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Friday, September 5, 2014

Right-wing Demagogues Laura Ingraham and Rafael Cruz And The Horrors They Speak:

Laura Ingraham


The ‘average black’ doesn’t understand why the minimum wage is bad

So, the people who elected Ted Cruz to the US Senate in 2010 paved the golden path for Cruz's racist father and his opportunity to scoop-up speaking fees. We have anxiously awaited document-able and video validation of the elder Cruz as a racist. His penchant for speaking on the far-right fringe is well documented and should serve as an indicator of what was to come. As is always the case, eventually all old dogs yield their inner core; they cannot change their bark.   

Cruz's inner core includes unadulterated racism to the level of blanket diminution of a people: African Americans.  Of course, Cruz uses the more common vernacular among Americans white elite and their reference to African-Americans as "the black." 

Of course, I have also heard Chris Matthews , MSNBC Hardball host, callously use a derivative of the vernacular: "The blacks."  I will readily admit use of the vernacular in some forms works very well and reciprocal use of "whites" can be found in certain TPI articles. Close scrutiny will find major differences in my use of "whites" and Cruz's "the black" and Matthews " the blacks."

I digress for sake of openness and fairness.

The last stop on the Rafeal Cruz racist roadshow was at a $25.00 per seat monthly meeting: Western Williamson Republican Club’s August meeting flyer.

While quoting language from a noted African-American conservative and Fox News stapled color commentator, Jason Riley, Cruz must have felt as comfortable as any member of the Ku Klux Klan while addressing the conservative meeting audience.

According to The Raw Story's Arturo Garcia, Cruz quoted as in this manner
Conservative activist Rafael Cruz argued that African-Americans need to be “educated” to oppose minimum wage laws, citing the work of a Black conservative member of the Wall Street Journal editorial board, Buzzfeed reported. 
“Jason Riley said in an interview, Did you know before we had minimum wage laws, Black unemployment and white unemployment were the same? If we increase the minimum wage, Black unemployment will skyrocket,” Cruz said during a speech to the Western Williamson County Republican Club in Texas last month. “See, he understands it, but the average Black does not.”
BuzzFeed this past on Tuesday of this week provided five minutes of the Cruz demagoguery. 

"....the black must be educated."



Monday, May 19, 2014

Rafael Cruz: The Tree That Gave The Nation Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)

"The Bible tells you exactly who to vote for."

Here is the problem we place upon ourselves when we fail to vote in mid-term elections.


Far too few progressives and independents stay away from the voting places in 2010 and we left that November night with the likes of:

Allen West (FL)
Rand Paul (KY)
Joe Walsh (IL)
Marco Rubio (FL)
Michael Grimm (NY) 
And, of course the $24 Billion US government shutdown artist: Ted Cruz (TX).

While we are living with or lived with that representative group, the problem is much more dire.  And the problem far exceeds elected officials sitting in House  or Senate seats. When we fail to take-care of business in elections, we get the backwash that flows along like a riptide.

Ted Cruz's father Rafael Cruz, is the epitome of the horrors associated with our lack of attention to mid-term politics. The senior Cruz is an opportunist demagogue who spends the majority of his day seething about Barack Obama in the Oval Office and when not on Obama, he seethes about all things progressive.

The Raw Story

Ted Cruz continues to be outcrazied by his dad: ‘The Bible tells you exactly who to vote for’ (via Raw Story )
The father of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) told a crowd in Massachusetts last Friday that the Bible outlined which candidates they should vote for. “And let me tell you, the Bible talks a lot about politics,” Rafael Cruz said at an event in Foxborough. “…

"The Bible tells you exactly who to vote for."
You may want to ask yourself. Can you imagine the Bible "telling" you to vote for McCain/Palin, Romney/Ryan, or on lesser scale people like Joe Walsh, Herman Cain, Allen West?

The ultimate question.  Did the Bible tell you to vote for George W. Bush and Dick Cheney twice?

Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS) And False Prophecy!

As an object of Hatred and political expedience!
Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS) and the hated holiday menu!

It must be truly horrid yet lucrative to wake-up each day with the very first thought, "How can we attack Obama today." Horrid for those who are so obsessed with the nation's 44th President they literally hate (while sleeping, awake and even while eating).  Lucrative for people who earn copious amounts reporting on any piece of Obama news they can convert to ODS feed.

Multiple media apparently grabbed the White House "open report" feed and found enough ODS feed to publish tweets, articles and other forms of Derangement. We find it surprising The Hill also took part in the ODS frenzy.

