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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

"I Am A Deplorbable"

You know our position on Donald Trump, the GOP and conservative America.  We have no need to offer paragraph after paragraph of that you already know.  Current manifestations of Trumpism is far more relevant and important. We are going to run through a few of the nation's latest version of "Trumpism."

If you watched Monday night's debate you witnessed a child-like uber wealthy bloviator work at aligning his debate opponent and the two moderators charged with working to provide a healthy and informative forum. Of course, by now we all know when it comes to Trump all "healthy and informative" dialog have been relegated to a by-gone area in US politics. A by-gone era supplanted by our thirst for reality TV giggles, quips, and celebrity envy. How about checking-out one case of Trump 'whining' (like a child) about implied favoritism?

Watch a presidential candidate 'go silly' even when the reality is he talked on beyond his allotted time often.

She talked over, and you didn't stop her

Now, for a bit of outright lies. It should be noted fact-checkers have also dinged Clinton for a couple of noted "False" statements.

Trump's support for the Iraq War (since it continues to come-up)

Trumpism from his highly paid surrogates and the extent to which they are irrational robots. 

One noted talking head seemed to downplay Trump's "grabbing" remarks. Kayleigh McEnany is CNN's version of the Trump Town Crier and her followed the memo and strategy of laying Trump's 2005 vulgar statements to locker-room talk is utter despicable.

Kayleigh McEnany Vs. former director of the Congressional House Black Caucus and
CNN regular Angela Rye

If you didn't visit the linked embed just above, here is the video and a link to the video.

From the heated discussion centered on Trump's immortality to the insane manifestation and chatter of arguably the GOP's number one Senatorial racist: Jeff Sessions (R-AL).

It shouldn't take a candidate for MENSA or an deacon in a Protestant church to recognize over-the-top sexism and illegal behavior. Sessions joins others in showing their utter disdain for the sanctity of the woman's psyche and body.

How about one more case of a noted RNC official disavow the reality of Trump's 2005 disgust. 
Senior #GOP official won’t say grabbing women w/out consent is #sexualassault @seanspicer is confused. Very.
— Laura Cereta (@laura_cereta) October 11, 2016

The following embed is accompanied by a question. Why aren't we reading and hearing about this matter outside of social media? We war watching Trump deplorably a "Bill Clinton raped me" strategy of late. No one outside of social media is reporting on this case. MSNBC recently ran a segment of allegations Trump has a history that may involved rape of a minor.
Have you heard any comments from Trump (and company) about the horrors of violent crime in America? Of course, a few of our major cities have serious issues with violent crime. Trump, Giuliani and possible the cop unions who have endorsed Trump are chopping at the bits for reinstatement of "Stop and Frisk." 

How does famous quote read: "Facts are pesky things."(often stated by Ronald Reagan, the father of Modern US conservatism).

There is no overwhelming need for reinstating what amounted to personal abuse against blacks and Latinos in major cities.

Image result for stop and frisk new york 

Image result for stop and frisk new york

In 2008, what actually took place in NYC Stop and Frisk assaults.

Image result for stop and frisk new york

Well, what has taken place since Stop and Frisk was ruled unconstitutional and stopped via the courts.

Image result for stop and frisk new york

In summary, the abusive policing tactic was disproportionately applied to blacks and Latinos, it didn't yield enough tools of violent crime to actually provide a corollary set of data, and NYC crime has bottomed-out since the abuse was stopped. A reality which correlates with a drop in violent crime as delineated in the Trump image above.

Yes the word "deplorable" certainly applies as we consider Trump, his surrogates and the majority of those who will vote for Trump in four weeks.


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

CNN Broadcast Their Chief Racist (No Host Intervention)

CNN has again entertained their conservative viewers with the most racists media contributor allowed on US airways. Harry Houck, former NYC cop, has well surpassed Pat Buchanan is an overt racist who should be denied opportunity to spew unqualified data to support his racism. We have captured and posted the CNN segment below. As you listen to Houck, try to retain the thought he quotes data which may have been influenced by "Stop and Frisk" policies which target blacks and Latinos. 


A non-bound show host would have requested more about the data Houck spewed. A real journalist (VS a host from a popular and elitists NYC family)  would have asked not only about the genesis of the data, they would have referenced the data with "stop & frisk" as a dark cloud over NYC police enforcement. By default and due to a lack of journalistic acumen Chris Cuomo facilitated Houck's racism.

“In New York City alone, blacks are 23 percent [of the population],” he said. “They make up 75 percent of all shootings, 70 percent of all robberies, 60 percent of all violent crimes. White only 3 percent. That is why there are more blacks in jail than there are whites.” 
After some back and forth, CNN commentator and former HuffPost Live host Marc Lamont Hill weighed in, “Harry just went on national TV and said black people are prone to criminality.” 
“Well, they are.” Houck said. 
“You think black people are prone to criminality?” Hill asked. “You don’t mean to say that. I’m going to give you a chance to correct [yourself]. You don’t mean that black people are prone to criminality.” 
“The statistics here show this,” Houck fired back, pointing at his sheet of statistics. “What does this say?”

Houck has a history with CNN that seems to unfold when CNN needs an arch conservative (apparent racist) for comment.  In October 2015, we published this piece with Houck rationalizing cop abuse.  CNN found another opportunity to expose its conservative audience to Houck in December 2015. In February of this year, Houck was again booked on a CNN segment as the lone voice of that portion of the white America which feeds off social regressivism: Beyonce tour

Crooks & Liars also published a piece with a bit more detail with a closing remark which is the bottom-line on Houck. He should be closed out of US media. He is without question a racist and he is the product of a corrupt law enforce community which for decades abused minorities. Houck was again allowed on CNN to spew data without any qualifying of the data as being that of a police dept. which target black and Latino men.

CNN's Harry Houck Claims Black People Are 'Prone To Criminality'

CNN started the day with a feverish argument, thanks largely to their guest, the inflammatory ex-police officer, Harry Houck. Marc LaMont Hill, a regular pundit, a professor at Moorhouse College and reasonable person whenever Houck appears on CNN, first clarifies the problem. HILL: I think we have to reject the ninety-nine percent of cops are good…