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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pat Buchanan and Joe the (Fake) Plumber Throw Out Red Meat Laced With Overt Racism


GOP racism hits the viewable end of the cycle.  The cycle is showing signs of revolving around for public viewing far more often than in the past. Could it be the party on the Right is come forth with what we have known for years, it has strong and undeniable roots in racism? This stuff hits all to often from the Right. A political party over that is 92% white; well, of course, birds of a feather flock together. The 92% obviously have a common social paradigm, since the GOP is certainly not as it advertises as the party of fiscal conservatism.

It seems I have keyboarded to the point of understanding why the following should not surprise. 

Pat Buchanan, renowned GOP racist.....

“I don’t see why everybody’s so upset,” said Buchanan. “All I did was point out that ‘whites still constitute three-fourths of the electorate and nine in 10 Republican votes.’ That’s a fact. And I know that the Founding Fathers would want to make sure that those white male land owners got their way. After all, they were all white male land owners themselves!
Apparently, Buchanan has advanced his quest to provided an American 'whites only' political system reserved for white property owners.  Almost sounds like an abscessed form of Libertarianism.   We are going to post the Buchanan piece here, and refrain from additional comment for obvious reason.

Buchanan is joined in racism Circa 2013 by another product of the John McCain 2008 presidential campaign: Joe the Plumber. I often wonder which is worse, Werzelbacher or the machine-gun mouth brainless Sarah Plain. Palin wins on brainless gibber-jabber. Werzlebacher shaves-out Palin on matters of race.

Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, AKA Joe the Plumber [a non- plumber who lied in 2008] (ignoramus opportunist born of the 2008 election campaign)
“Admit it,” the piece Wurzelbacher re-posted requests. “You want a white Republican president again.”
Wurzelbacher resonded to a post on his website. Wurzelbacher also posted on his site
"Admit it. You want a white Republican president again. 
Now before you start feeling like you’re a racist, understand you are not. 

Wanting a white Republican president doesn’t "make you racist, it just makes you American." 

We wonder how these people feel about Buchanan's and Werzlebacher's racist remarks.