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Sunday, October 8, 2017

White Supremacist Again Torchlight The Charlottesville Lee Statue

Of course, we are all too young to recall what follows. Hitler's torch night took place well before we were born, yet it stands as an epic reminder of what followed after such exhibitions and movements go unchecked.

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Photo published for Richard Spencer and other white nationalists march with torches in unplanned rally on Charlottesv...

The Daily Beast and other media are reporting on a second Charlottesville visit form white supremacist Richard Spencer and his band of modern day Nazis. 

While the torchlight visit to the Lee statue didn't include the more common display of Nazi flags, the sentiment is nonetheless alive and well.  Here is one image from the first statue march.

Related image  Image result for nazis in virginia

If you don't recognize the undercurrents of protest Donald Trump considers equally "bad" on both side, know only one side exposes that follows. The creator of the Confederate battlefield flag spoke and wrote openly about its genesis.

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The nation is experiencing shameful white supremacy and antisemitic proliferation during a time when the Jeff Sessions FBI aims at torching what some call the "black identity" movement.

Do you see the national sanctioning of racism? We are experiencing white supremacist and KKK members running rampant simultaneous the nation's top law enforcement agency strategizing against "Black Lives Matters."


Sunday, August 27, 2017

Propaganda White Supremacist (Alt-right) Style

The original misogynist play Internet games against the Antifa with you as their target

Have you seen the tweeter post (below) across the Internet?  If you haven't yet run across the Twitter post you are probably not one who visits Far-Right Nazi.white supremacists/ "alt-right" pages. You are certainly not linked to such pages or you would already serve as a conduit for propaganda from people who have an agenda.

The images in the tweets below are a clear case of Joseph Goebbels-like propaganda for the advancement of hatred and versions of conservatism. 

have a look and read via the BBC

A Twitter account from @Antifascist19 shows a photo of a battered woman with the text

If you contrast the fake reports and messages with what follows, you get a real inner core look into the very racism and misogyny imbued in what has come to be in the GOP and American conservatism.

In April of this year, one of the nation's upper echelon white supremacists was capture cold-cocking a woman anti-fascist protester  A real sucker punch he unloaded on the protester.  

Here is a bit more on the man who hit women.
The woman abuser is often pictured within an arms reach of white supremacists leader Richard Spencer.

Image result for richard spencercharlottesvilleImage result for richard spencercharlottesville

As we have moved through the various information tricks and propaganda for conservative America, it is important to know one aspect of it all. It works on the minds of Americans who have been conditioned to accept all things conservative regardless of the information source. If the message comes through Drudge, The Daily Caller, Hannity (and greater Fox News), Limbaugh and Levine. It works while servings as the top catalyst to elections of political figures like Donald Trump. 

The images from the tweets are of advertisements against woman abuse. The message works in recognizing and combating cases of domestic abuse; they also work for the white supremacists to impart false messages and deflection.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Conservatism Is, Like It Or Not, Fueling White Nationalism

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You may or may not fact, you probably do not know and probably do not care that Charles Barkley (known GOP supporter and former Pro basketball player) sat with White supremacist Richard Spencer for a discussion of Spencer's mission in advancing white supremacy.  Regardless of your awareness or concerns about the interaction and the interviews role in exploring growing American bigotry and racism, we perservere. We have posted a four-minute version of the interaction.

Barkley/Spencer 4:45 minutes

Now for a quick run through an ugly path of how overt racism looks.

This one is eight full minutes of utterance racism with an over the top layer of White privilege..and yes the man is a "Deplorable."

The Chicago Starbucks Racist.

Charleston, South Carolina
Image result for dylann roof

Dylann Roof: Charleston Church Shooter Gets Nine Life Sentences in ...

New York City
Image result for new york city racist murder

The Southern Poverty Law Center
2016 piece

And, since Trump ascended across the political landscape, would you expect an increase in white nationalism?  A piece in The Nation calls it as it exists.

Another shade of US racism, bigotry......


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We are not saying all conservatives are racist; we are comfortable with all racists are conservates.

When we elect people who fail to work towards a tolerant and healthy society we leave ourselves open for lessons of the past.