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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Trump Defends The Indefensible (Fire & Fury)

His Indefensible Mental State

Image result for fire and fury quoteMichael Wolff's book, Fire & Fury, released on Friday, Dec. 5, has hit the world like a giant tsunami. The book has shaken Trump and his White House to the core and led to a very rare press conference.

While having a weekend at Camp David, minus his Attorney General (what up with that), Trump has resorted to the most unusual behavior of availing himself to the media. As you watch the full presser notice in the opening seconds the demeanor of members of Congressional leaders who don't seem in any way excited about taking the stage.

We know that Trump lies well over 85% of the time according to POLITIFACT. Other Fact-checkers also have archived annual upon annual of Trump's various shades of untruth.  His lying has tragically become an accepted norm and places the nation's 45th President squarely in the same coup with Chicken Little and his falling sky.  Can we as a people believe anything that comes from Trump's mouth?  I posit the answer is an unequivocal: "no."

As you watch the video you will also experience Trump claims for personal achievement manifest in the current US economy, you will notice rambling inane comments about Fire & Fury, and yes, you will be exposed to a comment from the Draconian speaker of the US House of Representatives. You will also be exposed to pure malarkey from Senate Majority Leader McConnell as he spoke false hope about "bipartisanship."  Do you recall in case of such as Mcconnell worked to make Barack Obama a one-term president?

Another critical point in the presser was his seeming suggestion of stifling Constitutional Freedoms of Speech. 

If you do not recognize Trump as a potential forebear of US totalitarianism with fissures on common nation killing Fascism, you are probably a Trump supporter. 

How about a couple of linked articles regarding the book?

The Guardian (Video)


Thursday, December 7, 2017

Tax Plan Most Do Not Want

Allow a few minutes for a quick review of the GOP tax plans. MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle offers a great reminder of how the tax plans work against the middle class. 

Ruhle analysis is a stark reality, especially when we have multiple and credible reporting, the public has little to no interest in a GOP tax cut (which is really a well-disguised tax increase on those who make less).

Nate Silver's 538 Blog and other related political surveys find and report a total lack of interest in GOP plans.  We suspect the nation really does have a sense of who in the nation will benefit from tax cuts.  
About a third of voters currently support the Republican tax reform package, according to an average of five surveys released1 this month. In a Quinnipiac University survey, just 25 percent of voters approved of the plan. Surveys from ABC News/Washington PostCNNMorning Consult and YouGov put approval of the plan slightly higher, but all are still at 36 percent or lower. Meanwhile, an average of the five polls puts opposition at 46 percent.
Quinnipiac University Survey

November 15, 2017 - Latest Massacre Drives Gun Control Support To New High, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; Voters Reject GOP Tax Plan 2-1


American voters disapprove 52 - 25 percent of the Republican tax plan. Republican voters approve 60 - 15 percent, with 26 percent undecided. All other party, gender, education, age and racial groups disapprove.  
The wealthy would mainly benefit from this tax plan, 61 percent of American voters say, while 24 percent say the middle class will mainly benefit and 6 percent say low-income people would mainly benefit.  
American voters say 59 - 33 percent that the Republican tax plan favors the rich at the expense of the middle class.  
Only 16 percent of American voters say the Republican tax plan will reduce their taxes, while 35 percent of voters say it will increase their taxes and 36 percent say it won't have much impact on their taxes.  
Only 36 percent of voters believe the GOP tax plan will lead to an increase in jobs and economic growth, while 52 percent do not believe it.  
American voter opinions on some of the elements of the Republican tax plan are:
  • 49 - 45 percent that lowering the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 20 percent is a bad idea;
  • 58 - 30 percent that doubling the standard deduction is a good idea;
  • 59 - 30 percent that eliminating the deduction for state and local income taxes is a bad idea;
  • 48 - 43 percent that eliminating the estate tax is a good idea.
"The sentiment from voters: The GOP tax plan is a great idea, if you are rich. Otherwise, you're out of luck," Malloy said.
If we revisit the 538 piece we find a graphic which clears shows such tax cuts are not popular and the cuts actually do not provide political leverage of pushing for such cuts.  

The GOP’s tax bill is historically unpopular

1981GallupReagan tax cut I51%26%+25
2001HarrisW. Bush tax cut I4937+12
2010ABC/WaPoExtending Bush tax cuts I5442+12
2013ABC/WaPoExtending Bush tax cuts II4538+7
2003HarrisW. Bush tax cut II4539+6
1986CBS/NYTReagan tax cut II3834+4
1993GallupClinton tax hike3444-10
1990Voter News ServiceH.W. Bush tax hike4152-11
2017November average*Trump tax cut3246-14

*Average of surveys by CNN, Quinnipiac University, Morning Consult, ABC/WaPo and YouGov. 
Note: The polls included in this table used different question wording, including variations on “support,” “approve” and “favor,” as well as “oppose” “disapprove” and “vote down.”

Alas, the GOP doesn't give a damn about public sentiment. Is there a surprise there? In 2014 data indicates the majority of members of Congress (House and Senate) are millionaires.


