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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Roy Moore's Creepy Behavior

A noted GOP member of Congress in a none slam-dunk district agreed to join CNN's Chris Cuomo for a talk about his party. A talk which focused on the sliminess of Roy Moore and the seeming degradation of the former GOP. Why is any GOP talking head relevant regarding Moore?  It is relevant when one considers the depths of surreptitious bull emanating from the GOP.

Did Ron Johnson actually try to blame Moore's alleged (and seeming credible allegatiosn( of pedophilia on Bill Clinton? It didn't go really well for Ron Johnson, R-WI.

Crooks & Liars

Sen. Ron Johnson Blames Roy Moore's Creepy Behavior On Bill Clinton

Chris Cuomo had Sen. Ron Johnson on New Day and asked him why Roy Moore lost in Alabama. "Well, you know, from my standpoint, I think what that election said was the voters of Alabama did not want to be represented by a man who, when in his 30s, was trolling shopping malls and trying to…

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Another Mass Killing, A Party Which Feigns Astonishment , And GOP Talking Points

The Bad, The Bad and The Ugly

Image result for bump stocks

Earlier today, MSNBC's Hugh Hewitt (not in any way a regular show host at my residence) interview Paul Ryan, Majority Leader of the US House of Representatives. The interview included comment from Ryan along the lines of he was unaware of the raid fire weapon augmentation device called the Stock Bump.  How is that possible?

Wisconsin's Gary Johnson-US Senate (R) commented on the rapid-fire weapon tool. 
"I have no problem in banning those," he said.

Senator Cornyn- Texas (R) took his comments a step further, but drew back shy of an en statement on banning the rapid-fire tool.  I suppose Cornyn needs to check with the NRA for its position on the issue. 
"If somebody can essentially convert a semi-automatic weapon by buying one of these and utilizing it and cause the kind of mayhem and mass casualties that we saw in Las Vegas, that's something of obvious concern that we ought to explore," Cornyn told reporters.
".....concern that we ought to explore" Why not work on a full ban next week? 

How about one minute of the ugliness of why many members of the US Congress pay little attention to the deep clear and present dangers inherent in the NRA and other gun lobby groups?

The New York Times just yesterday published an opinion piece about the top 10 members from both Houses of Congres.  Is there any wonder we have heard or read one iota of comment from either of those 20 elected officials?

If you are an HIV (High Information Voter), you may have interest in an Open Secrets piece regarding the NRA's financial contributions

The nation has a serious, no the nation has a grave, problem with the state of Republicanism. While we certainly have Democrats who receive donations from the NRA and another gun lobbyist, the proportion of politically focused dark dollars leans far to the Right. If the Las Vegas shooter actually, as reported, purchased 33 guns over the course of the past year, the nation has an inarguable problem, and we have a majority party in both congressional houses which may turn a discerning and critical eye from such killings.

How can we avoid more mass killings, If we are faced with a White House and GOP which handles tragedies as witnessed this past Sunday with talking points leaked and published by NBC News?


After the pathetic set of Rightwing talking points is there any real prospect our national leaders will work to avoid tragic mass killings? Is it a stretch to realize the following potential killer could have targeted you? 
......and they will come for you.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

TPI Morning Gazette: Rick Perry, Sam DuBose, O'Reilly, Sarah Palin,

Non-Progressive News...

Here is your GOP candidate for President. Rick Perry challenges Donald Trump, not to a one-on-one debate, not to a gentlemens pugilistic dual, and not to a game of Texas Hold em; he challenges....

Come at me, bro.Posted by Mediaite on Wednesday, July 29, 2015
The conservative operative Photoshop. They so disrespect your intellect and they have mastered your emotions. An image of President Obama shaking hands with India's Prime Minister and a Photoshop version with the The Iranian supreme Leader. 

The image on behalf of Wisconsin Senator, Ron Johnson's, via a conservative PAC web page.

The original image:
The image distributed by Restoration PAC:
RhouhaniObama asked Restoration PAC about the image in question and this is the response they got from spokesman Dan Curry:



President Trump Would 'Love' To Include Sarah Palin In His Cabinet


AP Photo / Bill Clark
If Donald Trump wins the 2016 presidential election, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) may again grace the national political stage. 
During a Monday interview on radio show "The Palin Update," Trump said he was open to including Palin as a member of his cabinet if elected president.

When he joined the show on Monday, Trump called Palin "tough and smart," prompting the show host, Kevin Scholla, to ask the presidential candidate whether he would consider asking Palin for advice or including her in his administration.

"I’d love that," Trump responded, according to audio highlighted by Right Wing Watch. "Because she really is somebody who knows what’s happening and she’s a special person, she’s really a special person, and I think people know that."
Read more

Ben Carson proves a deteriorated state of mind and a willingness, like Huckabee, to use horrific world history fake sake of personal gain. 
What do you think? Sound off in the comments!

