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Friday, November 22, 2013

James Hall Screeds In Tribute and In Support Of President Obama

Re-Blog from TPI special contributor, James Hall.

Never underestimate the power of Bigotry and Misinformation. 

From day one, before he ever stepped into office they have attempted to make him the boogey man and made it their number one goal to make him a one term President. Ask yourselves, "...are those the words of people who want to work together with you?" 

They've thrown everything they have at this man, but yet he is still standing. Their only got ya moment is technical issues with a the health care website not the actual program. Funny how all the problems don't seem to be happening in "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs." but in Red states?? 

The GOP has not created one job. The president has created millions (over seven million) without their support and reduced unemployment.

FRED: The St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank..through 2012  (Before and After Bush)

7.2 million jobs added in the last 40 months

It was the GOP platform and rally cry for 2010: "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs." Why haven't they been called to task and held accountable for their failure? All they've done is try to get rid of jobs by shutting down the federal; government which cost us $24 billion dollars over 16 weeks and accomplished nothing. Yet, they cut a $4 billion dollar SNAP program that feeds needy families and hungry kids lunch funding for a year.

I am proud to support our President and it is past time to remove those in the tea party and the GOP who have failed the people's trust that they were there to govern, not obstruct.