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Friday, April 20, 2018

Comey on the Maddow Show , GOP Releases Comey Notes, And A Dissolving Nation

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Well, James Comey's book has been released for public purchase. The former FBI head has been as visible as the 24/7 clock for about two weeks leading up to his book release this past Tuesday. Without question, his book promotion and anti-Trump TV and radio show appearance will continue for quite some time.It all makes for good TV.

As we suspect you have seen and listened to Comey (even if only briefly) during the course of the past two weeks, you probably have little interest in more from Comey. The former FBI director and his firing by Trump are newsworthy and critical to understanding matters related to the 2016 election and a president who may have connections to Russia's Putin.

Last night Comey spent an entire television hour with MSNBC's Rachel Maddow. The interview was fairly unremarkable as Comey (over the past few weeks) has answered just about every question imaginable about his firing by Trump. Despite the long wait for the Maddow interview and the virtually over-time repeating of most questions from Maddow to Comey, the Maddow interview was buoyed a bit by the release of Comey's memo notes by conservative members of the House of Representatives. (See Twitter embed below). The hour included a few interesting points.

The Maddow show hour was broadcast in segments separated by advertisements. We have posted Maddow's "A" Block segment below ad link the MSNBC page on which the various segments are posted, here.

During his nascent public appearances, Comey comes across as credible. He admits to reflective thoughts regarding certain entries in the book and he seems honest when he responds to questions by stating "I dont know." 

Maddow's "A" Block segment

Regardless of all the twist and turns regarding Russian interference in the 2016 General elections, Trump's admission to NBC's Lester Holt that he fired Comey while mentioning Russia seems awful close to obstruction.

I mentioned the release of Comey's memo notes. The following twitter Post and thread is a remarkable rendition of the memo notes from Seth Abramson. The passages require a long read. I recommend reading them over time while recognizing the notes are important to current US investigation into Russian hacking and legal matters for Americans who may have facilitated Russian meddling in the US elections.

Somewhere between Russian election meddling (hacking, social media manipulation etc) talk of hookers, porn star trolling of a US president and the daily presence of a national con artist, we are not finding time to rest our minds.

Imagine the prospect of reading and hearing the words "golden showers" in the same paragraph or comment along with mention of a US President.


Sunday, July 16, 2017

Trump Six Months In Office

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America...we really should expect better from the White House.

Record low approval levels, Russian hacking, and healthcare are serving as an anvil to Trump's Administration as surely as he is overweight. 

A just released ABC News/Washington Post Poll shows the extent of the political and leadership bleeding.

Pew also recently published a poll with another stark reality about Trump.


Saturday, July 1, 2017

"We're Not Focused On Preventing Russia From Meddling In Our Elections Again"

While I am totally frustrated about the Morning Joe Vs Trump kerfuffle because it is forcing more images of Trump's wife across my social media pages, Trump's utter disregard for a gaming Putin stands as a national disaster.

Crooks & Liars ran a piece which effectively delineates the seriousness of Trump's utter danger to humankind.

White House Spox: We're Not Focused On Preventing Russia From Meddling In Our Elections Again

Sarah Huckabee Sanders made it clear on Fox News yesterday that Vladimir Putin's attempts to meddle in our elections are not much of a concern to her or the Trump administration. While everyone was talking about Deputy Press Secretary Sanders' response to Trump's Twitter attack on MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, some of her other…

Friday, June 23, 2017

Russia's Republicans (Alas Comrades)

Repost from Crooks & Liars

Why Is Russia Helping Republicans Win Elections?

Another week in the Trump administration, another shit storm of news. Republicans were busy redistributing wealth from the poor and middle class to the wealthy by taking healthcare away from millions of Americans. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was preoccupied creating memorable optics with ordering Capitol Hill police to forcibly remove disabled wheelchair-bound protesters from the…

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

INTEL Shows Trump And Putin Communicate Too Much For Comfort

President-elect Trump has a cozy relationship with Vladimir Putin (AKA according to Trump "V. Putin"). While we have posted on this matter quite a few times as INTEL reports have been declassified and released, today's updates are particularly noteworthy.  

Basically, Trump represents the first US future president who developed and nurtured a relationship with a world leader who so closely resembles a dictator. Many US presidents have grown to leverage relationships with such leaders, especially South America and in the Middle East. But, rarely if ever, has INTEL reports welcomed and nurtured a relation with a Soviet or Russian leader. Is it possible Trump actually believes his own lies about Putin and reports of hacking against candidate Clinton?  Or, heavens forbid it looks like such, is Trump totally and incompetently naive about Putin while driven by his innate greed and lust for money? 

