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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Trump Authoritarianism?

Image result for trump putin meme

In July 2017, Foreign Policy dot com published a piece very well developed by Stephen M. Walt.

Herewith are Mr. Walts ten signs and a link to the piece.
  1. Systematic efforts to intimidate the media: Check
  2. Building an official pro-Trump media network: Partial check 
  3. Politicizing the civil service, military, National Guard, or the domestic security agencies: Partial check. 
  4. Using government surveillance against domestic political opponents: Nothing yet. 
  5. Using state power to reward corporate backers and punish opponents: Worrisome, but not a big problem so far. 
  6. Stacking the Supreme Court: Partial check. 
  7. Enforcing the law for only one side: Blinking red. 
  8. Really rigging the system: Blinking red
  9. Fearmongering: Check. 
  10. Demonizing the opposition: Check (but he’s not alone).
How about visiting a few of the ten& signs just over a year later?

Random Unordered

Point 6: While anyone with a modicum of common sense knows either political party and US President will nominate SCOTUS Justices with like political an ideological lean. That stated, Trump's latest appointee to the Justice Roberts SCOTUS is a clear example of "stacking" the Supreme Court: Kavanaugh wasn't a name mentioned by Trump during his campaign for the Oval Office.

On December 2, 2016, mere weeks before his inauguration, Trump made public a list of 21 potential nominees to follow his strategic placement of Gorsuch on the Robert's Court. USA Today and Trump's list of "stellar judges". No Kavanaugh? Is it possible Trump's cabal located Kavanaugh and advanced his nomination based on research which yielded he seems to harbor views the US President is beyond scrutiny which could include criminal of impeachable acts (my words)? Stacking? (AKA Get Out Of Jail Card)

We suggest Mr. Walt move Point 6 to a big red "check."

Point 2Since July 2017 the Trump media ministers have without question deployed strategies which include high jacking local TV network news operations via supportive and elitist affiliations. Sinclair Broadcasting is the penultimate example after Rupert Murdoch's' over-the-top Trump media on Fox News.



The New York Times 

The need to post any validation of Fox News as Trump's prime media tool is totally unnecessary. You either by now know such or you are a supporter and have learned to consider Trump's Earth flat instead of round.  You may even own a MAGA Cap.

     Related image Image result for maga cap image of white supremacists Image result for maga cap image of white supremacists

We would be remiss if we did not also identify an example of CNN's business model which includes panels that at times appear straight from the Jerry Springer Show. The link posted here includes a particularly noteworthy example of a GOP operative on a panel with a clear mission to label anyone who is antiTrump part of a mob.  Watch as the operative, Matt Lewis declared himself "...not a Republican" and while being asked to settle-down via the show host, snipped like a child about whether he could take a drink of water. The segment is a bit long and may not be worth the full eight minutes of viewing. 

Point 10:  A "Both Sides" issue..and that will not change until the US suffers another national catastrophe.

These Points are worthy of deep scrutiny.  I believe I am hearing snippets of the administration past dealing with Russia which may have touched into domestic surveillance or something of the sort.   Points 3 and 4.
Using government surveillance against domestic political opponents: Nothing yet.  
Using state power to reward corporate backers and punish opponents: Worrisome, but not a big problem so far.  
Trump authoritarianism is as sure as his penchant for lying daily lies. I believe the total of lies from 45 has surpassed 5200 in his short time in the Oval Office.


Friday, September 4, 2015

Todd Kincannon, Conservative Twitter, Impresario Gone Mad?

If you ever experienced the displeasure of reading Tweets from Todd Kincannon, what follows will offer no surprise. Before the latest on Kincannon's plunge into insanity take note of his attacks on Texas 2014 gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis.


A real conservative firebrand, eh?

Well, as is frequent the case, conservative mouthpieces have lots of baggage in their closets. In fact, the more verbose the more closets they maintain. Kincannon is the archetypal conservative talking head replete with ugly tweets and only the heavens know what his Facebook Page includes.

Kincannon earlier in 2015 revealed the real person, shrouded in the domestic dispute.  The dispute seems to have metastasized into evidence of a serious mental disorder.

If You Only News


Todd Kincannon’s fall has been glorious and complete.

Todd Kincannon was committed to a Columbia mental health facility earlier this week after suffering some sort of a meltdown. The South Carolina Supreme Court also suspended Kincannon’s law license and moved all his cases over to the law offices of Peyre Thomas Lumpkin, Esquire.

