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Monday, July 11, 2016

"War On Cops?"

A national police advocacy group leader spoke as follows over the weekend. Of course, the political hitman was booked on Fox News where the hourly drum of "war on police" is as prevalent as praise for the GOP.

“I think [the Obama administration continued appeasements at the federal level with the Department of Justice, their appeasement of violent criminals, their refusal to condemn movements like Black Lives Matter, actively calling for the death of police officers, that type of thing, all the while blaming police for the problems in this country has led directly to the climate that has made Dallas possible,” William Johnson, the executive director of the National Association of Police Organizations, said in an interview with Fox on Friday morning.
ANTI-BLM Talking head

The "war police" is a contrived propaganda campaign offered to the nation after the first comment from the nation's 44th President after the heavy-handed handing of noted historian Henry Louis Gates, PhD.

Before taking the false narrative apart, I have posted the Politico piece, here. I will avoid the use of numerous video of police abuse since the well-published beating of Rodney King in Los Angeles. However, the New York City killing of Amadou Diallo as he reached for his wallet outside his apartment building residence is a stark reminder of last week's shooting of Philando Castile. While Castille informed his killer he possessed a gun, he was summarily executed once he complied in present his driver's license. The linked Castille article was developed around the killer cops assertion he shot the victim not based on race, but because of the presence of a firearm. 

Not based on race How about an audio from the traffic stop. If you hear the words "wide nose", yes you heard it correctly.

The presence of a firearm?


I do not recall one instance of an open carry gun totter being shot by a cop. I digress. Let's move to the point of this piece: The alleged Obama 'war on police." 

"War on Police?" A well-known GOP stooge governor from Wisconsin weigh-in on President Obama and the alleged war on police." As is consistently the case, the Wisconsin Governor spoke without any regard for actual data related to police shootings since he was first born. 

Wasn't it Ronald Reagan who once repeated a well-worn quote: Facts are pesky things."

Shootings of police officers remind of the out-of-control availability of firearms across the scope and breadth of the nation. If we drill the shooting down to actual fatalities the trend-line is equally disturbing, but further, indicates the fallacy of GOP attacks a President.

Last fall after a senseless cop shooting in Houston, TX, NPR pushed a piece with this lede paragraph and graphic. NPR: Is There A War 'ON COPS?": Statistics say "No"
The ambush-style murder of Sheriff Deputy Darren Goforth at a gas station in suburban Houston on Aug. 29 has added new urgency to warnings about a growing "war on cops" in America. After the arrest of the suspect, an African-American man named Shannon J. Miles, the local district attorney called for more public support for law enforcement.
While the number of police officers killed on duty nearly doubled from 2013 to 2014, the increase is deceptive, says Seth Stoughton: 2013 had unusually few deaths. 2014 was comparable to other recent years and to the 10-year average. Note: The FBI uses the term "felonious deaths" for the deaths of officers from injuries incurred in the line of duty during criminal incidents.

Wisconsin Governor Scott and the police advocacy talking head are obviously people focused on a twisted form of US politics. They spend air-time (albeit Fox air-time for the advocacy guy) as platforms.. to offer GOP propaganda. While political propaganda is nothing new our current age of senseless firearms killings places the talking heads in a dangerous light. They are weapons enablers  and purveyors of lies that land in the minds of he less informed.  People who accept their oratory are the very fear-filled voters who run to polling paces to cast regrettable votes.

I Am The Law And Order Candidate"

  Need say more?


Sunday, September 13, 2015

GOP 2016: Scott Walker Cancels Event Appearance, Rumors Of The Koch (Money) Well Drying Up And Trump

UPDATE: The New Yorker is reporting the Kochs have given up to Walker.

Look. you cannot see the marionette strings!

Embedded image permalink

When I think of the field of conservatives who are vying for the GOP 2016 presidential nomination, I find little reason to wonder why Donald Trump is faring so well among conservatives. The field of candidates is almost comical and despite Rience Priebus's neutered management of the situation, the party's inner core isn't showing well. A fact that should not surprise and is indicated an ideology that is absent usefulness in circa 2015 America. As is the case with conservative ideology, people who subscribe are literally lost in a sea of regressive fantasy. They live in a social bubble and when coupled with numerous sources of mis-information America's conservatives are scrambling for a "hero." It seems Wisconsin's Scott Walker is not the hero of his past second place polling numbers.