Louie Gohmert embodies the sanity of the GOP. 
We don't even know where to start with this one...Posted by Salon on Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sam DuBose shot in the head by a campus cop. When America refuses to come down on cop killings, the sickness spreads. When a nation refuses to accept "Black Lives Matter," a nation refuses to accept "All Lives Matter." Your comfort today, will become your Achilles Heel of tomorrow. 

Embedded image permalink

Images Count!
I made a promise to not share videos of people being killed by America's out of control neo slave patrollers or to...Posted by Chauncey Devega on Wednesday, July 29, 2015

O'Reilly takes the charge as a leader for white America (without permission) and relegates the weekly cop murders of American Black people to a mere reality show.  

The Raw Story:

Washington Post interactive graphic.  But, lest we forget we are in NON PROGRESSIVE NEWS....readers here do not care.

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Friday, July 24, 2015

The TPI Morning Gazette: Trump, Ron Johnson, Maddow, Santorum, Conservatism

Non-Progressive News...

When people are desperate, they do desperate things!
Why did Rick Santorum agree to an interview on the Rachel Maddow show last night? Maddow even pre-empted the interview with that very question. In a humorist sense: "Why are you here" as a segue to commercial.

While I felt the interview was a bit of a let-down considering all the hoopla prior to the segment, the minutes revealed and highlighted another aspect of US conservatism. It spotlighted "GOP Speak" harsh and insensitivity and delivered without an iota of emotional control.

Words embodied in "GOP Speak" mean nothing as is frequently the case from conservatives commenting as social issues approach legal adjudication or legal resolution. Rush Limbaugh five years ago threaten to leave the country, if ObamaCare became law.

Prior to the recent SCOTUS ruling on Same Sex Marriage, Texas pastor Rick Scarborough, threatened to set himself afire if the ruling was adjudicated to allow such legal unions. 

Limbaugh is still broadcasting from Florida and the Texas pastor is still collecting tithes. Since we know Limbaugh nor the Texas pastor have concerns with credibility, we are left with the fact their rhetoric was mere entertainment for people who give them an ear. 

"Conservatives commenting on social issues."

Let's move back to Maddow and Santorum. Maddow question Santorum about LGBT issues and his comments prior to the 2003 decision. His comments: 
If the Supreme Court says that you have the right to consensual sex within your home, then you have the right to bigamy, you have the right to polygamy, you have the right to incest, you have the right to adultery. You have the right to anything. Does that undermine the fabric of our society? I would argue yes, it does … [I]t destroys the basic unit of our society because it condones behavior that’s antithetical to strong healthy families. Whether it’s polygamy, whether it’s adultery, where it’s sodomy, all of those things, are antithetical to a healthy, stable, traditional family … In every society, the definition of marriage has not ever to my knowledge included homosexuality. That’s not to pick on homosexuality. It’s not, you know, man on child, man on dog, or whatever the case may be.”
Alas, the conservative clap-trapper went here:
It’s not, you know, man on child, man on dog, or whatever the case may be.” 

After labeling the comment "flippant", Santorum was forced to respond to Maddow. “Why did you say the word ‘dog’?” she asked.
“I wish I’d never said that. It was a flippant comment made to a reporter who was not being particularly professional,”
Maddow went on to question Santorum about his thoughts on being gay is a choice. (Maddow interview linked in second paragraph above).

In Sanotum's run-up to the 2012 election, he emphatically stood by his "man on dog" comments with CNN's Piers Morgan.

“I wish I’d never said that." Santorum.

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) has joined the pack with GOP Speak.

Talking Points Memo
 “Used with permission from the TPM websites, a service of TPM Media LLC.”

"Obviously I am a huge supporter of school choice, it infuriates me that these young inner city kids are trapped in poverty," he said. "I was being, that quote is, I’m being very sarcastic in that’s how liberals view these underprivileged kids. That is not my viewpoint in any way."

But he told the Post that he realized how bad the phrase "idiot inner city kids" sounded during the radio interview.

"It wasn’t the best word," he said. "Trust me I wish I would not have said that. That’s not what I mean."
"It wasn't the best word."  Ron Johnson.

GOP Speak!  How can we avoid the realty of core values that lend to perceptions of bigotry and racism?

Do you remember the following former Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan?

Huffington Post 2014
Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said Thursday that his remarks on men not valuing work in the "inner city" were "inarticulate" and had nothing to do with race.
"We have got this tailspin of culture, in our inner cities in particular, of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working or learning the value and the culture of work," the Wisconsin Republican said on Bill Bennett's "Morning in America" radio show. " There is a real culture problem here that has to be dealt with."
After immediate and severe charges of racism, Paul went here.
“After reading the transcript of yesterday morning’s interview, it is clear that I was inarticulate about the point I was trying to make," he said. Yes, of course.
Other than Joe Biden's occasional gaffe or misspeak, why do we not hear similar bigotry, racism and crass remarks from the Left?

