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Friday, September 4, 2015

The TPI Morning Gazette: O'Reilly, Black Lives Matter, Roland Martin, Fox News, Trump

Non-Progressive News...

What happens when a multi-millionaire Fox News demagogue and chief bloviator literally attacks and threatens to dismantle "Black Lives Matter?"  In addition to the Fox News mouthpiece making a fool of himself outside of the Fox News audience, and specifically his audience, he runs the risk of drawing a responses from other television new hosts...who happen to be 'black."

ROLAND NAILED IT !!! THANK U !Posted by Cut-n-Edge Cartoons on Wednesday, September 2, 2015

We realize Fox News has to provided daily Obama hating substance to its viewers, but one would think even Fox News producers would respect their audience enough to fact check a bit before developing an over-the-top 'false story." 
Obama publicly condemned violence against police officers as "completely unacceptable" and "an affront to civilized society," which Fox hosts would know if they turned on a real news channel.Posted by Americans United Against T-Bagging John Birch Society Shit Talkers on Thursday, September 3, 2015
From a fake story to one that sheds more light on the highly doctored video from anti-abortion activists and their dedicated propaganda network: Fox News.
Even a Fox analyst admits these videos attacking Planned Parenthood are BS. Here's everything you need to know: by Media Matters for America on Wednesday, September 2, 2015

We really must visit with a recent case of Donald Trump Storm Troopers.
Donald J. Trump guard accused of hitting protestor.. .
Posted by Mediaite on Thursday, September 3, 2015

Donald Trump borrows Sarah Plain;s claim of the "Gotcha Question."

Now, let's visit that all to familiar refrain from conservative politicians who cannot answer question critical to understanding the depth and scope of their potential to serve the nation.  The ever-present assertion of "gotcha question." If you think for a bit the existence of the fictional "gotcha question" wouldn't be a deflection tool if the person could answer the question.

As we considered media, have we developed to a point of host interviewers only offering platforms for interviewees to babble uninterrupted about nothingness. 

As you consider an interview with a right wing radio host and Donald Trump, know the aftermath of the interview included Trumps claims of "Gotcha." But, notice the very first question from Hugh Hewitt instantly generated a quick lie from Trump. His response was "YYYYYYEEEEEESSSS" as he contemplated not knowing the person of which Hewitt posed the question. The first response was to lie and after realizing a followup quest would follow, what does the carnival barker do, he reports with a form of question or Trump sought a clarification that would give him the answer.

Net-Net Trump labelled Hewitt a "Gotcha Guy":  and ,of course, Trumps minions are following suit.

US Media has no viable relationship to past news media and the few conglomerates who own the full measure of US media care nothing about presetting pure garbage to viewers. Any network that will give Dick Cheney time to sit on-air and spew inane babble about the world crisis and "WMD", is a network that has no respect for its high information viewers. That said a number of cable networks are doing just that and I suspect over the coming weekend viewers who care to watch will be offered mega doses of a man who is literally responsible to the strife that is engulfing the entirety of the Middle East and Northern Africa.
Cheney’s claim that non-nuclear weapon countries cannot enrich uranium for peaceful purposes struck us as dubious. It was. False, says PunditFact. by PolitiFact on Thursday, September 3, 2015

Editor's Choice

Ezra Klein's Vox 
Make no mistake: This is a situation where there is a right thing to do. And we are not doing it.

Posted by Ezra Klein on Thursday, September 3, 2015

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

More Racism From the Trump Arena (Pundits Launches Racially Charged Comments)

During the 2012 presidential campaign, Mitt Romney apparently hired a few advisers campaigns managers who felt playing the race card in England, on CNN and Fox News would incite white people to vote for their candidate. The racism exhibited by the advisers became items of scorn by English press and literally cast a negative light on those who appeared on US new casts. 

It is unfortunate, Donald Trump opened his quest for the GOP nomination via playing a deep race card against Latinos and the country of Mexico. He accurately drew from his success as the nation's number one 'birther' and energized an army of fellow bigots and racist who cling to Trump as a form of white nationalist spokesperson.   

As campaigns go, what is the best way to maintain and, or capture more interest? Answer: Unleash even more racially charged mouthpiece pundits via social media. The latest example of a Trump barrage with a racist warhead is posted via Mediaite below.

