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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

UPDATE: Fiorina Joins in.....The GOP Ignominious: Indiana Governor Mike Pence (R) Shows His True Homophobia; GOP Join-in

Embedded image permalinkA Homophobic GOP Twitter Gallery

Governor Pence comes forth on the Monday after his "D-DAY" Religious Freedom Law and his proud signing ceremony replete with three avowed anti-gay activist.

Pence the full seven minute press statement (excludes the Q and A) MSNBC excerpt....
Let’s also not forget that with several Republican presidential candidates endorsing the new law as-is, Pence isn’t doing the GOP’s 2016 field any favors by quickly looking to add “clarity” to the controversial anti-gay measure.


Pence is either completely misguided psychologically or he is doing what many in the GOP do routinely: lying. I posit the latter. He claims to have been dismayed by the tsunami reaction to his signing the bill into law, but he sat proudly with the three anti-gay activist.

Other attention seeking members of the party have also stepped-up.

Cruz stepped-up like a proud bigot with support for Pences actions well before Pence come forth today with a well rehearsed set of lines and strategic demeanor.
Of course, the ever opportunist Jeb Bush would waddle along like his older brother following Dick Cheney through years of political malfeasance.
And the Kentucky "Chameleon" Rand Paul speaks! DId Paul once claimed to be a Libertarian? If I am not mistaken about his past claims, it seems the political campaign has induced yet another Chameleon change in his colors (excuse the pun). Does Paul "The Younger" remain strong wand unwavering with any convictions?
A notieable absence of Marco Rubio in this Twitter Gallery was resolved today. Rubio, of course joined the chorus as a "full supporter" of Pence and the Religious Freedom Law. Notice Rubio also came-out in support before Pence stood before the press with a Donald Trump like show.

What about other GOP Presidential hopefuls. We know the long-shot candidate Ben Carson's position on the law. 

Since Carly Fiorina has indicated a 90% probability she will join the GOP fray, I wonder her position on the Pence D-Day signing and the Religious Freedom Law? (UPDATE BELOW) We await comment from the future candidate, but rest assured she will avoid the issue until forced to speakout.

Pence indicated over this past weekend he had no idea the signing of the law would generate the level of scope of reaction that has resonated. I suggest a resounding "poppycock." Checkout the net embed.

REALITY CHECK: Almost Every GOP-Controlled Red State May Roll Back LGBT Rights #BoycottIndiana
— The Baxter Bean (@TheBaxterBean) March 31, 2015

You will hear and read the Pence Law is a carbon copy of federal law from the 1990s.  A GOP lie hatched over the weekend that holds as much credibility as Reince Priebus declared the GOP would perform minority outreach and stop acting like the party of old angry white men. 

Update: Fiorina joins other GOP Presidential aspirants in criticizing the media and progressives instead of speaking out against potential discrimination. 

The Hill 

Fiorina denounces Indiana law 'frenzy'

They really do Lock-step very well.  


Pence Gets Burned By Stephanopoulos And Seeks Fox And Friends For Safe Harbor

Social engineering via religion

The tsunami following Indian Governor, Pence signing the states Religious freedom law continues with no subsiding in sight. In fact, the tsunami is battering the governor and the state unlike any political push back Richard Nixon refused to hand over audio tapes from his days in the White House. Actually, Pence and Indian are receiving more flak than the GOP garnered for shutting down the US government at $24 billion and more flak than Bush Cheney received for their failed 'white horse' crusade into Iraq. 

Pence is squirming like an Earthworm exposed to on hot pavement during a 100 degree afternoon. From multiple appearances on Sunday Morning news shows through an inordinate number of supportive pundits willingly accepting invitations on networks they would ordinarily avoid (e.g. MSNBC). You may have run across few examples of damaging control post Pence's signature, but if you did not sit and watch the following two minutes you "haven't seen anything yet."  (I prefer the much more colloquialism iteration of the previous, "You ain't' seen nothin yet." but I will leave the previous structure for those with more formal preferences).

