a New York lawyer who argued a case that overturned a portion of the state’s harassment law on free speech grounds, said he believed Kasowitz had not violated the law with his missives.
“When Kasowitz says things like ‘I already know where you live’ he is inching closer to the line. But in my view — as someone who despises the Trump administration, but who has litigated these issues — he is well on the legal side of the line.”
For over 15 years, Trump has periodically retained Kasowitz, who has cultivated a tough-guy image.
The New York Times reported this week that the relationship between Kasowitz and the Trump White House had soured and that Kasowitz could resign. Kasowitz’s spokesman told ProPublica Wednesday: “The NYT story is not accurate.” Kasowitz’s firm was also sued for malpractice this week by a former client in a billing dispute.
Jeremy Merrill and Jesse Eisinger contributed reporting.


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

TrumpIsm: When Warned And You Fail To Respond

Trump is the Rattlesnake you failed to respect and avoid.

Do you remember the following appearance on Air Force One with his "arm candy" prominently displayed? It is all about the show.
Of course, rational viewers knew Trump was flying when he brandishing his wife for the public while hiding as if in a closet offering up a lie. Let's move on since we know Trump lies well over 80% of the time regarding his body of statements and communication. 

There are times when we learn lessons as a child, have the lessons reinforced as we grow older and experience ensues, and when we are fully developed those early lessons of adherence to those lessons pays off.

What did we learn for loving parents, siblings friends, and school about potential interaction with this animal?

Related image If we heeded the lessons we could possibly go through life and never have a bad experience with one of nature'ss more beautiful creatures.  We didn't have to learn the hard way to give this animal more than enough space for safe passage (your safe passage).  You listened and you absorbed and incorporated the lesson.
Yesterday afternoon Sally Yates appeared before a Senate Committee with "face-on" while delivering eloquent and sophisticated testimony of her warning to the Trump cabal.

WAPO piece with full transcript: Link.

You may want another look at the level of competency and professionalism as Yates dealt with the entrapping Ted Cruz. Do you really believe for on second Yates didn't know the details of the statute quoted by Cruz. She had to know he would go there and immediately consulting her notes clearly indicated she would throw Cruz's metaphorical IED (Improvised Explosive Device) back into his smug face. Cruz was ensnared by a deep constitutional law mind; he and his staff must have suffered a tsunami butt-pucker.

Watch again as the IED heads back to Cruz: link (30 seconds).

If you need to see the two minute interaction again, here you go.

What we have is a Trump problem.

Trump's party leadership is spreading the Trump (metastasizing) cancer throughout the ranks of the GOP.  If Trump had heeded the warnings, via Yates, from the INTEL community, yesterday would not have led to public statements which shed additional light on Trump's mindset, possible coziness with Putin and it would not have shown Ted Cruz as a Rattlesnake who cannot effectively set a witness back on their heels. 

If you didn't watch the hearing of yesterday, know that another noted GOP regressive blew himself up via his own IED questioning. The last 60 seconds of the video is most relevantSince real life doesn't have a dream sequence/flashback feature, I made this. #SallyYates

Herewith is the bottomline, on Trump's damage to his party, his administration and the now wounded Ted Cruz.

Why do Republicans so love public committee hearing when they challenged obvious more intellectually gifted and learn ed professionals and experts?

Image result for hari kari


Friday, May 5, 2017

Cable News On Trumpcare And The US House of OZ

On a day when, Trumpcare moved through your House of Representatives and Trump invited GOP House members to the White House for a reality TV appearance, cable media trodded through Trumpcare in a divers manner.

CNN gushed over the optics of a Trump staged reality show. You may notice (in the Rachel Maddow segment below) the reality show is absent any diversity. Most GOP elected officials who wished the Trump reality show visual were baby boomer and older white men stand to sound their celebrity party leader. You will also notice certain key members of the GOP House elected Trumpites strategically avoided the visual.

First, watch CNN entertain its viewer.  Alas, the timing was perfect for CNN. Brooke (Obama didn't have the "guts" to bomb Syria) Baldwin lead the discussion.

Jake Tapper sitting with (Mr. Excitement) Wolf Blitzer also aired their House vote town crier, Jeff Zellney.

