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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Trump's Tax Plan (Trickle-down Trump)

If you are old enough to recall Ronald Reagan's insemination of Supply Side economics (trickle down) into the heart of GOP ideology, you shouldn't be at all surprised about what Trump is promulgating as his "tax plan." The tax plan is a mere rehash of past GOP economic policy which almost leads to a total economic collapse.

Two MSNBC news segments best state a case against a return to Trickle-down economics. 

I offered two segments, but there is more. If you are an informant geek or a High Information Voter (HIV) MSNBCs Morning Joe Show included an extensive segment with great detail and relevant comment about Trump's "sly of hand" tax cuts.

Trump's tax cut will not only offer a significant tax benefit to the uber-wealthy it could launch the nation on another path to economic oblivion. Especially if we consider other GOP policy regarding "regulation."

Related image

Now, take a look at the same chart with specific direction to compare two out data points.

Compare these two figures<br />
If you review a comparison chat of income growth from 1980 through the subprime Bubble burst of the Bush Era, the effects of trickle-down are stark and frankly, "in your face."
The superrich have grabbed the bulk of the past three decades' gains.<br />

If the chart about isn't descriptive enough, check out the is graphic.

Image result for trickle down economics myth
Trickle-down (supply side) economics is the most stifling economic measure Republicans had ever administered against the US middle class and lower-income citizens.

Image result for owsley county white GOP voters

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Indiana Governor Turns Far Right, And Works To Explain "States Rights" Discrimination

Image via Newscom
Do you recall the following video piece of GOP bravado as the party (elected officials and anointed operatives) worked to placate their "dark money" oligarchs? Mike Pence (R) Ind. in 2011 was all about "Shut it down."  While the shutdown did not take place over issues promulgated by Pence in 2011, the GOP handed their key constituents (uber wealthy backers) a shutdown in 2013. The final $24 billion hit to the nation's GDP, during periods of focused efforts at improving the US economy, was not only irrational and politically obscene, it yielded not one iota of ransom to the GOP.

He, as Governor of Indiana, now faces businesses, previous lucrative business deals and investment opportunities leaning away from the state based on his signature on the Religious Freedom Law. The latest of 20 states with majority Republican political leadership leading in state sanctioned discrimination on the basis of religion.  Now Pence's 2011 stewardship in "Shut It Down," seems to have boomeranged from Indiana's step into GOP regression.

Yes, Pence was most vocal in "Shut it down." Aren't the nook and crannies of life amazing. Wonder if Pence knew his path to the White House would entail governorship of his southern state (Indiana) and an eventually blunder comparable to any from today's GOP? Last week, I awarded the Keystone Cop distinction to Washington States McMorris Rodgers and her ill-fated attempt to secure ObamaCare horror stories. Her Facebook requests resulted in comment after comment of support for the ACA and good American stories.

Happy Birthday ObamaCare via Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers!

Pence's social and political mis-step seems right out of the hyper Christian/homophobic paradigm of people who somehow continue to connect to the Religious Freedom Law. Pence leadership in the Religious Freedom Law, is no surprise base don his extremely tea party aura and obvious repressive core values. What does surprise is his eagerness to join solid Red States in passing such legislation knowing full well it will lead to various forms of discrimination. He followed the GOP script like a good soldier. Now think for a moment about Pence following a script that as Us President ordered via oligarch money brokers to drop bombs on a foreign land? A drastic example, yet nonetheless a real prospect with today's GOP and its deep pockets money-brokers.

Pence, is now working to "Clarify" the regressive law. CLARIFY? The "explaining" governor appeared on just about all Sunday Morning news show networks (except MSNBC, of course,) with far more than "Clarifying" remarks. I believe the ABC News segment best illustrates the ridiculousness of Pence and the ludicrous nature of his party ideology.

Anybody out there for some GOP "States Rights?"

(Note: three states with Religious Freedom Laws are not historic GOP states: Pennsylvania, Connecticut and rhode Island.)


Friday, March 20, 2015

Red States: Constituents Who Know Not Representation

Let's take a quick information journey through GOP constituent states (AKA Red States). Our traipse will include quick look graphs that should induce questions of why so many across the nation consistently vote GOP. 

