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Sunday, August 11, 2019

As Trump's World Turns: Charlottesville, Tucker Carlson, Trump In El Paso

Two years ago today, white supremacists perpetrated mayhem and murder in the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia.  Shortly thereafter Trump (when pressed) commented that the event and the day were shared by 'fine people on both sides". 


True leadership. How does a true leader lead in times of horrific experienced for her/his constituents? The true leader shows empathy, sympathy and offers a personal touch; which could mean much to those who suffer. 

Image may contain: 9 people, people smiling

The Buffoon, narcissistic camera hound and his wife show exactly the core of the current GOP and US conservative mindset. The baby's parents are dead Shot by a right-wing racist who seemed to clone Trump's "invasion" moniker for brown people who are seeking a better life in the United States.  The photo opportunity was yet another example of the existential reality of Trumpism. 

If you have time and respect the sanctity and special elevation of the US Presidency, you have to sit through this MSNBC segment.  The manner of speech is as critical as a presidents judgment. We have almost three years of empirical evidence Trump has zero judgment.  Watch and listen as Chris Hayes shows us the full measure of Trump's inept mental processes (as exemplified via speech). 
A visit over on Fox News finds another evening host who suddenly announced a "vacation." 
Does Fox News management and Ruppert Murdoch so disrespect their viewers they practice disciplinary "vacation" closeting when a host shows the true core values of the organization? Is sending a host on an unplanned "vacation" a mere band-aid and hand-slap? would termination serve a better purpose? Alas, a question for credible media with viewers who might find utter racism and defense of racism a "deplorable act ".

Let's take another look (and listen). 


James Alex Fields, Jr August 12, 2017

And David Duke on August 12, 2017, put it into words.

If you are familiar with professional sports and television broadcast, you know the term "color commentator".  While the use of the term, regarding David Duke's validation and of Trump, also carries a nagging pun (hence "color"), I cannot find a better metaphorical analogy.  

Why should we ask should Fox management even respond with an "Immediate vacation"?  We suspect to slow the trickle of advertisers, more so than an attack of consciousness. 

On the anniversary day of Charlottesville, we find Fox News's Tucker Carlson on immediate vacation and we find an image of Trump and his wife with a baby with deceased via an American terrorist influenced by Trump's incessant oratory and hate speech.


Monday, March 10, 2014

Murdoch Does It Like No Other!

Re-post from HUFFPO

Huffington Post reported the following this morning.
Rupert Murdoch raised eyebrows Sunday when he commented on the Malaysia Airlines flight that went missing. 
The News Corp. chief tweeted:
777crash confirms jihadists turning to make trouble for China. Chance for US to make common cause, befriend China while Russia bullies. 
10:15 AM - 9 Mar 2014
Murdoch was referring to the Boeing 777 plane that lost contact with air traffic controllers Saturday en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Authorities determined that two of the passengers were using stolen passports, raising questions about possible terrorism. However, they have yet to discover proof of foul play -- something that others noted in response to Murdoch's tweet.

Is there any wonder why Fox News mangers reproting as it does? 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Morning Java: Politics Nation Does Fox News ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome)

I tune-in to Al Sharpton's, Politics Nation-MSNBC, for many reasons. The most noteworthy is the competency and diversity of his off-camera team. Diversity in the sense of segments presentation (content and craft) vs. ethnicity. Sharpton's team develops a topic with few stones will left unturned.  While I particularity crave the Politics Nation "We Gotcha" segments, his frequent Fox News expositions and its contributions to ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome) for LIVs (low informational voters) are virtually riveting. 

Of course, we know that Fox News is about paying mega contracts to hosts and pundits as part of the Ruppert Murdoch anti-Obama, anti-progressive stratagem.  An unfortunate reality regarding Fox News: it runs 24/7. The network is the television equivalence of Limbaugh's EIB radio show. Often the quality of segment or show on Fox rivals Limbaugh's shameful demagoguery without overt racism and  utter misogyny. 

As part of Sharpton's October 7th show, viewers received a video exposition of Fox News ODS worth even second of its run-time. 

ODS at its most virulent!

Do you see my point? 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Quick Hit: Fox News De-Roves And Flushes the Morris


I offer a quick hit.

