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Friday, September 13, 2013

Ted Cruz, Jesse Helms, GOP And Rachel Maddow

We posted a few hours ago an Al Sharpton segment related to Ted Cruz's "stake-out" as the chief and supreme racist of the US Senate. In one stage performance,  Cruz has carved a niche in the US Senate from which most tend to hide and others may find abhorrent. Cruz placed an identity on the GOP via his male Metro-sexual proclamations regarding former Senator Jesse Helms. 

One can only speculate Jeff Sessions is happy to have one who is younger and almost as brazen as a younger Sessions.  Years ago Sessions lost-out on a US District Court Judge appointment due to his track record of public comment that were Jeff Sessions racist (ABC News linked). It has been reported Sessions was turned down as a prospect for nomination to the SCOTUS in a previous administration. Cruz has been elected to the US Senate and is paradigmed with some of the most oppressive social views in modern times. 

Mediaite also reported on Cruz's "confession."


Maddow could barely contain how unbelievably stunned and just a little pissed off she was at Cruz suggesting that the Senate could use a hundred more people like a man who was whistling Dixie just to make his black colleague cry.
Watch the video below, via MSNBC:

[photo via screengrab] Follow Josh Feldman on Twitter: @feldmaniac
More on Ted Cruz's Senate Hero: Jeff Sessions linked.

We at the TPI are ecstatic Ted Cruz has branded his political party.  The Texas Senator often has the words "rising star" of the GOP.  A few months ago the rising star was Marco Rubio.  We might have observed Cruz as a model of a party that has for decades attempted to mask its true grit with lies and mind altering demagoguery.  What better model could Reince  Priebus's party have than the eight-month Senator from the Great State of Texas? 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

GOP Backroom Efforts To Fix An Election

Notice anything in common about the figures in the image?
If you think the Left is way out-of-bounds on issues related to suppressing the vote, voter fraud and political malfeasance, you now have opportunity to come into the modern age of reality and veracity.

Melissa Harris-Perry broadcast a segment this morning that points a accusatory finger for the horrid and unAmerican suppression billboards at top GOP operatives.  I have long posited that Reicne Priebus has taken the RNC to the lowest levels of decency   He appears as a sniveling and dishonest person who will stoop to every imaginable sick act to fix the Tuesday election.

Take a few minutes and follow the news segment below. If you are a true American you cannot help but ask yourself, "Is this where we have dissolved to?" If find solace in the efforts form Priebus, Walker and Ryan, you are literally a supporter of plutocracy and possible the next demographic to suffer their malfeasance.

They were beaten, they were jailed and they suffered other shameful acts to suppress their will to vote.  Black people suffered even greater horrors.  The infograph below shows one common thread among the voter suppression Gestapo.

Melissa Harris Perry’s ‘This Week in Voter Supression’ highlights theGrio ‘dark money’ investigation

On this week’s Melissa Harris Perry Show, Perry highlighted a joint investigation by theGrio and One Wisconsin Now that uncovered the secret funder behind a series of billboards that popped up in minority areas around Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2010 and 2012 warning of the consequences of alleged “voter fraud.” 
Perry then spoke to One Wisconsin Now’s Scot Ross, who connected the dots between the various “dark money” sources propping up conservative causes and politicians, including the man currently running for vice president with Mitt Romney; Paul Ryan.
Watch the Perry segment above, featuring Barbara Arnwine of the Lawyer’s Committee on Civil Rights Under Law, Scot Ross of One Wisconsin Now, and of course, Melissa Harris-Perry.
And connect the “dark money” dots yourself below, courtesy of One Wisconsin Now:
Wisconsin 'dark money' tree
Courtesy of One Wisconsin Now

Friday, August 31, 2012

Eastwood Without Writers, Proper RNC Management and An Inept Romney Campaign Team

Making up for the GM Superbowl Commercial Clint?  The RNC did not "MAKE YOUR DAY"!

The International movie icon and Oscar Award Winning Director Clint Eastwood blessed the RNC Convention stage last evening.  As he indicated, there are hundreds maybe thousands of celebrities who are conservative who keep their political to themselves.  Eastwood should have done same.

The eleven plus minutes below are seriously painful for those who remember Eastwood as a vibrant and coherent personality, albeit a quite personality.  The eleven plus minutes include snippets of seconds of humor worthy of note, but those moments are engulfed and incinerated by the pure misguided horror of the appearance. If you did not see the appearance and by chance live in a vacuum and have not caught a re-run, have a look and listen below.  You should keep in mind the appearance is unscripted. The Romney campaign immediately disavowed the appearance with minutes of Eastwood leaving the stage. Of much more importance, how respectful is it to speak of a President of the United States as an empty chair? How out of sync with reality is it to role play and obscenity speaking president and open who would utter shut-up?  President Obama has done nothing to deserve such a low class and crass characterization? Well, maybe Obama has done something to warrant such disrespect. He dares serve as the nation's first African-American President.     

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The New GOP Talking Point: "Stole" (Medicare)

Is the word "stole" another strategy from the GOP bag of political tricks?   The following is  a 20 second video of the current RNC Chair. And, you and I thought Michael Steele was beyond ridiculous and over-the-top. An example of Steel and over-the-top... Do you remember Steel sitting on an MSNBC News show with Pat Buchanan to his right?  Steele  spoke of a ridiculous and factual incorrect false characterization that just abbot induced sickness sickness in Buchanan.  The then RNC Chair stated to the show host that the wearing of harts "caps" was done  one way in his part of the country but in the North East the "hat" was worn backwards.  Michael Steele is at least 60 years of age; surely he has grown past wearing a baseball cap backwards. I considered the specific MSNBC segment the interchange "GOP out-of-touch" and Micheal Steele buffoonery.  

Steele failed as RNC Chair based on the false strategy associated with his election to the position: work towards the black vote and offset the impact of the black president.   The Party nominated Sarah Palin to capture disgruntled Hillary Clinton supporters and the party elected Steele for very obvious reason. Despite his mistaken impression of his selection (tee-toddle to  African-American voters) and associated buffoonery, in addition to his marked accommodating leaders, his mission was not accomplished.  Of course, his mission was doomed from the start, as the GOP will never appeal to Americans on a basis of diversity. The very thought of a GOP appealing to ethnically diverse voters is an oxymoron. Steele was also an administrative failure, but he was not a hardcore GOP operative replete with all symptoms of what I call, "GOPISM Circa 2000 and Beyond".  

Steele was not a gutter dwelling, sniveling talking-points machine.  If you will take a moment to view the quick video, you will see the  archetypal "GOPISM Circa 2000 and Beyond" RNC Chair.  Reince Preibus is referring to Medicare, as he spews venom. The venom is easily disputed, thus ultimately ineffective in delivering a death blow to his intended victim. The GOP does not seem to understand that there is life well beyond their base. Some are actually getting current event updates and news from media other than Fox News, and the increasingly strongly leaning Right, CNN.