Here are the two graphic pictures Kincannon posted, which prompted action by the court:

Pictures Kincannon sent in emails viaLittle Green Footballs
You may or may not be familiar with Kincannon, but he’s been threatening suicide for a while.
He hasn’t worked for the GOP for a few years, but he used to be the Executive Director of the South Carolina Republican Party. He’s also a lawyer in South Carolina as well as a “political activist,” though much of his activism was on Twitter where he made a name for himself as one of the most vile, insensitive, bigoted racist a**hats the internet had ever met. He earned himself a lifetime ban from Twitter after his tweets enraged the general public.

Then the outspoken Conservative troll went relatively quiet, only to re-emerge trying to crowdfund his first book Useless Idiots: The Proper Care and Feeding of Liberals, in 2014. A few donations came in, but the book doesn’t appear to have ever been published.
Then crickets. Kincannon went quiet until March of 2015, when the Conservative known for vilifying others for their lack of Christian morality, family values or liberal views was suddenly arrested for domestic violence and possible kidnapping charges against his wife.
Apparently, he had been terrorizing his wife, Ashley, for months because she was considering filing for divorce. He had threatened to kill himself, which was revealed in a secret recording made by Ashley. The tension between the two erupted after a political event they had attended together when Todd and Ashley were driving home, and Todd started speeding and driving erratically, telling his wife he would kill her if she ever tried to leave him. His wife tried to get the attention of passing motorists to call 9-1-1 for her.
Kincannon was caught and arrested at the bigot watering hole, Chick-fil-A. His wife has filed for divorce.
I’m not a doctor, but this guy may benefit from some Liberalism; Conservatism hasn’t really worked out too well for him.
Now, I’m not going to say liberals are perfect; of course we’re just as flawed, but all these outspoken Conservative trolls are dropping under their own weight. Josh Duggar, a loud activist for family values and traditional marriage, just crumbled under his own weight after it was revealed the uber-Christian was cheating on his wife and mother of his four children. Kincannon is holding a gun to his head because he can’t live up to his own standards? Something smells rotten in the right-wing, and it isn’t just Trump’s platform.


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Your GOP At Work..And A Shot Of Fresh Air

The nation has handed the GOP both Houses of the US Congress.  Make no mistake, the win in November was solely due to voter apathy regrading mid-term voting and irrational decisions from the democratic party (e.g., Immigration Executive Order after the elections). Nonetheless, the GOP has a grip the nation that will lead to a wrenching of the middle class and efforts to hand opulence to its money broker benefactors. 

While many Americans will trod along with little attention to the deleterious affect of the GOP laden Congress, High Information voters (HIVs) will stay vigilant.

Let's do a quick walk though of happenings in conservative America.  We also offer a bright light of hope at the end of the post.

A Koch coughs and spews contempt for average Americans.  He wants no more Minimum wage, yet he is personally worth $43 billion USD.  How pathetic is the GOP and Libertarians?

How many times have I written about Fox News and its obvious business model of giving its viewers what they want? The managers, and producers at Fox News are not unintelligent swamp rats. They are astute at manipulating the psyches of their viewers and in return they reap a hefty financial gain for Ruppert Murdoch. they also earn at the level of opulent, so disseminating current event propagnda (cannot call it news). is no surprise.

Check-out a couple of posts that address the Fox News broadcast (business) model.  The second inset is as shameful as it gets.

Post by Salon.

Every time Rand Paul opens his mouth the full extent of his ignorance exudes. 

Recall that time age old adage: "The fool that keeps his mouth is never discovered to be a fool." 

Every heard of Karma....Can you imagine a president of the US some physically deprived even when not intoxicated?

On the other side of the political spectrum!


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Black on Black Crime As Political Fodder And Social Dog Whistle Minus A Mirror

Whites do it also!

On November 24th, I published a piece as a retort to Rudy Giuliani's attack-mode comment to Fox News's Steve Doocey:

".....Giuliani told Fox’s Steve Doocey, explaining why he was “very frustrated” with protesters in Ferguson, Missouri. “The danger to a black child,” he added, “is another black.” Before claiming “there is virtually no homicide in the white community,”
"Is another black." Not "another black person."

The first comment was bedded deep in the psyche of a person that if you did not have the name of the speaker, you might feel the person was a racist. "another black.'

If you refuse to allow yourself to see the how the comment could flag the racist, I trust you accept it sounds somewhat bigoted. Chose your label, at the end of it all the meaning is the same. Giuliani reveal himself as a reincarnation of Pat Buchanan.  

