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Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trump's Week And The Shame Of The US President

We offer quick run through Trumpism July 2017.  

Let's start here......
 #FailureFriday: @realDonaldTrump's approval rating slides to 35% as #FailedPresident loses support from Republicans

Boy Scouts of America

After the lengthy written apology from BS, and public sentiment regarding Trump's disgusting comments before the teenagers, One conservative (of whom I am not fond) Spoke about Trump "the jackass." I have linked to the CNN video for a personal look and listen, but don't move away from the video without reviewing a few of the comments from Trump supporters. I was reminded of the word deplorable as I read through the first ten posts. CNN Link.

Mount Rushmore

A delusional US president entertains his delusional audience with deep hope of being perceived as a "winning president.  Trump shows the inner core of the carnival barker who barks out bullcrap while sycophants absorb the bullcrap like light vanishing into a celestial black hole.

Mount Rushmore?

Image result for mount trumpmore

Utter delusional, even if joking. People like Trump use the facade of the joke to subliminally deliver messages. 

I mentioned sycophancy. Herewith, is a prime example.

If you didn't grasps the total chameleon sycophancy of Scaramucci, here it is again.

Presidential etiquette

Throughout the centuries since 1776, 44 US Presidents exhibit a high level of dignity and professionalism regarding their predecessors. They would state no disparaging remarks. Trump has again illustrated a total lack of class and professionalism as ealry this week he exhorted thousands of teenagers to boo Barack Obama, 44th US President. Watch the utter shame while super stooges Rick Perry and cabinet member Price watches on with siles the size of an elephant's butt.

The audience was predominantly comprised of young teenage male Boy Scouts.

Image may contain: one or more people and text

The Art of Firing

Do you recall how former FBI Director Comey discovered Trump had terminated his employment? His first indication of his firing was via a CNN broadcast which happened to have been on a TV monitor in the rear of a meeting room. Crass and unprofessional you think?  Take a read of how Priebus's termination was handled via Vox dot com.


The whole time, Trump sat in Air Force One:
Most staff was off before we moved into position but Reince Priebus and Steven Miller and Dan Scavino loaded into one suburban then moments later Miller and Scavino got out and loaded another van.
As word spread about Priebus' dismissal, some reporters got up close to Priebus' car, taking cell photos and such.
Priebus' car then pulled aside, out of the POTUS motorcade. Priebus car and a follow up departed at 458PM.
POTUS continued to hold on the plane during all this. Still holding at this writing.

If you can find any redeeming qualities in such behavior from a supposed US President, please consider not returning to this webpage.

It is important to note we did not address Trump's treatment of Jeff (I love Trump) Sessions Now did we spend time on the Failure of Trump Care.  We e will address those Trimp issues in another post.


Saturday, August 13, 2016

RNC Chair Joins The Circus

Do you recall this from a few years ago?

GOP Autopsy?

Reince Priebus made the rounds on all cable news networks espousing a need for an "autopsy" of his party. He actually used the wrong metaphor as he should have adopted the characterization of "lobotomy." Point is, Priebus was as disingenuous as most American conservatives as we consider a nation fair to all, free to all and equal to all.

After spending millions on what Priebus called an exhaustive study, his party summarily ignored all findings ad proceeded on with pre-1950s regression. ABC News published regarding Priebus report

Autopsy be damned, jump on that Trump wagon Priebus!

We know he represents a dying political party when the RNC leader signs-on carte blanche to Trump's abusive, racist, bigoted and callous campaign. 


Friday, July 29, 2016

Trump's Campaign As The Keystone Cops (VIDEO)

Do you recognize these images as similar to the Trump 2016 campaign?

If you don't agree with our lede video and its metaphoric similarity to the Trump campaign, allow a couple of glaring examples from the campaign.

And, if you believe Donald Trump has any competency outside of Trump Tower,and an army of sycophants and groupies, you should think again.

Rachel Maddow ran a couple of segments within the hour which are must viewing. Of course, if you are a progressive or (as I prefer "liberal'), you watched the show. However, we won't assume the show was widely watched.  Watch and listen Maddow via her research team delineated the essence of Trump and his campaign team. 