George Stephanopoulos during the course of an eleven minute interview expended two full minutes trying to secure a "Yes" or "No" answer from Pence. The ABC Sunday morning show host asked the governor if he felt the law could be used to discriminate against the LGBT. His lack of response was the epitome of telling. He will provide a direct "yes' or "no" answer to avoid a public statement he knows is a lie. Moreover, he has to maintain a stern upholding of doctrine from those who offer millions to to fund right wing social dogma. One simply has to satisfy their customers.

Let's take a few minutes to review how the Right goes about transforming our social world. The following ABC interview is in stark contrast to what you will see in the second video. That video is from a episode of Pence with (what an apropos show title int his case) Fox And Friends. Do you see a major softball interview forthcoming? Rest assured the softball is not this interview.

ABC's Stephanopoulos delivers hardball questions to a squirming and stuttering governor. 

Mike Pence Runs To Fox For Damage Control Over 'Religious Liberty' Law
Indiana Gov. Mike Pence ran to the loving arms of Faux "news" this Tuesday to do some damage control -- following his disastrous interview with George Stephanopoulos -- where he was lobbed softballs and allowed to play the "I have one black friend" card when pretending his state's newly passed Religious Freedom Restoration Act isn't intended…

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Indiana Governor Turns Far Right, And Works To Explain "States Rights" Discrimination

Image via Newscom
Do you recall the following video piece of GOP bravado as the party (elected officials and anointed operatives) worked to placate their "dark money" oligarchs? Mike Pence (R) Ind. in 2011 was all about "Shut it down."  While the shutdown did not take place over issues promulgated by Pence in 2011, the GOP handed their key constituents (uber wealthy backers) a shutdown in 2013. The final $24 billion hit to the nation's GDP, during periods of focused efforts at improving the US economy, was not only irrational and politically obscene, it yielded not one iota of ransom to the GOP.

He, as Governor of Indiana, now faces businesses, previous lucrative business deals and investment opportunities leaning away from the state based on his signature on the Religious Freedom Law. The latest of 20 states with majority Republican political leadership leading in state sanctioned discrimination on the basis of religion.  Now Pence's 2011 stewardship in "Shut It Down," seems to have boomeranged from Indiana's step into GOP regression.

Yes, Pence was most vocal in "Shut it down." Aren't the nook and crannies of life amazing. Wonder if Pence knew his path to the White House would entail governorship of his southern state (Indiana) and an eventually blunder comparable to any from today's GOP? Last week, I awarded the Keystone Cop distinction to Washington States McMorris Rodgers and her ill-fated attempt to secure ObamaCare horror stories. Her Facebook requests resulted in comment after comment of support for the ACA and good American stories.

Happy Birthday ObamaCare via Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers!

Pence's social and political mis-step seems right out of the hyper Christian/homophobic paradigm of people who somehow continue to connect to the Religious Freedom Law. Pence leadership in the Religious Freedom Law, is no surprise base don his extremely tea party aura and obvious repressive core values. What does surprise is his eagerness to join solid Red States in passing such legislation knowing full well it will lead to various forms of discrimination. He followed the GOP script like a good soldier. Now think for a moment about Pence following a script that as Us President ordered via oligarch money brokers to drop bombs on a foreign land? A drastic example, yet nonetheless a real prospect with today's GOP and its deep pockets money-brokers.

Pence, is now working to "Clarify" the regressive law. CLARIFY? The "explaining" governor appeared on just about all Sunday Morning news show networks (except MSNBC, of course,) with far more than "Clarifying" remarks. I believe the ABC News segment best illustrates the ridiculousness of Pence and the ludicrous nature of his party ideology.

Anybody out there for some GOP "States Rights?"

(Note: three states with Religious Freedom Laws are not historic GOP states: Pennsylvania, Connecticut and rhode Island.)