As I think of Scott Walker, it is easy to see why the party hero is a New York City carnival barker who is rapidly showing the ridiculousness of reality television. Our penchant for seeking self-gratifying voyeuristic moments of fantasy television entertainment is slowly manifesting in poll results that favor Trump. An intriguing sidebar to Trump's impact on the campaign is his attracting polling numbers which equates to the probable loss of campaign cash to the more regressive of the 16 candidates.  There isn't one of the 16 GOP candidates who is more regressive than Scott Walker. And, Scott comes with another dynamic important to his money backers. He offers Koch brothers funded regression while sporting a Wisconsin gubernatorial track record that is literally unfathomable.

Have a look?

The economic record has resulted in a Walker slide down the approval ratings roller-coaster like a ride on Jackson, New Jersey's Six Flags Great Adventure, Kingda Ka. In late August, walker polled at 25% among a survey of Republican primary voters. More important, Walker recently polled among Wisconsin residents at the 39 percent level. Why would any worthwhile uber wealthy oligarch fund a veritable political loser?

Unsubstantiated reports of Koch brothers slowing the flow of campaign cash to the Walker campaign, have floated across the Internet over the past two weeks.  

Image via Screen Grab
"Remember Barack Obama had never run anything in government before, and we see what a lousy president he's been," Walker said. "I've run things. I've actually got things done." 
"If you want someone who will fight and win... and get results without compromising common sense conservative principles, then I'm the candidate," Walker told CNN's Jake Tapper in an interview that aired Sunday on "State of the Union."
Walker says he will fight. What exactly would Walker fight for or against. Would he undertake to rid the nation of all public service workers? Would he become a clone of Bush/Cheney's charge into Iraq by chasing and destroying the nation's labor unions? His ill-advised comments about being qualified to takeout ISIS based on taking-down 100,000 union protesters was indicative of a childlike mindset as well as a candidate reaching for the weakest of administration fait accompli.  Walker would fight for any and every issue handed to him by the Koch brothers as first priority and all other (conservative agenda) matters on a secondary basis.

If you have any doubt about the accommodating candidate for Wisconsin, watch as he un-artfully dodges CNN's Jake Tapper's efforts to secure an answer regrading special interest in the nation's capital.

Under the carnival tent of one Donald Trump and consistent campaign stumbles, Walker is fading among Republican candidates. When adjoined with rumors of dwindling Koch money, and a coming GOP debate we should be in for an interesting week in GOP politics.

Crooks & Liars is reporting Walker has cancelled an appearance in California. 

Walker Cancels Appearance At California Event

For months, Scott Walker was planning on headlining at the Republican state convention in California. On Friday, he suddenly canceled his appearance without explanation: Presidential candidate Scott Walker on Friday abruptly canceled his planned speech at the California Republican Party convention next weekend, according to someone involved with the event's planning who was not authorized to…

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Scott Walker, Ring of Fire Radio And The Under-educated, GOP 2016

Posted with permission from Ring of Fire Radio

Walker’s Woefully Weak Education Shows at Every Turn; Geography, History, Etc.

As the election cycle gains traction, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) lack of education is becoming more obvious. He displayed it during the Thursday night debate through his lack of foreign policy knowledge, and even geography.

Juan Cole of Informed Comment noted an exchange between Walker and Fox News moderator Megyn Kelly. She asked Walker about American foreign policy, and he struggled to recite a good answer. He even struggled forming a complete sentence.
KELLY: Governor Walker, in February you said that we needed to gain partners in the Arab world. Which Arab country not already in the U.S. led coalition has potential to be our greatest partner?
WALKER: What about then (ph), we need to focus on the ones we have. You look at Egypt, probably the best relationship we’ve had in Israel, at least in my lifetime, incredibly important.
You look at the Saudis — in fact, earlier this year, I met with Saudi leaders, and leaders from the United Arab Emirates, and I asked them what’s the greatest challenge in the world today? Set aside the Iran deal. They said it’s the disengagement of America. We are leading from behind under the Obama-Clinton doctrine — America’s a great country. We need to stand up and start leading again, and we need to have allies, not just in Israel, but throughout the Persian Gulf.
Anyone watching the debate had to have noticed Walker’s weak, flailing response. He mixed up countries and failed to acknowledge the countries that America has a relationship with. His muddled response and incoherent rambling is reminiscent of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R), who gets crazier by the day.