The New York Times

Fox News Puts Karl Rove on the Bench
The post-election soul searching going on inside the Republican Party is taking place inside Fox News as well. Fox News chief Roger Ailes, a canny marketer and protector of his network’s brand, has been taking steps since November to reposition Fox in the post-election media environment, freshening story lines — and in some cases, changing the characters. According to multiple Fox sources, Ailes has issued a new directive to his staff: He wants the faces associated with the election off the air — for now. For Karl Rove and Dick Morris — a pair of pundits perhaps most closely aligned with Fox’s anti-Obama campaign — Ailes’s orders mean new rules. Ailes’s deputy, Fox News programming chief Bill Shine, has sent out orders mandating that producers must get permission before booking Rove or Morris.

Of course, you read here and know the "Quick Hits' does not fit our reporting and comment model.

You know the 2012 General Election was a Fox News Tsunami.  When the network restricts bookings of two of its most frequent and most notable guest, the actions speak volumes.  I strongly suspect Ruppert Murdoch threw what some will call a "conniption fit"  after watching his network contribute to the false belief Romney would win the election via a landslide   Or, better yet, that Romney would win the election period.

As is the case in all of corporate America, someone must take the blame.  Why should a paid mouthpiece like Dick "pay me and I will say anything" Morris, receive a "flush" notice. He used his mouth for earnings because Fox News was willing to pay for his drivel.  I do not watch any media with an association with FOX news, but I strongly suspect not one on-camera host asked Morris the following. 

 "Well, Dick were do you have data to support your comments here? Are you surveying potential voters? Are you speaking with campaign insiders or do you have a mole feeding you information  You seem deadest on a Romney landslide."  Of course, no on-air personality asked such a set of questions. The Fox News audience does not require veracity, attribution, nor validation of the 'noise' they hear and see on the network. Morris used his Ronald Reagan  make-em feel good strategy to secure a paycheck.  

Karl Rove?  Fox has to accept complete accountability. The man is a 'flim-flam man. He has been involved in past GOP failures none of which match his failures in serving George W. Bush from 2001 - 2004. Yes, he facilitated winning elections, that some still question as credible, but when moved to the White House we should have known Bush W. was doomed, thus the nation would be relegated to doom. And, we suffered because of the many who fell victim to Rove's political acuity. 

Yet, Fox News purges in punishment.  

Cable news viewers who were intellectually gifted and socially open enough to seek information beyond the 5:00PM to 11:00PM news shows, did not watch Fox News for the very reasons the network now affects "special permission booking status." 

One last comment about Fox News, taking its air time and going away from Rove and Morris.  The network is again doing what conservatives do. They deal in the reality of the surface. They do not dig deep nor do they understand nor care that they contribute to issues (and leave trails). Trails that are easily uncovered via a bit of archive searching.

The problem with placing Rove and Morris, on "Cannot play in our pit" status?  Fox Executives (Roger Ailes and direct reports  are treating the rash without seeking deeper understanding of what causes the skin lesion.  If they look deep they will find themselves staring directly into a mirror and they may see their paradigm and business models are flawed. It is flawed all the way to Ruppert Murdoch and News Corp.


Saturday, May 12, 2012

FOX News..for those who buy into it!

Credo that earns billions and pays the 'bringer of the news' Millions, all while feeding the brains of followers.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Daily GOP Ignominious


Last Friday the Bureau of Labor Statistics, BLS, released the January 2012 employment numbers. Unemployment had apparently eased down to 8.3 per cent from 8.5 per cent.  There should be no person in the western Hemisphere who should find fault in improving job numbers.  Actually, the 8.3% is just above the 7.8% jobless rate the day  President Obama was inaugurated as President of the United States of America.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Ruppert Murdoch: A sad man with a sad cause!

Ruppert Murdoch continues to show just how far he is out of touch with reality.  

What we have here is a mogul who is but one-step away from culpability in his corporation's phone hacking scandals.  Yet, he rails about his support for SOPA.  I realize phone hacking and SOPA/PIPA are not 'look like a duck, quack like a duck' similar, however, he owns (owned) operations that violated the privacy rights of many people. His operations in the UK, may have 'spied' on 2795 people!  

Well, maybe, the issue is violations of intellectual property as it relates to corporations vs. the common privacy and respect for the human beings.  How about taking the case a step further? What about violations of human rights to privacy and decency for sake of outpacing the competition, thus out-earning the competition?