FreakOut Nation
The Wonkette reports, “Or as the Daily Mail headline put it, “NINE different types of pie.” This is of course the worst sort of hypocrisy, since 1) No other president has eaten well while some Americans were unemployed and 2) Michelle promotes healthy eating, but for a holiday dinner they didn’t eat only kale and rice cakes.” 
It’s all true. The White House had the audacity to serve pie. 
The Hill reports, “The selection offers three more pies than last year.” 
A comment on Twitchy reads, “Has the Obama family ever had a meal that WASN’T paid for by somebody else?” (his emphasis & SIC) 
Mental Floss reports, “President Obama may have his own executive chef now, but when his family and personal guests eat what’s coming out of the kitchen, he’ll have to foot the bill himself.”

Mental Floss reports, “President Obama may have his own executive chef now, but when his family and personal guests eat what’s coming out of the kitchen, he’ll have to foot the bill himself.”

Jimmie Musu Garcia @AgnesphAgnes@stevenportnoy Let them eat crow!What a couple of Radicals.Screwing Americans w Fraud & Corruption about "O"Care & Robbing Private Ins plans
@stevenportnoy With Michelle chomping on the giblets & Barrack munching on the parsons nose!It must sound like a lip smacking,sucking orgy
Nine Pies!  Wow!  Nine Pies! "Lip Smacking & Sucking orgy!"


The False Prophet claims to have heard from God!
There is no greater danger than people who claim to have heard directly from God. First, the speaker, or should I say charlatan, plows a mendacious path based in beliefs systems not shared by all. The charlatan plays to the deep beliefs of his or her audience and they know they are lying as surely as any lie alleged to have been spoken by a Disciples of Jesus (for those who believe). 

In the following story (including video) firebrand Rafael Cruz (Ted Cruz's Father) spews the latest in the unending demagoguery and rhetoric. Cruz's rhetoric reminds of typical mega ministers, he also reminds us he has never found a microphone he would not cover with saliva from his hyperbolic oratory.

Be aware of the false prophet!

How many of you bought into this guys bull? Or, how many of you are being into his reinvigorated bull? Note audience reaction at the 3:45 minutes mark.

Rafael Cruz: God told me to wake up the pastors so they will warn the people (via Raw Story )
The father of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) says that pastors in the United States who refuse to stand up for Christian values are to blame for the country’s misfortunes. “Political correctness is killing us,” Rafael Cruz said at an event in Texas hosted…


Friday, November 1, 2013

The Reverend Cruz Goes Birther With A Touch of Racism

Small image of the day: Rafael Cruz
For readers who may feel we comment on racism a bit more than is necessary, maybe you should open your mind a bit more and recognize a few things.

First, people who live and practice "isms" do not suffer from singular "isms." I doubt there is a racist in America who is also not suffering from some stage of sexism or homophobia. 

Second, we hope you are not naive enough to fail to realize racism works many ways. Yes, there are white racist, black racist, there are Asian racist, Latino racists and on and on. Among the identified groups there is only one opportunity to exercise one's racism against those of another race. The TPI ultimate and extended definition of racism includes the prospect of a person or a group's ability to practice actionable oppression against other racial or ethnic groups. Only whites have what we call "conferred privilege" and more aptly translated for those who leverage conferred privilege:  "White Privilege." 

On a tertiary basis, the prospect some of you may not realize that racism exists among minority groups. The perfect example has been revealed via Mother Jones's David Korn, the very David Korn who released the now famous (election killing) Mitt Romney 47% Boca Raton video.

Watch the video of Rafael Cruz greasing the skids of bigotry and racism for sake of campaigning on behalf of his son's Senatorial candidacy.
[h/t MoJo]

Did you notice the Rev. (elder) Cruz's heavy Cuban accent? Wonder if the tea party audience found cause to think in terms of racism and bigotry towards the obviously naturalized Cuban.  We do not believe so, as Cruz has folded into a mold of differentiating himself, and his son, from the people who occupy personally perceived lower tiers of America's social strata.

While I have not studied his genealogy, the elder Rev. Cruz. is a native of Cuba. He fathered a son with a Canadian woman, thus laying (excuse the pun) Cruz the younger to the same numerical racial mix as President Barack Obama: half white; half non-white. Unless, the elder Rev. Cruz considers himself one of the newly coined "White Hispanics." We very much suspect the Cruz clan represents one of the racial and ethnic groupings the IRS and other government agencies now offer when completing government documents. The Cruz's would probably reach to check: "two or more races."  I have read reports Barack Obama continues to check "Black /African-American."

How do you avoid Rev. Cruz's play on race via reference to Obama's Kenyan father?  You might feel that Cruz was simply feeding the ravishing tea party crowd a bit of birtherism. It is important to remember, Rev. (elder) Cruz's son recently extolled the virtues of the nation's most noted senatorial racist: Jesse Helms. It is obvious the Rev. (elder) Cruz, chooses not to accept his ethnicity (and his accent) places him in a social strata many in his audience would find under different circumstances intolerable along with President Obama.

Actually, as time passes the GOP might collect funding to move the Cruz family to ex-patriot statues with residence in Havana.