It’s safe to say that Walker is one Republican who will not get the GOP nod next year.


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Fox News Chooses GOP Candidates

Fox News chooses next presidential prospects.

And the winners are:  Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Chris Christie, and John Kasich will appear in the prime-time showdown.

And the B-Team bottom dwellers are:

Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Bobby Jindal, Carly Fiorina, Lindsey Graham, George Pataki, and Jim Gilmore.

The top ten is a smorgasbord of US conservatism and a college of candidate racism, homophobic, a libertarian chameleon, a whacked-out former brain surgeon, a failed governor who is he can kills ISIS like a teachers union, a noted exponent of phasing-out Medicare, a New Jersey bully, a young lost soul from Florida and Kasich (criticism not yet fully developed).

The bottom seven, no comment. 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

GOP 2016: Scott Walker "Serial Evasive" For A Reason

Intellect or Financial Support.. Your call....
Presidential candidates really must answer questions. Hilary Clinton's long periods of press avoidance provided a glimpse at the downside of cloaking one's thoughts and values for political gain. Notice in the last sentence a few words standout: "cloaking one's thoughts and values for political gain." In much more simple terms, candidates cannot simply evade questions throughout the campaign.  The truth will come forth and history shows candidates who address issues eem to do much better in elections.

"Evade" is an operative word to denote one's desire to avoid something, avoid someplace or avoid someone. In the case of Hillary Clinton, we suspect she avoided press exposure until she and her advisers felt she must speak out, thus removing the cloak. Clinton is now speaking out. We don't feel Clinton's evasiveness was nefarious in any sense. Au contrar, as we consider some GOP candidates. Evasion from one noted candidate has an unscrupulous purpose.

Meet the candidate who attempts to avoid most campaign question and issues, because he simply does not have supportable positions. Met Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Let's hold on Walker's "serial evasiveness" for a moment for a brief glimpse at what he will speak about.

2 TV News /Bloomberg Politics posted a YouTube video a few days back. The video highlights segments of Walker's presidential campaign announcement that he will speak about: Unions, Voter ID, "his record." The segment is seven minutes plus, but talking head commentary is kept to a minimum and Walker's "ragging rights' are clearly delineated.

Once the candidate steps outside of his Koch brothers driven and funded elections and union killing administration, he has only voter suppression as a key campaign item for "loving republicans." Imagine a voting bloc that relishes the words "voter Id" as a tool against voter fraud when there is no factual basis for the voter suppression tool.

The facts on why Voter ID is a Republican election tool.

Visuals really are the best way to reach discerning parts of the brain.  As we review the Mother Jones graphic five of the bar chart indicators denote Democrat Party voting blocs.  Ah, but there is more of a story to tell.

Since 2011, 34 states have introduced laws requiring voters to show photo ID,and 9 states have passed photo ID laws, affecting 3.8 million voters.
2.2 million registered voters did not vote in 2008 because they didn't have proper ID.
Only 48 percent of women have a birth certificate with their current legal name on it.
Texas' new ID law permits voters to use concealed-handgun licenses as proof of identity, but not state university IDs.
If you for one second believe the person standing next to you in the voting booth is perpetrating voter fraud, you might remove your tin-
foil hat or you might look to see if E.T. is going home.

A brief look at Walker's economic record and we will move to a candidate who is even more evasive than Rand Paul. Paul will at least stand and mutter himself into inane talk that only he and his supporters understand Walker simply hides his lack of acumen behind evasive statements knowing full well he cannot take a position until blessed by the Koch brothers.

