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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Babbling Wisconsin Senator And His BCRA

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It seems the GOP talking points regarding the BCRA did not work well for Wisconsin's Ron Johnson during this morning's Morning Joe show.

We realize some GOP talking heads are very adroit at strategically occupying segment minutes, but Johnson, in this segment, surpassed the more familiar babble of Tennessee's Marsha Blackburn.

I am not going to work to add text to Johnson's babble as his statements clearly indicate the archetypal politician. 

Why bother with inane babble when so many find the Better Care Reconciliation Act a far more "mean" than the House bill Trump signed?

Many medical groups and responsible administrators find the law a harmful to the nation. 


Thursday, June 22, 2017

Senate Healthcare Bill; Same As Draconian As Ryan's Bill (Maybe Worse)

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Is this a death panel?
The US Senate leadership indicated the legislative body would come up with their own bill as the May 4th release of the House bill was met with deep scorn and a horrific CBO report.

Well, it seems GOP Senatorial leadership lied. The bill, released today, in many ways mirrors the Ryan bill and in other ways seems more Draconian.

CNN offers a point to point comparison of ObamaCare, the House bill and the Senate bill. link.

We also located a detailed review via the Washington Post (linked below), but first, let;s take a look at the 13 MEN McConnell assigned to secretly develop the bill.

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The Washington Post: link.

We will follow the day to day gyrations of the GOP health care tax cut and report pieces we feel shed light on the great con.

Obama's reaction?

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