Whatever the case reports of Russian hacking within two weeks of Trump's inauguration is frightening or should I say frightening for rational Americans.

CNN's Jake Tapper explored the matter with a couple of so-called CNN national security correspondents. 

Talking Points Memo also published on the developing hacking reports.

Talking Points Memo


The report cited multiple anonymous U.S. officials with “direct knowledge” of the briefings given to Trump and Obama about the intelligence community’s report on Russian interference in the U.S. election, which concluded the intent of those Russian actors was to help Trump win the White House. 

The new allegations were contained in a “two-page” annex that was not included in the full intelligence community report released to the public in declassified form last week. By CNN's description, the document was primarily a synopsis of memos “compiled by a former British intelligence officer whose past work U.S. intelligence officials consider credible.” 

CNN reported that the addendum also contained allegations that there was a “continuing exchange of information during the campaign from Trump surrogates and intermediaries for the Russian government.” 

The FBI was working to verify the credibility and accuracy of that information, according to CNN. 

BuzzFeed News later Tuesday published a 35-page dossier that the news site claimed served as the source material for the two-page synopsis presented to Trump and Obama by intelligence officials. It contained explosive but unverified and unsubstantiated information about the President-elect, and contained some errors, according to the news site. 

CNN said it was able to confirm with its sources that the addendum was among the documents presented to the current and future presidents at their briefings last week, but was not able to confirm that its contents were discussed aloud.

Whatever, the source and the nature of the reports a few points stand out. Putin worked along with that Trump campaign to win a US General Election, Point two: Putin could have released hacked information to Wiki Leaks which was hacked from the RNC/GOP, but such releases were not enacted. Point three: Trump is a fat and gullible figurehead who can and will be manipulated by Putin; and at our expense. Point four: It seems Trump supports, lovers, and sycophants do not really care about Trump's comradeship with Putin. 

Friday, December 30, 2016

Russian Hacking Report, CBS Affiliate Butt-Puckers, Trump Says "Move-on"

"malicious cyber activity" (Grizzly Steepe)

Alas, The FBI (And CIA) have released a definitive report on Russia's efforts(and success) at penetrating US cyber systems to support the election of Donald Trump. The last thought and comment are incomplete: "penetrating" and sharing hacked information with WIKI Leaks for worldwide release.  And, that is called espionage.

Espionage seemingly supported by millions who support Donald Trump and espionage which has drawn Trump's team defense and reflective strategy. Yesterday, Trump issued a statement regarding the espionage and Obama Administration counter-measure sanctions. 
"It's time for our country to move on to bigger and better things," Trump said in a statement.
"Nevertheless, in the interest of our country and its great people, I will meet with leaders of the intelligence community next week in order to be updated on the facts of this situation." 
Seventeen (17) US security agencies have spoken openly about Putin's hacking. Why would Trump and his team bother to work at countering reality life is not a reality TV show, presidents can not exercise full control over hat the public sees and hears? The statement from Trump reads like a spoiled child being forced to eat his peas and broccoli. On a second read, did Trump actually suggest we should "move-on." reminds of the pro football coach who rushes his team to the next play to avoid consideration of his team's previous play infraction.  How bush-league?

A CBS News affiliate also joined the Trump team via offering a serious non-credible effort to refute CIA hacking reports. The following was broadcast on a CBS affiliate. We should hope the video segment wasn't sanctioned by high-level management at CBS.

What an amateurish mess!  

The developers of the segment actually included a 'problem' related to a lack of evidence from the CIA.  And, therein lies the essence of US media. How could the video producers even consider broadcasting such a "mess", without consideration of the extent to which the Obama Administration had the goods on Putin and his hackers? Do they not understand the seriousness of premature revelation in the INTEL world? How about the prospect an actual human being helped nabbed the Russian hacking and the need to insult the person from immediate retribution? Moreover, why wouldn't the folks behind the 'mess' not realize the Obama team would release what they felt comfortable releasing at their (professional) pace?  

The FBI Report (pdf 14 pages).  Pay particular attention to the code names used by some of the operatives who have been ordered to leave the US in 72 hours (Page 4).


Thursday, December 29, 2016

"Newsertainers", Obama Sanctions On Russia CBS News

A few days ago I ran across the following (below) four minutes video segment from CBS. The segment is supposedly a fact-check which refutes the CIA's claim of Russian interference in the recent General Elections. The video has even garnered favor from die-hard Clinton supporters; an astounding reality.

