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Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Ron Paul In Defense of Putin And Ukrainian Separartist

For some reason Ron "Legalize Heroin" Paul is again on the conservative talking-head circuit.  

Life for the rest of this year, or at least until the November Mid-term Elections will be hard to stomach. Sarah Palin is filling the airways with her exclusive brand of Frankenstein Monster drivel. Alan West is filling clean-air with complete insanity on any topic he feels will garner attention. Rick Santorum continues on his anti-gay crusade. Newt Gingrich is fanning the fires of combat between Rand Paul and Chris Christie. I might even have heard Herman Cain may come out of obscurity for a run for the GOP nomination. And, as per our lede above, Paul is on the "Zany Trail" with thought and rhetoric only concoct-able via the mind of Ron Paul.

Before, The Raw Story piece, below, let's refresh on Dr. Paul.

I probably never used those words, you put those words someplace..."  What? 

Another crack at the whacked out one from Chris Matthews, MSNBC.  Do you think the man could simply answer the questions? Why does he and his some have deep issue with answering questions?

On Paul and Edward Snowden. It should be noted we heard not one word from either Paul after the 2001 commencement of INTEL activities out of the 9/11 attacks. I do not recall any Ron Paul response to the 2006 revelations of  monitoring facilities shared by the NSA and AT&T (in San Francisco).

Yet, a convenient truth regrading US INTEL provided the Ron Paul admirer, Snowden, and the shifty and evasive Paul opportunity to make a flawed political argument.  He argues that he fears for Snowden's life because the US government might kill him with a cruise missile or drone.  WHAT?

He supports his argument with common Libertarian rhetoric and typical Paul zaniness via positing about the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution. Isn't it amazing conservatives argue for strict interpretation of the Constitution when they wish to advance their positions. When is the last time, and how many times, have you heard an American conservative yelling about the unfulfilled verbiage related to the American Revolution that reads, "All men are created equal?"  

Paul yelps and rants about US extra judicial executions against an American citizen who via the Internet exhorted and recruited potential combatants against the US. His argument by extrapolation also includes US citizens who have journeyed to the war zones to join Al Qaeda and other anti-US militant groups.  Am I to think it wrong for the US military and INTEL agencies to take them out before they are turned into individual carriers and deliverers of ordinance for killing and maiming US citizens? 

Would Paul speak unfavorably if actionable INTEL yielded information that could have prevented Timothy McVeigh's attack on the Oklahoma City Federal Building? How about actionable INTEL that could have prevented the Boston Marathon Bombing? The perpetrators in both massacres could have been stopped via extra judicial execution. Would you have pushed the button to stop either attack before petitioning a US Court? Yes, Paul's drivel is hard to take and even harder to understand.

While some can sit for hours and listen to Ron Paul's sophisms, and zaniness, know the video is a bit long. But, his true flavor is only revealed if you give a few minutes for absorption of his complete mind-blowing gobbledygook.

Ron Paul Worried US  Might Kill Snowden With A Drone......

OK, so Paul as a libertarian icon spews wackiness with each public appearance. Therefore, we should not in any way be surprised he has come to the defense of Putin and Ukrainian rebels regarding the death of Malaysian Airlines #17 and the deaths of all aboard. 

MH17: ‘Who Would Benefit The Most?’ – Ron Paul

Paul responds to questions from Newsmax with answers that can only come from his wacky brain. "....who would benefit most?"  

A competent and seriously probing interviewer would have immediately asked Paul: "Well Dr. Paul, who is on record for total glee about shooting down Ukrainian military planes within the past two weeks?" Even the twisted and evasive Paul would be hard pressed to disavow the fact Ukrainian "separatist" and select appointees from Moscow perpetrated the acts of war. Paul doesn't even allow his mind to venture into an inept mistaken downing of the plane by Putin supported operatives.  Or, quite probably Paul's love fest with Putin simply blocks him from rational thought regarding the now deceased MH#17 and all aboard. 

‘Who Would Benefit The Most?’

Alas, again we error. We posited from the premise Newsmax is about true journalism. We also failed to recognize delivery of messages, no matter how zany, to conservative viewers means Paul fulfilled his role admirably.

Give The Raw Story (Newsmax) piece a read and watch.

Ron Paul defends Putin over downed Malaysian plane: He’s ‘smarter than that’

By David Edwards Sunday, July 20, 2014 15:40 EDT
Ron Paul speaks to MSNBC
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Former Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) recently defended Russian President Vladimir Putin against critics in the United States who had said that he was complicit in the deaths of nearly 300 people because because Russian weapons were likely used to shoot down a Malaysian Airlines plane. 
“Everybody’s angling to propagandize and make their position known,” Paul told Newsmax on Friday. “So, I think it would be unwise to say, ‘The Russians did or the Ukraine government did it or the rebels did it.’” 
“Who would benefit the most from this? And of course, if it’s blamed on Russia, then of course, the Ukraine government would get the most benefit,” he explained. “Since Russia would have the least benefit, I think Putin is a little bit smarter than that. I don’t think he would ever come close to participating in act like this.”
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Nut Case!


