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Monday, August 15, 2016

Trump, The Polls, And Three Weeks Till Labor Day

Trump actually continued to rail about "the polls' as long as he faced other GOP hopefuls. He may have on occasion mentioned the polls as he moved away from the Primaries, but rest assured the "the polls" refrain has been scant from the lips of the New York City bloviator. 

Trump once stated he may leave the race should he start to slip in the polls. Of course, "leave the race" was carnival barking to drive sycophant supporters out to vote. But, there is the prospect the carnival barking Trump can not stomach that thought of losing the race in November. Time will tell, but you may have noticed Trumps' offspring are not appearing on camera these days and you certainly haven't heard the word "polls" from Trump's mouth. 

The Five Thirty-Eight Blog posted a caution to all media about early exuberance and counter chagrin regarding the early polls. The message was, in essence, it is too early to consider 2015 polling relevant.

Let's take a quick journey through the reasons for Trump's aversion to "the polls."  Our journey has to start with trump's number one spokesperson incompetent: Katrina Pierson. 

"..forget the polls, Trump has huge crowds." Well, yes he is a celebrity, and some of those in the audience may complete polls with expressions of no interest in a Trump vote

All national polling shows Clinton holding various percentage leads over Donald Trump. The polling data speaks volumes as to why Trump hasn;t uttered the words "the polls" for many weeks (maybe even months).  Trum[p in his inimitable way could help but rub "the poll's in the faced of his 17 Gop primary candidates while failing to realize once, outside the GOP far right base, polling would swing moderately. The moderate swing took place the June party conventions and after the events that moderate swing trended towards double digit polling numbers across the nation.

Why do Republicans so often fail to realize braggadocio for a period could very well equal heartbreak during subsequent periods?  Sir Isaac Newton put it best.

It takes a small thinker who lacks any sense of 'things to come' to fall into the fact of reality and its pendulum swings. Trump certain bit into the proverbial apple, and no he can't utter the words "the polls."  But, never fail, all republicans can rest assured rightwing media and social media will come tot he rescue.  Breitbart dot com undertook a poll to refute all national polling showing their candidate trailing as if a chemtrail from a high flying jet.

Breitbart editor-in-chief Alex Marlow explained in a statement accompanying the survey that the site would launch its own series of polls to provide “an accurate assessment” of the 2016 race. 
“It’s an open secret that polls are often manipulated and spun to create momentum for a particular candidate or issue,” Marlow said. “Breitbart News Network’s first national poll marks the start of a major initiative to give our readers an accurate assessment on where the American people stand on the key topics and people of the day — without the mainstream media filter.”

Let's do that last sentence again.
“Breitbart News Network’s first national poll marks the start of a major initiative to give our readers an accurate assessment on where the American people stand on the key topics and people of the day — without the mainstream media filter.”
Even Breitbart should have know better. 

The writers and  editors at Breitbart worked as if overheated Beavers to spin the survey results for a good showing from Trump, but the bottom-line effort to refute mainstream media (As Breitbart call3es it) polling data.  

Breitbart dot com excerpt:
Democratic nominee Hillary R. Clinton leads in a four-way contest with 42 percent of the vote, compared to Donald J. Trump with 37 percent, Libertarian Gary Johnson with 9 percent, and 3 percent for Green Party nominee Dr. Jill Stein, according to a Breitbart/Gravis national poll conducted Aug. 9 with 2,832 likely voters.
The remainder of the piece is linked here. If you decide to read the rest of the piece be prepared for a great deal of Breitbart spin. 

Rather than expend time sorting through various polls and posting graphics some find abhorrent, let's defer to posting links with various perspectives on Trump Vs Hillary Clinton polling.

You Gov cbs-battleground-florida-georgia-new-hampshire/

NBC News election/four-takeaways-latest-battleground-polls-n629536

Syracuse dot com ny_poll_hillary_clinton_surges_to_30-point_lead_over_donald_trump.html

US News donald-trumps-loss-in-november-is-written-in-the-polls

NBC News clinton-surges-past-270-electoral-votes-nbc-news-battleground-map-n630851

We are reading and hearing reliable polling is still weeks away. Well, we have moved to the middle of August with GOP and print media editors giving Trump until Labor Day to turn things around. It should be noted Labor Days is a mere three weeks away. Is there a sane person who may read this who actually believes Trump will enact a turnaround in the next three weeks?


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

GOP Surrogacy Foretells Political Horror (Trump's House)

Yesterday we published a piece about the incompetent state of Donald Trump's top national spokesperson. Katrina Pierson ineptly followed the obvious strategic response to Trump's horrific attacks on a "gold star" family who's son died in Iraq. The strategy, deflect any and all opportunities to answer questions about Trump's disgusting attack with rhetoric about President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Why do Trump and his circus show surrogates play us so cheaply? The answer is simple: the campaign is shallow and their candidate is void of substance. Moreover, Trump seems to have only employed a handful of qualified political campaign professionals; and he doesn't listen to any advice or counsel from those hires. Competent political operatives would have developed a far more effective response to the political feces left by their out of control boss. Trump shallowness breeds public shallowness and embarrassing situations. Blaming Obama and Clinton is as shallow as a sidewalk tadpole pool.

The blame Obama and Clinton strategblew upup in the face of Pierson while responding to a battery of questions from CNN's Wolf Blitzer. Herewith is the piece published yesterday: When Trump Surrogate National. spokesperson drowns in that tadpole pool.

After the Wolf Blitzer segment, he returned from commercial break and immediately address the fallacy of Pierson's remarks. Actually, Blitzer should have been adroit and informed enough to have performed an instant correction.  But, that would remind of a reach back to times when television news was actually delivered by journalists.  Without question, Blitzer received the correction via his production team and probably was ordered to offer the correction. Of course, you knew CNN wouldn't allow Blitzer's post commercial correction to pass.