Think of staff competency and an absence of mind as Trump misses his quip by as much as thirty years of chronological aging regarding the subject of his quip.

The second we feel is absolute noteworthy is Maddow (and her team') cogent exploration of Trump and his surrogates immediately after the Republican National Convention.  Trump and his choice for VP have decided to take the weekend off, for some strange reason.  Of more significance, Trump apparently dispatched Trum Jr. to Philedalhipa ZMississippi as their first real post-convention campaign stop.  Maddow explains the significance of Philadelphia Mississippi, therefore we will not spend time beyond what is necessary for an introduction. It is worth noting a hint: Rondal Reagan's first stop after his 1980 acceptance of the GOP nomination was the same small town in Mississippi.

Before the MSNBC segment, a moment of reflection for a former Reagan aide who spoke eloquently at last night's Democratic Party Convention. Yes, Democratic Convetnion..I did not mistype.

ABC News
Former Reagan official Doug Elmets: "Donald Trump, you're no Ronald Reagan"
Trump Dispatched Junior to the heart of Mississippi. Why? Are they cloning Reagan or simply dense about MKississippi as a solid read state? 

While Maddow was too professional to mention the obvious, we state our attention to Trump's campaign massaging white nationalism and its staunch support for the leader of the GOP. We offer Trump's strategy is clear. he has yet to totally disavow support from Americans white supremacist and he needs every white vote he can muster to win this fall.

These people, the Trump team, wants into our White House!


Saturday, March 26, 2016

Rachel Maddow Busts The RNC's Arsenal Of Dirty Campaign Tricks

Fav photoshop Meme!

In October of 2015 Republican National Committee Chair, Reince Priebus, commented accordingly:
Priebus said in the interview conducted Thursday in his Washington office.
'We're seeing more and more that if you don't hold the White House, it's very difficult to govern in this country — especially in Washington D.C. 
'So I think that — I do think that we're cooked as a party for quite a while as a party if we don't win in 2016. I's going to be hard to dig out of something like that.'

On December 16, 2015, Priebus sat for an interview on MSNBC's starship conservative morning show (Morning Joe) and ran through a diatribe of pure malarkey regarding the GOP. The interview ran for 3:34 minutes. Of course, I didn't view the entire proceeding; I recommend you also skip through.

Fast forward to the 2016 General Election season and one of a few RNC dirty political tricks. 

The Rachel Maddow Show, March 25, 2016.

Oh, time does, in fact, mix strange recipes. Wonder if Joe Scarborough will have the diminutive Priebus on for a talk about the elderly rip-off contribution scheme?


Sunday, November 29, 2015

Trump Insults Far And Wide (The Shame Of It All)

....but he manages to avoid blanket abuse of white people. 

The Bipartisan Report, Jameson Parker's Piece with Trump supporters

Reporter Talks To Trump Supporters; Finds They Are More Racist, Xenophobic Than Thought Possible

Apparently many Trump supporters are buying into, or have bought into, Right-wing (political and media) rhetoric regarding the plight of white America.

CNN has published a comprehensive piece about 10 specific groups Trump has insulted.  We have captured the 10 groups by title and posted this link to the CNN piece.
1.The disabled 
2. Reporters 
3. Iowans 
4. Muslims 
5. Seventh-day Adventists 
6. African-Americans 
7. Asians 
8. Women 
9. POWs 
10. His competitors
I suggest Trump has insulted far more than the 10 groups delineated by CNN.  He has insulted high information voters (HIVs) across the nation. He has insulted US politics by taking GOP politics to the lowest level of decency in US History. He has insulted a lesser number of conservatives who find him reprehensible. Ultimately he has insulted and further damaged the social fabric of a nation which via its citizens should exercise innumerable intervention to reverse the current tearing of our social cohesiveness.

The animal owner depicted in the horrific example of abuse has a history of animal abuse. Yet, he is welcomed and probably lauded at a Trump event.  I wonder how about the level of affinity for this picture via Reince Priebus, RNC Chair.
Donald Trump Rally Features Circus Elephant Owned by Man Who Was Repeatedly Arrested for Animal Cruelty

If you contrast a frequent target of the Right (The nation's 44th President) spent part of his Thanksgiving Day compared to the antics of the GOP soon to be party leader you find the essence of this piece.