Of course, why would I expect that a media-mogul  to care about the integrity of the internet and our ability to freely interact from vast distances?  Murdoch is the perfect example of a mogul who would work with ALEC, to completely outlaw the internet. if not completely outlaw, I could see a Koch Brothers/Murdoch consortium focused on a China-like restricted internet, pass the model on to ALEC, for placing in the pockets of members of Congress.  Did I say "in the pockets of members of Congress"  Shame on me!  

If you think, my posit is off-base, show me one conservative who relishes an abundant of information from various schools of thought.  Can you imagine such a mogul with opportunity to force people into getting information only from his/her media outlets?

Huffington Post (Murdoch)

Studies show Fox New Viewers are 'less informed". Less informed means opportunity to manipulate and guide like worshipping sycophants.  Oh, would Murdoch love that scenario.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fox News: O’Reilly, Megyn Kelly, and Pepper Spray Spin-Machine

November 22, 2011

Are They Serious? 

As the nation shudders from the video of a group of young students being point-blank pepper sprayed, Fox News Bill O’Reilly, Megyn Kelly (legal perspective), and Fox New producers do the unthinkable.

If you have not seen the video or any newscast of the brutality, welcome back from your hiatus.  Anatomy of a Pepper Spraying.  As a news geek, I can tell you that the brutality has received worldwide attention.  I have heard no U.S. media which finds the brutally  other than abhorrent.   If you viewed the link above, think or a moment about the aftermath of the brutality.  Does the school Chancellor now occupy and enviable positions (after having ordered the protest disperse)?  How about the three campus police who are on administrative leave (albeit paid)? Now think about the students.

It was a peaceful protest that did not appear have been disruptive to the greater campus.

Before, I move to the sickening public relations of Fox News, I must briefly address the campus Police commander’s comment about the “police were surrounded”.  I suppose that is an effort to portray an untenable and dangerous environment for the campus  police officers.  If you look closely at any video angle, you can clearly see dozens of campus police and one can assume that they are heavily armed.  American law  enforcement officers are not like the British bobby; they carry at least 5 to 8 ‘weapons of bodily destruction”.  The comment from the commander is nothing shy of misrepresentation of a non-volatile environment. She was following orders from  the Chancellor to clear the protest and she did what many police departments are doing against OWS protests: unrestrained brutality.  The Chancellors orders are even more chilling as the UCD protesters were not in an encampment nor were there any plans to occupy the spot of the protests for days.

Fox News does what it does best: delivers the unthinkable (3:56 minutes).

Someplace in the minds of Fox News producers there must have been a thought to ‘trot-out’ their top show host and their converted journalist/lawyer to address the brutality.  Fox probably should have allowed this case of brutality to pass.

Think back on the segment and linger for a moment on where Kelly ‘went‘ with her seemingly uncomfortable remarks.

O’Reilly: “..first this is pepper spray, that just burns your eyes right?

Kelly:      ”…right, it’s a food product essentially, a lot of experts are looking at that and it the real-deal or has it been diluted….”. “..that’s beside the point as it was obviosuly something that was abrasive (O’Reilly interrupts).

O’ReillyThey wanted them to get out of there.

Kelly: This was on the Chancellor orders. The Chancellors ordered them to go in, they wanted these students to disperse.  ….”and it is a crime, ten of them were charged”. “..unlawful assembly, and sit-ins, you know student protests”. “ can do that, it is very American but it also happens to break the law”.

The two Fox News personalities went on to talk about how the spray as preferred to hand contact.  Is that reverse rationalization for use of the spray directly to the face of the students?  If ten students were arrested, I can only assume the act of arresting resulted in handcuffing and physical movement of a person to the police van.  Why would O’Reilly attempt to justify the brutally via comments about, “not wanting to use their hands”?
Why, because Fox News plays to its hardcore base. Sometimes, a base which includes people who would applaud and boo at presidential candidate debates when mention of physical harm or death was brought-up.  They play to the same audience that witnessed endless Tea Party Rallies with people with guns clearly in view without any concerns for appropriateness.  They play to people who watched as tea party protesters hindered and crowded Democratic Representatives as they walked in solidarity to the  Capital Building. And, I wonder if Fox News even carried the clip of a tea party protester spitting on Representative Emanual Cleaver of Missouri.

