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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Scott Walker: An Exhibition In Republicanism!

“This is an old news story,” he told the Post. “Many of the ones that have been highlighted of late have actually been in the [Milwaukee] Journal-Sentinel and other places several years ago.” Scott Walker (R), Governor Wisconsin.
AP Photo / Jacquelyn Martin

Scott Walker has been the center of negative news since he won his gubernatorial seat in 2010 (inaugurated in January 2011. Almost immediately after this inauguration, Walker embarked on a strategy to reduce the number and influence of public service workers (Democratic voting collective bargaining ) via major statewide cutbacks.

Within the month (February 2011) Scott was phone punked by a radio personality pretending to be David Koch (American uber wealthy libertarian - tea party money-backer - plutocrat).

MSNBC, Ed Schultz, The Ed Show....

The perfect example of how politicians cuddling-up to and massage the egos of their money backers. I doubt there is a better historic example of politician-power money broker "phone carnal groveling." Walker is the perfect functionary and political tool.

And, his name is bring tossed around as the GOP presidential candidate in 2016! 

As Walker worked to win the Wisconsin gubernatorial seat in 2010, he left this trail of felony acts from his Milwaukee  County Executive Office.

  • Wisconsin appointee Kevin Kavanaugh (R) was arrested for embezzling $42,000 from a veterans benefit organization called Operation Freedom. Kavanaugh had been appointed to run the organization by Republican Scott Walker (R) who was Milwaukee County Executive at the time. Four others were arrested and sentenced as well.
  1. Tim Russell, appointed by Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker (R) as Deputy Chief of Staff and Housing Director pled guilty during Operation Freedom to diverting more than $21,000 to his personal bank account.[203]
  2. Kelly Rindfleisch, appointed by Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker (R) pled guilty to felony Misconduct in Public Office and was sentenced to six months in jail after admitting to campaigning for Republicans while working in Walker's Milwaukee County office.[203]
  3. Darlene Wink appointed by Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker (R) as Coordinator of Constituent Services, pled guilty to fundraising for Walker’s gubernatorial campaign while working in a County building.[204]

Walker may not have been culpable in moving money around, but it is really hard to fathom total innocence regarding campaign work while serving in county government. Walker validated he will play the game during his extended schmoozing and cowering to the fake punk caller.

It seems Walker cannot escape a trail of ooze comparable to that of a nocturnal snail and the critters slimy silver trial.  

2010 staff convictions passed into neatly wrapped prison terms. Walker barely escaped a state recall vote, and successfully won re-election. His anti-union campaign continued  through the 2012 campaign. Let's face it, one has to make the Koch brothers happy.  

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