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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Missouri University's Racially Soiled Past Engulf's Its Presidient and Chancellor

Photo of Wolfe speaks out against House Bill 253 at the University of Missouri in September 2013
WIKI Image

Leon Wolf, a contributor to Erick Erickson's RedState blog, commented on student and football team player protests at the University of Missouri (MIZZOU): "cowardly liberal lazy douchebags." He apparently went farther with exhibits of the conservative mind and inner core as he commented about his twisted thoughts on the campus protests: "completely unrelated to racism," and his mind more related to a lack of desire for "practicing for a bad football team." 

Mizzou's football team is most assuredly suffering a down performance year after two straight years of winning the South East Conference (SEC) Eastern Division championship.

According to MediaMatters Wolf's November, 9th commentary including the following:
“Wolf dismissed the protesters’ claims of racist incidents on campus, alleging that the players ‘invented facially unbelievable accusations of widespread racism on campus’ to ‘skip the last three weeks of pointless practices’ for ‘a bad football team.’ He derided the students’ demands as ‘laughably absurd,’ and called the protesting students ‘cowardly liberal lazy douchebags’ and “willing suckers” engaging in a ‘lazy strike.”
It is interesting the conservative mind, filled with vile anger, can find the two-year consecutive SEC Eastern Division champions, suddenly averse to practice. The conservative mind and associated oratory from the mouths of its demagogues is proof-positive of extreme short-sightedness coupled with blind devotion to regressive ideology. Moreover, and much more relevant is the extent to which conservative demagogues satisfy a need among their sycophant followers. If there wasn't a major audience for such trash as Wolf's vulgar comments, such communication would not ensue.

The following image best fits my point:

Of course, Wolf doesn't work for Fox News. However, a better example of media feeding conservative regressivism isn't available if we move past Rush Limbaugh.  Speaking of Limbaugh.

The AM conservative talk radio ranted with a familiar conservative refrain: "the end of college football as we know it."  

I personally know at least four white associates, estranged friends separated via social ideology, who succumbed the following Twitter expression of white nationalism. 

The Raw Story’s Ben Shapiro said:

Ben Shapiro 
The left just declared at University of Missouri that white people must be fired for being white. 
1:08 PM - 9 Nov 2015
The veritable "fruitcake" of white nationalism inherent in the delineated remarks isn't surprising. It is, in fact, anticipated and necessary for feeding the psyches of those who soak up such garbage like a sponge thrown upon a pond.

Carol Anderson, teacher at the university, recently published a piece in The Conversation, regarding specific experiences while she worked at Mizzou. She also provide a great and professorial review of the school's racial history.

It appears decision-makers at Mizzou may have contributed much to the demise of Wolfe and the school's chancellor. We find money decisions again failed an organization, while many on the right lay blame to students and "lazy' football players. 

Maybe we have reached a point in US History where dissent is treated as scornfully as it was received by well known dictatorial and authoritarian societies. Or, have we simply moved to resent from certain segments of the population is frowned-upon.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Dr. Rand Paul Gets A Diagnosis Of Re-ocurring Veracity Deficiency

Rand Paul and Chris Christie practiced a bit of GOP politics this week, and stepped into buckets of poop comparable to the last years of the Bush Administration. Both candidates could do nothing right (excuse the pun). You would not expect an outbreak of a disease previous considered eradicated would snare the mouthy Republicans.

It is amazing the recent outbreak of measles from Disneyland in Southern California could ensnare two of the more zany GOP 2016 hopeful. As I declare Christie and Paul "more zany," I am assume Sarah Palin is simply polishing off her brand with comment about a potential run. If Palin is seriously considering a run, I would drop Christie from the "zany list" to the ridiculous list. Paul and Palin would occupy the top spot on the list without question nor competition.

As to the matter of measles, Paul is particularly phony in his posit as he is a questionable certified Ophthalmologist. Measles carry potential for blindness in children! The Chameleon Paul exceeded all perceptions of issues with veracity with his Libertarian proclamation of parents "Freedoms" regarding vaccinations. Thus, placing himself as the leading anti-Vaxxer among GOP presidential hopefuls. An enviable position, if Paul had actually gone Chameleon with prescription that held any degree of veracity.

Rachel Maddow's February 4th, 2015 show included two segments that laid the inimitable doctor to bare as if with scalpel and skin flesh clamps.

Segment One: Alex Jones and Rand Paul (Bad company for a presidential prospect). Watch Paul in 2009 clear state his position on vaccination.

Segment Two: The "Moon Walking" or "Back Peddling" Paul. 

If you follow he meandering escapades of the Chameleon Senator from Kentucky, you knew Paul would do two things. He would lash-out Palin-like at the "Liberal Media" and he would seek validation via flashy associating with a person who has much more credibility. In previous posts (A,B,C), we have covered his efforts to paint the media the bad guy regarding his remarks. You know what comes next. He claims to hold the same position as President Obama!

Who better to report on Paul?

 Crooks &  Liars

Rand Paul Falsely Claims His Vaccine Position Is 'Just Like Obama's'

Click here to watch this video Well, isn't Rand Paul the slippery one? After showing his true anti-vax colors, he's now walking backwards furiously, hoping he can turn back time and pretend he never said those things. Appearing on Greta Van Susteren's show, Paul had the utter nerve to pretend his views on vaccination are just…