Ruppert Murdoch should be as ashamed of the O’Reilly/Kelley segment as his continuing battles over phone hacking from his media outlets.

UPDATE: A Follow-up article will be posted related to the effects of Pepper Spray on the human being.

This follow-up piece is posted from website  


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fox News Toning Down? Roger Ailes Public Interview : TROJAN HORSE

(This article is cross posted from and

Roger Ailes, the inimitable one, declares a mellowing Fox News!

September 26, 2011
Comes forth a man who earns a reported $23 million per year, a man who helped elect a few GOP presidents, and a man who has presided over a cast of characters who have practiced ‘television yellow journalism'. Fox News can be categorized in no other way than  ’yellow journalism’.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Yellow Journalism, Murdoch and Ghosts of The Past

Situation -At-A-Glance

Fox News developing horrors related to 'yellow journalism' tactics at the News Corp.  News of the World organization in England. I posit the horrors in England are indicative of a News Corp. business model based on social and political re-engineering,  unethical and immoral behavior, and outright manipulation of information.  News of the World is clearly a newspaper. It directly fits the classic definition of 'yellow journalism'. New Corp. also owns and operates thousands of electronic media outlets, and I suggest that there should be a phrase that depicts 'electronic yellow  journalism".  Each Green link below navigates to information relevant to this article and the horrors at News Corp.

Yellow journalism, in short, is biased opinion masquerading as objective fact. Moreover, the practice of yellow journalism involved sensationalism, distorted stories, and misleading images for the sole purpose of boosting newspaper sales and exciting public opinion.
ThinkQuest (Exert )
.......It all started, some historians believe, with the onset of the rapid industrialization that was happening all around the world. The Industrial Revolution eventually affected the newspaper industry, allowing newspapers access to machines that could easily print thousands of papers in a single night. This is believed to have brought into play one of the most important characteristics of yellow journalism - the endless drive for circulation. And unfortunately, the publisher's greed was very often put before ethics.   LINKED
Yellow journalism or the yellow press is a type of journalism that presents little or no legitimate well-researched news and instead uses eye-catching headlines to sell more newspapers. Techniques may include exaggerations of news events, scandal-mongering, or sensationalism. By extension "Yellow Journalism" is used today as a pejorative to decry any journalism that treats news in an unprofessional or unethical fashion.   LINKED
The following is a WIKI example of clear 'yellow journalism' from  the pre-20th Century Hearst organization.  I believe that we can assume that this is a non-factual artist depiction of a fabricated story or incident.

Male Spanish officials strip search an American woman tourist in Cuba looking for messages from rebels; front page "yellow journalism" from Hearst (Artist: Frederic Remington)

"Pulitzer and Hearst are often adduced as the cause of the United States' entry into the Spanish-American War due to sensationalist stories or exaggerations of the terrible conditions in Cuba."

While the phrase 'yellow journalism' applies to Industrial Revolution American Newspapers (Hearts and Pulitzer Families predominately), 'sensational, less than factual, and titillating news thrives in Ruppert Murdoch television new media.

ThinkQuest (Exert Linked Above)
.......It all started, some historians believe, with the onset of the rapid industrialization that was happening all around the world. The Industrial Revolution eventually affected the newspaper industry, allowing newspapers access to machines that could easily print thousands of papers in a single night. This is believed to have brought into play one of the most important characteristics of yellow journalism - the endless drive for circulation. And unfortunately, the publisher's greed was very often put before ethics.

As the nation moved throughout the 20th Century 'yellow journalism' was considered taboo and major organizations practiced 'hands-off' regrading its (yellow journalism's) diabolical tenets.  News flourished with an air of professionalism, ethics and integrity;our news was given to us via newspapers. Citizens of every city in the nation had access to at least one newspaper. In metropolitan areas newspapers competition for subscriber-ship  was often influenced by political affiliation. (leaning LEFT or leaning RIGHT)  The politics of the news was obvious but it was generally healthy competition. Towards the middle of the 20th Century the world (via the Untied States) experienced the advent of the television set.

The television set, an invention that completely overhauled our lives, revolutionized the dissemination of  information while providing addictive multi-sensory entertainment; thus becoming the viewer preferred media.  During the 1950's television news 'took' all on-air markets from the nation's radio broadcasts (and radio news programming). Television news was very professionally gathered and delivered to audiences across the world.