 Governor's Tax Shift Plan Would Raise Taxes for Most

After our concrete establishment of Walker as a governor who has ruined Wisconsin's job development while providing tax freedom for the states wealthy, we must also reflect on why he did not mention economic improvement in his presidential proclamation: "we are running for President of the United States."  ("We?"). 

"Serial Evasiveness" 
Scott Walker Dodges Question on 
Whether Being Gay Is a Choice
Posted by Mediaite on Sunday, July 19, 2015
February 2014, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Secret Emails

February 2015, Huffington Post: Evolution

The, Factivist Democrats, Economy

When asked about Economic Advisers, recants a story about Apollo 13 (Video and sound not perfectly sync'd)

April 2015, Right Wing Watch, Personhood, Anxious to speak about anti-Marriage Equality

May 2015, MSNBC: Auto Industry Rescue
Yesterday, Gov. Scott Walker (R) was in Michigan, where Bloomberg Politics asked about the issue.
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker on Monday joined the list of politicians who’ve deflected this question from Michigan reporters: Would you have supported the U.S. loans to General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC to get through their 2009 bankruptcies? 
“That’s a hypothetical question in the past. We’re going to talk about the future,” Walker said after speaking to 120 Lansing Republicans in an Oldsmobile car museum ….
Scott Walker is the epitome of the political stooge who marches to the orders of his money-broker oligarchs. The February 2011 punk'd call from a noted radio prankster was without question an insight into Scott's psyche. The call was an indicator of how he would serve in obedient subservience to those who provide funding for his elections (and we hope the funding stops there).

Maybe we shouldn't actually expect any committed answers from the candidate.  Walker may not have the freedom to speak out of fear to being countermanded by his bankers. Worse yet, he might speak words that could lead to a literal cut-off of funding for the Wichita Oligarchs: the ultimate self-inflicted political mortal wound. 

It would be easy to cast disparaging remarks about the candidates lack of complete formal education. Whether we like the fact or not a majority of US president's have attained as a minimum a Bachelors Degree. But, we will to go there in this screed. (A topic for another screed as the campaign unfolds and if he wins the GOP nomination). We will, however, comment Scott's lack of cognitive acumen could result from non fully developed education wherewithal which might have led to overruling his advisers as the following CPAC speech unfolded. Even for a speech at the whacked-out CPAC event, the following was "all-time" stupid.

ABC US News | World News

Melissa Harris Perry broadcast worth segment on Scott in her "Letters to...." portion of her show this morning:
@MHarrisPerry: The "most outrageous candidate" in the 2016 race is Scott Walker, not Trump.
— msnbc (@msnbc) July 19, 2015


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

TPI Morning Gazette: Scott Walker,Bush, Clinton, Kochs, US Recession

Non-Progressive News

The following is how some in the nation look back on our recent past and extracts humor. George Bush apparently joined Bill Clinton at a Presidential Leadership forum. The on stage reality show like interaction were typical elitist performances from two men who directly contributed to driving the nation to the precipice of and economic abyss. Bush literally took the nation to a place it rarely visits, starting a war for the simple sake of starting a war.

The Bush stain on US History lingers and may only fade with decades into the 22nd Century. On a more myopic not recall his Administration literally outed an active CIA agenda (Valerie Plame) in retribution against her husband's (Joe Wilson) refusal to lie about Iraqi Uranium purchase in Niger. Another egregious mark in US History was the Bush's Vice President's former role as CEO of a corporation who received virtual no bid contracts for the majority of war services during the Iraq War (reported to have been worth $39 billion USD).

Bill Clinton? Let's say his legacy is evolving and to date we do not find any redeeming vestiges of his administration.  

Have we actually moved to a point of humor as we look back on these two former presidents? 

Scott Walker has declared and US politic just took a dive to a new low.
In 2011, Scott Walker won election as Governor of Wisconsin and some social media report with the direct support from the Koch bothers.

Exiled Online published an opinion piece with an info gram chart to illustrated how Koch money literally help to buy the state of Wisconsin governor's chair.