The Center for Responsive Politics analyzed the personal financial disclosure data from 2012 of the 534 current members of Congress and found that, for the first time, more than half had an average net worth of $1 million or more: 268 to be exact, up from 257 the year earlier.Jan 9, 2014
The wealthy benefit from any GOP tax plan for the first moment of presidential signature.  Do we have yet another case of millionaires left in charge of boatloads of unguarded money?

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Tax Cuts Feed The Rich Lead To Social Security Cuts

Rubio Foretells GOP Plans For Social Security

Crooks & Liars

Rubio Says It Out Loud: Tax Cuts Are First Step To Social Security Cuts
Hey Marco! You're not supposed to TELL people that tax cuts for billionaires is a way to get cuts to Social Security done! Rubio told a "Politico Playbook Interview sponsored by the Financial Services Roundtable" (so much wrong, but I digress) that people his age, 46, might want to kiss the money they're paying into Social…

Friday, May 5, 2017

Cable News On Trumpcare And The US House of OZ

On a day when, Trumpcare moved through your House of Representatives and Trump invited GOP House members to the White House for a reality TV appearance, cable media trodded through Trumpcare in a divers manner.

CNN gushed over the optics of a Trump staged reality show. You may notice (in the Rachel Maddow segment below) the reality show is absent any diversity. Most GOP elected officials who wished the Trump reality show visual were baby boomer and older white men stand to sound their celebrity party leader. You will also notice certain key members of the GOP House elected Trumpites strategically avoided the visual.

First, watch CNN entertain its viewer.  Alas, the timing was perfect for CNN. Brooke (Obama didn't have the "guts" to bomb Syria) Baldwin lead the discussion.

Jake Tapper sitting with (Mr. Excitement) Wolf Blitzer also aired their House vote town crier, Jeff Zellney.

Yes CNN relished int he reality show ratings. How crass?

Each the person who spoke about Trump's staged show knows the House bill is a Draconian version of the bill which never received a vote. They also know, if passed through the Congress as Ryan promulgated today's version it will lead to catastrophic financial and health ramifications from millions. 

Now, for another perspective from MSNBC's Rachel Maddow. 

Maddow offer points of consideration totally important to CNN's rating quests and Trump admiration segments. 

Over on Fox News (the crumbling Fox News), things got a bit out of control. Yet, I am certain Fox News viewers loved every second of it all.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"Empty Chairs" (GOP Photo Op) ...Like Ryan And The Soup Kitchen Photo Op in 2012

Do you recall Paul Ryan's fake visit to a soup kitchen during the 2012 presidential campaign? If you fail to remember how Ryan and the GOP goes about their business we offer a couple of quick reminders: the now famous Ryan (and Family) Soup Kitchen visit.
A.) Soup Pantry with pantry executive comment.
B.) Anecdotal with family introductions and (not so complementary music dubbed over)

Did you notice that Ryan used his family as active participants in the rouse?

It appears the GOP (with Ryan at center-point) is at it again. The following GOP (shutdown) photo opportunity is about as fake a depiction of the GOP as I have ever witnessed.

The following memes came from Facebook pages. I find them both interesting, telling and very sad. We have very wealthy people who secure positions in Congress, the continue to enrich themselves. They do nothing beyond obstruct President Obama and progress towards a better society. They play child-like games in fighting for party platform items the majority of voters voted against in 2012. Did they actually attempt to throw-in the Keystone XL Pipeline?  They practice GOP mind and paradigm alteration on those foolish enough to buy the game. They do so as "high information" people watch with disdain and contempt.

As you view the memes, think about when you have ever seen Eric Cantor without a suit jacket?  Think again about the soup pantry, and you might find the source of this shenanigan. It has Paul Ryan written all over it, and it stinks.

"Empty Chairs" ( per Rachel Maddow).

Do you think members of the 113th Congress who sat for the picture really think as do most of us? Do you seriously believe their most important focus is the public? Of course, any Democrat who would be crass enough to join this charade photo op. could also show with millions in income. No worries, the chance of  Democrat pulling a charade like the following is nil. Party leaders would better control if a member of the Democratic Party the urge to "play the American people" so cheaply. 

If we exclude meme verbiage  we have the perfect picture for "low information" people.

Linked image

The next meme rendition is a bit colloquial regarding use of the word "Chicks," but it makes a clear point about the GOP.  The representatives depicted in the image are truly representative a party that is 92% white and very much male oriented and male dominated.  

Linked image

Rachel Maddow lays it out in very frank terms.

Full link:

Martin Bashir earlier yesterday, address the "Empty Chair" Ploy. We are pleased MSNBC did not provide audio for the segment (Cantor's oratory). High information people simply do not like to be played (manipulated).

Full link: http://video.msnbc.msn

The GOP is on a crusade that is as flawed as the Bush/Cheney US charge into Iraq.  The  ACA is law (constitutionally supported law).  The 2012 election was one by a candidate who signed the legislation into law. The ACA is benefiting millions and will benefit millions more as time passes. How can a sane person move beyond feeling the GOP is operating "according to Koch," in their dogmatic attempts to chip away at the ACA?
I hear the daily refrain of "we are doing what the American people want!" Well, actually no. The very polls that GOP members of congress use to support their charade also indicate, poll respondents have no interest in a shutdown federal government.