Yes CNN relished int he reality show ratings. How crass?

Each the person who spoke about Trump's staged show knows the House bill is a Draconian version of the bill which never received a vote. They also know, if passed through the Congress as Ryan promulgated today's version it will lead to catastrophic financial and health ramifications from millions. 

Now, for another perspective from MSNBC's Rachel Maddow. 

Maddow offer points of consideration totally important to CNN's rating quests and Trump admiration segments. 

Over on Fox News (the crumbling Fox News), things got a bit out of control. Yet, I am certain Fox News viewers loved every second of it all.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Trump, British INTEL, Russia, Approval Ratings

While the world boils into a cauldron of international conflict (post Trump's inauguration), we must not take our eyes off the reality of growing evidence Trump and his associates may have snuggled with Russian operatives to facilitate wing an election.

Image may contain: 1 person, text

Consider contrasting the following segment of Trump speaking with a well known conservative alleged "money talker", about his visit with the President of China. How seriously callous is the reference to the cake of choice while showing a great deal of machismo?

Now for much more serious updates and commentary on a matter which is headed straight towards probable impeachment of the nation's 45th President. There is simply no way to avoid the reality of the fire under maelstrom of the Trump/Russia smoke.

Rachel Maddow, The Rachel Maddow Show. (long segment but information doesn't come quick nor cheap) Moreover, think of the millions who watch Fox News on a nightly basis with bombardments of unreported facts, misinformation and does of social deprivation (racism, sexism, Homophobia al)

While that major story broke across certain broadcast media, MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell also broadcast a segment with reference to the British reports of Trup cohorts cohorting with Russian operatives.The O;Donnell take is intriguing and cannot be overlooked as to its possibility.

Another long commentary segment, but the segment includes two subject experts worthy of the viewing time.

If you don't care for MSNBC, here is a segment from CNN.

Yes, Trump is saber-rattling while doing what the carnival barker does best. The barker presents false reality to secure a path for his mission. In Trump's case the mission is multifaceted. He also must cover the developing Russian stories with "wag-the-dog" false reality, and he facilitates opportunity to raise his approval ratings.


Thursday, March 9, 2017

Growing Evidence Of Trump Putin Collusion (Rachel Maddow)

Watching liberal media segments of Trump possible collusion with Russian officials during his campaign is nothing shy of unthinkable. Trump's behavior as a person of international substance is also coming into question via a document, hereafter referred to as "the dossier.

We offer two segments broadcast on last night's The Rachel Maddow Show.

The full segment: here.

Maddow also ran another segment on last nights TRMS with breath-taking information about Trump's possible collusion with representatives of Russia. The segment related to what has become known as "the dossier" and it is reported to include cover-to-cover information detrimental to Trump. A centerpiece of the segment was California Representative Swalwell. In addition to a willingness to proactively pursue an investigation of the dossier, Representative Swalwell posted information on his state website regarding the 'dossier' of a former British INTEL officer.  TRMS segment linked, here.

The following re-post from Swalwell's website includes links (red boxes) with must view information about developing evidence of Trump as a danger to the United States of America. 

Image may contain: 11 people
Congressman Eric Swalwell

Protect Our Democracy

Like you, I love this great country of ours. When I was elected as a Member of Congress, I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. And more importantly, millions who volunteer for our Armed Services have sacrificed, and serve today, in defense of our democracy.

In our 2016 elections, Russia attacked our democracy. It was silent and nearly invisible, but nevertheless, it struck the core of our democracy – our free and fair elections.

Our intelligence agencies have concluded with high confidence that Russian President Vladimir Putin orchestrated these cyberattacks in order to influence the 2016 election to favor then-candidate Donald Trump.

This unprecedented attack on the foundation of our republic, this deliberate effort to undermine faith in our democratic process, must not go unanswered. To ignore this evidence is to throw in the towel on one of our most treasured freedoms.

That’s why I introduced the Protecting Our Democracy Act with Rep. Elijah Cummings to set up an independent, bipartisan commission tasked with investigating Russian interference in the 2016 elections. We have no responsibility more important that protecting and defending our democracy.