From Your GOP to people who undoubtedly share voting preferences.
Right now is a good time for supremacists"Posted by Think Progress on Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Duggars are channeling "God."  

Crooks & Liars
The cancellation came two months after a 2006 police report surfaced revealing that Josh Duggar had been accused at age 14 of molesting five underage girls – including two of his sisters, Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald. (He apologized and said he had "acted inexcusably" after the report became public.)
The source says the evangelical Christian family, who often discussed their religious faith on their TLC show, is "heartbroken that they've now lost that platform." 
"The Duggars want to return to TV because they truly believe it was part of God's plan for them to spread the word about their faith," the source says.

Chris Hayes literally nails the business of "Trumpism". The carnival barking egomaniac clown is in fact the embodiment of US conservatism and the manifest model of its spirit. Trump has been spewing racist remarks from on high since President Obama took office in 2009, and he has become "The Ugly" of uber wealthy plutocrats who care nothing about people beyond their families and their businesses.  

Chris Hayes gets it right: "Donald Trump is not some outlier in the Republican Party. His stance on Mexican immigrants is largely in line with what you hear across the GOP—and particularly the conservative media."Posted by Media Matters for America on Friday, July 24, 2015
In my opinion, we can take Trumps anti-Mexican rhetoric and in some conservative circles add "Black", LGBT", Unmarried women and the poor. 

Mocking the white supremacist comes in many forms. The following protest mocking is quite unique.  This is neat ad the softest of protests.

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

The GOP Reacts To The Iran Letter Flak; "The Ugly", "The Dumb" and The Recalcitrant!"

McCain "Snowstorm"
And, McCain signs "lots of letters.

Ron Johnson "One Regret"
The nascent (60 days in the Senate) GOP de facto Senate Leader has ho regrets about the letter. Did I read a report he ran off to a Defense Contractor conference mere days after his and the other 46 Senators seditious letter? Did I also read he was awarded $1 million from the  (Bill Kristol's dark money group)? New York Magazine and the Ultra-Conservative touch to the Cotton letter. It should be noted New York Magazine does not make the connection to a political donation from the Emergency Committee For Israel PAC.

Another southern gentleman Senator stands tall in his recalcitrant stupidity.  

Rand Paul goes typical Paul with over-the-top lying about his participation in joining 46 other GOP Senators in traipsing "The Stupid Trail that ends in Dumbsville."

And of course, we know Marco Rubio stated he would issue yet another letter. Rubio will run for the GOP nomination in 2016. It is pathetic when "dumb" wallows in "dumber" while leering down the "Stupid Trail" at the Dumbsville skyline.


Monday, March 11, 2013

GOP Vs DEMS And The Economy

Since all things "economy" starts with jobs. likethedew dot com 
I often find myself wondering how anyone actually believes GOP mantra about how they are best for the US Economy.  There is a colloquialism that is utterly congruent regarding GOP  (fiscal) claims: "THEY FAKE IT to MAKE IT". Actually, let's modify the colloquialism just a bit, "THEY FAKE IT and MAKE IT."  By simply adopting a mantra (during the Reagan Years) and broadcasting the mantra consistently throughout following years, the GOP has emblazoned a false paradigm in the minds of millions.  Even as the shadow of Bush/Cheney lingers in US History, million on the Right feel Democrats are spending demons and "Wisemen offering Gifts."

As late as this morning Ron Johnson, (S) WI joined the  MSNBC Morning Joe for a  segment (10:18 minutes skip through) about fiscal issues and federal governance. Johnson is the perfect example of GOP rhetoric and mantra gone mad.  Over the past month he has sat in senate hearings and spewed non-fact based questioning of credible subject matter experts (Hillary Clinton and John Kerry).

Kerry "teaches" Johnson....
Kerry: I think it was very clear… were you at the briefing with the tapes?
Johnson: No.
Kerry: Well, there was a briefing with tapes, which we all saw—those of us who went to it—uh, which made it crystal clear. We sat for several hours with our intel folks, who described to us precisely what we were seeing. We saw all of the events unfold. We had a very complete and detailed description.
How credible can he be regarding our economy and the fiscal health of the nation, if Johnson is not credible in his devotion to duty via attending a briefing that was to later come-up in a Senate Hearing?  If you watched any of the 10 minute plus segment above, you noticed like most in the GOP, Johnson strategically switches into talking-point mode and often does not (directly) answer questions. Oh, did he actually have the temerity to mention 2007 in an economic vain?

