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Monday, October 1, 2018

US Conservatism's Love of Dictators From A Trump. Kim Jong Un, and Russia Perspective (Video)

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It is one of those days when sitting and developing a piece for the page, just isn't going to take place.  

Enjoy the social media reports and whatever you do, visit the MSNBC links towards the bottom of the age  The On Assignment segments with Richard Engel are award-winning journalism in my opinion.

First, let's visit with a couple of social media posts.
While I am enjoying a non-writing day, I cannot help but post a few additional items I viewed last night on MSNBC. If you viewed the segments from the On Assignment show you have no need to proceed.

The first segment relates to a nascent phenomenon of US conservatives literally loving the Russian society. Despite being one of the most repressive nations across the globe, US conservatives have latched onto Putin; Russia as surely as they continue to moniker Ronald Reagan as one of the nation's great presidents. Ronald Reagan was a facade of how US conservatives wish their world to exist. While the following segment doesn't touch upon Reagan's contributions to a rebirth of US racism (post the 1960s and ear 1970s.

From his overt affinity for Bob Jones University (with all known racist policies) through his part in advancing the GOP's successful Southern Strategy, and his outright disgusting handling of early AIDS cases, Reagan was the epitome of US social regression.  And, the GOP still to this day loves his being and legacy.  

Alas, the following segment doesn't visit Reagan's social regression beyond touching on Russia's anti-LGBT policies. As you view what follows, think about the dangerous abyss to which Trump has us all standing on the precipice and leaning over the edge.

Shameful isn't it?

How about some dessert?



Thursday, July 19, 2018

Trump: The Body Doesn't Lie And A Survey Tells All (Trump And Russia Are Not Mixing Well)

No verbal body language is a science without the lie. Body language is generally straight from the brain without a filter and only manipulatable via training human behavior. Most of us give of non-verbals on a regular basis and we don't actually, control the messages from our body. View the pictures in the collage below and think if you have ever observed siialry behavior after a child was sefwrly punished.

As we cosndier Putin and his surroagte Trump, there is a bright light off on the horizon. Many Americans are not buyig Trumps subservnet behavior.

Chris Matthews and his take on Republicans who support Trump's Russian handling.


Thursday, April 12, 2018

Russian Trolls Anyone? (VIDEO ONLY)

Putin's Cyber Army..and Trump's cadre of fake news troops.


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Trump Has Done More To Punish Russia? No (Video)

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The United States has a 45th resident who is incapable of null. Not only is his first thought to construct a lie; he lies insistently and without shame.  All said lying is part of his pathology. And, that makes Trump a pathological liar.  

Watch as Velshi and Ruhle take-on Trump's recent lies and finger pointing at former President Obama as his administration is faced with a Special Counsel who has issued indictments against 13 Russian internal operatives and one US stooge. Why would Trump spend time and tweets on the matter? While feeding his base, he seeks to fight perceptions his election was invalid and an election win assisted by "V" Putin. Ultimately, I suspect we will eventually find he has deep-rooted reasons for his Russia and Putin affinity. For now, let's deal with yet another set of lies about Obama doing nothing to curb Russian meddling. The lies are stretched even farther as Trump asserts he has done more to punish the meddling Putin.


Facts are pesky little things!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Jill Stein: One Leg Of The Trump Triad

The following embed video runs for  8:21.   

As I have stated throughout my time on the Internet, HIVs (High Information Voters) take the time. They take the time and absorb information which helps with the educated decision-making. The opposite end of the spectrum the LIVs (Low Information Voters) will tune to Fox News, AM radio, and various right-wing press with no awareness of the extent of their gullibility nor the extent to which they are being used to advance a conservative agenda.  The eight-minute video relates to one of the vote drainers who helped to place Donald Trump in the White House. No, she didn't garner the number of votes as "pothead" Gary Johnson, but she drew votes nonetheless. 

Stein is firecracker hot about a thought she may have been used by Russia as another spoke in the wheel towards Trump's win. 