The following image says it all.....

The shame of it all.


Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Daily GOP Ignominious: GOP 2016: Debate Fade, Trump Racism and Bigotry, Ann Coulter's Utter Disgust

We will start with piece with a couple of short visits on matters emanating from the recent GOP Debate. Bernie Sanders responded to question about his perception of parts of the debate  and we visit with debate stage lies about the Iran Nuclear Deal.

"It was and is all about Obama!"

Watch: Bernie Sanders calls out the Republican candidates for ...Watch: Bernie calls out the Republican candidates for blaming Obama for their own failures.Posted by Occupy Democrats on Thursday, September 17, 2015
A handful of things they got wrong about the Iran deal: inspection criteria, side deals, and sanctions relief, to name a few.Posted by Media Matters for America on Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Evolving Uncloaking of the Underbelly of Racism and Bigotry that affixes with Trump

Do you recall after the resounding congressional defeats of the 2012 mid-term elections RNC Chair, Reince Priebus, proclaiming a need to perform an autopsy of what went wrong? The autopsy (more aptly referred to as a lobotomy, since an autopsy denotes after death medical examiner procedures) was completed in 2013 with much fanfare from the RNC chair. ABC News reported in march 2013 as follows: (Highlights via The Pardu)

The report, called the "Growth and Opportunity Project," lays out an extensive plan the RNC believes will lead the party to victory with an extensive outreach to women, African-American, Asian, Hispanic and gay voters. Among the plans: hiring paid outreach staffers across the country in a $10 million push that begins right away; backing "comprehensive immigration reform"; abbreviating the presidential primary process with fewer debates, specifically saying the party would like at least half the 20 there were during the 2012 cycle; and moving the convention to June or July, as well as improving the data and digital effort. 
Priebus noted that the party's policies are fundamentally sound but require a softer tone and broader outreach, include a stronger push for African-American, Latino, Asian, women and gay voters. 
"To be clear, our principles our sound, our principles are not old rusty thoughts in some book," Priebus said, but the "report notes the way we communicate our principles isn't resonating widely enough." 
Priebus added: "I think our policies are sound, but I think in many ways the way we communicate can be a real problem." 
The report also specifically states that there needs to be more inclusion. "We need to campaign among Hispanic, black, Asian, and gay Americans and demonstrate we care about them, too. We must recruit more candidates who come from minority communities. But it is not just tone that counts. Policy always matters."

In just a little of two years post the Growth and Opportunity Project the GOP and conservative American have flushed Priebus naivety and false promise down the proverbial drain.  In Mid-June now front running candidate for the GOP 2016 nomination went here (The epitome of the time warn GOP southern strategy):  Trump went full racist.

From his June staking of his turf on behalf of the GOP in August we find this (eight seconds): Dallas rally with "White Power."

As David Duke has indicate support for Trump, we now move to this shameful act at Trumps afternoon rally. It should be noted Trump exemplified the level of class, I personal expect from a  GOP candidate and that level is nil.

Trump Townhall seething with conspiracy nuts, racists and Trump agrees with each vile remark.

Take a minute sixteen seconds and listen to complete and total validation of the GOP as the party of American racism and bigotry.

The session with a bit of opining from MSNBC's Chris Matthews, Hardball, and guests.

If you want to see a typical conservative racism, level it to Ann Coulter to deliver.


Monday, August 31, 2015

GOP Politics Hijacked By Reality TV Stars

Would you like another quick visit with Donald Trump's mockery of the US political campaigning and the end-of-the-day manifestation of GOPism?  In a bit....

Did you notice late last week former WWE entertainer Hulk Hogan spoke about the prospect of a running mate for Donald Trump's 2016 campaign? Yes, Hogan joined the reality TV takeover of the GOP and boldly declared himself good for a Trump ticket. The two reality TV celebrities do have much in common.


The connection, commonality and likeness are a matter of fact. Trump has taken his celebrity to the epitome of the state of US insanity that is as real as AOL's affinity with Kim Kardasian. Better yet, Trump's insanity has lead to this.

After Hogan's advertisement to Trump, he seems to have moved his charade next to the Trump carnival via a perfunctory apology for use of a racial slur.

