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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Comedic Social Commentary At Its Best: Trump's Birtherism (VIDEO)

If you are a liberal (Progressive if you prefer) and watch late night TV, you may have watched the following segments related to Trumps birtherism.  If you haven't watched the segments give them a few minutes of your day.  
Jordan Klepper Fingers the Pulse - Conspiracy Theories Thrive at a Donald Trump Rally on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah via @ComedyCentral
Seth Meyers recently broadcast a rather long segment highlighting the ridiculousness of Donald Trump's perfunctory comments about President Obama's legitimacy to serve as president.

Stephen Colbert joined the slaughter.

When comedians and talk show hosts address and mock the insanity and phoniness of Trump, you know here is something wrong in America.  

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Shameful America Guided By US Conservatism

"Damaging"(minority support for the party)? Did someone say "Damaging".... Better referred to as extinguished minority support. Does the GOP think there is anything it can do to recoup now?

I read the set of statements earlier today after I read a headline about how Trump may become the target of uber GOP money backers and establishment GOP operatives. Apparently the oligarchs feel he is ruining the party's opportunity to win in 2016 via his over-the-top bigotry and racism.  The word "damaging" is well outside the box Trump has drawn for the party on the RightHe is garnering significant support from white supremacists and white nationalists, and tapping into that inner core of Amercian conservatism that contributes to GOP membership which is 92% white. 

As we consider Syrian refugees and all of the nascent paranoia and flak from the Right (and, yes some from the Left), data again delineates reality.

As stated above reports are some in the GOP are working against Trump. 
A team of establishment GOPers is launching a "guerrilla" campaign against Trump, who is damaging the party's ability to appeal to minority voters.
Seth Meyers handed it to the GOP field and laid a cutting line to Ted (immigrant father) Cruz. 
The Syrian Refugee Debate: A Closer Look Seth takes A Closer Look at American politicians who are closing their doors to Syrian refugees.
Posted by Late Night with Seth Meyers on Thursday, November 19, 2015
CNN's challenge to the phoniest of the phony.

If you have a couple of minutes to devote to watching and listening to how a Muslim woman dealt with Chuck Todd's shill reporting (hosting). MSNBC should be ashamed of its airing of Todd on shows with a storied history such as Meet the Press. he is so obviously a far right news operative and has never shown an inclination to be a fair and balanced reporter. Watch.....especially towards the end of the 2:09-minute segment.

Todd's question was as ridiculous and ill-advised as GOP 2016 candidate's insistence on President Obama labeling heinous terrorism as the product of "radical Islam." Yet, not one GOP candidate (and frankly few Democrats) offer condemnation of homegrown white male terrorism.  

From Chuck Todd's conservative messaging to a deeper illustration of an ideology running on dangerous.  Iowa Seve King offered his patented form of bigotry and racism and it mirrors that of party leader Donald Trump.

Rep. King in his splendid bigotry.

Did Jib Bush actually mention a "religious tests?"  One person simply does not agree.

Can anyone imagine life in the United Stats with a Republican in the White House, majority GOP members in both congressional houses, and an even more conservative SCOTUS? If you can reach that level of horror, imagine the outlawing of people who are not Christian, herding and incarceration  atheist and agnostics, and from there only Lucifer knows.

Fox News has done it again. Network managers and producers are so busy painting Vladimir Putin as a world's savior (white horse, no shirt and all), it's writers busily concocted a headline based on a Tweet.  Fox offer its readers and viewers the false report of a quote they attributed to Russia's Putin.  The quote didn't emanate from the Russian leader; it was straight out of the movies.

Let's start with a November 18, apology from a Twitter account.

Remi Maalouf 

This is the danger of social media! I took Putin's
quote from a post on Facebook & it turned out to
be false. I apologize.
8:35 AM - 18 Nov 2015

Check her Twitter page. The woman works for Russian Times, in Moscow.
Remi Maalouf

Remi MaaloufVerified account


“I’m not going to censor myself to comfort your ignorance.”Jon Stewart.... 
my tweets represent  News anchor in Russia Today (RT) moscow

You are curious about the quote, aren't you?  “To Forgive The Terrorists Is Up To God, But To Send Them To Him Is Up To Me,”  Did you nail the source of the quote?

Alas, the quote didn't even come from a white guy. It was written into the script of Man of Fire, starring Denzel Washington.  Oh, the sadness of it all.  Earlier in the week Fox News broadcast a segment with comments exhorting Obama to copy the comments of one of the show's leading actors. The show is fiction delivered via the mind a writer earning millions while consuming Lattes in the comfort of offices and multi-million dollars buildings.  It didn't end with Fox News. Even earlier in the week Joe Scarborough, MSNBC's Morning Joe Show also visited Homeland as a model for the nation's 44th President.  

How deep will conservative America allow its media to take to the depths of fantasy and reality TV?

Will the action actually allow paranoia and media led fear to further drive us away from values that once propped up a (formerly) great nation? Not one of the killed of captured Paris terrorists were from Syria.