I’m here to help put this into context. Examining Russia as a country that has committed serious war crimes and human rights violations across the globe, the Trump Administration’s continued and close ties to Russia, and what Russia did to interfere in the 2016 U.S. elections is essential to understand the significance of its attack and what we need to do to ensure this never happens again.

More on Protect Our Democracy

The Atlantic also recently published a timeline of Russian interaction with the Trump cabal.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Russian Hacking? CIA Assessment And Trump's Response

Do you recall the following from the Democratic Party Convention this past summer? Former CIA Director and former Secretary of Defense spoke about Donald Trump's lack of sanity in encouraging Russia's Putin to locate and report on Hillary Clinton's email debacle.

Image result for russian hacking dncLast night I joined my pillows and bed covers with thoughts of social media railing about Rachel Maddow's segment regarding Russia's intervention in the November General elections. As I have, for the time being, sworn off of "newsertainment" and its millionaire celebrity "newsertainer" hosts, the Maddow segment wasn't part of my viewing  last night. In fact, I have not watched a segment of my former most popular news, related show since election night: November 8, 2016. And that is a major paradigm shift from one who considers himself a full-blown news and current events geek.

The CIA and Russian interference in the US election; an intriguing and totally unfathomable prospect. 

As I awakened this morning and checked my Twitter feed, I ran across this tweet. 

Russia influencing US election to put Trump in power is bigger than Watergate.8:25 PM - 9 Dec 2016 

As I opened My old AoL account, this popped across the monitor:

If you did not read the linked AoL (Business Insider) piece, at least click the link and view the one minute video.

So, the Trump camp wants the nation to move-on without any regard to an historic election. Historic in many ways, the least of which is Russia's apparent work on behalf of Donald Trump.  Let's compare "historic" for a moment:
  •  Historic regarding the first woman candidate heading a major party ticket.  Historic regarding the first reality TV and New York City real estate Mogul heading a political ticket.  
  • Historic regarding a popular vote that has the losing candidate up by three million or more votes 
  • Historic regarding the proximity of Trump's cabinet and closest advisers with documented anti-Semites and racists  within ear shot of Trumps future Oval Office.
  • Historic regarding the white vote going predominantly for Trump and historic regarding the number of potential voters who did not vote. 
Historic? Yes, and Russia's involvement in the election is by far to most dangerous to national well-being. Yet, Trump and company wants the nation to move on without any regarding for the nation's international INTEL agency's assessment of a clear and present danger.

Let's visit  the issue.

Washing Post video and article (must read):

  • The matter is as serious as Russian ICBM's and Kim Jong Un's occasional firing-off of ballistic missiles. Yesterday, President Obama ordered a full CIA review of the Russian hacking, but the matter won't be full assessed util after the current leaves office.  The newly elected president will surely work behind the scenes to squelch any reports which accurate depict Russia as the ultimate source of hacked information to Wiki Leaks. 
Have I digressed (for sake of clarity)?

Lets now visit with the Rachel Maddow segment of yesterday:

Lawrence 'Donnell also ran a segment on the CIA assessment.

A clear and present danger perpetrated by international cooperation among a veritable Russian dictator (subservient only to Russian oligarchs) on behalf of an American flim-flam man who's major issue in life is self-aggrandizement and money-grabbing.

Trumps response as of this morning?  You must visit this link.   
For those who really will nto visit the link:
.....In it, Trump attacked the CIA with a scary half-truth suggesting that he won’t accept facts from the CIA and ended the statement with an outright lie meant to distract the media. 
When Trump’s transition team said, “These are the same people that said Sadaam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction,” it’s also a half-truth at best, since Bush Administration’s White House Iraq Group led by political advisor Karl Rove and the involvement of Vice President Cheney drove the choice and dissemination of fake intelligence data to push America into the Iraq War.
As the hacking reports transpired, did you think for one second Russia hackers focused solely on the DNC and Clinton? If you couldn't see the prospect of comprehensive Russian hacking with selective use of the stolen information, you might be dangerously naive. The Hill is reporting Russian hackers also absconded from the RNC and the GOP, but held their anti-GOP hacks to facialtgiate a Trump win.