Hulk Hogan: ‘I’m Not a Racist, but I Never Should Have Said What I Said’

Hulk Hogan sat down with Good Morning America on Monday for his first television interview since being fired by the WWE in July for leaked audio of a racist rant directed at his daughter’s then-boyfriend. 
At the time, Hogan quickly apologized for audio the recordings, in which the ex-wrestler repeatedly made use of the n-word. However, his interview with ABC’s Amy Robach on Monday marks his first televised appearance since July’s events. 
After admitting that he’d considered suicide at the time, Robach asked Hogan whether or not he was a racist. 
“I’m not a racist, but I never should have said what I said. It was wrong. I’m embarrassed by it,” he answered. 
“People need to realize that you inherit things from your environment,” Hogan explained. “Where I grew up was south Tampa, Port Tampa, and it was a really rough neighborhood, very low income. And all my friends, we greeted each other saying that word.”

The former WWE personality went on to explain that using the n-word where he grow up “was part of the culture and the environment.” 
When Robach asked whether or not Hogan had inherited a racial bias, he immediately agreed: “I think that’s fair to say.”

Check out the interview below, via ABC:
[h/t Yahoo! News]
[Image via screengrab]
The joke could be on you! StumbleUpon

Sunday, August 30, 2015


From audience members who shout, “white power” at his rallies to his misogynistic remarks, Donald Trump is making a splash with his conservative followers.

For instance, not only did David Duke announce his support for the Teflon Don, but a Neo-Nazi website, The Daily Stormer has, as well.

So, what do you say, conservatives? How eager are you to lay in a bed full of Nazis?

Trump and the National Socialists

Trump began his campaign by calling undocumented Mexican immigrants “rapists.” Racism has been a huge feature of his campaign and that blatant, overt racism — as opposed to the coded speak of the other Republican candidates — is part of Donald Trump’s draw.

Not only did he manage to eek an entirely white crowd out of a town that was majority black in Alabama, but he’s single-handedly shifted the discourse towards gutting the 14th Amendment, proving that the Constitution is absolutely holy and writ in stone to conservatives, except the parts that aren’t.

Thus, David Duke wasn’t the first racist to announce his support for Trump, but he was certainly the most well-known:

So this is a great opportunity… although we can’t trust him to do what he says, the other Republican candidates won’t even say what he says. So he’s certainly the best of the lot. And he’s certainly somebody that we should get behind in terms, ya know, raising the image of this thing.

And now, David Duke isn’t alone: The Daily Stormer announced its support for Donald Trump, as well:

So, having thought it through and looked at the situation for the 12 days since Trump announced, I am ready to fully endorse him as the most viable current candidate for President.

Again, this doesn’t mean I endorse all of his positions or even him as an individual person, but I do believe that having him as President would at least give America some time to stand back and try to figure some things out.

I urge all readers of this site to do whatever they can to make Donald Trump President.

I doubt that this will torpedo Trump, but in the very least, the support of neo-Nazis has effectively rendered Godwin’s law moot when talking about him.

Featured image via Flickr


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Paul Ryan demonized "inner cities"’?

File:Paul Ryan by Gage Skidmore 2.jpg
Small image of the Day
Image via Wiki Commons: P
aul Ryan by Gage Skidmore

I wondered when Rience Priebus, RNC Chair, would add his 'snivel to the aftermath of Paul Ryan's excursion into social engineering/commentary while evoking the writings and ideology of a documented racist: Charles Murray.  

Earlier this week, Ryan joined arch conservative, Bill Bennett on his radio show. While schmoozing up to Bennett and while knowing Bennett's (I care with my bigoted caveats) belief systems, Ryan showed a deeply troubling inner psyche. We posit he also showed a deep rooted paradigm of many on the Right and a vital social artery of the GOP.

"I care with my bigoted caveats?" 

Yes, those are my words for Bennett's often appearing to care about issues in the black community while drawing from a thought paradigm and speaking words that seem to emanate from a place of deep deep bigotry.

A peep into Bennett's bigotry.

