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Friday, February 6, 2015

UPDATE: Iraq Helicopter Pilot Defended Brian Williams's Story, Also Lied! (NBC Investigates?)

As I developed this story yesterday, I watched as an alleged helicopter pilot, Rich Krell,  joined (Mr, Conservative) Jake Tapper in defense of Brian Williams's account of being shot down over Iraq.  My instincts regarding the report was, "I don't believe this guy."  My instincts proved as accurate as the 34 hour Greenwich clock. The guy is apparently a former military helicopter pilot, but the rest of his story rivals Williams's lie regarding the false claim. 

Helicopter pilot tells CNN Williams 'messed up': Rich Krell, who was piloting the Chinook that Williams was on, tells a different story than the crew members who spoke to Stars and Sripes.  
"Some of things he's said are not true. But some of the things they're saying against him are not true either," said Krell, who spoke exclusively to CNN on Thursday morning. 
UPDATE: Krell is no longer standing by this account. On Friday morning he told CNN: "I am questioning my memories." (full story) 
Krell explained that, contrary to Williams' comments in the past, there were three helicopters flying in close formation, not four.
"One of the birds broke down, so we were a flight of three," Krell said. "We were hauling metal bridges." 
Williams was in the back of Krell's aircraft along with three other NBC staffers. Krell referred to his Chinook as the "second bird" in the formation. The "first bird," right in front of the "second bird," was struck by the RPG.  
Due to his seat in the back, Williams was most likely unable to witness the RPG attack, Krell said.  
All three of the helicopters were hit by small arms fire, Krell said, supporting Williams' past claims about that.  
"The bridge expansions we were hauling took most of the hits," Krell said. 
The three Chinooks took evasive maneuvers. Krell's helicopter dropped off its payload, then met up with the other two about 45 minutes later. That may explain why the other crew members told Stars and Stripes that Williams arrived in the area later. 
Krell said of Williams, "Yeah, he messed up some things and said some things he shouldn't have. I [first] heard it a few years ago. ... Actually one of my flight engineers said, 'Did you hear him say that? Wasn't he on our bird?'"
Krell didn't seem overly bothered by Williams' revisionist history -- he chalked it up to wartime theatrics. "After a while, with combat stories, you just go 'Whatever,'" he said.
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CNN Brian Steltar joined a segment of CNN Newsroom earlier today and delivered a definitive narrative about Krell's recant.

You may have noticed Costello perform her patented, head to the side, frown lean forward: "why did he do that."

Of course, Steltar could not answer such a cognitively deficient question. There is no answer other than "Lies Begets Lies!" Krell stated he has been battling with his memory for 12 years. I find the statement preposterous and I find it seriously sad CNN continues to throw these non-credible unvetted characters on their air. Is the value of the scoop so cherished the network finds itself in the unenviable position of frequent back-tracks and clarifications?

It doesn't take much of an imagination to realize, someone got with Krell and called him out on his false support and possibly indicated a TV appearance to wipe his story clean?

If you have an additional moment allow me to take the matter one step farther. I notice an unbelievable lack on interest in the story during a related Williams "Lie"  Google search and as I reviewed related site visit data here on the TPI.  Is it possible speculation about NBC executive management's willingness to simply allow the Williams lie to pass into the archive of American reality TV? Is it possible American shave grown accustomed to embellishment and lies for media, the Williams episode isn't bothersome?

Pew Research and other survey authorities have published reports with indications Americans get most of their news via television.  US society really has diminished to a wading pool for Right-wing media operatives, if NBC employs a $10 million dollar per year news text reader who will openly lie on national TV while visiting Letterman. Political operatives who thrive off lies fed to you and me via electronic media and who welcome our indifference to veracity and truth.

It appears while keyboarding this piece, the story sharpens as NBC is reported to have opened an investigation into the Williams 'lie."


(“Used with permission from the TPM websites, a service of TPM Media)

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NBC Reportedly Investigating Brian Williams Over Bogus Iraq Story


AP Photo / Julio Cortez
NBC News assigned the head of its investigative unit to look into "Nightly News" anchor Brian Williams' statements about taking fire while reporting on the Iraq War, the New York Daily News and the Associated Press reported Friday.

Citing anonymous sources, both news outlets reported that Richard Esposito, a former Daily News editor who now heads up NBC's investigative unit, would lead the internal investigation.
Williams issued multiple apologies this week for repeatedly claiming he was aboard a helicopter that was forced down by enemy fire in Iraq in 2003.