As I am not one of the neo-Obama (Administration) critics like the suddenly ever-present Sam Stein) and other far lesser celebrity types like a few of my Facebook friends who are effusing in Obama criticism now that we have four weeks left in Presidency, I do not accept the CBS video as either credible nor newsworthy. It is just another attempt to garner viewers with that new slant: attract both left and right viewers with slick with creatively developed "denial stories." 

Why would the CIA desire to fabricate such a story?

I believe the NSA Chief also commented on its concerns with Putin ordered hacking of the DNC.  Since the CIA and the NSA have issued statements regarding probable Russian election hacking, why should I consider CBS's report anything other than a ratings trap?

Allow a necessary digression.

On December 16th, The Guardian published a short, but detail piece about Russian hacking. The piece also included mention of Russian hacking of the RNC. Notice, no release of hacked information from the RNC.

Mother Jones and The Guardian are not broadcast "newsertainment" media. Neither organization employs slick look (often blond women and sometimes leggy.... with a willingness to show) reporters and hosts (AKA newsertainers) to deliver newsertainment to ratings ripe and dripping viewers. 
Definition: newsertainers (noun); An employee of a broadcast media network hired to deliver scripted teleprompter scripts, or host a news related show. The media model is characterized via obvious efforts to attract viewers (by any means necessary) and the model is promulgated by his/her employer to literally shape message and information delivered to an audience. The scope and variety of newsertainers run the gamut from leggy blonds, through Jerry Springer-like panel shows (CNN) to over-talking often cogent hosts on MSNBC.



 This on-air "model" wasn't a Fox News employee. 

If you think the images are contrary to the newsertainment at certain networks watch as one subject literally raised her skirt (after what seemed as off camera direction). 

The Fox News examples are dire and looking back on Roger Ailes apparent picking the fruit of the willing and the frightened among his team, we now find less drastic examples of newsertainers. In each case by ratings-driven million dollar contracts. 

End digression and back to the CBS segment.  If the segment was in any way credible, way would today's news of Obama Administration retribution stand before us.  International leaders do not expel officials without some degree of credible evidence of international wrongdoing.

Talking Points Memo published a definitive piece regarding the hacking:  "Grizzly Steppe."  I'll take reporting from Talking Points Memo over CBS news any day.

A final point. Who do you believe a CBS video segment replete with a newsertainer or the Obama Administration backed by two of the world's most effective INTEL agencies? Another critical consideration. Why would any CBS producer and writer take their shows into the realm of questioning INTEL agencies with this illogical tidbit: "furnished evidence." Any rational person knows even the slightest of "evidence" can be re-engineered back to a method of INTEL gathering. More critically, INTEL often comes from human sources. Would the Obama Administration go there?

The answer may lie in the same realm as the devastating and horrific Lora Logan 60 Minutes Benghazi Story: total fabrication.  CBS made a strategic head of network news hire back in 2011 which, I feel has shared the network since. The hire was a former Fox News executive who served his entire TV news life at Fox News after graduating college in 1996.  He grew of TV news age along with the network which was started in 1996. You can Google the name.


Thursday, December 15, 2016

Pre-Inauguration Blues, Hacking Scandal And That Havard Comma

As we watch the most Keystone Cop administration in US history, we should pay special attention to the quality of mind and character Trump appoints.  Rick Perry has been nominated as Trump's Secretary of Energy. What? Do you recall the following during the 2012 GOP nomination campaign? 

The man couldn't even remember the name of an agency he was committed to eliminating.

Trump continues on a path of selecting GOP anti-aficionados who when compared to Trump comes across like comparing a pair of expensive shoes, make him (Trump) appear as a mental giant.

Speaking of cabinet nominations, check out the following meme.  Of particular note is the nomination of Jeff Sessions (R-AL) Sessions was once denied a federal judgeship based on a history of racism. 

He will probably name a Monsanto CO. CEO as the Agriculture Czar.

If you in any way consider why so many whacked-out evangelicals so love Trump, you only have to watch this segment of the morally discredited Jim Baker and a panel of false prophets. These people feed millions of religious mental slaves while soaking up TV revenues and absorbing personal contributions, while totally ignoring the disgust that is Trump. I don't believe any worldly faith can find "...grabbing the Pussy", an acceptable way of life.

If up live as a rational American you are following growing reports of Russian hacking to help throw the election to Donald Trump.  Trump and company are, comparable to a like a Trump comb-over. This linked MSNBC report offers one of the best report synopsis of the growing scandal; it includes assertions that Putin was directly involved in the hacking. 