The Guardian September 2005 

"Abort all black babies and cut crime, says Republican"

Speaking on his daily radio show, William Bennett, education secretary under Ronald Reagan and drugs czar under the first George Bush, said: "If you wanted to reduce crime, you could, if that were your sole purpose; you could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down." 
He went on to qualify his comments, which were made in response to a hypothesis that linked the falling crime rate to a rising abortion rate. Aborting black babies, he continued, would be "an impossible, ridiculous and morally reprehensible thing to do, but your crime rate would go down". 
The comments brought condemnation from all sides. The White House press secretary, Scott McClellan, said: "The president believes the comments were not appropriate."
The Guardian also published this correction related to their September 2005 title:
The following correction was printed in the Guardian's Corrections and clarifications column, Wednesday October 5 2005
The headline above is at odds with the story which makes it clear that the Republican in question, William Bennett, was not advocating such a step. He was speaking hypothetically - describing such a step as, among other things, ridiculous and morally reprehensible. As our report made clear, the offensiveness of his hypothesis drew widespread condemnation.
Regardless of print, publishing and corrections, Bennett's remarks were over-the-top a ridiculous set of words. The comments actually remind me of cloaked bigotry and racism Rush Limbaugh openly broadcast on a daily basis. 
The Raw Story on Ryan's remarks from earlier this week.
Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) on Wednesday suggested that men in “inner cities” who refused to work were one of the main causes of poverty in the United States. 
In an interview with conservative radio host Bill Bennett that was first noticed by Igor Volskyat Think Progress, Ryan reflected on his controversial poverty discussion at last week’s Conservative Political Action Conference. 
“We call it a poverty trap,” he explained. “There are incentives not to work, and to stay where you are.” 
Ryan also pointed to the work of Charles Murray, a white nationalist, who has used “racist pseudoscience and misleading statistics to argue that social inequality is caused by the genetic inferiority,” according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

We have published pieces on Ryan's cognitive constipation accompanied by oral diarrhea, so we will only comment as follows (at this time). In fairness, a day after Ryan's revealing oral sphincter failure, his staff released the following words, "I was inarticulate."
How many hours were spent in emergency damage control strategy meetings to develop such a weak response to his self-inflicted wound revelation?

As stated above, we anticipated comment from Reince Priebus.  It is no surprise the appearance would came via the Sunday Morning conservative communication platforms (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX News, Candy Crowley's State of the Nation). The following Raw Story piece relates to Priebus's visit with ABC.

As you read the piece (or view the short video) think about this. Priebus says Ryan was trying to help people.  
Point One: Do you recall the one quip, " I am from the IRS and I am here to help you."  Or, my favorite from days of old. "I am form 60 Minutes and only need a minute of your time."
Point Two: Why do Republican refuse to accept the higher unemployment rate among black people (Not just men) has much to do with white business owner unfair and unequal employment practices?
Point Three:  Despite GOP public aversion to federal spending for human services programs, they attempt to mask their social deficiencies (including bigotry and a lack of cultural awareness and failure to self-reflect on white America) via affixing societal problems on others. Their policies oppress people, yet they find fault in their oppressed victim.
Point Four: Does anyone really believe that Ryan was also speaking about white men who live in the inner city?

Reince Priebus: Paul Ryan demonized ‘inner cities’ to help them (via Raw Story )
Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus on Sunday explained that Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) had recently blamed poverty on “inner cities” because he was working hard to help those communities. In an interview with conservative radio host…
Let's recap your GOP.
  • War on Women
  • Cut SNAP benefits (Children, elderly, low ranking active military, temporary unemployed)
  • Shutdown the Federal Government over the ACA
  • The ongoing Sequester
  • Denial of and cuts to Veterans Benefits
  • Fifty-one (51) repeal Obamacare votes at $1. 6 million per vote equal $81.6 million tax payer funding frivolously wasted for political expedience and placating the Koch brothers.
  • Refusal to adhere to public (91%) desire for background check gun purchases in support of the NRA and conservative values.
  • Voter suppression (Minorities, elderly, college students)
  • "Inner City Men" (cloaked code and a dog whistle) as shiftless and a drain on society.
Who votes for these people?


Saturday, March 8, 2014

CPAC Minority Outreach: Zero; Rand Paul: Standing Room Only

March 2013
Reince Priebus, RNC Chair, suturing wounds from the November 2012 General Election losses. 