There’s a great graphic showing this process at work in Wisconsin, charting how the millions of dollars of Koch money that poured into the state to elect Scott Walker and other Koch-funded Republicans has led directly to the cutting of benefits for government employees and the Kochs getting access to state-owned energy infrastructure—which has apparently been the Kochs’ longtime goal. Unfortunately,  the flow chart left out one crucial step: that taxpayers are the initial source of Koch money, which would make the chart circular instead of linear.
In February 201, Scott Walked received a prank call from an effective "pone duper." The BEAST's Ian Murphy called Walker feigning a call from David Kocy, Ultra conservative Libertarian Wichita Oligarch, The essence of the prank call, trap the subservient and obliging Walker schmoozing with his money supporters desire to crush organized labor in Wisconsin. It should be noted Walker's ability to crush public sector unions was a clear and easy mission, and he performed well. If you have a few minutes refresh on how an oligarch (albeit fake) extracts subservience from groveling minion.

Walker at his most subservient.... audio only

Walker delivered....Washington Post 2014

Now, a peep at the most relevant set of data (illustrated) related to Walker's Koch sanctioned governorship: Job creation.

Of course, there we have more.  We must not forget that the unmarried post baby boomer woman, is a predominate Democrat vote. Walker the The good conservative!

Unite Women Dot Org
In June 2014, The Nation published a stunning piece regrading the Koch Millionaires Club and a related retreat.  The piece is a must read for anyone who will cast a vote for president in 2016 as it shines a revealing light on policy that drive Scott Walker via the Koch agenda. 

As is our practice, we offer a quick run through the Walker Gazette.
— Benjamin Moore Jr (@benjamintmoore) July 14, 2015 
The Gazette Rogue's Gallery

Conservative Media loves to offer the extent to which the post Bush Great Recession recovery has been slower than other recoveries. Intriguing and frankly a shallow 'dog whistle." 

America's recovery sine 2009 has been much slower than in previous recessions— The Economist (@TheEconomist) July 14, 2015
During the first Obama term, Bruce Krasting published the following very basic illustration regarding Recession and Recovery. 

A good illustration for us non Economics minds.

If we factor-in the full measure of past recessions, A case can be made the Bush recession was the most crippled and devastating recession since the Great Depression.

The chart doesn't remind of deep and severe jobs losses, a collapsed housing market and the reality middle Americans lost 80% of their wealth during the Bush Recession.  

The "expert" publications like the Economist also strategically avoid any mention of overt and utter obtuse obstruction to all things Obama. If we look close we may find Democrats worked with Republicans to rid the nation  of the Reagan Recession. 

Let's end with a reminder of the critical importance of your vote in 2016. If the nation doesn't reach to stifled and extinguish the central characters an ideology in the next post, we will never achieved social peace and a fair social environment for all Americans. Also recall "isms" herd in bunches. The people depicted in the piece without question harbor other "isms' that could reach directly into your family.


Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Scott Walker On The Fourth of July.....A Dull Lamp In A Store That Needs Much Light

In America we celebrate July 4th not April 15 because in America we celebrate our independence from the gov't, not our dependence on it.-SKW
"Faiure to Communicate"

This is what happens when ideologues are advanced to a national stage. Placed on the stage without requisite intellect and education to avoid crafting a ill-advised public statement via Twitter.
Independence Day (United States)
Independence Day of the United States, also referred to as Fourth of July or July Fourth in the U.S., is a federal holidaycommemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, by the Continental Congress declaring that the thirteen American colonies regarded themselves as a new nation, the United States of America, and no longer part of the British Empire.[1] Independence Day is commonly associated with fireworksparadesbarbecues,carnivalsfairspicnicsconcertsbaseball gamesfamily reunions, and political speeches and ceremonies, in addition to various other public and private events celebrating the history, government, and traditions of the United States. Independence Day is the National Day of the United States.[2][3][4]

What we have in Walker and his camp are willing stooges for the Koch brothers who are willing to use social media for public pronouncements. walker and Company really should spend a bit more time in crafting messages.  There is little worse than a message gone astray due to lack of veracity.

Humor when it is most necessary we really do not know our history, thus we do not know our past. Fertile ground for right-wing dogma and the likes of Scott Walker.