I once heard a learned major city PhD (chemistry), noted symphony violinist say that he waits to see how minorities are voting for his personal voting choices. Needless to say, his point was he votes opposite minority voters.

Teen Birthrates (2008)...... Looks awful Red State, and take a close look at the US Bible Belt.

It appears the woman who ranted about "communism" (a clear metaphor for, socialism), lives in a state that is within the top 20 recipients of funding from the federal government.

During the run up to the Affordable Care Act the common refrain from GOP politicians was "death panels. The following graphic is a bit dated, but I doubt we will find a major shift in the aggregated data. The data indicates life in Red States (with exception for California) might be more fleeting than non-red states. Sadly, the impetus of the lose of life is ;homicide. 

Speaking of homicides...the following graphic is unfathomable. The murder of women is markedly higher in traditional red states.

Health Care Spending (Pew Trusts) 

The following health care reared category inks do not bode well for states that consistently vote Republicans to high office.  Is the southern and red state social vote so alluring basic health care takes a back seat? 

Clicking category links will yield relevant graphics for each category. Some graphics should be considered only from the perspective of the GOP's obsession with eliminating the Affordable Care Act which undoubtedly helps many in regions of highest experience or highest need.

Uninsured Rate Among Adults - Percentage of Americans ages 18–64 without health insurance, 2011

Vital Statistics

Prevention  Treatment

The data should make one wonder.

Monday, August 11, 2014

A TPI Twitter Tree!

Dusky Wonders
Yes, it is time for another Twitter Tree. We have collected the following Tweets over the past few days.  Our hope was to add more levels to the tree, but the Rand Paul branch popped-up on Twitter within the hour.

It is time to harvest the fruit of the tree. Remember, my verbiage related to the Twitter Tree is of no significance. I am not here and do not publish to either showcase my skills or lack there of in develop screeds and treatise. If you want the get charmed by writing eloquence, visit here after you favorite and most literary site. My focus and inertia relates to information. One's skills while keyboarding take a far backseat to informing people who will cast votes this fall and in 2016.

Before the tree, allow me to thank those who seem to want more thought induced  writing.  Thank you!

The GOP wants voting demographics similar to its ethnic and racial make-up.   They do not want free and open voting for all.
The man has credibility and veracity problems that ooze like mustard from the hamburger he dropped as he ran from those DREAMers.
Do white people even know that the number of whites who receive food aid far surpasses other ethnic groups?  Do the recipients know the GOP cares little to nothing about helping with their life sustaining aid.
I am still not seeing where the ACA kills jobs.
And, these people vote GOP with every election.
Equal pay anyone?  The GOP doesn't give  a damned about your $.77 pay to my $1.00 for the same job and same work.
The GOP has one economic strategy: "Cut Taxes and provide tax breaks to corporate America."


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

US Senate Fails to Advance Renewed Unemployment Insurance Payments

We have yet another reminder of why it is absolutely critical for the nation's voters to return Democrats to both House of the US Congress. Over 1.3 million of our long-term unemployed have received another insensitive slap-in-the-face from the GOP in the US Senate.  Republicans in the US Senate voted against measures to move forward on: S. 1845: Emergency Unemployment Compensation ... (Govtrack.US)

According to the New York Times, two Democratic measures failed to receive the necessary 60 votes to move the bills forward (see link above). Apparently, after much negotiation, Senate Majority Leaders Harry Reid "abruptly" called for a vote with the hope he could muster the votes of a few compassionate (or should I say reasonably sensitive) Republicans. Well, you and I, and probably both Reid and President Obama, know their are no Republicans who have enough compassion to help families in need of meager unemployment insurance payments without something in return.  

"Something in return" In November 2013, the following map illustrated Red States (and densely populated non-Red States) are well represented as geographic regions with Americans who need unemployment payments.

