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Monday, March 10, 2014

Obama Derangement Syndrome As Political Fodder And A Danger To The Nation

Image: Mark Martizne Show

I often refer to Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS). You know the phenomenon, either from observation, as a victim, or as one who contracted the angst filled (psychological) state around November 5th, 2008. 

If you are of the latter grouping, your mental state took a pathological turn for the worse on January 20th, 2009: Inauguration Day. And, the angst has metastasized to your very core. You are not one of the victims as GOP and conservative policy/practice have not led to deprivation via... 
  • denied unemployment benefits 
  • denied opportunity for healthcare
  • denied jobs 
  • suffered reduced SNAP benefits
  • loss a job resultant from anti-public service policy 
  • denied benefits as a veteran or active duty non-commissioned military family
You may be one who anxiously awaits daily broadcast of Fox News Obama hatred and may have devolved, as has so many on the right, to a state of Vladimir Putin worship. You may even find the Conservative Political Action Committee, CPAC, annual event an exercise in healthy politics as opposed to a far right-wing oozfest. An "oozfest" that ended this past week with a keynote speaker who so obviously has limited intellect. So much for the disjointed communication and 'quippishnes' of Sarah Palin.

There are some who speak out against ODS. We recently ran across a couple of anti-ODS people. One was broadcast on CNN and the other may have surprised Fox New producers as he spoke with Chris Wallace earlier today. 

From the March 7 edition of CNN's Crossfire: Paul Regala (stand-in) co-host.
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