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Sunday, April 9, 2017

SNL Does Trump W/ O'Reilly Icing

I am not a Saturday Night Live viewer,. Yegt from time to time, and increasingly so now that you have given Trump the Oval Office, I check for great video on the following Sunday. Well, last night's show was apparently a good show.  The opening segment is linked below via the Daily Motion. After that segment I have embed a classic segment with Alec Baldwin spoofing both Trump and Bill (hands on) O'Reilly.

SNL 4/9 - Video Dailymotion: SNL Alec Baldwin

A great segment.

When a president offers so much material from CNL, one has to know there is trouble in the administration.

If you need perspective, AOL News offers a brief and non detailed synopsis under the umbrella of Ruppert Murdoch's Company will investigate Fox News. A concept which is a bit perplexing since Fox News and O'Reilly have issued $13 million in lawsuit settlements to five women. And that is in addition to Gretchen Carlson walking away with $13 million based on surreptitious tapes of Roger Ailes,former Fox News head, harassment. AOL News

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The February Absurdity Award (THE DUMBASS): The winner is...You know who! (VIDEO)

The August 2012 Absurdity Award (The DUMBASS)


The Absurdity Awards took backstage to current events over the past four to five months. While 2012 has been over-blown with absurdity from the Right, and yes a bit of same from the Left, February's Award needs no additional consideration.  

The  Candidates are........ No wait, there is no competition for the (February) DUMBASS.  How can any credible authority overlook the sterling example of absurdity delivered by Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell (R) and his crusading GOP cronies in the State Legislature?

Bob McDonnell
71st Governor of Virginia

 and  of the Washington Post recently published an article about the now famous GOP Waterloo 'Virginia Authoritarian Vaginal FIASCO'.  Governor Robert McDonnell's, (R) Virginia, utterly authoritarian push of  a  'Neanderthal and chauvinistic'  anti-Abortion measure provides irrefutable evidence of the GOP vision of the United States of America.