The New York Times reports the measures failed to move forward as follows.
The first vote failed, 52 to 48, on a measure proposed by the Democratic leadership that would have extended benefits for 11 months. The extension would have been largely financed by continuing a 2 percent cut to Medicare health providers for an additional year, through 2024. The second vote, on the original bill, which would have extended benefits for three months at a cost of $6.4 billion, failed 55 to 45.
The Times reports issues related to GOP desire to place amendments in the measures was vehemently opposed by Harry Reid, Reid gave some today, but the GOP voted lock-step to continue to deny life-sustaining insurance payments to 1.3 million Americans. A number that will surely grow as related jobs start to tumble under the draconian policies off the GOP. when people have less to spend, people hired to provide services are needed far less, and they in-turn lose their jobs.

Crooks & Liars offers a more detail article related to the failed votes.

Senate Votes on Unemployment Benefit Extensions Fail (via
By karoli January 14, 2014 1:53 pm The Senate failed to clear the 60-vote hurdle on two proposals to extend unemployment benefits, thanks to a GOP filibuster. I'd like to offer a personal sentiment to Senate Republicans that involves my middle finger…

On January 6th, MSNBC's The Ed Show with Ed Schultz broadcast a long, but relevant segment on the dire consequences of GOP resistance to helping the nation's long-term unemployed.

The vastly older male GOP members don't surprise in their opposition to helping people. What is a total surprise is the level and scope of GOP women (US Senate) members who refuse to show compassion for women and children who are suffering under GOP lock-step policy.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Obama Aologizes, Clinton Leverages His Notariety And The ACA Suffers

Healthcare reform is taking "in-coming" fire and whether you like my choice of phraseology, the "fire" evolves around a "gotcha"  resulting from President Obama 's comments.


Now, to add fuel to the fire, Bill Clinton sat for an interview, answered questions regarding the ACA and Obama's "If you like your plans, you can keep your plans" comments and will be quoted for life for the following. 

Clinton's remarks will become fodder for sound bites, political advertisement clips and smudge against his wife as she moves towards the nomination in 2016. You may have noticed the specific and very abbreviated length of the CNN clip above. We have posted the full clip below. There is much more to the interview than the clip CNN and Fox News will run for weeks to come.  

If you watched the clip above, for perspective, you must watch the following clip also.

President Obama acknowledged misstatements made during run-up to the 2010 ACA vote. He has actually made the same statement well after 2010 as he finds himself forced to campaign for a law that is already on the federal register; campaigning due to severe and unrelenting obstruction from the Right (including libertarians). Bill Clinton said nothing beyond the president's previous signaling that he has ordered his team to explore relief based on his comments. Yet, Clinton has a way of saying things in a grandiose and self-serving manner. Why not comment while echoing or feeding off Obama's remarks about exploration? There are times when party (and the long-term good) takes precedent over the significance of what one thinks. In other words, Clinton could have phrased his ending remarks much more in-line with comments already stated by  Obama. 

Two points stand very clearly for me. I do not feel enamored by President Obama's apologize for his noble and frankly humane efforts to provide health coverage for millions who are not covered, and millions with deficient coverage while living on a hope. He chose to apologize, so be it, but he should also have been very direct about insurance company acumen in manipulating the consuming public. The president's MSNBC interview would have been much more palatable had the he spoken frankly about insurance company loopholes. Big Insurance pays millions in compensation and fees for legal analyses, and strategy to skirt, or leverage, law to its advantage. All corporations do same; no real revelation.  Since, the 2010 signing of the "ACA, insurance companies have accomplished what they do best develop: ways to produce gargantuan levels of revenue will minimizing their claims exposure. We posit healthcare reform is being placed at risk via a misstatement, Kochism, and insurance corporatism. 

Last night Chris Hayes, ALL IN, MSNBC addressed the issue as thoroughly as I have seen over the past two weeks. The following clip is a bit long, but as if often the case relevant information, relevance is sprinkled throughout the clip. (As I have previously stated, our ability to extract relevant excerpt from MSNBC clips has fallen victim to the new MSNBC website video tools that no longer includes sub-clip extractions).

Ultimately, the ACA is under attack and at the end-of-it-all, people suffer. People suffer while plutocrats, many conservatives and libertarians derived satisfaction from winning a political battle.