Stone is a pundit and probably not employed by Trump (at this time). Yet, his comments are revealing. What is it about the Trump arena that has one of its circus three tings labelled "racially intolerant." Stone's remarks are over the top racist. He reaches to slap at the Latino conservative pundit (Navarro) via use of his issues with national media employing black contracted contributors. "Quota Hire" regarding Ronald Martin, formerly of CNN, is wrought with white privilege and over flowing with racism. The remarks seem to indicate, a major news network will only hire an African-American or Latina contributor to satisfy a quota. Think for a moment, is it an offense to white America that a network will seek a segment perspective from a person who is of color? Martin more often than not contributed opinion regarding politics with far fewer comments related to issues of race. Is there a sentiment that media should not hire people of color?

We know and recognize conservative America once brandished the term "Quota" as integral to its southern strategy politicking. We also recognize the "dog whistle" phrase energizes readers or listeners inclined to share "whites only" views.  A relevant question is, what sort of America would we have if people close to the President of the United States harbor such views? Let's not forget Trump gave a "you're fired" to a campaign staffer last week. 

Campaign team members and associated staff become White House Staff!


Roland Martin Fires Back At Trump Adviser Who Called Him a ‘Quota Hire’

Political pundit Roger Stone is a longtime supporter of Donald Trump, and frequently appears on TV to defend his controversies and push his platforms. On July 28, Stone tweeted that political contributorAna Navarro and NewsOne Now host Roland Martin were only hired by CNN in order to fulfill “quotas”:
Ana Navarro the dumbest person on TV since CNN fired moron @rolandmartin - both quota hires
So called political analyst Anna Navarro is literally a moron. ?
(Navarro is still with CNN, Martin left in 2013.)
When Martin found out about this on Tuesday, he took to Twitter and unloaded in an extensive rant against Stone:
I laugh at despicable people like @RogerJStoneJr. They think calling me & @ananavarro a racial quota hire causes pain. I LAUGH at him.
Sorry @RogerJStoneJr. I have self-esteem. I know my worth. I know my value. Punks like you can’t reduce my 24-year career to quotas.
As Martin went on he started to bring in outside references. First, he compared Stone to Sam Nunberg, a former Trump campaign adviser who was after being connected to racist Facebook posts. Martin expressed his thoughts that it won’t take long for Stone’s remarks to be recognized as racist, and that he will soon be fired as well:

So @realDonaldTrump has already fired one racist campaign aide this week. He needs to now fire despicable @RogerJStoneJr.
Martin then compared the situation to the film Django Unchained, aligning himself with the titular protagonist who struggles to get the better of a ruthless slave owner:
.@RogerJStoneJr, I’m that Black guy who isn’t afraid of punks like you. You’re Mr. Candy. I’m Django. I’m a free Black man. Deal with it!
Finally, Martin pointed to Brad Nagel, another Trump aide who came under scrutiny today for connections to posts that described President Obama as a Nazi and that his supporters were his zombified drones.
ANOTHER racist working for @realDonaldTrump busted! Trump Staffer Caught Sharing Racist Memes on Facebook... 
Navarro has yet to respond to Stone’s comments.
[h/t Media Matters]
[Image via Facebook / Twitter]
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Thursday, April 18, 2013

TPI Commentary and Jon Stewart: CNN ... The Bad, The Sad and The Ugly

The following piece was in part compiled from Raw Story and Democracy Now webpages.

Jon Stewart screenshot

The Raw Story published a page regarding CNN's extreme blunders on April 17th, 2013. The network along with Fox News reported an arrest related to the Boston Marathon bombings.  CNN actually reported arrest and arraignment via the network's new host Chris Cuomo, Anderson Cooper and a female special analyst. I did not catch the female reporters name, but we certainly noticed an annoying style of reporting regarding her on-air persona and she was overbearing in her analysis via consistently interrupted both Cuomo and Anderson in mid-thought and mid-sentence. The CNN and Fox reports seemed so credible gawking crowds formed at the location of the 'phantom' arraignment. 

CNN's most conservative on-air personality, John King, erroneously reported about the arrest of an alleged suspect (See video below).  While, it did not surprise me King would go there (The Sad). He did surprise on how he reported the ethnicity (skin color) of the phantom suspect and the obvious zeal of his report (The Bad). Notice the word "zeal" not the word "glee."  King's comment brought to mind another episode that took place in Boston many years ago. His report reminded of police officers who incessantly reported the description of a "phantom" robber who hijacked a vehicle with husband and pregnant wife.  A hijacker, according to the husband, shot the wife and wounded him in the torso. You know the story. The husband had driven the wife to a remote spot in the city, shot her dead and self-inflicted a gunshot wound to his torso.  King brought back memories (The Ugly) and deep concern for eroding credibility at CNN.  