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Snowden: The Facade, Mirage or Oasis That Harms The Nation (Video)


Edward Snowden's unique timing on his defection  (to where ever he lands) is intriguing, interesting and almost predictable.

The People's View recently published a series of pieces about Snowden and what amounts to his personal war against the Obama Administration. Snowden is no deeply principled ideologue.  His affinity for libertarian-ism is as telling as his lack of scruples and credibility regarding a 'top secret' security clearance.  His is in fact a criminal and by the nature of his acts a defector without a country.  The People's View links are embedded in a piece we developed about the nation's most recent defector. 

The defector is also the 'Perfect Storm" of divisiveness regarding his actions.  Many liberals are lauding Snowden as a 'hero"; some anti-administration conservatives (like Ron "Legalize Heroin" Paul) are referring to Snowden as a patriot. Paul has also publicly suggested that more NSA analyst and technician join Snowden in the annual of us history as espionage agents.   Does the most public libertarian hate the government so much, he would "will" national security secrets to the hands of the Chinese and the Russians?   Another phenomena surrounding the Snowden defection: Bi-partisanship somewhere between the two extremes delineated above.

The Snowden episode was born of a reporter from The Guardian Newspaper. Glenn Greenwald must share Snowden's hatred of the US government and appears to have some sort of like affinity for libertarianism.  He works for a credible news source, but gave The Guardian a soiled story. Soil sometimes begets soil.  

John Avlon, CNN Reliable Sources, broadcast a segment about The Guardian and The Observer's handling of the Snowden story.  Apparently, the Brits are continuing to publish pieces without assurance of veracity in their sources.

CNN, Reliable Sources.
July 7th, 2013
08:44 PM ET

UNreliable Sources

Michael Moynihan and John Avlon discuss The Observer’s questionable story on European officials who has allegedly reached a secret deal with the NSA to turn over private data to the United States.

And, the saga continues.

The Facade, Mirage or Oasis?  You choose.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Edward Snowden vs.National Security

PHOTO: Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis, 21, a Bangladeshi national, allegedly parked a van filled with what he believed to be 1,000 pounds of explosives outside the building in Lower Manhattan near the New York Stock Exchange, and was arrested after h
"lone wolf," Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis 
National Security Director, Gen. Keith Alexander, during morning testimony before the House Intelligence Committee expanded on this earlier comments that at least twenty terrorist plots had been thwarted via meta-data monitoring security measures.

As Edward Snowden continues his fanciful self-indulgent protest against the United States, security officials are being forced to address the most critical security measures in our nation.  Our national security could be placed in the 'compromised' category,  for no purpose beyond 
fervor about programs that have existed since the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center.  As President Obama sat for a 45 minute interview with PBS Charlie Rose, it isn't a stretch to imagine the extent to which his security team is working to show transparency while simultaneously working in the background on shoring up Snowden's misguided defector's comments (and details). 

Alexander referenced even more plots foiled by Meta-data gathering. He testified about 50 such plots with a specific reference to an October , 2102 plot. 

ABC News 


Authorities today arrested a "lone actor" who thought he was about to blow up the Federal Reserve Bank in New York City's crowded Financial District on behalf of al Qaeda but instead discovered he was the target of a law enforcement sting.
Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis, 21, a Bangladeshi national, allegedly parked a van filled with what he believed to be 1,000 pounds of explosives outside the building in Lower Manhattan near the New York Stock Exchange, and was arrested after he tried to detonate the "bomb" with a cellphone. Officials say there was never any danger to the public.

According to the Washington Post, Alexander expounded on his assertion that the programs have saveD lives, foiled terror plots, and resulted in convictions of combatants.
“Those 50 cases right now have been looked at by the FBI, CIA and other partners within the community, and the National Counterterrorism Center is validating all the points so that you know that what we’ve put in there is exactly right,” said Alexander. 
Alexander also said that if the surveillance programs had been in place before the Sept. 11 attacks, the United States would have known that hijacker Khalid Muhammad Abdallah al-Mihdhar was in San Diego and communicating with a known al Qaeda safehouse in Yemen.

We appreciate results of a national poll reflecting 51% approval of meta-data monitoring.  We find it abhorrent the level of angst and malcontent with programs that truly work and may provide the only viable option to stop terror in our cities (and worldwide).  It is most disturbing to have a young 'scatter' brain being referred to as a hero with Ron Paul "legalize heroin" Paul blasting words of praise with any conservative new show host who will have him in front of a camera (e.g., Chuck Todd, MSNBC).   

"Good happens, but It often goes unrecognized by people with blinders and biases!"  ~The Pardu 2013