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Sunday, December 30, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: "I am proud to shutdown the government!”"

Do you recall a historic case of recent Trump carnival barking? 

If the leader paced his credibility in a sieve, why are we now awash in daily accusations of Democrat party responsibility for Trump's federal government shutdown? Answer: we are the perpetual victims of Trump's carnival barking and absence of forethought lies.  Our Sunday morning dose of utterly ridiculous demagoguery was served-up by Trump's White House talking head Kelly Anne Conway.

CNN's Dana Bash took a turn in the Trump information carnival via offering up airtime to the White House's number one presstitute (word salad slinger if you prefer). Yes, Kelly Anne Conway is a hired talking head who will deliver any message for a price.

When asked about the Trump wall shutdown and its related death of two immigrant children CNN, Conway spewed out the salad. The segment is five-plus minutes long; you may wish to skip around a bit to avoid overexposure to Trump's Shutdown defense.

While sitting in the friendly and facilitating confines of a Fox News studio, Conway visited Nancy Pelosi's vacation to Hawaii.
"The Democrats have to come back," (from Hawaii) "Nancy Pelosi needs to come back from Hawaii -- less hula, more moola for the DHS Customs and Border Patrol, funding our border security. They need to come to the table and do their job. A fully-functioning democracy demands that both parties come together and that the Congress and the executive branch work together."

And, where was Conway as she criticized Pelosi's vacation? In Florida, pray tell

How ridiculous the level and scope of chaos inherent in Trumpism?  If for no other reason our world and humankind will be far improved if Trump and company were no longer in the White House along with a few more of his cohorts indictment.

"...less hula, more moola....."  Did Conway actually go there?  I have yet to hear use country music line dancing to support her demagoguery. 

Before closing let's have one last visit with Trump's puerility-like White House spokesperson. Why Puerility? Lying to the extent Trump works his communications department reminds of the child who repeatedly gets caught stealing from the neighborhood confectionary. Oh, I date myself with use of confectionary. Nowadays such neighborhood retail stores have been replaced with Walgreens stores.

Watch as Sarah Sanders offers a job-ending set of lies before her departure from Trump's White House. She comments regarding the death of children at the US Southern border; children who were in US border patrol custody.

The lie as US Policy and practice.


Thursday, October 4, 2018

Defending Trump And A CNN Fact Check

Image result for huckabee sandersWhile hosting a rally performance in the Great State of Mississippi, Trump offered up a mega dose in unpresidential speech making.  The backdrop of his performance is noteworthy for a number of reasons: pud applause as him maligned and mocked Dr. Ford, Mississippi fact cats and dolls standing behind 45, as a noticeable absence of Trump's "Blacks Love Trump" black guy.

The arena was classic GOP from the heart of the GOP Red State territory.  And Trump performed lie a stand-up comedian and bully while under the guise of local support for a women GOP politician. Watch as Trump thrills his sycophant audience.

Watch as one of the nation's most admired women defends Trump's bullying. Oh yes, according to Snopes dot com, a survey regarding the Most Admired somehow absorbed, Huckabee Sanders. And that speaks to the pitiful state of the United States. A person who lies for a living (and highly paid for the craft of lying) is considered by a large group of fellow Americans as Most Admired.
Now watch CNN's Anderson Cooper fact check the Huckabee's remarks and Trump's attack on Dr. Ford.
Trump will get his "get out of jail card" Kavanaugh on the SCOTUS. He will, via the confirming votes for the GOP and Democrats whoa re by name only Democrats, also have placed an alleged drunk and sexual assaulter on the Court.

But, do you think the nation cares?  We can rest assured the nation's conservatives are happy with the Kavanuagh proceedings.  


Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Video Quick Hit: The Carnival Barker's Press Secretary


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