“There is virtually no homicide in the white community,” 

The comment was ludicrous and outside the realm of a sane mind. As stated in the piece linked above, Giuliani is a former mayor of the nation's most populated city and he once sought the US Presidency. I will not restate data that refutes the former mayor. My piece is now archived with quotes the same data you will see and read in the following embeds and links.

While I have moved on from Giuliani's Sarah Palin moment, others have taken-up the depiction of a man obsessed with striking out at Micheal Eric Dyson he figuratively struck-out at Dyson with a 'wet noodle.

Politifacts reviewed Giuliani's 93% of black homicides are perpetrated by other black people and found the data "Mostly True.

Politifacts excerpt
The last time we looked at this topic, we asked Professor David M. Kennedy, director of the Center for Crime Prevention and Control at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City, why this might be. 
"Homicides overwhelmingly happen among people who know each other," Kennedy said. "There are relatively few absolutely straight-up stranger homicides. Homicide is a phenomenon of social networks. ... Most peoples’ relationships are primarily with someone of their own race or ethnicity. As long as anybody has studied homicide, this has been the pattern." 
So Giuliani’s point about black-on-black homicide doesn’t carry us very far in exploring murder in America. The percentage is higher for blacks than for whites, but only by seven to nine percentage points, depending on the time period you use. 
We did find that young black men, ages 14 to 24, suffer disproportionately from murder. While the numbers have been falling since the mid-1990s, in 2008 about 16 percent of homicide victims were young and black. As a group, they represented just 1 percent of the population. 
Young white men were also disproportionately at risk, but the situation was not quite as dire. They comprised about 6 percent of the population and 10 percent of murder victims. 
On the offender side, young black men accounted for 27 percent of everyone who committed murder in 2008. Young white men accounted for 16 percent. 
Our ruling 
Giuliani said that 93 percent of blacks are murdered by blacks.


In July of 2013, Politifact's Amy Sherman published a piece that seems to better reflect the fallacy of African-Americans killing African-Americans as endemic only within the African-American Community. Homicide is a violent act that sadly exists as a crime of opportunity more common within people who live in close proximity. In more basic terms, whites kill whites are equally alarming rates, but whites do not take-up the mantra of 'white on white" crime. It is mantra of the privileged and is used as a tool against the less privileged.

I have taken and excerpted a couple of pieces from the 2013 piece. We strongly encourage reading the entire Politifact piece and we feel you should do so before our commented excerpts.
Mostly FalseTweets"In the 513 days between Trayvon dying, and today’s verdict, 11,106 African-Americans have been murdered by other African-Americans."
— Tweets on Sunday, July 14th, 2013 in tweets

A look at statistics on black-on-black murders

Martin, 17, was unarmed when he got into a scuffle with Zimmerman in Sanford, Fla., on Feb. 26, 2012. A jury acquitted Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer whose lawyer argued self-defense, of second-degree murder and manslaughter. (Read our fact-checks that relate to the case and Florida’s "stand your ground" law.)
Statistic about blacks killed during course of Trayvon case
We found the claim about murders on the conservative soopermexican blog; it appears to have originated there. His blog walks readers through the math on getting to 11,106 deaths in 513 days. (We counted 503 days, not 513, but that’s a tiny quibble.)

The blogger, citing an earlier blog post and The Blaze, stated that there were 8,000 to 9,000 African-Americans killed each year -- 93 percent of them by African-Americans.
The numbers came from a 2007 U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics report, which stated that blacks were victims of 7,999 homicides in 2005 and said that 93 percent were killed by people who shared their race. (It wasn’t clear to us where the blogger’s 9,000 figure came from.)

The "Soopermexican Blog?  Needless to say, I have no need to visit the page as I am certain any topics related to Trayvon Martin would fall int he same realm as killers of young black men who garner millions from their murderous acts.  

Now, take a look and read, the "Soopermexican" admits their misinterpretation of data with a clarification or a claim.

The blog post makes it sound as if the black-on-black murder rate is particularly significant, but we found similar high percentages for whites. 
The report also stated that 85 percent of white victims in single-victim and single-offender homicides were murdered by someone of their race. So that means the majority of black and white people are murdered by someone of their own race. In 2005, there were 8,017 white homicide victims. 
The race victim/offender data isn’t shown for every case: It is only shown in the casesin which the race was known (some murders are never solved) and in cases involving a single victim and defendant.
We sent a summary of our findings to the soopermexican blogger. 
"I think your criticism of the number I arrived at has some merit," he wrote in an email. "I should have made it more clear that is the best extrapolation from the numbers that are available. While the FBI stats don't include all known cases, I don't see why the cases where race stats are known shouldn't be representative of the entire class of murders. Yes, it's true that murder rates have come down generally, which I'm pretty sure applies to all race/ethnic classes." 
As for white-on-white homicides also representing a high percentage, he said the point he was trying to make is that it’s wrong to suggest that "white racism is killing blacks disproportionately."