Yet, another and more glaring example of "Get on TV, talk in points, and we win," Marsha Blackburn (R) TN. joined Luke Russert for an interview towards the end of last week. I have embedded an abbreviated segment of the five minute interview.

...... and the full version here (if accompanied by advertisement know that is the price we pay for usage of the video).

The following 'deck' was extracted from an article written last fall by Arthur Blaustein. The article makes the case, as so often poised here in the TPI, GOP handling of our economy is not at all good for, nor best for, the nation.

Campaign 2012

Who Manages the Economy Better – Republicans or Democrats?

by   Oct 11, 2012
Most Americans have one eye on the nation’s economic crises and the other on the presidential election. And they are asking themselves, “Are the Democrats or the Republicans better for the economic health of the country as well as for my own financial well-being?” That is the defining question of this election. 

A businessman who voted for Bush twice and Obama in 2008, told me, “The goals of Barack Obama’s social programs-particularly health care, education and the environment-seem good. But I’m worried the Democrats can’t manage the economy as well.” 

Many voters agree, and a recent poll shows that an overwhelming majority (70 percent) cite the economy as their top concern. For years the pollsters have found that most voters believe the Republicans do better with the economy. I’ve heard the businessman’s basic point-that the Democrats have better social policies but the Republicans are better managers of the economy-more often than I’ve heard Judy Garland sing “We’re Off to See the Wizard.” But is it true? Don’t count on this question being examined and answered in a full, open and honest debate. 

Thirty-two years ago-with the election of Ronald Reagan-we entered an entirely new phase of presidential politics. The focus since then has been who can raise the most money and package the best media image, rather than who can demonstrate the most competence and capacity to govern. Our country’s political, economic and social life has been reduced to a battle of 15-second sound bites and 30-second commercials-most of them negative attack ads-with results reported like a football score. TV news has turned democracy into “duhmocracy.” 

Fortunately, we don’t have to depend on campaign slogans or advertising bucks to frame the debate. We can look to the record. Here’s the Economic Sweepstakes Quiz. The rules are simple. Guess which president since World War II did best on these eight generally accepted measures of good management of the nation’s economy. You can choose among six Republicans: Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bushes I and II; and six Democrats: 

Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Clinton, and Obama. (No peeking.)

  1. The highest growth in the gross domestic product?
  1. The highest growth in jobs?
  1. The biggest increase in personal disposable income after taxes?
  1. The highest growth in industrial production?
  1. The highest growth in hourly wages?
  1. The lowest Misery Index (inflation plus unemployment)?
  1. The lowest inflation?
  1. The largest reduction in the deficit?

The answers are 1.Harry Truman, 2.Bill Clinton, 3.Lyndon Johnson, 4.John F. Kennedy, 5.Johnson, 6.Truman, 7.Truman, 8.Clinton. In the Economic Sweepstakes, Democratic presidents trounce Republicans eight times out of eight! 

If this isn’t enough to destroy the myth that economy has performed better under Republicans, the stock market has also done better under the Democrats. The Dow Jones Industrial Average during the 20th century rose 7.3 percent on average per year under Republican presidents. Under Democrats, it rose 10.3 percent-which means investors gained a whopping 41 percent more. And the stock market during George W’s two terms took a nosedive while it recovered handsomely under Obama. Moreover, since WWII, Democratic presidents have increased the national debt by an average of 3.9 percent per year and Republican presidents have increased it an average of 10.3 percent. During the same time period, Democratic presidents produced, on average, an unemployment rate of 4.9 percent; Republicans 6.4 percent. That’s the historical record.
Democratic Data PAC has assembled and analyzed the historical US Government jobs data from 1940 to 2012. The data, arranged by Federal Fiscal Year, shows that, since 1940, Democratic Administrations have created an average of 904,000 more jobs per fiscal year than Republican Administrations. Updated Job Creation Numbers 1940-2012 (by Fiscal Year) - Excel data set available at 
  • In 36.25 Fiscal Years of Democratic Administrations, Jobs grew 67,345,000
  • In 36.25 Fiscal Years of Republican Administrations, Jobs grew 34,567,000
This difference of 32,778,000 jobs means that since 1940 in 36.25 years each: 
  • Democrats created 904,000 more jobs per year than Republicans, and
  • Democrats created 75,300 more jobs per month than Republicans.

Since all things "economy" starts with jobs. likethedew dot com 
Reprinted with permission of

Millions of Private Sector Jobs Created Per Year
Reprinted with permission of

  • Editor's Note: This story also appeared in the S.F. Chronicle (Insight section) on Sunday and put on N.Y. Times Wire Services and the Hearst newspaper syndication yesterday.

The "economy" means jobs. While the GOP talks jobs, I have not heard nor read any serious efforts out of their members of Congress to spur job growth. I should say nothing beyond false mantra associated with thousands of jobs from the Keystone XL Pipeline.