Here is the clip.....give it a run and see what you think.

As posted in the video segments above, Bill Clinton says, "....let them keep what they've got."  If you think for one second President Obama's (uninformed) misspeak is not a program (ACA) killer yet the GOP is using his remarks to do kill the ACA. Read what Boehner said late yesterday.    
The Weekly Standard....
"I applaud President Clinton for joining the bipartisan call for President Obama to keep his promise to the American people," said Boehner in his statement. These comments signify a growing recognition that Americans were misled when they were promised that they could keep their coverage under President Obama’s health care law. The entire health care law is a train wreck that needs to go. And while the two parties may disagree on that point, it shouldn’t stop reasonable Democrats from working with us to shield Americans from its most egregious consequences – like the millions of current health plans being canceled." (highlight via The Pardu)
Clinton's comments were not and are not being quoted as four minute comment ending in his opinion as stated above. He has given the GOP opportunity to 'blanket slam" the ACa (humane law) within the construct of their mantra and sloganeering:  "Train wreck"  "reasonable Democrats" "working with us" "egregious consequences."

"Train wreck""reasonable Democrats" "working with us""egregious consequences"

Comparable to what? 
No reform! 

Ah, after five years 
the GOP is in a position
to use the word 

"reasonable?" It does 
not fit well.

Translated, "Give us 
what we and the
Koch brothers want." 

Medical and Dental coverage for 50 million people who currently have no coverage should warrant serious two party exploration with doable outcome. "Egregious Consequences" is political mantra and nefarious use of 3 to 4 million people to deprive over ten times as many.

It will be interesting to see how often Boehner applauds Bill Clinton as we approach the 2016 General Elections. You will see nor hear any such applause.  The GOP has opposed every program, appointment initiative President Obama has worked to accomplish. Opposition and subterfuge started well before he was inaugurated; it was validated via the 17 member secret GOP meeting the evening of the inauguration. The party has since adhered to "one-term" strategy at the expense of all proposals and initiatives, and they have labelled health care reform, "his Waterloo." How can the rational person view Boehner's response to the Clinton's "sound-bite" without consideration of GOP commitment to destroying both the president's signature legislation (politically) and derailing health care/insurance reform (a lobbyist dream)? I have read comment from a member of the GOP about a desire to postpone the ACA until after the 2014 mid-term elections. Their hope is to use their gerrymandered districts (safe havens) and their strategy to win additional seats in the Senate. It is clear the conservative members of Congress wish to legislate out of the ACA and return millions to Big Insurance revenue. Yet, the GOP is not alone.

We now see democrats joining in support of legislation to force a reversal of the ACA regarding, "....let them have what they got." (according to Clinton).  Some Democrats in the House have gone on record in support of "Let then have what they got": John Barrow (D) GA and Mary Landeau (D) LA. We are certain their will be more, especially from Red States. It is ironic, more Democrat crossover has come from states with the highest level of impoverished and uninsured.   
The 26 Republican-dominated states not participating in an expansion of Medicaid are home 
to a disproportionate share of the nation’s poorest uninsured residents. Eight million will be 
stranded without insurance. Related Article »
All States
poor and uninsured
Not Expanding Medicaid
poor and uninsured
Expanding Medicaid
poor and uninsured
Colored by share
Sized by number
Adults ages 19 to 64, excluding residents of institutions and ineligible immigrants
All races
More than half of the nation’s poor and uninsured live in states that are not participating in the expansion of Medicaid, and the share among blacks is even higher.
How Different Groups Are Affected
Many workers who are poor and uninsured have jobs in the service industry.
Nursing aides, orderlies, attendants
Retail sales clerks
Waiters and waitresses
Laborers (outside construction)
Construction laborers
Truck, delivery, and tractor drivers
Housekeepers, maids, butlers, stewards
Percent of total
Number poor
and uninsured
Total jobs
in U.S.
The Most Common Occupations Nationally
A closing thought. 
I always knew Bill Clinton as the Secretary of Explaining Stuff, would initiate a trip-wire.