As television became the desired media for news dissemination, business savvy millionaires entered the market comparable Microsoft and a wealth of other software and hardware developers followed Steven Jobs and Steven 'WOZ'  Wozniak's invention of the personal computing device. Ted Turner was the first to deploy the 24/7 news model with his introduction of CNN and associated media.  It did not take very long for powerful people to recognize the enormous information potential of television news networks.  Furthermore news markets and the news industry was growing exponentially. 

All was well in the television news. The industry changed drastically with Ruppert Murdoch's entry into the industry.  While Murdoch owns newspapers and television networks across the world, his most visible and 'manipulation-propaganda ready' prize is the FOX News Network.

Murdoch's news apparatus in England, News of the World, has exposed with glaring detail the extent of unethical, immoral, and darn near criminal behavior News Corp. operations can and well deploy.  The ultimate concern from my perspective is why would a Murdoch operation work to hack the cell phones of victims of the terrorist bombing attacks in England.  why hack the cell phones of soldier who died in support of their nation? What is the value of such prying and snooping? As the following link will illustrate, the hacking led to a heart stopping horror as one of the bombing victims parents thought she was still alive well after the bombing; she , in fact, was deceased.
Murdoch has cut his losses by shutting down the aged 165 year plus organization.  I believe that Murdoch has owned the operation since the late 1960s.  A sidelight tragedy, the media outlet may once have operated as a very professional entity and may have been respected in the community. 
Well, we know how things work at one news network in the United States.   
The RIGHT-Wing Public Relations and Entertainment Network: FOX News. 

 Yellow Journalism
A few illustrations of the unethical, immoral and sleazy business of FOX News and the Roger Ailes propagandist news model. 
 A true representation of Murdoch's prize television news network.

Factual Depictions of Fabricated News

Super Bowl of Freedom Anti-Health Care Rally

Actual video of the network subterfuge and right-Wing marketing.  Is it possible to imagine the gall of allowing the ding-bat Bachmann to openly profess and claim success based on Hannity's show promotion.

Hannity and the leading 2012 Presidential candidate opening discuss the rally while the network splices fake video. Note that Bachmann readily admits via feeding Hannity's ego that his show was the catalysts behind the alleged turnout.  Real news outlets do not serve as PR for political events.

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Sean Hannity Uses Glenn Beck's Protest Footage
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical Humor & Satire BlogThe Daily Show on Facebook

FOX News covers GOP CPAC Conference and reports on Straw Poll Results

Start-by watching the first 20 seconds of this video, paying attention to the audience's reaction. Please do not subject yourself to 8 plus minutes of FOX News propaganda and the 'rambles' of Ron Paul.  Just the first 20 seconds please.

Now watch this segment........

FOX Deceives, Swaps CPAC Straw Poll Footage (FOX NEWS CAUGHT

Fox used footage of Ron Paul being booed in 2010 to make it look like he was booed again this year, during the 2011 announcement of his winning the CPAC Straw Poll!

Tea Party Rally: FOX News Production

The Fox News segment as it aired

CNN Commentator reveals 'yellow journalism'. Manufacturing a story or exaggerating the impact of a news story has to be against the common accepted standards of professionalism and decency in journalism.

One last illustration... Only view the first 2:00 minutes of this video , if you wish.
AHH, for the CNN days of Rick Sanchez.  You are missed but you have to admit that you became your own worse enemy. 

Obama Socialist
Anyone remember this one?

Fox News executive admits his attempt to link Obama to socialism was a lie   (LINKED)

The wealthy powerful have always ruled on Earth.  Unfortunately, being wealthy affords one opportunity to impose her/his will on the vast majority of people who live on Earth. We as human beings have accepted that reality just as the vast majority of non-human animals accepted the reality of the powerful among them.

Salient Point?  Will people ever recognize the 'yellow journalism' of FOX News and recognize the dangers inherent in their obvious full support for the nations RIGHT-WING.  Yes, of course, MSNBC, for the most part an obvious supporter of the nation's LEFT-WING.  But there is a major distinction, MSNBC does not actively nor financially support LEFT Wing events. The network most assuredly avoids outright promotion of LEFT-WING events. (Unless you consider their support for Free Health Clinics political vs helping the needy). MSNBC also employs people who are not avowed LEFT-WINGers. FOX News, I believe, employs no one who even remotely appears as LEFT-WING (both fiscal and social). No, Juan Williams is not a counter example! Oh, Geraldo has to openly tread carefully on his LEFT leaning inclinations.

