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Saturday, February 8, 2014

US Politics and Life Blood Money...The Center for Responsive Politics 2012/2014

The Center for Responsive Politics informs...... via Open Secrets Dot Org

As I read a blog posting from Alan Grayson regarding his re-election campaign for the US House of Representatives, his comments about Koch brothers spending led to thoughts of 2012. In 2012, campaign contributions reflect Barack Obama's defeat of Mitt Romney, and contribution from small donors (like me) carried the campaign contribution win.  
Alan Grayson

The Koch Brothers are already spending a fortune running dirty ads in my district attacking me.

Americans for Prosperity intensifies pressure on congressional Democrats by launching another round of TV commercials. Targets this time include .....
All of the special interests want nothing more than to beat us and silence us. The question is, will you let them?

It's only February, and the Koch Brothers are already up on the air, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in attack ads. They are ....

Yes, it appears the Kochs have targeted Florida, just as they target North Carolina. The people of North Carolina are fighting back and in many cases winning. It is critical that high information people (voters) maintain a knowledge stream and knowledge base for sharing with others. 

The Center for Responsive Politics is one of the very best. Money in politics is a  infectious cancer across our democracy with both political parties reaping the benefit of campaign donations. Karl Rove and Koch brothers (cabal) money did not win the 2012 General Election for Mitt Romney. Small donors outpaced large donors and Obama won handily. 

Dark money in 2013 and 2014 is flowing like a melting iceberg' a dangerous melting. Money in US politics is a shameful reality, but it is an existential reality that we must deal with it. I often see and track donation to the Left as well as the Right. While, I certainly see democrats reporting donations, a quick review of their voting records (via Open Congress and Gov Track) allows me recognize the majority of Democrats are not legislating as stooges and tools for American corporatist and plutocrats.

The following is a detailed readout of the 2012 General Election "money-trail" results for Obama and Romney. Remember,  the past is a great predictor of future  behavior in human beings, EXCEPT WHEN IT COMES TO POLITICS.

Open Secrets

2012 Presidential Race

Barack Obama (D) 

Mitt Romney (R)


A detailed  breakdown for real numbers geeks.

Source of Funds

Small Indiv Contrib.
Large Indiv. Contrib.
Individual contributions$715,150,163
legendPAC contributions$0
legendCandidate self-financing$5,000
legendFederal Funds$0
Small Indiv. Contrib.
Large Indiv. Contrib.
Individual contributions$443,363,010
legendPAC contributions$1,076,496
legendCandidate self-financing$52,500
legendFederal Funds$0

Top Contributors

Barack Obama (D)
1University of California$1,212,245
2Microsoft Corp$814,645
3Google Inc$801,770
4US Government$728,647
5Harvard University$668,368
Mitt Romney (R)
1Goldman Sachs$1,033,204
2Bank of America$1,013,402
3Morgan Stanley$911,305
4JPMorgan Chase & Co$834,096
5Wells Fargo$677,076

NOTE: The organizations themselves did not donate, rather the money came from the organizations' PACs, their individual members or employees or owners, and those individuals' immediate families. Organization totals include subsidiaries and affiliates.

Top States

Barack Obama (D)
New York$36,982,096
Mitt Romney (R)
New York$24,670,565

Sector Totals

Barack Obama (D)
Communications/ Electronics$20,723,578
Energy & Natural Resources$2,410,062
Finance, Insurance & Real Estate$20,431,321
Lawyers & Lobbyists$27,959,192
Misc Business$22,598,697
Ideological/ Single-Issue$17,276,836
Mitt Romney (R)
Communications/ Electronics$7,518,745
Energy & Natural Resources$9,788,922
Finance, Insurance & Real Estate$58,902,452
Lawyers & Lobbyists$15,791,881
Misc Business$29,090,785
Ideological/ Single-Issue$10,522,878

Top Industries

Barack Obama (D)
Lawyers/Law Firms$27,533,147
Health Professionals$10,456,340
Business Services$8,646,106
Mitt Romney (R)
Securities & Investment$21,525,657
Real Estate$14,895,300
Lawyers/Law Firms$14,285,200
Health Professionals$12,598,997

Spending Related to Presidential Race 

   Blue Team
Candidate Spending$683,546,548
National Party Spending$292,264,802
Outside Spending$131,303,114
   Red Team
Candidate Spending$433,281,516
National Party Spending$386,180,565
Outside Spending$418,628,726
NOTE: All the numbers on this page are for the 2012 election cycle and based on Federal Election Commission data released electronically on Monday, March 25, 2013.
("Help! The numbers don't add up...")
The Center for Responsive Politics

Our point and central theme of this screed? A look at 2014 shows donations are trending positive for America's liberals and progressives. But, we have to remain ever-diligent of Koch cabal quick hit contributions that can and will overwhelming consistent donations to progressive politicians (or candidate hopefuls).  We like the analogy "Koch Money Bonzi." When you have billions and access to the contributions of thousand who have billions (and millions), quick hit Bonzi campaign donations are easy to launch and direct. We are already seeing millions spent on attack advertisements that do influence and away the voting public. 