Pierson's need to speak about her incompetent statement, CNN's thrill for "exposure news", and the possible need for CNN's management to address the issue after its previous airing, led to an on-camera segment this morning.

The video above leaves the message we wanted to impart via this piece.  We will remind you that Trump will take people such as Peirson into the Whtie House should he win the general election this fall. Incompetent from the top down is unacceptable such incomeptence in the White House is a nation killer.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Palin Goes After Obama While Deflecting From Sons Drunken Arrest

Trump's has a new talking head campaigner Sarah Palin.  The dimwit conservative addressed  her sons' obvious social issues (guns, victim abuse and drunkenness) via attacking President Obama?  

Interestingly, Palin could not take the same approach to cover for poorly raised kids with her and her daughters drunkenness in that now famous Alaska brawl.  A brawl that led to a bloody nose for Palin's husband and these pictures. 


Why is it the vast majority of Americans live the full span of life without such drunken incidents. Nonetheless, let's lay the son's social deprivation on Obama.

Herewith is an abbreviated White House Infographic regarding Administration support for Veterans.

Veterans & Military Families
Infographic: How we're supporting our veterans

Let's take a run through Politifact and its Obameter on  Vets Promises.

The Washington Post in 2014 published a piece about resentment to President Obama's Jobs Initiative for hiring returning Vets.  Needless, to say the majority fo resentment and public comment in resistance came from Republicans.

It will be simply great to have Palin campaigning for Trump! StumbleUpon

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Trump's "Ship em South" via Ike: Operation Wetback

When will the GOP come to grips with their extreme racism, bigotry and horrific perception of the United States?

Reince Priebus praised the fourth GOP debate as a model of debate format and moderation. 
How sad is Priebus? 

Since we have posted about the Tuesday night debate, allow me to add to the disgust of the GOP.

Donald Trump took exception to a comment from former Governor Kasich and reported as such.

NBC News

If you want a bit more about yet another example of why I cannot and never will call America an "exceptional" nation, follow the links below.

NPR's Three Things to know about Operation Wetback.

WIKI.... of particular interest: 

Implementation and tactics


RNC Chair Lauds Fox News Business Debate. Guess Why?

Rience Priebus spoke after the GOP debate last night about how the debate was the model for the perfect debate format and moderation.  Allow a quick showing of why the RNC Chair went there with his lauding the forum.

Watch from the 21:00 mark through the 23:10 mark. Fiorina was asked about the fact that the US performs much better from a jobs perspective under Democrats than Republican administrations. watch Fiorina's response She flat-out avoided the question, and the moderator simply moved on without calling her out.

 Of course, you know why she avoided the question?

A little something for our moneyed readers.

If the RNC is seeking to shape the messages from its lying and evasive candidates, it should seek all debates on Fox News Business.   The moderators were clearly on a mission to offer the perfect platform for GOPism and the moderators did so without serious probing of any points. 

Watch as a well-known anti-Administration/anti-Obama host Maria Bartiromo stretches and burst the limit of credibility with her 40% employment question. 

Fox Business' Maria Bartiromo Pushes Myth That "Almost 40 Percent Of Americans Are Without A Job" 
Exaggerated Unemployment Figure Includes Children, Retirees, College Students, And Stay-At-Home Parents 

From the November 10 edition of Fox Business' Republican Presidential Candidates Debate:


MARIA BARTIROMO (MODERATOR): Governor Bush, almost 40 percent of Americans are without a job and are not looking. Many have given up. That's what the participation rate tells us. You've said your policies will drive the economy back to four percent growth, which we haven't seen since the year 2000. What specific regulations would you change, and how will that lead to jobs and growth?
Bartiromo knows the details of her 40% leading question.  In fact, the question wasn't so much a debate query it was misleading information for the viewing public. Thus, a direct example of why Priebus and his candidates want a forum that facilitates misinformation. I suspect only Donald Trump and Ben Carson were unaware the Bartiromo's query was a conservative message to LIVs (low information voters). 
Posted by Americans United Against T-Bagging John Birch Society Shit Talkers on Tuesday, November 10, 2015
Politifact offers a fact check on Carson's continued lying. We, actually Carson is simply doing the "Fake It To Make It" thing. He really has no idea of which he speaks.  
At tonight's debate, Ben Carson said raising the minimum wage will increase joblessness. That's False.

Who does he think he is fooling with this? 
Rand Paul's commented Income Inequality is worse in Blue states Vs. Red states. 
Paul outed Trump's rhetoric as nothing more than rhetoric.
Ouch, It took Rand Paul speaking up to clarify that China is not in fact part of the TPP. Posted by Ezra Klein on Tuesday, November 10, 2015 

Marco Rubio received heavy applause first he predominate white and upper-aged audience when we made the completely false statement about difference income between welders and philosophers. It should be noted President Obama has been a major proponent of vocational education since the first days of his Presidency.  

During the GOP debate Marco Rubio made the claim that "welders make more money than philosophers." That's not exactly true.
Must read
Fact check!

Rubio said "We need more welders" because they earn more than "philosophers."Turns out that's not the case. 
Cruz cut five Federal agencies and only names four.


Trumpisms...I am not so sure it was a Trump crowd at all. 
Instead of raising wages, Trump says people "have to go out, they have to work really hard."

The very, very rich Donald Trump thinks you're too rich.

Trump said that trade imbalance between U.S. and China tops $500 billion. Mostly False.

Oh yeah, because that makes soooooo much sense.
Posted by If You Only News on Tuesday, November 10, 2015
He's wrong! Go figure.
Posted by If You Only News on Tuesday, November 10, 2015
So, this is the forum conservatives and the RNC seek?