Stein and Mike Flynn at a Russia Today(RT) dinner with Putin.

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And, she took cellies of the Russian President. While not validation of Russian influence in her campaign the optics really stinks.

When you wallow with PIG, the pig loves you. You have lowered yourself to its level and NOW YOU STINK.


Thursday, February 8, 2018

Russia: US Elections, Grand Strategy and US Stooges (Money Grabbers And Political Mercenaries)

 A must read thread! (linked here)
Twitter Thread via Seth Abramson
@SethAbramsonAttorney. Professor @UofNH(journalism, legal advocacy). Analysis @CNN, @BBC, @CBS, @Bloomberg, @VanityFair, others. More: (link:

Friday, July 7, 2017

Clapper: Trump, Russia, Hacking

James Clapper Confirms Trump Is Full Of It - Russia Alone Hacked Election

Former DNI James Clapper shoots down Trump's claims that other country's were involved with hacking the U.S. election other than Russia. Thursday morning, during Trump's short presser in Poland, when asked to definitively single out Russia's involvement, he clinged to his earlier bogus statements that Russia wasn't the only nation hacking and interfering in our general…

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Sean Spicer States He Hasn't Talked To Trump About Russia

We know White House pressed "talkers' are handed scripts for their occasional appearances before the White House press corp. Despite the Trump communications model which includes gagged and non-responsive public talkers. But, what took place today as Sean Spicer came back to cameras and microphones after yesterday no cameras/no audio blackout, his appearance reinforced perceptions of a Trump authorized liar or Trump doesn't give one damn about any matters related to Russian election subterfuge.

Spice was asked a straight forward questions about Trump's thoughts on Russian interference in the 2016 elections. He was exhorted to offer a yes or no response, but as is always the case with any presser why bother with asking for a "yes" or "no".

Spicer responded as follows.
"I have not sat down and talked to him about that specific thing. Obviously, we've been dealing with a lot of other issues today," Spicer told reporters at his daily press briefing.

Many Americans are coming around to the reality the Trump regime is a regime imbued with vestiges of totalitarians (including stifling the press and media). Yet, we should all, as Americans, have the right to feel occupants of the White House are offering straightforward and honest communication. While all administrations hire spokespeople to deliver messages which are self-preserving and bias to the Oval Office, Trump's model verges on an aversion to openness with well cast shadows of deceit.

When coupled with public statements about possible eliminating offering press briefings or following Sean Hannity's suggestions to close the White House Press Office, the rational person cannot help but wonder about GOP commitment to the US Constitution. The crafters of the Constitution took great are to support a free press as a guard against tyranny.

It is important to recall Former FBI Director Comey stated during his nine visits with Trump was never asked about, nor partook in discussion of Russia.

Now, that is a problem.


Saturday, April 29, 2017

Trump: Racist? Pocahontas, 100 Days, Russia

Image result for trump racist picsWhen I hear people say Trump is not a racist, the words simply roll off like raindrops on a well-waxed automobile. Donald Trump is a racist of the worse sort. The elitist schmuck who spends his entire life maintaining a safe distance from most everyday Americans and he also maintains a safe distance from any person of color who was not, or is not, a knee-crawling and groveling money servant.

Trump's background regarding race is well documented. His settlement of a New York State housing discrimination lawsuit is enough evidence for most to accept Trump's racism. Out of court settlement is a validation of guilt the defendant doesn't want to run through the legal system. During my days in corporate human resources, we called it; "Go away money."

During the 2016 campaign revelation of comments regarding his failing casinos apparently included disparaging remarks of black accountant employees.
John O’Donnell, who was president of the Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino and later wrote a memoir about his experience, said Trump blamed financial difficulties partly on African American accountants. 
I’ve got black accountants at Trump Castle and at Trump Plaza — black guys counting my money!” O’Donnell’s book quoted Trump as saying. “I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day. Those are the kind of people I want counting my money. Nobody else.  