Since, the GOP uses the mantra: "We are doing what the American People want!" Why did they completely ignore the 92% of survey respondents who want background checks for firearms purchases and tightening the Gun Show Laws?

This federal government shutdown is a GOP farce and indicative of the extent to which the party allows itself to "brain fart."

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Did Ryan Write The Rubio Speech (Including H2O Breaks)?

Click for larger version

View image on Twitter
I do not listen to any communication, messages, or written information out of the GOP  I pride myself in avoiding manipulation and I protect my "grey matter" from conservative America's soiling oratory.
 I missed Rubio's moment in the water, I mean I missed Rubio's moment in the sun.

Yet, I am not surprised that Rubio's comments so matched those of Mitt Romney, it is amazing. Amazingly stupid to recite an agenda that was so resoundingly defeat in November.  That said, I should have known better. the core of the GOP is not doing things differently. The party is about maintaining the status quo and since Ronald Reagan has been on a crusade of regression to times long past.

Both the Ed Show and Al Shaprton's Politics Nation ran segments of Rubio rehashing Mitt Romney's 2012 policy platform.  In fact, Rubio's likeness to Romney is far greater than rehashing the failed candidates campaign rhetoric.  Rubio's appears to have literally copied the Romney playbook. As one MSNBC pundit stated, it is very much possible Paul Ryan wrote the speech for Rubio.

Before I post the Sharpton segment allow me one more indulgence.

Now, that is called irrefutable evidence Ryan wrote the GOP response  He did not even edit out his lame and fake consumption of H2O.

Politics Nation  (The segment is over eight minutes long, you may prefer to skip through, but you might miss really good commentary)

...And The Band Plays On....

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Combating Recession to Ward Off Economic Depression

President Obama catches much static about the economy.  While the static comes from the Right and seems to be manifest in many independents, I have to say people on the Left do to stand-up to the 'rhetoric'.  Yes, there is strong reason to stand tall against the rhetoric.  

We hear about eight plus per cent unemployment. It is a stifling level of unemployment which correlates to millions who are out of work.  While most do not think beyond today and yesterday, I am certain many can remember unemployment above 10 per cent.  Lest we forget, President Obama never once said, stimulus would lower unemployment to six per cent.  His economic team has to take blame for those statements, and a couple of those advisers and cabinet members are no longer in the White House. In actuality, the statements were made based on approval of a Stimulus at $1.2 Trillion; actual Stimulus was approved at $743 billion.  As Paul Krugman and other credible economist stated, "that is too small". The economic impetus was far smaller than desired and was less effective than had the Stimulus passed at the $1.2 Trillion level.  But, we do not focus on fine details, we reach for what is in front of us today and what we remember from yesterday.

Since the US economy is totally dependable on people working and jobs, allow a few charts (w/comment) about President Obama and the turn-around economy.

We forget, or do not care about.......

The US Auto Industry 


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Paul Ryan Trojan Horse with A Mix of Charlatanry

Image Link

Paul Ryan is a charlatan and even more a Trojan Horse than Mitt Romney. It is hard to fathom, but I am growing to believe Ryan is a much bigger liar.  

Have your ever worked around or interacted with a person who was a bit of a know it all?  Yes, sure you have.  Have you ever worked around a know-it-all who is a numbers person?  They are the very worse when it comes to discussing  points and arguing points that include human needs as a discussion factor.  They have little to no feelings for human beings beyond their families. Paul Ryan is truly  Left Brain Hemispheric Dominant, and he has another problem to compound his aversion to all things human; he was born wealthy and has acquired more wealth via inheritance.  

As with Mitt Romney, their family background and the absolute lack of 'need for anything', could not help but shape their young lives.  Young life experiences and learned tendencies shapes the eventual adult.  I will take that thought one-step farther; we never really grow away from of early life experiences. At our core we are the same people as the person who grow from a pre-teen through their teen years into full adulthood.   Paul Ryan's family background and his 'well-to-do' family experience probably contributed greatly to an adult with no empathy for people who have life-sustaining needs.  He will vote for wars, vote for oil subsidies, vote to spread religious doctrine into matters of State, but he will avoid affirmative (Yay) votes for social programs.  And, he will does so despite empirical evidence of human need!

IN 2005 Congressman Ryan spoke at The Atlas Society.  Ryan apparently left a trail of adoration, effusive love, adulation and manifest fervor for the philosophies of Ayn Rand, author and novelist. He claims to have devoted much of his post-teen social learning and psychic development to rand's writings. 

The Atlas Society audio linked and transcript excerpt)

(Rep. Ryan is introduced by The Atlas Society's Ed Hudgins, director of advocacy.)
Some excerpts from the audio (with minute and second markers):

(1:45) I just want to speak to you a little bit about Ayn Rand and what she meant to me in my life and [in] the fight we’re engaged here in Congress. I grew up on Ayn Rand, that’s what I tell know everybody does their soul-searching, and trying to find out who they are and what they believe, and you learn about yourself.