Why did King and his alleged source find it so necessary at that stage in the tragedy to identify based on race?  Why was it critical to exonerate any and all consideration of a white suspect?  Why practice innuendo reporting? The suspect may actually have skin color that is other than white skin.  But, I need help understanding King's relevance and timing along with the inaccurate reporting of an arrest.

How about a journey through the latest case of erroneous reporting from CNN?  I will return after the CNN video. 

Over the past few years, it has been apparent CNN is consciously moving to more conservative slants on news coverage.  Their very public claim of 'middle of the road" and "neutral reporting" are nothing more than advertising "puffery"?  When news producers choose stories that appeal more to the political and social Right, as has CNN over the recent past, the network is clearly competing against the number one cable news network: Fox News. 

Network producers at times appear to report chosen stories with what appears to be a slant that leans overwhelmingly conservative vs. neutral.  If you doubt my commentary here, take a read a.) Media Matters,  b.) The Blaze (Quirky Bill Nye report), c.) Media Matters (CNN reports on Climate Change with frequent omissions of emission as a possible contributing cause). It appears CNN avoids or "shortchanges" reports on some issues important to progressives and world climates with clear bias.

Jeff Zucker
Should the network join Fox News in clear reporting with a slant to the Right? A question I cannot answer, but a question that sheds light on  quest for ratings, sponsorship and political preferences on the networks management (especially the new president: Zucker). Let's face it, if the NRA can induce senators to ignore the will of 90% of the population on gun control measures (background checks), does it surprise a network would strive for viewers without regard for fair reporting?

We also question the networks appearing to move Right via its obvious and new staffing model. Reason for the following on-air changes are not known to us at this time. If reasons are not given, and there is no reason for the network to do so, frankly, we tend to draw to conclusions or surmise based on opinion. In either case, our conclusions are far less than complimentary. The network taken certain personalities either off live tv or terminated contracts in others:
• Donna Brazile (Democratic Party strategist and former CNN progressive pundit). 

• Roland Martin (Democratic pundit to the "max" and guilty of a homophobic Twitter a few moths ago. Still a competent advocate for the Administration).

• Soledad O'Brien (Extremely competent network journalist who during the last presidential campaign asked stinging questions. We suspect she took the Right far too much to task for the current CNN News model. Some right-wing surrogates and pundits as well as Romney officials left her interview visibly upset with some questioning and on-air disagreement). 

• Ali Velshi (While probably coincidental Velshi was the one CNN Money host and reporter who never once took the Administration to task for how they handled the economy. He often openly refuted conservative demagoguery with facts and data. He also was not hesitant too applaud Administration efforts to improve the economy. As stated, it could be coincidental that Velshi has left CNN. In fact, he may have left CNN for a better "Deal" (employment), but since we do not have information, we can only surmise.
There is one significant common trait among the four hosts and pundits who are no longer employed with CNN. They posited, questioned and provided information that came across as fair to the Administration and progressive in scope and detail. (One clarification, Roland Martin appears to continue with a column on CNN Dot Com).

Question for you. When I stated one common trait among the personalities no longer employed by CNN, what was your first thought? Ah, interesting, eh? "Perception is reality!"

CNN's bumbling and misinformation yesterday does not come as a surprise. The network is working to remove itself from the number three cable news network. Network management is obviously working to appeal to people with a slant towards the Right. So far, the network is failing regarding credible neutral reporting.  John King's escapades of yesterday is so reminiscent of Fox News I actually had to check to ensure was not watching Fox.

Lets see how Howard Kurtz handles his network's April 17th blunders during his Reliable Sources show this Sunday. The name of Kurtz's show should force addressing John King's reporting. If he chooses not to address the misinformation regarding an arrest and Kings choice to go racial with his reporting we might have a cosigning stamp on my thoughts of CNN's efforts to appeal to the Right.

So much for the TPI and our perspective on CNN and its stumbling moves to the Right, let's see how a real professional handles the April 17, 2013 CNN fiasco.

Leave it to Jon Stewart to pace 'sweet' icing on the cake!