Image result for trump racist picsTrump is no different than the hordes if white nationalists and neo-nazis who flocked to polling places last November to cast their "whites only vote." As is always the case. Trump's biases against non-inner circle blacks are accompanied by racism against Native Americans, and quite probably Asian people. During that 2016 campaign, Trump spoke with a great deal of insensitive and racism as he mocked the ancestry of Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren.  

Wouldn't you know Trump paid scant, if any, attention to the uproar from previous characterizations of Warren via the native American slur or stereotype: "Pocahontas." How pathetic of a US President to us the word "Pocahontas" As a slur? Didn't Hillary Clinton once mention the word "deplorable?"

How about a comment from a true intellectual who happens to be a liberal? Racism and ignorance is a true sickness and everyone in the crowd who cheered with Trump's racial overtones at today's NRA gun fest are, in fact, deplorable(s).

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell, The Last Word, again talks "Pocahontas. (must view). The real Pocahontas is a story for humankind and well beyond the decency of Trump deplorable.

Before we move to other slices of the pie.

Two members of alt-right accused of making white supremacist hand signs in White House after receiving press passes

Emily Shugerman

The Independent  April 29, 2017

Two members of alt-right accused of making white supremacist hand signs in White House after receiving press passes.

Two conservative journalists have sparked outcry on social media by making what some have interpreted as a white supremacist hand symbol at a recent visit to the White House.

Freelance journalist Mike Cernovich and Cassandra Fairbanks, a reporter for Russian news outlet Sputnik, posed for a picture behind the podium in the White House briefing room. In the photo, they are making a hand sign that can be used to signify “white power.”

“Just two people doing a white power hand gesture in the White House,” Fusion senior reporter Emma Roller tweeted, alongside a screenshot of the picture.

Read more here.

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Trump smorgasbord.

Every single one of the first 100 days: A real mess.
Wouldn't it be nice to get along with Russia?

Now we know Clinton knew of Putin hacking into RNC systems.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

TPI Gazette: Trumpism, O'Reilly, Twitter Storm, Ted Nugent, Russia, Failing Administration

 ......Perception Counts...Non Progressive News

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He dresses her up like the ultimate shoulder candy and doesn't even have the respect to accompany the woman down a steep set of metal steps. 

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Let's start with a couple of segments of television tributes to the now "fired", O'Reilly. The segments are a bit long but good for our digestion of the O'Reilly termination.

Stephen Colbert

Trevor Noah at the 26-second mark of The Daily Show

We move now to those Twitter posts: Russia/Trump, Presser problem,  Ted Nugent (mega racist) and family privilege.

Both Putin and Trump have declared no election interference via Russian operatives and hackers.  The truth be told!

A Naval Armada

No matter the reasoning, the lies or the ineptitude, the Trump false statements about a naval armada has proven embarrassing and an indicator of an administration far from fit to lead a nation. ABC News; great read and video embed below.
We really must stay mindful of a military action launched just after Trump took office.  Someone in Trump's administration authorized a woefully inept infiltration mission into Yemen; thirty 37 civilians killed, one American navy Seal killed and an American eight-year-old killed. A mission President Obama was reported to have turned down twice prior to leaving office.

Trump Press Secretary didn't perform well today when asked about the Trump comments and false blustering.

International affairs isn't an episode of The Apprentice

NFL Champions And The White House

A reflection on the winner of the Super Bowl and NFL Championship Patriots and 2015 vs 2017 (Obama vs Trump) White House visits. Sparse crowds are following Trump around like a dirty blanket.

Cha Ching for President's wealthy daughter

The US President as a branding item for a privileged daughter.

Trump invites the nation's number one dweeb, Palin, to a White House dinner and take a look at the social garbage she joined over dinner.
No matter your political persuasion or inclination Ted Nugent is a mega-racist who is nothing shy of reprehensible. The others pictured above? You can apply your own personal adjectives (even if complimentary). 