Blithe and impetuous data interpretation generates misinformation and generalization that once set as a paradigm are impossible to uproot. We should hope the Soopermexican blog writer's intent was blithe and impetuous instead of intentionally misrepresenting data for Fox News like bravado as fodder for his readers (viewers).

How did Politifact finish the 2013 piece?

So statistics show that most murders in which the race can be measured are intraracial. We wanted to know why. 
We interviewed Professor David M. Kennedy, director of the Center for Crime Prevention and Control at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City. 
"Homicides overwhelmingly happen among people who know each other," he said. "There are relatively few absolutely straight-up stranger homicides. Homicide is a phenomenon of social networks. ... Most peoples’ relationships are primarily with someone of their own race or ethnicity. As long as anybody has studied homicide, this has been the pattern." (See thehistorical data.)
Writer Jamelle Bouie in The Daily Beast wrote a response to conservatives who have been trying to shift the conversation to black-on-black crime while ignoring that the same shared racial identity holds true for white-on-white crime, too.
Bouie wrote that what is missing from the conversation about crime is that "it’s driven by opportunism and proximity; If African-Americans are more likely to be robbed, or injured, or killed by other African-Americans, it’s because they tend to live in the same neighborhoods as each other. Residential statistics bear this out (PDF); blacks are still more likely to live near each other or other minority groups than they are to whites. And of course, the reverse holds as well—whites are much more likely to live near other whites than they are to minorities and African-Americans in particular."
Our ruling
In response to the Zimmerman case, social media repeated this claim: "In the 513 days between Trayvon dying, and today’s verdict, 11,106 African-Americans have been murdered by other African-Americans."Some who are citing this statistic are using it to portray race as an overemphasized point in the Zimmerman trial. We’re not evaluating that opinion; we’re fact-checking the math based on the available data.The number sounds extremely precise, but it's actually something of a rough guess based on back-of-the envelope math. No one actually knows how many African-Americans were murdered by other African-Americans in that time frame, and the numbers cited are actually an extrapolation of murder statistics for 2005. More current figures from 2011 show fewer deaths. So the specific numbers are not literally accurate.
Also, this claim lacks important context. Yes, it’s true that the majority of black murder victims are murdered by blacks, but the same holds true for whites: Most whites are murdered by whites. And in both cases, this race statistic is not available for all murders, but only ones where the race of both perpetrator and victim can be determined.

The Politifact ruling regarding the Tweet is linked here.


Monday, November 24, 2014

Rudy Giuliani: “.....there is virtually no homicide in the white community," (Really)

If you are a person who keeps-up with current events and news items, you may know that Rudy Giuliani proved without a doubt he has social deficiencies that should be called "racist."  

The segment below includes Giuliani joining the Right wing media outlet, Fox News, as a Part Deux segment from a Sunday Meet The Press segment.    

I am reticent to add to your reading, but Giuliani stepped onto a landmine of misinformation comparable to a war combatant stepping on a 'Bouncing Betty' landmine. The brief Salon except below has Giuliani's diarrhea of the mouth capture in the last sentence.

In fact, Giuliani was so confident that the national debate should avoid discussing police brutality and focus on what the deal is with black people instead, he joined Fox News on Monday morning to reiterate the point — and take it one step further. “The danger to a black child in America is not a white police officer,” Giuliani told Fox’s Steve Doocey, explaining why he was “very frustrated” with protesters in Ferguson, Missouri. “The danger to a black child,” he added, “is another black.” Before claiming “there is virtually no homicide in the white community,” Giuliani recommended protesters — or “these people,” as he called them — “straighten out” their own communities, rather than make a big deal about a white cop possibly gunning down an unarmed and surrendering African-American teenager in the streets.

Watch the video below from Fox News’s Fox & Friends, broadcast Nov. 24, 2014.
Giuliani actually fed Fox News early morning viewers comments that are so far outside the scope of accurate and believable, he would have been a star performer on the Fox News late evening horror called the Sean Hannity Show. 