2014 Overview


Financial activity for all House candidates, 2013-2014
Democrats: $172,970,709
Republicans: $230,475,846
PartyNo. of CandsTotal RaisedTotal SpentTotal Cash
on Hand
from PACs
from Indivs


Financial activity for all Senate candidates, 2013-2014
Democrats: $107,006,605
Republicans: $79,826,709
PartyNo. of CandsTotal RaisedTotal SpentTotal Cash
on Hand
from PACs
from Indivs
Based on data released by the FEC on 01/23/2014.
To view data for previous cycles, visit our Big Picture section.

The American voter will allow the GOP to hold a firm Tea Party grip on the House of OZ. We simply have to avoid allowing the Kochs to takeover the US Senate. If that doomsday scenario happens, the Kochs will become far politically powerful than the President of the United States. That means doom for anyone who earns less than$150,000 per year, doom for minorities, doom for LGBT people, and doom for gender equity. You can rest assured the US geography will become the land of Industrialists who care nothing about climate control and combustion killing emissions.

Friday, July 12, 2013

An Improving Economy; Total Quiet From The Right!

If you want to see why conservatives and the GOP are avoiding all mention of the US economy, peep at a few images that follow. If you want to know why Jim Demint's Heritage Foundation published a letter ordering the GOP to avoid issues other than 'alleged' scandals from the Obama Administration, peep at a few images that follow. The images are real depictions of an economy that is improving despite GOP efforts to stifle improvement in every imaginable way.

Ultimately, jobs drive any capitalist economy.  We have a conservative political party that works to stifle efforts at job creation in every imaginable way. Factually, the only actionable mention of jobs from the House relates to their whiny appeals for approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Jobs which are highly inflated in number by the GOP and jobs associated with a project that has significant political contributions attached. 

Charting an improved economy.

The St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank

FRED Graph FRED Graph

FRED Graph FRED Graph

CNN Money
home prices 0625

home sales march 2013

Our economy is most assuredly on the mend and it is healing without one iota of help from one half of the US Federal Government.  From the tea party infested House of Representatives, to the US Senate and even the non-legislative  judicial branch (the SCOTUS), each branch of our federal government has elements which are working against you and me.

Right things Happen! And, the right thing is happening with a steadily improving economy.

The Markets


Record-breaker for stocks sparked by upbeat Fed comments

Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange at the end of the trading day Thursday. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at record hig...
Andrew Burton / Getty Images
Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock
Exchange at the end of the trading day Thursday.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at record
high today, up 169.26 points to close at 15,460.92.
It was a record-breaking day on Wall Street on Thursday. 
Thursday's big surge upwards came less than a day after Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said the Fed would keep its foot on the stimulus gas pedal for some time, even if the unemployment rate hit the Fed's target of 6.5 percent.Not only did the Dow and S&P 500 crash through their previous record highs, but the technology-heavy Nasdaq closed at its highest level in 13 years when the dot-com bubble was bursting. 
The Nasdaq had its best day in three months, jumping 57.55 points, or 1.63 percent and closing at its highest level -- 3,578.30 -- since Sept. 29, 2000. That was when the dot-com bubble was bursting after a speculative period from 1997 when stock markets saw their equity value rise rapidly from growth in the Internet sector and related fields.

Federal Budget Surplus
NBC News

US posts surprisingly big budget surplus 

The U.S. government posted an unexpectedly large budget surplus in June, a further sign of the rapid improvement in public finances that has taken the heat off Congress to find savings and raise the nation's borrowing limit. Rising tax revenue, public spending cuts and big payments to the Treasury from government-backed mortgage companies helped the government take in $117 billion more last month than it paid out, the U.S. Treasury said on Thursday.  
Analysts polled by Reuters had expected a surplus of $39.5 billion.  
June's surplus was the largest on record for that month. 
While the government is still $510 billion in the red with three months to go in the fiscal year, June's big surplus will buy it time before it runs up against the limit on borrowing set by Congress. Analysts expect the Treasury to hit the debt ceiling by early November.  
The surplus in June also highlighted how much an improving economy and existing legislation have helped improve the fiscal outlook. That has made overhauling public pension and healthcare systems a little less pressing.
Read more

There is simply no way an election of McCain/Palin nor Romney/Ryan would have led to an economy that moved quickly away from potential economic depression to improvement within weeks of the democratic economic stimulus.  And, there is no way Paul Ryan's "witch-doctor" budget if he and Romney had won the White House could possibly have led to the improvements we see today.  Many economist and the European Union provide evidence 'pure austerity' does not work in 2012/13 climates.  The GOP knows nothing beyond austerity, post George W. Bush. The GOP's last occupant of the White House had no regard for austerity. In fact, the alleged "Father of Modern Conservatism", Ronald Reagan, was not one who practiced stifling austerity measures. 

Factually, both Reagan and Bush contributed most to the current US deficit. It does not take a degree in Economics to understand that the affects of longstanding GOP spending (without commensurate regulation of our markets and industry) contributed to Barack Obama's personally "unwelcomed" immediate thrust into a failing economy and the need for the stimulus he fought for so correctly and boldly.
Our economy could reverse into recession. We must accept that prospect. We suggest it will not slip into another recession and potential collapse if the GOP would work with the administration to improve job creation.  Jobs drive our economy; the GOP will not give us opportunity for improved job creation.

The GOP will not help to put you back to work. Yet, it will work against food assistance programs what you may rely on while unemployed.