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Trump, Russia And An Election (Smelling the Smoke)


“This may be one of the most highly impactful information operations in the history of intelligence,” said one former U.S. intelligence official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter.
On March 20th, McClatchy published a piece about the FBI Investigation into the 2016 Trump Campaign.  Apparently, one aspect of the deep investigation (which has been active since July of 2016) via potential involvement in 'fake or damaging news' stories from the Kremlin and Putin's cyber war divisions.

I recall an amazing scenario from the for Clinton/Trump Debate in July of 2016. Democrat Party candidate Hillary Clinton chose a moment in the debate to interject a tidbit of information of which I had heard only fleeting whispers previously. Within weeks of the General Election, NPR published a the transcript for the July debate. The piece includes Clinton's debate insertion. It should be noted the insertion went unheard and filed into some File 13  to re-surface only after the electoral victory through today.


Fact Check And Full Transcript Of The Final 2016 Presidential Debate

PolitiFact lists several instances in which Trump has talked about having some sort of contact with Putin.

He said nice things about me. If we got along well that would be good. If Russia and the United States got along well and went after ISIS, that would be good. He has no respect for her. He has no respect for our president. And I'll tell you what, we’re in very serious trouble. Because we have a country with tremendous numbers of nuclear warheads, eighteen hundred by the way where they expanded and we didn't. Eighteen hundred nuclear warheads and she is playing chicken.
The New START limits the U.S. and Russia to 1,500 deployed strategic nuclear weapons on the nations’ land- and sea-based missiles and aboard its bombers. The treaty did not cover smaller tactical weapons, however.
Look, Putin, from everything I see has no respect for this person.


Well, that’s because he'd rather have a puppet as president than the United States and it's pretty clear.


No puppet. You’re the puppet.


It's pretty clear that you won't admit the Russians have engaged in cyber attacks against the United States of America, that you encouraged espionage against our people, that you are willing to spout the Putin line, sign up for his wish list, breakup NATO, do whatever he wants to do and that you continue to get help from him because he has a very clear favorite in this race. So, I think that this is such an unprecedented situation. We have never had a foreign government trying to interfere in our election. We have seventeen intelligence agencies, civilian and military, who have all concluded that these espionage attacks, these cyber attacks, come from the highest levels of the Kremlin and they are designed to influence our election. I find that deeply disturbing and I think it --

That said, Trump certainly didn't respond in any effort to refute the assertion, and US media was busy chasing ratings which would have been far less available to any network which chose to follow real journalism via dispatching an investigatory team to root-out Clinton's words. The words went unnoticed, unanswered and unheeded by the public. Alas, we now find the FBI has been investigating the apparent Russian cyber warfare since before Clinton stated those words. Yet, there is more.

According to McClatchy World Bureau, the FBI as part of the Trump/Putin investigation is also investigating potential conservative website Russian cyber operative use of "bots" to feed Pro-trump and Anti-Clinton information to the American public. 

Operatives for Russia appear to have strategically timed the computer commands, known as “bots,” to blitz social media with links to the pro-Trump stories at times when the billionaire businessman was on the defensive in his race against Democrat Hillary Clinton, these sources said. 
The bots’ end products were largely millions of Twitter and Facebook posts carrying links to stories on conservative internet sites such as Breitbart News and InfoWars, as well as on the Kremlin-backed RT News and Sputnik News, the sources said. Some of the stories were false or mixed fact and fiction, said the sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the bot attacks are part of an FBI-led investigation into a multifaceted Russian operation to influence last year’s elections.
Read more (about 'bots' which may have influenced your vote)

Read more here:
Imagine your vote being influenced by Putin's operatives and right-wing nutjobs like Alex Jones? (Right Wing Watch). Imagine your choice foe president of the United States having appeared on this nutjob's internet show.