“there is virtually no homicide in the white community,”

FBI Crime in the United States (2011 data)

  • Of the 12,664 murder victims in 2011 for which supplemental data were received, most (77.6 percent) were male.  (Based on Expanded Homicide Data Table 1.)
  • Concerning murder victims for whom race was known, 50.0 percent were black, 46.0 percent were white, and 2.6 percent were of other races.  Race was unknown for 175 victims.  (Based on Expanded Homicide Data Table 2.)
  • Single victim/single offender situations accounted for 48.4 percent of all murders for which the UCR Program received supplemental data.  (See Expanded Homicide Data Table 4.)
  • Of the offenders for whom race was known, 52.4 percent were black, 45.2 percent were white, and 2.4 percent were of other races.  The race was unknown for 4,077 offenders.  (Based on Expanded Homicide Data Table 3.)
  • Of the homicides for which the FBI received weapons data, most (67.8 percent) involved the use of firearms.  Handguns comprised 72.5 percent of the firearms used in murder and nonnegligent manslaughter incidents in 2011.  (Based on Expanded Homicide Data Table 8.  
  • In 2011, in incidents of murder for which the relationships of murder victims and offenders were known, 54.3 percent were killed by someone they knew (acquaintance, neighbor, friend, boyfriend, etc.); 24.8 percent of victims were slain by family members.  The relationship of murder victims and offenders was unknown in 44.1 percent of murder and nonnegligent manslaughter incidents in 2011.  (Based on Expanded Homicide Data Table 10.)
  • Of the female murder victims for whom the relationships to their offenders were known, 36.5 percent were murdered by their husbands or boyfriends.  (Based on Expanded Homicide Data Tables 2 and 10.)
  • Of the murders for which the circumstance surrounding the murder was known,
    42.9 percent of victims were murdered during arguments (including romantic triangles) in 2011.  Felony circumstances (rape, robbery, burglary, etc.) accounted for 23.1 percent of murders.  Circumstances were unknown for 38.0 percent of reported homicides.  (Based on Expanded Homicide Data Table 11.)
  • Law enforcement reported 653 justifiable homicides in 2011.  Of those, law enforcement officers justifiably killed 393 felons, and private citizens justifiably killed 260 people during the commission of a crime.  

Expanded Homicide Data Table 1

Murder Victims
by Race and Sex, 2011
Other race3352251100
Unknown race1751094818

Expanded Homicide Data Table 3 (excludes infant offenders equals zero)
Murder Offenders
by Age, Sex, and Race, 2011
Percent distribution1100.065.27.827.032.537.71.828.0
Under 1826956335752544102011
Under 2222,9382,69124161,0381,8037027
18 and over29,2008,1011,073264,3864,48623296

The following table places the frequently used conservative dog whistle "Black-On-Black" Crime and Giuliani's remarks in a place that can only be referred as white privilege with a major dose of racism. While the vast majority of whites buy into the mantra, apparently uninformed minorities accept and defend against the false manta, the 2011 FBI data does not support homicide rates in either community disproportionate. The actual numbers are strikingly similar in scope and breadth. There is another distinction that is important: whites comprise 75% of the population and blacks comprise on 13 to 14% of the population. Population data reflects on a per capita differentiation regarding violent crime in the two communities. The rate of violent crime in the black community is a fact that certainly needs greater attention. Before leaving this point, a point some will grab an run with like a life-line, Giuliani's comments were as posted above and below: “there is virtually no homicide in the white community."

Let there be no mistake Giuliani's remarks were to strike out at the Meet The Press panelist and the remark were purely racist. As a former federal New York State prosecutor, former Mayor of the nation's most populated city and a friend of law enforcement, Giuliani knows his remarks are without basis. Unless, he has grown to rely on The Drudge Report for report-able data.

Expanded Homicide Data Table 6

Race and Sex of Victim by Race and Sex of Offender, 2010
[Single victim/single offender]
Race of victimTotalRace of offenderSex of offender
Other race1794730984156194
Unknown race58201422231522
Sex of victimTotalRace of offenderSex of offender
Unknown sex58201422231522
  • NOTE: This table is based on incidents where some information about the offender is known by law enforcement; therefore, when the offender age, sex, and race are all reported as unknown, these data are excluded from the table.
Giuliani may have access to data post 2011, or He may not care that he spew a "Pants of Fire" for the ages.In either case, he illustrated how conservatives react when challenged. They reach for talking points and mantra and they rest assured the majority of white Americans accept every utterance without questioning the veracity of the information.

“there is virtually no homicide in the white community,”