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Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Daily GOP ignominious: Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity And The Fox News Farce

Would someone do two things regarding the embedded exhibition (below) via Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin. 

First, help the half-term governor and presidential campaign killer (VP candidate), that dark rimmed glasses do not work to denote a person with any degree of intellect.

Second, would someone please offer to help this person speak with consideration of punctuation and cohesive presentation.

A third request is in order. Would join me in my disdain for the GOP for unleashing su ch a dingbat on the nation.

You Politics News
Published on Jan 27, 2015

Fox News Hannity 1/27/2015. Palin Hits "Quasi-Conservative" FOX on FOX, Dings O'Reilly For Calling Potential Candidacy "Reality Show" 
(Mediaite) If you tuned into Fox News earlier today, you may have noticed a brief Bill O’Reilly promo that mentioned Sarah Palin. O’Reilly teased 2016 talk on tonight’s Factor by bringing up Palin, Donald Trump, and Chris Christie to say all of that in a presidential race might turn the whole affair into a “reality show.”

(And yes, before you ask, Palin is currently still a contributor for Fox.) 
During his show, O’Reilly only briefly mentioned Palin in passing, along with Trump, saying she’ll have a very uphill climb in putting together the kind of serious national organization the other candidates have. 
Palin appeared on Fox just hours later, chatting with Sean Hannity about her 2016 ambitions. She spoke of conservative unity and admitted the right hasn’t been quite as united as it could be.  
And that’s when Palin observed that this is a problem on Fox News, which she described as “a quasi––or assumed––conservative outlet.” She brought up O’Reilly chuckling at her and Trump making things a “reality show” and said he can yuk it up if he wants, but “this is war.”
Palin elaborated, “Hopefully the media, even the quasi-right side of the media, won’t be looking at this as some kind of reality show.” 
Palin did not address whether her inclusion in the 2016 race specifically would make it a reality show.