Alex Jones Infowars

As the McClatchy story unfolded , it seems FBI Counter Intel is investigating the following information entities (among others): Breitbart, InfoWars and Russia Today (Kremlin TV).

You and I should wonder if Fox News is embedded in that investigation bundle.

Actually, the beneficial utility of "bots' by the Russians and Rightwing nutjobs like Alex Jones shouldn't surprise anyone. The Columbia Journalism Review recently published a study which delineates the effectiveness of media in feeding rightwing propaganda and mind-altering misinformation (AKA Fake news). Speaking of fake news, before you view what follows consider what publication did Trump's Steve Bannon leave to join trump on the campaign trail. Hint: It should be obvious via the large red circle in the image. 

Read a couple of excerpt and strongly consider visiting the site.
..... more disconcerting explanation: Our own study of over 1.25 million stories published online between April 1, 2015 and Election Day shows that a right-wing media network anchored around Breitbart developed as a distinct and insulated media system, using social media as a backbone to transmit a hyper-partisan perspective to the world. This pro-Trump media sphere appears to have not only successfully set the agenda for the conservative media sphere, but also strongly influenced the broader media agenda, in particular coverage of Hillary Clinton.
We began to study this ecosystem by looking at the landscape of what sites people share. If a person shares a link from Breitbart, is he or she more likely also to share a link from Fox News or from The New York Times? We analyzed hyperlinking patterns, social media sharing patterns on Facebook and Twitter, and topic and language patterns in the content of the 1.25 million stories, published by 25,000 sources over the course of the election, using Media Cloud, an open-source platform for studying media ecosystems developed by Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society and MIT’s Center for Civic Media. 
When we map media sources this way, we see that Breitbart became the center of a distinct right-wing media ecosystem, surrounded by Fox News, the Daily Caller, the Gateway Pundit, the Washington Examiner, Infowars, Conservative Treehouse, and Truthfeed.
Fig. 1: Media sources shared on Twitter during the election (nodes sized in proportion to Twitter shares).
Fig. 2: Media sources shared on Twitter during the election (nodes sized in proportion to Facebook shares).
The most frequently shared media sources for Twitter users that retweeted either Trump or Clinton.
The most frequently shared media sources for Twitter users that retweeted either Trump or Clinton.

The sad reality!

We really must ask for a bit more of your time. If you have come this far, we recommend you spend a few minutes with MSNBC's Rachel Maddow's "A" Block segment of tonight. 

Did you fall for the bot action? Are you a Bernie supporter who followed the Russians into the abyss of a Trump in the White House. Did you abstain from voting because you followed the Russian cyber warfare and right wing media into a state of withholding your vote et al?


Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Love Of Putin And The US Right

Russian President Vladimir Putin: hero to some in conservative America despite his clear Cold War Era leadership. The man is as regressive as any member of the GOP and only moderately more dangerous to the world at large. Let there be no mistake, conservative America is dangerous to our nation and increasingly dangerous and baneful to international well being.           


Summary At the White House, President Obama said the U.S. government is "deeply concerned" by reports of Russian "military movements" and warned any violation of Ukraine's sovereignty would be "deeply destabilizing." Russia kept silent on claims of military intervention, even as it maintained its hard-line stance on protecting ethnic Russians in Crimea, a peninsula of Ukraine on the northern coast of the Black Sea.


Vladimir Putin was flanked by the two parliamentary speakers as he signed the law annexing Crimea
For Putin an Russia (with his 8 ls per cent approval rating): "Let the good times roll."

Fox News 10 mths ago

Summary "There will be costs for any military intervention in Ukraine," he said, without specifying what those costs might be. "We are now deeply concerned by reports of military movements taken by the Russian Federation inside of Ukraine," Obama said.
Now let's visit with the "Dark Side." Yes, I am speaking of the ever-present drum of anti-Obama rhetoric for the Right. As we review what follows, try to recall any instance of US governance that proved more favorable for the Right while proving President Obama wrong you will not find enough of a case to occupy scant seconds of your thought processes. The American Right is a regressive self-destructive entity that thrives-off the social divides in the US. Divides that could easily lead to US wars, increased poverty and the death of the US middle class. Yet, you vote GOP with regard for what follows. 

