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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Access Unbefitting A Network New Show Host

The following shows what happens when certain of the nation's moneyed elite (including supportive TV personalities) meet, gather and schmooze without consideration of cell phone pictures.

Joe Scarborough and HIS FRIEND and co-host, Mika Brzezinski, attended Trump's (pay-for-access) party. They didn't manage to avoid prying eyes and the aforementioned ever-present cell phone.

While the MSNBC morning show host derides, berets, and scolds a couple of reporters regarding their reporting of his visit, Trump's event earned almost a half-million dollars in ticket sales and was attended by a number of international elites. 

One such elite business partner from Dubai (replete with Trump foul language from the president-elect)

As you read through the Mediaite story, think and contemplate how such hosts can objectively foster a "front" of journalistic neutrality if they attend a major president-elects schmoozing party. 

Scarborough Again Goes on Angry Rant Against ‘Lying’ Reporters Claiming He Partied With Trump

by Alex Griswold | 12:53 pm, January 2nd, 2017


Morning Joe Scarborough Donald Trump

After New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman posted an image of MSNBC host Joe Scarborough at a New Year’s Eve party with Donald Trump, Scarborough went on a Twitter rant accusing her and her colleague Sopen Deb of smearing him. 
Monday’s tweetstorm comes after an argument over the weekend when Deb posted a screenshot of Haberman’s story and claimed Scarborough “partied” with Trump. Scarborough claimed he and his co-host Mike Brzezinski stopped by to discuss a potential interview. That argument, however reared its head again when Haberman tweeted out the image.
Haberman in particular was confused, pointing out that Scarborough said he didn’t have a problem with her story earlier.
Here’s the tweet in question.
Still, Scarborough insisted that Haberman should have called him before writing that he was a “reveler” at Trump’s party. [Note: Haberman’s story actually only said Scarborough was at the party, and never described him as a “reveler”]
Scarborough soon returned to attacking Deb as well.
Scarborough even wrote some pointed tweets directed at his own colleague Chuck Todd.
Image via screengrab]

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