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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Right-wing Media And Pundits Seize On White House CIA Operative Blunder

Valerie Plame (Former CIA Outed 
Via Bush operatives)
 and Husband Joe Wilson

Valerie Plame: Congressional hearing
PT 1
PT 2
In 2003, the Bush Administration busied with historic "charge to war" malfeasance that not only led to thousands of deaths, many more thousand sufferers of maiming and disabilities, a ruined US economy and no bid contracts for Halliburton (former CEO Dick Cheney), and led to Executive Branch 'outing' a CIA asset: Valerie Plame. Right-wing media are feeding their sycophants with all sorts of garbage related to the inadvertent release of a CIA official assigned to duty in Afghanistan. The opportunity to directly address Right-wing communication operatives and their mission against the Obama Administration is stifled by the need to spend a few minutes as follows.

I once thought the American public possessed effective memory and good judgment when matters of state reached the point of grave acts and major revelations. My naivety has been hit with "in-your-face" reality, after current issues regarding NSA monitoring of Meta-data and related monitoring (commence in 2001 and published via the USA Today in 2006) continues to boil-over with millions exalting Edward Snowden as a hero.  

My naivety has, via the current flap over the criminal acts of VA Hospitals, been scrubbed across my psyche comparable to that of an embarrassed kid when faced with the reality that really smart girl down the street just defeated me in a game of marbles. Moreover, she then owned my favorite "Cats eye"  specimens. I assumed the American public was aware of problems with the VA and fully aware of Veteran complaints about poor service or the lack of service. While the current investigation is yielding horrors, why are we amazed? Did you feel Veteran complaints were unfounded?  

My naivety is embarrassing; naivety that led to reflection of reminders Bush/Rove/Scooter Libby and Ari Fleischer (CNN's Fleischer) were instrumental in retribution against an active CIA operative because her husband would not lie about Uranium (in Niger) for Saddam's  WMD . CBS Linked here. Joe Wilson and 30 seconds via the old and credible 60 Minutes)

A bit of background information before we follow Media Matters via a detailed and thorough piece regarding Right-wing trumpeting VA failures as political fodder. 
Media Matters

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