"To be clear, our principles our sound, our principles are not old rusty thoughts in some book," Priebus said, but the "report notes the way we communicate our principles isn't resonating widely enough." 
Priebus added: "I think our policies are sound, but I think in many ways the way we communicate can be a real problem." 
The report also specifically states that there needs to be more inclusion. "We need to campaign among Hispanic, black, Asian, and gay Americans and demonstrate we care about them, too. We must recruit more candidates who come from minority communities. But it is not just tone that counts. Policy always matters."

Many Americans may have been  "snookered" by Priebus's words. As we looked back on the Romney Campaign, the need for a major GOP paradigm shift was obvious.

Let's take a look.

Mitt Romney's website front page the evening of, and early hours of the day after the 2012 General Election. Do you see the problem?
Allow me to give you a hint, if you failed to answer the question above, check this out. 


Romney so thought he had the election won he didn't even bother to develop two election night addressees: victory and concession. All presidential candidates develop both prior to final election results.  

A Romney concession speech was noticeable in its absence.  

As Romney came out of post-election hibernation, he followed Paul Ryan in lamenting they lost the election due to the "urban vote". Of course, Romney was a tad more sophisticated than the brash Ryan by indicating he didn't get the minority vote.

Two points related to Romney, Ryan and the GOP. Romney's major campaign problem was his chief campaign manager/adviser: John Sunnunu. The man has obvious issues with race, diversity and inclusivity. It is impossible to avoid attributing the following to Romney's inner political circle of which Sunnunu was the center of the campaign universe.
Back to Priebus.

The Grand Old Party moved forward. RNC Chair, Reince Priebus, declared the need for a "autopsy." The RNC Chair was prophetic in his use of "autopsy" as it denotes an after death procedure. Most on the Left properly posited the GOP needs a "lobotomy." The party has done nothing to advance its lack of diversity and seems to find inclusivity a major aversion. Manifestation of GOP and conservative America's lack of interest in diversity continued un-abetted and has become almost "in-your-face" as a lack of party diversity and lack of support for immigration reform. 

The following is what happens when a supposed leader like Priebus makes a proclamation. He had to know as he spoke he was spewing "Smoke in Mirrors." When offset by the reality of their congressional districts Fox News and Right-wing AM radio, the party continues down the path of what you are about to see. 

The annual Republican Ooozfest event CPAC, Conservative Political Action Committee, is in full ooze. We will spare the you the parade of ooze as I am sure you are seeing and hearing it via electronic media.  

Of much more importance is the progress of Priebus's (diversity) proclamation. GOP outreach doesn't seen to me going very well.  It seems the party's 92% white membership has not changed (and may have slipped to a higher figure). As indicated via media, evidence of a diversity paradigm shift among the 92% has remained steadfast. 

CPAC Minority OutReach
Big problem for GOP. Most important panel. Topic: minority outreach. View: largely empty room.

Mother Jones ‏@MotherJones Mar 6

RT @JohnJHudak Big problem for GOP. Most important #CPAC2014 panel. Topic minority outreach View: largely empty room

Steven Benen wrote for the Rachel Maddow Blog
Even before the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) got underway yesterday, it appeared the right had a diversity problem. Of the 25 confirmed speakers scheduled to take the big stage, 22 are men. What’s more, 19 are white.

But the underlying issue looked even worse after the event got underway. Brookings’ John Hudak published a fascinating report. 

Thursday afternoon, CPAC hosted a panel on GOP outreach into minority communities. The panel included Virginia Senate candidate Ed Gillespie and a panel of Republican political strategists: Jason Roe, Elroy Sailor, and Robert Woodson. The panel delivered a remarkably pointed review of GOP voter outreach (largely its failures) and explained, in very straightforward terms, how the party can (and must) do better.

However, the most revealing part of the experience was not what happened on stage, but what happened off stage, and reflects the national electoral struggles Republicans are facing.
Read more linked above

Of course, the various CPAC speeches are well attended with a standing room only crowd for Rand Pauls's "ooze." 

*Completely* packed house for Rand. Have not seen this many people for anyone else.

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Need say more?