Mind you, the Russian economy is withering under the grips of international sanctions in response to Putin's Geo-po;iica ambitions. Well before the vice grip set-in the usual suspect GOP mouth-pieces chimed-in for a chorus of "we love Putin."

LA Times

Marco Rubio
“We cannot ignore that the flawed foreign policy of the last few years has brought us to this stage, because we have a president who believed but by the sheer force of his personality he would be able to shape global events,” Rubio said. 
Sarah Palin 
“Obama, the perception of him and his ‘potency’ across the world is one of such weakness,” Palin said. “Look it, people are looking at Putin as one who wrestles bears and drills for oil. They look at our president as one who wears mom jeans and equivocates and bloviates.” 
“While his stance as a defender of traditional values has drawn the mockery of Western media and cultural elites, Putin is not wrong in saying that he can speak for much of mankind.” Buchanan wrote. “... He is seeking to redefine the ‘Us vs. Them’ world conflict of the future as one in which conservatives, traditionalists and nationalists of all continents and countries stand up against the cultural and ideological imperialism of what he sees as a decadent West.”

Yahoo News

McCain on Obama and the Ukraine..
"....McCain had blasted the Obama administration as "cowardly," and criticized the president for attending two Democratic fundraisers in New York late Thursday instead of focusing on the international crisis."
Adam Kinzinger
"Adam Kinzinger, a Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told Fox News that Obama needs to be "very clear-eyed" about the Russian threat and "call Putin out by name." 
"I hope President Obama shows the same moral leadership today that President (Ronald) Reagan showed in 1983," Kinzinger said, referring to Reagan's blistering speech four days after a Soviet fighter jet shot down a Korean Airlines passenger plane that strayed into Soviet air space."
Lindsey Graham
 Senator Lindsey Graham said years of weak Obama diplomacy and passive responses to crises like Syria have emboldened the world's aggressors. 
"I'm not blaming the United States for shooting down the airplane," Graham said Thursday. 
"I'm saying that the foreign policy of President Obama is allowing conflicts to grow in scope and nature, and that the longer these things go the more people get drawn in."
Rudy Giuliani (the supreme conservative bloviator)

The infamous Guiliani video

Now, a look at what the American Right embraced with full blown machismo and lust for jingoism.

Wait, do not believe your eyes an ears, this is not happening!

In March of 2014, the US and European countries struck a death knell to Putin and the Russian economy. Putin continued with his (Sarah Palin) "bear wrestling" and the impact of his machismo-Cold War leadership led to what follows.

Global Post 

As the chart below notes, US leverage on Russia via trade is limited, although Europe’s large imports of Russian gas and oil potentially offer a lever if replacement supplies can be arranged. But oil and gas supply chains are notoriously difficult to reroute, and the United States’ exports of its own suddenly copious gas to Russia-dependent Central and Eastern Europe are years away.

That has led many to suggest that by targeting Russia’s state-owned banking sector, the international community can punish with reasonable precision a group that’s abetted Kremlin policies, often enthusiastically.
Read More 
Putin's Ruble suffers like a bear ready to "tap-out."
                          Embedded image permalink

A visit with a recent LA Times piece drives my point home like s jack hammer. 

If you want a more basic and less satirical ream try CNBC

Russia situation 'extremely grave': Trichet

I have focused on the Russian economy post Crimea not so much to criticize the Russian people. My take-away from the piece is a square and honest look at the fallacy of the American Right. Or should I say, those who spent significant time and energy snuggling up to the Russian leader who is by any definition a regressive Cold War relic. He is a dinosaur who shares firm footing with many American conservatives. They are all mired in tar-pits reaching, grabbing and yelping for a time long past.

Additional reading via NPR