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Friday, July 21, 2017

Jill Stein's Name Among Senate Committee Request To Trump Junior

Mike Flynn and Jill Stein at a Russia today dinner.

Willy Wimmer, Jill Stein

So, Stein, Flynn and sat at the very table at which Putin strategically placed himself. In fact, Putin's buddy Mike Flynn was given the honorary seat next to the Russian dictator. Stein seated a few feet away, busied herself grinning, smiling and snapping groupie-like cell phone shots of Putin. Oh, how could she so very much fall into the realm of celebrity worship?

This past May Stein posted a tweet post about the reasons she was at the dinner.
"True Confessions"?

In June, Stein appeared with CNN's Smerconish in a discussion of her trip to Russia and gala seating after the Washington Post published a report of Russian involvement in the 2016 Trump election win. YouTube video.

So, Stein pleads a "nothingburger" regarding her trip to Russia and what seemed to be hobnobbing with Putin, the matter smells like a garbage dump landfill. 

Our suspicion of Stein as a third party candidate and the more appealing third party candidate, Gary Johnson, bore fruit on November 6, 2016.  In addition to a flawed election process which resulted in election awards of electoral votes to a candidate who didn't win the final popular vote count, third party eroding of the November 6th vote certainly played a role. If we lump Write-in votes, third party votes and independent votes we find almost eight million voters (by their votes) default voters for Trump. The election as is always the case was a campaign of two parties and two candidates. All other votes were default votes for the eventual winner. Of course, we find even more disgust with 46.9 percent of eligible voters who did not vote, but that is a matter for another piece. 

Vice Presidential
Popular VoteElectoral Vote
Donald J. TrumpMichael R. PenceRepublican62,985,13445.93%30456.5%
Hillary ClintonTim KaineDemocratic65,853,65248.02%22742.2%
Gary JohnsonWilliam F. WeldLibertarian4,489,2353.27%00.0%
Dr. Jill SteinAjamu BarakaGreen1,457,2261.06%00.0%
Evan McMullinMindy FinnIndependent732,2730.53%00.0%
YOther (+)--453,8800.33%00.0%

Doesn't the table data seems stark against the reality of Donald Trump sitting in the Oval Office. There is something very flawed about the Electoral College.  The data also shows, third party candidates are GOP election dream. The 2000 General Election was bound to become a win-win model for the Right (and its international supporters) with Ralph Nader and the GOP first successful efforts at voter suppression.

While Gary Johnson fulfilled the role of Ralph Nader (spoiler) in 2000, Stein garnered valuable votes from voters who, if they had voted for one of the two viable candidates would probably have voted for the Democrat Party candidate. Gary Johnson's voters; who know he was such a whacked out candidate one can only assume those who cast the Johnson vote were of equally whacked out character. 

I digress. 

Let's move back to Stein; the Putin groupie of 2016. Apparently, the Senate Judiciary Committee has requested information related to Jill Stein as part of its investigation of Donald Trump's stumbling and incompetent elder son: Junior. The Committee has requested any communications from a long list of 41 named individuals of which Stein was included.

Newsweek offers insight into the request, but it should be noted it is far too early for anything beyond speculation.  So, let's speculate.

Imagine a third party candidate who guaranteed to siphon-off  a few million votes from far right voters?  Look at the optics: "Green party", the environment, legalized pot, African-American VP candidate (who called sitting President Obama an Uncle Tom).  Now why would a manipulative Russian dictator not consider deploying an election "claymore mine" for the seething far Left?

The Senate Committee and its request.

Intriguing, eh?