How long will the wealth and power of Ruppert Murdoch (an Australian) have success in his US media that are considered news operations by some? Has segments of the US populace gone completely 'bat-brain' crazy to follow what is well documented as a modern day examples of 'yellow journalism'?

Allow me to repost a definition of yellow journalism from above...

Yellow journalism, in short, is biased opinion masquerading as objective fact. Moreover, the practice of yellow journalism involved sensationalism, distorted stories, and misleading images for the sole purpose of boosting newspaper sales and exciting public opinion.

Hopefully the  Murdoch Fox News operation will one day fizzle to below the current ratings of CNN. The demise will only occur once the RIGHT is completely exposed (AGAIN) for their lack of interest in improving the lives of people who are less fortunate as opposed to their clear and present support for their wealthy constituents (both personal and business). 

Be aware of the dangers of 'yellow journalism' and the danger of using such methodology as a business model.
During the very same period that a managing editor at the England based News of the World has been arrested, we are witnessing and outright attack on the Daily Show's Jon Stewart and MediaMatters.  The critical issue is the basic business model of News Corp. organization.

That very critical issue falls deep into the realm of 'yellow journalism'. AAAAH, earlier I mentioned titillation. Seth Meters was the comedic contributor to the 2011 (media) Correspondents Dinner at the White House.  IT should be of no surprise that Meyers included a Fox focused 'slam' related to blondes on the network. I do not feel that Meyers was in any way using sexism or bigotry to make a point, he was clearly referencing how FOX News, and increasingly CNN, is using wide camera shots to exploit the legginess of their many female commentators: titillation.

The old axiom comes to mind.  "If you wallow in a pig pen, the pig will love it. He loves the pen and he loves your wallowing in his lair; you my friend will simply stink.

I am smelling News Corp. and do not like the smell.

SIDE BAR: I used the word constituents  above and used it in a sentence related to people and companies. Isn't it horrible that one has to consider big business a political 'constituent'.  The SCOTUS of the United States of America via 'Citizens United' extended constitutional free speech protection to US companies.   And, granted and defined free speech as cloaked opportunity to denote to political unlimited commercial sponsorship of candidates for office.

Update: July 9, 2011 (A wonderful day)

James Murdoch Could Face Criminal Charges In Phone Hacking Scandal

James Murdoch
The Huffington Post  Jack Mirkinson  First Posted: 7/9/11 08:23 AM ET Updated: 7/9/11 10:54 AM ET
As if things couldn't get any worse for the Murdoch empire, new reports are emerging that James Murdoch--the head of News Corp's international holdings, and, until recently, the seeming heir apparent to father Rupert Murdoch--could face criminal charges in both the U.S. and the U.K.

Murdoch has admitted that he authorized out-of-court settlements to victims of phone hacking during his time as head of News International, the British division of News Corp--and that the company misled Parliament repeatedly. Murdoch said that he did these things without "full possession of the facts."

The Guardian reports that this admission--and reported payments to British police officers--may render Murdoch criminally liable under both British and American legislation:
The payments could leave News Corp - and possibly James Murdoch himself - facing the possibility of prosecution in the US under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) - legislation designed to stamp out bad corporate behaviour that carries severe penalties for anyone found guilty of breaching it - and in the UK under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 which outlaws the interception of communications.
Section 79 of the so-called RIPA act covers "the criminal liability of directors." Speaking to the BBC, Alan Johnson, the former British Home Secretary who was responsible for the UK's criminal justice system, said he thinks Murdoch could be prosecuted under the act.

Since News Corp. is technically an American company, Murdoch could also be prosecuted under the FCPA, since the legislation, in the Justice Department's words, "was enacted for the purpose of making it unlawful for certain classes of persons and entities to make payments to foreign government officials to assist in obtaining or retaining business."

FCPA expert Mike Koehler told the Guardian he would be "very surprised" if U.S. authorities did not get involved.

NO ADDITIONAL COMMENT...Just this:  *<:-)  (smiling with party hat)