ABC News ran a piece this morning:

What did the old Native American chief say tot he band of US Calvary Troops about to be slaughtered for invading their homeland? "Where there is smoke there is fire."

When have we known of any administration with such a level of scandal without having gone through the inauguration process?    What about a secondary consideration of a future administration which is garnering historic transition approval ratings?

Let's end on a humorous but leaning note. Ever wonder about that 'comma' that grammar checkers tell you is missing, just before that sentence conjunction?  You know that comma that is (at times) necessary before "and, but, or or".  How about a look at why that comma (AKA the Harvard Comma) is so important?


Saturday, December 10, 2016

Russian Hacking? CIA Assessment And Trump's Response

Do you recall the following from the Democratic Party Convention this past summer? Former CIA Director and former Secretary of Defense spoke about Donald Trump's lack of sanity in encouraging Russia's Putin to locate and report on Hillary Clinton's email debacle.

Image result for russian hacking dncLast night I joined my pillows and bed covers with thoughts of social media railing about Rachel Maddow's segment regarding Russia's intervention in the November General elections. As I have, for the time being, sworn off of "newsertainment" and its millionaire celebrity "newsertainer" hosts, the Maddow segment wasn't part of my viewing  last night. In fact, I have not watched a segment of my former most popular news, related show since election night: November 8, 2016. And that is a major paradigm shift from one who considers himself a full-blown news and current events geek.

The CIA and Russian interference in the US election; an intriguing and totally unfathomable prospect. 

As I awakened this morning and checked my Twitter feed, I ran across this tweet. 

Russia influencing US election to put Trump in power is bigger than Watergate.8:25 PM - 9 Dec 2016 

As I opened My old AoL account, this popped across the monitor:

If you did not read the linked AoL (Business Insider) piece, at least click the link and view the one minute video.

So, the Trump camp wants the nation to move-on without any regard to an historic election. Historic in many ways, the least of which is Russia's apparent work on behalf of Donald Trump.  Let's compare "historic" for a moment:
  •  Historic regarding the first woman candidate heading a major party ticket.  Historic regarding the first reality TV and New York City real estate Mogul heading a political ticket.  
  • Historic regarding a popular vote that has the losing candidate up by three million or more votes 
  • Historic regarding the proximity of Trump's cabinet and closest advisers with documented anti-Semites and racists  within ear shot of Trumps future Oval Office.
  • Historic regarding the white vote going predominantly for Trump and historic regarding the number of potential voters who did not vote. 
Historic? Yes, and Russia's involvement in the election is by far to most dangerous to national well-being. Yet, Trump and company wants the nation to move on without any regarding for the nation's international INTEL agency's assessment of a clear and present danger.

Let's visit  the issue.

Washing Post video and article (must read):

  • The matter is as serious as Russian ICBM's and Kim Jong Un's occasional firing-off of ballistic missiles. Yesterday, President Obama ordered a full CIA review of the Russian hacking, but the matter won't be full assessed util after the current leaves office.  The newly elected president will surely work behind the scenes to squelch any reports which accurate depict Russia as the ultimate source of hacked information to Wiki Leaks. 
Have I digressed (for sake of clarity)?

Lets now visit with the Rachel Maddow segment of yesterday:

Lawrence 'Donnell also ran a segment on the CIA assessment.

A clear and present danger perpetrated by international cooperation among a veritable Russian dictator (subservient only to Russian oligarchs) on behalf of an American flim-flam man who's major issue in life is self-aggrandizement and money-grabbing.

Trumps response as of this morning?  You must visit this link.   
For those who really will nto visit the link:
.....In it, Trump attacked the CIA with a scary half-truth suggesting that he won’t accept facts from the CIA and ended the statement with an outright lie meant to distract the media. 
When Trump’s transition team said, “These are the same people that said Sadaam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction,” it’s also a half-truth at best, since Bush Administration’s White House Iraq Group led by political advisor Karl Rove and the involvement of Vice President Cheney drove the choice and dissemination of fake intelligence data to push America into the Iraq War.
As the hacking reports transpired, did you think for one second Russia hackers focused solely on the DNC and Clinton? If you couldn't see the prospect of comprehensive Russian hacking with selective use of the stolen information, you might be dangerously naive. The Hill is reporting Russian hackers also absconded from the RNC and the GOP, but held their anti-GOP hacks to facialtgiate a Trump win.